Thursday, 3 January 2013


Christmas is over, the decorations in our little Walsall home came down on the 1st January and it was back to work on the 2nd – that’s it now for another year.

So, what can we expect in 2013? The fortieth unfortunate year of our membership of the European Union. In 1973 we joined what we then quaintly called the ‘Common Market’, which we were informed was just a trade agreement and little more, but has now morphed into this lumbering bureaucratic wealth gobbling, job destroying and nation wrecking monster. With luck 2013 will bring some positive steps to see the error we made forty years ago being laid to rest – hopefully with a stake through its rotting heart.

My political party has begun 2013 with a flying start, a new poll which is showing UKIP support at 16%, new members are coming in at a rate never seem before and not all of them are disgruntled Tories – there are ex Labour and some Lib Dems too.

The thing that is attracting them to UKIP is not just the issue of the EU, which has always been a high priority for the longer serving members of UKIP which was why I joined back in 1997, but UKIP’s policies which are well considered and sensible.

People want to see the issue of immigration being tackled, they want to retain and even introduce some new grammar schools, they like UKIP’s policies on defence, the NHS, education, transport and so many other things – in fat they like UKIP’s common sense stance on everything that is important to them which sadly, as long as we remain in the EU, the other political parties cannot even consider tackling as virtually all these areas of competence has passed from Parliament and our own elected Government to the EU.

Labour, Conservative and the Liberal Democrats can do nothing to stop a massive influx of immigration from other EU countries as the EU will not allow any British Government to put controls on immigration. When Bulgaria and Romania officially become full EU members the doors to the UK will be flung open to the people of these countries and they will flock here looking for the work they can’t get in their own countries.

The pressure on our already overburdened and underfunded infrastructure will be unbearable – it may take it beyond breaking point. This is grossly unfair to British taxpayers and those who went through a great many legitimate procedures to come and live here and have become British subjects. David Cameron is gearing up to make his big speech on the EU which he obviously thinks will stop the exodus of Tory members, but if it is anything like his past promises and performances it will be a huge disappointment and yet another broken promise in the making – he can’t keep fobbing off the electorate and his traditional Tory members and get away with it – the lad is in for a huge shock – he may even find some sharp knives being ground in Conservative Party backrooms.

So, hold on tightly, 2013 is about to lift off and it could be an exciting magical mystery tour.

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