Thursday, 24 January 2013


Yesterday David Cameroid laid out his pro-EU stall and set things in motion for a repeat performance of the lop-sited and shamefully biased 1975 Referendum on membership of the Common Market.

If you remember during that referendum everything the EU has become was flatly denied - there was not going to be any loss of sovereignty, there was no threat of a single currency, its laws would not override UK laws, there was not going to be a European police force or European army and of course, most importantly, we voted to remain as members of what was a Common Market – we have never voted on being members of this monstrous thing called the EU. Yet, here we are today, after being stitched up in 1975, with all of those things and more we were told we were not going to get and Dave is planning to repeat history if and when we get this promised referendum, hence the importance of UKIP being there to give an honest side to the debate which is now more urgent than ever the UK gets out of the EU.

If Dave gets what he says he wants and renegotiates our terms of membership, just as Harold Wilson told us in 1975 with his then renegotiated terms, and we make the same error again and vote to stay in the EU under those new terms, it won't be long before the EU reverts to normal and what we voted for will not mean a jot. There’s masses of evidence to show just how little the EU and its fanatics care for democracy - look at the 'No' vote on the Nice Treaty in Ireland, or the votes against the EU constitution in France and Holland, which was ignored with the Lisbon Treaty which is exactly the same as the EU constitution - does anyone think the EU will have any regard for the outcome of a referendum in the UK? After the furore the EU will soon return to its power grabbing life as normal.

Once the pro-EU fanatics have frightened the people of the UK with all their scare stories of wars in Europe, millions of jobs lost and with the UK marginalised and alone in the world if we leave, the electorate will, in their ignorance, vote to stay in under the new terms and the UK as a nation will be finished for all time. It will not matter who governs then as the EU will be in full control.

In Dave Cameroid’s speech there more if’s than a sewer full of the if’s in whiffs. If he is re-elected (which he won’t be), if and when the time is right, if he gets the deal he wants and so on. The one if he did not mention was the; if he does not break yet another promise as he is inclined to do.

In 1975 we got it wrong, we believed our pro-Common Market politicians and now we are facing a repeat performance – this time we have to get it right and vote for out of the EU despite Cameron’s false promises. The UKIP message is the only option for me, we have to ignore the siren voices and scare stories and remain focussed on the goal of full withdrawal from the EU - anything else will bring disaster. Forget Dave’s iffy speech and vote for out of the EU.

Wednesday, 23 January 2013


Tim Aker of the Get Britain Out Campaign.
Following on from David Cameron's speech on the European Union on Wednesday 23rd January 2013, Tim Aker of the anti-EU campaigning group, Get Britain Out, made the statement below. As anticipated, David Cameron has let the British people down by avoiding the best option for our country.  All the polls indicate a majority of the Great British Public want an EU Referendum.  The people of our country, however, must be given an In/Out referendum before the next General Election.   

Sadly the Prime Minister is showing he is motivated only by power and politics rather than the welfare of the British people.  His actions speak louder than words.  The cast iron guarantee on a Lisbon Treaty referendum proved rusty. He ordered a 3 line whip against an EU vote earlier in this parliament. He could easily order a 3 line whip for an EU referendum before the election. Like Tony Blair on Iraq, David Cameron has trust issues on the EU. Cameron’s option to wait after the next election, to offer a weak tinkering of our EU membership is unacceptable.  Britain will be weaker, uncompetitive and less cohesive as a result.   

We face another unsustainable wave of new immigration from Bulgaria and Romania, with a minimum of quarter of a million newcomers expected from 2014.  Most will be eligible for jobs, benefits and housing within months of arrival.  The effect on unemployment, with few British jobs available, and the current lack of housing will be catastrophic.  Yet the government is powerless to do anything about it while we remain inside the EU.    

This month the Eurozone announced record unemployment rates, with the contagion threatening to hinder any British recovery.  The longer our whole economy is tied to the EU’s regulatory machine, the slower our growth and exit from economic malaise.   

Years of renegotiation will solve little and cost British taxpayers over £80 billion in membership contributions between now and 2017.  In any case, it will not work because other EU member states have already informed the Prime Minister they will not accept his proposals.  Our government will squander even more British taxpayers’ money trying to turn the EU into something it is not.    

The EU is only going one way.  The current solutions to the economic crisis in the European Parliament and Commission will involve even more integration.  Banking and Fiscal Union will be complete by 2017.  Article 16 of the Fiscal Compact incorporates Fiscal Union into EU law by 2017 at the latest.  We have no choice. We are bound by EU laws, rules, regulations and Directives while we remain inside.  There is nothing to stop a future government taking Britain into Fiscal Union.   EU Treaties were not set up to allow for renegotiation.  There is no option for a ‘pick and mix’ EU.  They do, however, allow for withdrawal which would give us the ability to negotiate our own free trade agreements. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty provides for a two-year withdrawal process; Articles 3 and 8 compel the EU to engage in free and fair trade with its neighbours.  The EU is constantly engaged in free trade negotiations with non-EU states, so there is no reason why we cannot set up our own deals after we leave.    

The UK could swiftly repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and leave the EU, however, there is more evidence within the EU’s own treaties which would make it more worthwhile for us to negotiate British ‘withdrawal’ than renegotiate ‘different terms of membership’.   

Get Britain Out unswervingly calls for an In/Out EU Referendum now, to leave us free to govern our own country without EU interference, and arrange our own simple trading relationships as we thought we had when we joined the ‘Common Market’ in 1972.  Please share our response to David Cameron's speech with any and all who will be interested.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Fighting for Britain: Cousins Robert Bufferey & Derek Bennett, Coronation day 1953.
Sorry for the absence from blogging, UKIP has been keeping me busy leaving me with little time to post anything here recently. One issue which really does need comment on is the continual run down of our armed forces and the steady destruction of our Royal Navy, RAF and army.

News has it today (22nd January 2013) that another 5,300 soldiers are to go cutting the total army numbers down to 82,000. With the Royal Navy having far too few ships and a serious lack of aircraft carriers, as well as the RAF having a shortage of aircraft Britain and its dependent territories is left vulnerable. Considering the rumblings of aggression from Argentina over the Falklands Isles and our need to protect and defend them, these cuts are foolish as there is no way we could put together another ‘Task Force’ to retake them if the worst happened again.

All British Governments have cut the defence budgets over the years, yet at the same time never balked at increasing our payments to the EU which does nothing for Britain and its people other than undermine our democracy.

As our defences are cut Governments make us more and more reliant on joint EU defences which increase the nation’s vulnerability. By creating this situation each and every Government that has cut the defence budget over the years can only be described as treasonous. If non-jobs can be created in local and national Government with people shuffling bits of paper on large salaries just to improve the unemployment figures, it is time to cut that practise and divert this money to where jobs are needed, in our armed forces.

Monday, 14 January 2013


Derek Bennett enjoying Corfu 1970.
Most of us will have memories of our very first passport, some more distant than others. My first British passport was purchased on the basis of a possible holiday to Spain with some pals in 1968, which sadly did not come about. 

In that original dark blue, hard cover real British passport, the old black and white photo was of a fresh faced young man smartly dressed in a collar and tie, and when you looked at the back pages of the passport, unlike those of most of my chums which had entry stamps for several countries, mine was pristine with not a single stamp. 

In 1970, three years before Britain unfortunately joined the then Common Market, a group of friends planned a trip across the Continent and were going to drive down to Brindisi in Italy where they were to take the ferry across to Corfu. My Pal Roger and I had decided to hitch hike to Brindisi and take the ferry too and eventually meet up with the others in Corfu. 

So, early one morning in June 1970 I left my Walsall home and the great adventure began and as we sailed out of Dover en-route to Zeebrugge, I took my first look of the white cliffs of Dover from the see as we set off on my very first trip abroad. One of the things I was looking forward to was seeing my virgin passport fill up with stamps as we crossed borders on our journey across the Continent. 

A few hours later as we stepped of the ferry I eagerly handed over my passport and to my dismay there was no stamp forthcoming, just a cursory glance from the border guard and we were on our way. Our first lift was with a Flemish lorry driver who was on his way to Germany, which was great news as this took us a good part of our way. At the border the driver told us where to go for passport control, but before we got there a German policeman stopped us and asked us where we were going and asked how much money we had with us. Once he knew we weren’t vagrants he sent us on our way with no stamp in my still pristine passport. 

The next morning, bright and early we were close to the German Swiss border and a painter and decorator picked us up and with our rucksacks stored in the back of his estate car with his pots of paint and brushes, we set of at breakneck speed towards the border. As we got closer I could see the armed border guards and there was no sign of this chap slowing down or stopping. As I began to worry that the armed guards would shoot us as we hurtled through without stopping, the decorator gave a friendly toot on his horn and a wave which was returned by the border guards and in a flash we were in Switzerland - minus another stamp on my immaculate passport. 

At the end of this trip we arrived in Corfu with my still pristine passport and no one had really bothered about us crossing several borders, it was the same on the return journey home about three weeks later. 

The reason I tell this tale of my first venture beyond the shores of my homeland is that of late one of the arguments the pro-EU lobby have come up with is that if the UK left the EU free and easy passage across Europe would cease. This does nothing other than to highlight the desperation to which these EU propagandists have reached. As growing numbers of people are beginning to realise there are no benefits to EU membership and the pro-EU lobby have been losing every argument in the EU’s favour one by one, this silliness regarding the restriction of free movement if we quit the EU is about all they have left. However, the fact that many others, and myself, were able to travel across Europe with such ease before we joined the EU only goes to prove the point that if we return to the status of a free nation once again as non-EU members, we will simply return to the situation we had before we joined and free and easy passage across the Continent will continue. 

We still have to take our passports with us when we travel across the EU now, the border guards are just the same when they give our documents a cursory glance and little will change. Leaving the EU will not stop the hoards of British holiday makers flocking to the Spanish Costas with their cash, which the Spanish, Greek and Italian hoteliers and other tourist businesses really need, nor will it stop Continental visitors from visiting us where we will make them most welcome too. But what it will stop is the large influx of people who have no work to come to and expect to receive generous benefits as a British Government, free of the EU, will be able to control who lives in the UK – which will be those who have employment awaiting them and can bring skills needed in the UK. Our borders will once again be our own, as they were in the days of my virgin passport before we were drawn into the EU which is now the cause of so many problems all across the Continent.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Christmas is over, the decorations in our little Walsall home came down on the 1st January and it was back to work on the 2nd – that’s it now for another year.

So, what can we expect in 2013? The fortieth unfortunate year of our membership of the European Union. In 1973 we joined what we then quaintly called the ‘Common Market’, which we were informed was just a trade agreement and little more, but has now morphed into this lumbering bureaucratic wealth gobbling, job destroying and nation wrecking monster. With luck 2013 will bring some positive steps to see the error we made forty years ago being laid to rest – hopefully with a stake through its rotting heart.

My political party has begun 2013 with a flying start, a new poll which is showing UKIP support at 16%, new members are coming in at a rate never seem before and not all of them are disgruntled Tories – there are ex Labour and some Lib Dems too.

The thing that is attracting them to UKIP is not just the issue of the EU, which has always been a high priority for the longer serving members of UKIP which was why I joined back in 1997, but UKIP’s policies which are well considered and sensible.

People want to see the issue of immigration being tackled, they want to retain and even introduce some new grammar schools, they like UKIP’s policies on defence, the NHS, education, transport and so many other things – in fat they like UKIP’s common sense stance on everything that is important to them which sadly, as long as we remain in the EU, the other political parties cannot even consider tackling as virtually all these areas of competence has passed from Parliament and our own elected Government to the EU.

Labour, Conservative and the Liberal Democrats can do nothing to stop a massive influx of immigration from other EU countries as the EU will not allow any British Government to put controls on immigration. When Bulgaria and Romania officially become full EU members the doors to the UK will be flung open to the people of these countries and they will flock here looking for the work they can’t get in their own countries.

The pressure on our already overburdened and underfunded infrastructure will be unbearable – it may take it beyond breaking point. This is grossly unfair to British taxpayers and those who went through a great many legitimate procedures to come and live here and have become British subjects. David Cameron is gearing up to make his big speech on the EU which he obviously thinks will stop the exodus of Tory members, but if it is anything like his past promises and performances it will be a huge disappointment and yet another broken promise in the making – he can’t keep fobbing off the electorate and his traditional Tory members and get away with it – the lad is in for a huge shock – he may even find some sharp knives being ground in Conservative Party backrooms.

So, hold on tightly, 2013 is about to lift off and it could be an exciting magical mystery tour.