Tuesday, 30 October 2012


On Friday 26th November, Douglas Carswell MP presented a Bill to repeal the treasonous 1972 European Communities Act which gives consent from a subservient House of Commons for the EU to lord it over Parliament, our democracy and sovereignty.  It is this Act of Parliament that enslaves the nation and ensures our wealth is drained away to the undemocratic EU. 

This then makes the repeal of this Act one of the most important thinngs our Parliament can do to correect the betrayal of the Heath Government that ensured this Act was shoved through at the time. 

Sadly, just take a look at how few MPs were in Parliament, which shows how concerned they, and our Government, really are about who governs the nation.  If the Conservative's really were as EU sceptic as they try to make out then they should have been packed on to the Tory benches - but of course they had all gone home the day before - which was far more important to them.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012


Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, points out some facts regarding the EU bailouts to his favourite person, Herman Van Rompuy who is now know as the 'quiet assassin of Europe'.  As always, it is well worth watching Nigel in action

Sunday, 21 October 2012


The National Memorial Arboretum's wall of remembrance.
At the beginning of August Mrs B, her father and myself took our second visit to the National Memorial Arboretum at Alrewas, it is a moving place where many go to remember and think about all those who gave so much for this country and the very freedom our politicians have been so keen to shed over the years. 

When there I noticed they were holding a photographic competition and as a keen amateur snapper I could not resist taking part, even though the chances of winning were not good as the quality of the photos entered in recent competitions there were high. 

Today, Sunday 21st October, those who entered the competition were invited to attend the announcement of the winners and view their photos, along with all those who entered, like me, who did not win. None the less, our photos were there to view. It was an interesting afternoon and a great pleasure to see there was an under 18 category and that younger photographers took part and showed an interest. One young lady aged just 10 won a special commendation too. 

The winning photos will be going on the National Memorial Arboretum’s web site, many are quite moving and well worth viewing. On Sunday 11th November this year Remembrance Sunday and Armistice day will come together, no doubt the National Memorial Arboretum will be full as many will want to be there to remember their family and friends who have defended this country in far too many conflicts. 

The place for me that day will be at the Walsall Cenotaph with Fred, my father in law who did his bit in the Pacific fleet and whose father before him served in and survived the Great War. We must all remember what so many brave souls have done for us and given so much to ensure we can go about our daily lives in freedom. Our day at the Arboretum in Alrewas was, as always, of great interest, we will return and remember.

Tuesday, 16 October 2012


The Lyndon House Hotel in Walsall, the venue for the UKIP PCC meeting with Bill Etheridge.
Frau Schweinchen speaks and declares the latest round of anti-EU posturing by certain Conservative politicians are like the two old men in the Muppet Show.

The German version of the bossy Miss Piggy, Angela Merkel, is getting her lederhosen knickers in a bit of a twist with tales of the UK repatriating powers, especially on things like the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) which has been the cause of much injustice for many innocent British victims of this EU form of legalised kidnapping.

Sadly, despite the grand declarations from many top Tory Ministers and MPs, unless they are prepared to negotiate complete withdrawal from the EU their demands on repatriating powers will be akin to the charge of the Light Brigade – all very noble and grand, but the charge of the Tory Brigade will end up with the same result by being blasted to pieces by the EU big guns in the end.

Sadly, most so-called Tory EU-sceptics can only talk out of their nether regions when it comes to the EU, they are either too thick or extremely devious when it comes to this topic as the EU will never allow the repatriation of powers – you are either in the EU and take all the crap it throws at you or you leave and return to democratic freedom – it is as simple as that. There is no middle way.

In the background, while all this storm in an EU chocolate teapot is going on, there are other issues closer to home that need to be considered. As well as the external threat of the destruction of the United Kingdom from the EU, there is now the internal threat from our own politicians with the proposed break up of the Union with the deal struck between the two posturing political lightweights, Alex Salmond and David Cameron for a Scottish only referendum. Sadly, the other members of the Union in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be refused a democratic say on this matter that also affects them.

As a reader of this blog commented by e-mail: “When did a UK Prime Minister gain the right to conduct himself in the same way as a US President? We castigated Blair for this kind of high and mighty activity. His only 'majority' is that which he holds in Witney.

“What permissions from Parliament and/or the Queen did he seek before setting off to Edinburgh, pen in hand, to meet Salmond?

“Are all bets off if he fails to win a majority at the next General election?”

Added to this, even though the mature electorate in the rest of the UK will be denied a vote, it seems that many immature 16 year olds will be getting the vote north of the border in this referendum. No disrespect to 16 year olds, many of them are bright young people, but do they really have the experience to understand the full consequences of what they are voting for? In the case of a very close result the outcome of the election and the course of history changed on the votes of these youngsters, many of whom will place more importance on the goings on in some pop group than the nation as a whole. As one who had to wait until the age of 21 before getting the vote I don’t consider this to be a well considered policy by either Cameron or Salmond.

Finally, on the matter of total voting confusion, in a short time from now on the 15th November, just days after people all around the country will have attended ceremonies at their local cenotaphs to remember all those who gave so much for our freedom, people will be asked to vote in elections few will understand or will bother about.

These, of course, are the elections for the Police and Crime Commissioners on the 15th November. No one asked for these elected positions, especially as they will cost the taxpayers £100,000 a year in salary alone, without all the other additional costs, most people would have preferred the money being spent on extra police to ensure our safety instead of turning our constabulary into another tier of unwanted politicians.
Bill Etheridge, the UKIP
West Midlands PCC candidate.

However, if we are going to have to vote for someone now this is going ahead, like it or not, we may as well vote for people who care for the country, its democracy and independence – which is why we need to vote for UKIP candidates. To meet and hear what our UKIP West Midlands PCC candidate has to say, come along to the Lyndon House Hotel in Walsall tonight (16th October 2012) and meet Bill Etheridge. The meeting gets underway at 7.30 pm, the Lyndon House Hotel sell a pretty good pint of real ale too, so forget about cooking cakes and few overpaid blokes kicking a ball about for a bit, come and meet Bill in the Lyndon, it will be much more interesting.

The address for the Lyndon is, Lyndon House Hotel, Upper Rushall Street, Walsall, WS1 2HA. See you there.

Friday, 12 October 2012


Bill Etheridge, the UKIP West Midlands Police & Crime Commissioner candidate.

Question: other than by-elections, is there any national elections taking place before Christmas? Now go and ask others that question and see the looks of puzzlement from those asked. In order to put them out of their misery let them know the answer is yes, the PCC election on Thursday 15th November – then wait for another look of complete bafflement.

For those in the know the PCC elections are taking place all around the country to elect 41 Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC), the average person not only does not have a clue about these elections taking place, they don’t understand what these elected representatives will do, the fact they will be earning £100,000 a year or in charge of substantial budgets – most don’t know why they are being asked to vote for. When it comes to these elections ignorance, sadly, is bliss.

Although there are a number of independents standing in these elections, most candidates are standing for political parties as the cost of fighting these elections are substantial and the nomination process onerous. Even to get your name on the ballot paper a candidate has to get 100 signatures and have a £5000 election deposit to hand, which will be lost if the candidate gets less than 5% of the vote.

Here in the West Midlands Police Authority our UKIP candidate is Bill Etheridge, who is a tireless campaigner and a no-nonsense chap – he is just the sort of person we need elected to be a PCC. To use his slogan, Bill will be there ‘for the victim, not the criminal’

On the evening of Tuesday 16th October 2012, at 7.30 pm, Bill will be speaking and answering questions at a public meeting in Walsall in the Lyndon House Hotel, Upper Rushall Street, Walsall, WS1 2HA. Anyone wanting to hear what Bill has to say and why they should vote for him will be welcome to come along to this free event, it will be an evening not to be missed.
So, come and meet Bill Etheridge in Walsall on Tuesday, the beer’s good in the Lyndon House Hotel too.  Don't be late, get there before 7.30 pm.

Monday, 8 October 2012


Dark days are coming, not just because of our continued involvement in the EU as it steadily falls to bits and becomes more controlling at the same time, but also because the dark dull days of winter are getting ever closer. 

This morning I had a taste of those dark mornings as I was up, out and out about an hour earlier than normal in order to catch the train into Birmingham to be in the audience of a Radio Five Live debate linked to the start of the Tory conference now underway in the City. 

As I walked up Broad Street past the ICC where the Tory shindig was due to take place, there were police everywhere and security barriers blighting the area. I was on my way to the City Of Birmingham Orchestra (CBSO) building where the debate was to be held where I was hoping the Tory representatives attending would face the music. 

As the audience of around 200 souls had to be there about two hours before the programme went on air, there was plenty of time to chat to other members of the audience. Naturally, I got on to my topic of the EU and hit the same stone wall that has misleadingly been fed to the uninitiated to the EU’s devious ways that if we leave we will lose our trade, Why, oh why, do people believe this nonsense and why won’t they listen to common sense when those of us who know what we are talking about when it comes to the EU - the other nations in the EU will not stop trading with us as they will still want to continue selling more to us than we to them. 

The truth about trade globally and continued trade with the EU, without doubt, is the battle that needs to be fought if those of us who care about democracy and freedom are to convince people that EU membership is the problem and not the answer to anything, others than problems that existed over half a century ago. 

I managed to make my point after hearing Jacob Rees Mogg and Bil Cash, who for some strange reason are described as Euro sceptics, who were bleating how UKIP was a problem for them. When my turn came I pointed out that UKIP is a problem of their own making, it was, after all, their party that took us into the EU, signed many of the treaties including the disastrous Maastricht Treaty, told us in the 1975 referendum that we were only voting for a trade agreement and now refuse to give us a real in/out referendum. 

To deal with today’s problems we have to forget the pasts answers. The answer to the European Union problem is out of the EU.

Thursday, 4 October 2012


Derek Bennett, campaigning in the countryside.

The problem with running a blog is when there are a lot of things going on, the last thing on the to do list is to update the blog. Sadly, of late that has been my problem as there are just too many things happening – especially elections, hence the lack of blogging here.

First there is the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections which are to be held on the 15th November, these are the invisible elections as the vast majority never asked for them, said they wanted them or even have a clue about them. So the chances of vast numbers of people urgently dashing to their polling stations on Thursday 15th November are pretty remote.

None the less Bill Etheridge our UKIP PCC candidate for the West Midlands Police Authority is busy getting his 100 nomination signatures and preparing his campaign, part of which will be a visit to my home town of Walsall where is is speaking at a public meeting my Walsall UKIP branch is organising for him. This is to be at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 16th October in the Lyndon House Hotel in Walsall, anyone wanting to hear what Bill has to say and ask questions of him is most welcome to do so. More locally, also on the 15th November, there is to be a by-election in Bloxwich West due to the resignation of a Councillor, so this one is going to keep our happy little band of UKIP members in Walsall busy, starting with the selection of who our Walsall UKIP candidate is going to be. So there is more distractions from blogging coming up with that one too.

On the election campaign theme, yesterday (Wednesday 3rd October) I had a day campaigning in Corby for the forthcoming Parliamentary by-election. When most people think of Corby they think of a pretty unexciting town which was once a hub for steel production, not of pretty little villages with thatched cottages and idyllic countryside – well that was where I was yesterday knocking on doors telling people why they should vote for Margot Parker, our UKIP candidate. This must class as some of the most pleasant campaigning I have done, especially when our campaigning took us into a very nice country pub for a pint of real ale and a packet of crisps.

Monday, 1 October 2012


The EDL rally went ahead in Walsall last Saturday, as well as the anti-EDL meeting, which I originally intended to go along to, but after consultation and the feeling UKIP support, was not welcome by the mostly leftist organisers, I did what my original instincts told me to do and stayed away.

As expected there was trouble with some people being injured and arrests made, the police in the town are following things up and there may be further arrests. My brother, who is involved with the local church attended the rally against the EDL and gave me a run-down of it, which he said went well but when a group of young men turned up and stood on their own at the event, they looked a bit menacing and he decided it was time to call it a day.

So what was achieved from last Saturday? For the local traders in the town who are struggling with the combined effects of the poor economic climate and the ongoing attack by Walsall Council against anyone wanting to drive into the town and park their cars, the day was a disaster. For the EDL they had the oxygen of publicity both in the press and on the local Radio, BBC Radio WM, where the EDL rally was a hot topic.

I can’t say I like what the EDL do or the point of such disruption in my home town, but on the other hand I also fear the right to protest being removed. As Voltaire said: "I may disagree with what you have to say, but I shall defend to the death your right to say it.".

If the EDL has a point to make then why protest on the streets where they do nothing other than create problems for those trying to earn a living in these hard times, why don’t they have the courage of their convictions and go political and stand in elections and put it to the people to see exactly how many will vote for what they propose. They may find, like the BNP, they are not well supported if they put it to the vote.