Thursday, 24 January 2013


Yesterday David Cameroid laid out his pro-EU stall and set things in motion for a repeat performance of the lop-sited and shamefully biased 1975 Referendum on membership of the Common Market.

If you remember during that referendum everything the EU has become was flatly denied - there was not going to be any loss of sovereignty, there was no threat of a single currency, its laws would not override UK laws, there was not going to be a European police force or European army and of course, most importantly, we voted to remain as members of what was a Common Market – we have never voted on being members of this monstrous thing called the EU. Yet, here we are today, after being stitched up in 1975, with all of those things and more we were told we were not going to get and Dave is planning to repeat history if and when we get this promised referendum, hence the importance of UKIP being there to give an honest side to the debate which is now more urgent than ever the UK gets out of the EU.

If Dave gets what he says he wants and renegotiates our terms of membership, just as Harold Wilson told us in 1975 with his then renegotiated terms, and we make the same error again and vote to stay in the EU under those new terms, it won't be long before the EU reverts to normal and what we voted for will not mean a jot. There’s masses of evidence to show just how little the EU and its fanatics care for democracy - look at the 'No' vote on the Nice Treaty in Ireland, or the votes against the EU constitution in France and Holland, which was ignored with the Lisbon Treaty which is exactly the same as the EU constitution - does anyone think the EU will have any regard for the outcome of a referendum in the UK? After the furore the EU will soon return to its power grabbing life as normal.

Once the pro-EU fanatics have frightened the people of the UK with all their scare stories of wars in Europe, millions of jobs lost and with the UK marginalised and alone in the world if we leave, the electorate will, in their ignorance, vote to stay in under the new terms and the UK as a nation will be finished for all time. It will not matter who governs then as the EU will be in full control.

In Dave Cameroid’s speech there more if’s than a sewer full of the if’s in whiffs. If he is re-elected (which he won’t be), if and when the time is right, if he gets the deal he wants and so on. The one if he did not mention was the; if he does not break yet another promise as he is inclined to do.

In 1975 we got it wrong, we believed our pro-Common Market politicians and now we are facing a repeat performance – this time we have to get it right and vote for out of the EU despite Cameron’s false promises. The UKIP message is the only option for me, we have to ignore the siren voices and scare stories and remain focussed on the goal of full withdrawal from the EU - anything else will bring disaster. Forget Dave’s iffy speech and vote for out of the EU.


Michael of MK said...

The ping-pong arguments which can only repeat 'I'm right, you are wrong'claims take none of us very much further forward. If the three supposedly popular parties don't want a referendum and don't want to contemplate life outside EU it isn't likely to happen UNLESS UKIP wins significant representation in Westminster. It is challenging to picture that happening based on current performance. At a local level UKIP needs to be about it's business preparing itself and the electorate for the next general election. Candidates need a stronger local identity than they have right now, or have ever had. I wise man once told me that people buy people first and only then whatever it is they're selling. It's a basic sales principle which UKIP ignores at it's peril.(NB: some people refuse to buy from gocompare simply because they dislike the image offered by adverts!). I believe we need to rise above the idea that Farage = UKIP and to think in terms of UKIP = my local candidate. The party is pretty much toothless until it wins representation at Westminster,

Rosemary Herbert said...

Michael from MK is absolutely spot on with his comments. I worked in a sales environment for years and the over-riding principle was that you had to sell yourself to the customer first and your product was secondary to that. People have to believe in you in the first instance then everything follows on from that. When I first stood for a Borough Councillor I came across two people who were vehemently against Ukip but told me they would vote for me because they knew I would actively campaign on their behalf on any local issues they were not happy with. Although I was not elected at the time I am still approached by people in my village on local issues, even asked to be an Honorary Chairman of a local campaign. Thus, selling yourself first speaks for itself.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with both Michael's and Rosemary's comments that 'people buy people'- as I too was taught this very early in my career and it taught me an awful lot. I beg to differ with Michael's comment that UKIP's chances of winning significant representation in Westminister.

I like many, many others have been put off politics by the constant childish name calling we see only too often on the TV and media. I know if I had ever behaved like this in any business meeting or negotiations, I would have been kicked out the door very promptly! It's shocking to see the people who are supposed to run our country can behave so unprofessionally and inspires little confidence.

UKIP, however have been a very refreshing change, their presence, particularly on You Tube has given the public not only a voice, but also the truth and has fought tirelessly in the face of adversity to get that message out to us.

Watching Nigel in debate, he is fascinating and makes no apologies for saying what needs to be said. I too, wondered about the other UKIP members, but curiosity aroused, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there is a true, 'British Bulldog spirit' in each and every one of the UKIP MEP's I have seen so far. Watching them in action is a sense of relief to feel someone is out there fighting for us, is educational and quite addictive when you see how they work. They ALL go in, properly prepared with their subjects researched, facts and figures to hand and are knowledgeable, which is far more than I can say for Cameron who had to have deficit and debt explained to him last week or Milliband who shocked his party by blurting out he would NOT offer a referendum, Clegg implying that the British Public were not fit to know what we would be voting for!

You only need to look around the many media sites on political articles to see the outrage, anger (at all 3 main parties), sense of betrayal, promises to never trust Cameron who has already reneged on previous promises. People educating each other, knowledge and understanding being shared, links being shared, petitions being signed, along with massive support for UKIP, many having joined UKIP and promises to vote for them in every election!

The electorate have finally woken from their slumber and they are NOT happy!

Michael, I do very much agree that UKIP need to jump on this pretty quickly and if they do - you may well be very surprised come the 2014 & 2015 elections!

As Churchill said "If Britain has to choose between Europe and the open Sea, she must always choose the Open Sea"!