Tuesday, 22 January 2013


Fighting for Britain: Cousins Robert Bufferey & Derek Bennett, Coronation day 1953.
Sorry for the absence from blogging, UKIP has been keeping me busy leaving me with little time to post anything here recently. One issue which really does need comment on is the continual run down of our armed forces and the steady destruction of our Royal Navy, RAF and army.

News has it today (22nd January 2013) that another 5,300 soldiers are to go cutting the total army numbers down to 82,000. With the Royal Navy having far too few ships and a serious lack of aircraft carriers, as well as the RAF having a shortage of aircraft Britain and its dependent territories is left vulnerable. Considering the rumblings of aggression from Argentina over the Falklands Isles and our need to protect and defend them, these cuts are foolish as there is no way we could put together another ‘Task Force’ to retake them if the worst happened again.

All British Governments have cut the defence budgets over the years, yet at the same time never balked at increasing our payments to the EU which does nothing for Britain and its people other than undermine our democracy.

As our defences are cut Governments make us more and more reliant on joint EU defences which increase the nation’s vulnerability. By creating this situation each and every Government that has cut the defence budget over the years can only be described as treasonous. If non-jobs can be created in local and national Government with people shuffling bits of paper on large salaries just to improve the unemployment figures, it is time to cut that practise and divert this money to where jobs are needed, in our armed forces.

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