Thursday, 28 June 2012


Mike Nattrass MEP, speaking in Codsall Village Hall.

We are all creatures of habit and tend to stick to our daily routines. My usual routine is to travel to and from the office I work in daily, then after returning home it’s something to eat, bathe and change then off out around the West Midlands to do my unpaid work as a Regional Organiser for UKIP.

However, on Friday’s there is another routine which is home from work, pick up Mrs B and then off to my favourite watering hole for a very enjoyable pint of real ale in the Lyndon House Hotel in Walsall where we meet my brother and sister in law and catch up on the week’s gossip. That usually is the best pint of the whole week.

However, tomorrow night, Friday, 29th June, there are other delights in store and my beer in the Lyndon in Walsall will have to wait for another day – tomorrow night it is all the excitement of Codsall Village Hall.

Yes, it’s all happening in Codsall tomorrow, you may want to come along too for that is where our West Midlands UKIP MEP, Mike Nattrass, is speaking along with Young Independence member, Thomas Hoof. This is definitely worth missing my Friday night beer for as Mike always gives greatly informative talks about the EU in a very entertaining way.

If you do want to come along you will be made most welcome, the event is free to all. The venue is: Codsall Village Hall, Wolverhampton Road, Codsall, WV8 1PL.

The meeting gets underway at 7.30 pm, so be there before, you will be able to meet team organising the event and have a chat with them too. If they were to organise an event like this every Friday then my routine would change too.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012


How deep are your pockets? Do you have a lock on your wallet or purse? If you think you already pay too much in tax and think the EU is far too extravagant with your meagre earnings, then watch out the EU is about and looking for more dosh.

The European Union wants a 10 per cent increase in its already lavish budget so it can increase its spending over the next seven years. A Council of Ministers meeting will be calling for the EU budget to be raised to €100 billion, which is £80 billion in real money.

They are hoping to have the new budget in place by next year before the budget comes into force in 2014. The EU’s leaders are having to discuss this substantial increase at a time when the people of Europe, especially in the nations inflicted with the EU’s disaster prone currency, the euro, are suffering economically which is creating great hardship for the people.

For the EU and its leaders to consider increasing the EU budget at a time of fiscal suffering, which ironically was created mostly by the stupidity of having a single and unworkable currency for the whole of Europe, can only be described as crass and arrogant. It is, after all, the people themselves through taxation who will have to stump up this addition cash which in turn will create even more hardship for them.

As usual the so-called Tory Euro sceptics are up in arms about this and sounding off, sadly, these alleged EU sceptical Tories are nothing other than decoy ducks giving the fa├žade that somehow or other, and despite the pro-EU actions of David Cameron and other leading figures in that sham party, that the Conservative Party is anti-EU – which it is not. This fact will be proved when David Cameron fails to block this increase in European Union spending and has no option, under the instructions of his masters in the EU, to force the increase through Parliament.

An EU insider said about the proposed spending increase that it was “ambitious and realistic.” In reality it is sticking two fingers up to the whole, long suffering populace of the European Union.

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Nigel Farage MEP, the leader of UKIP, is in fine form in the video clip below, here is on the American Fox News pointing out the obvious flaws in the EU's lunatic currency and expresses his opinion of Jose Manuel Barrosso. Watch and enjoy.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Mike Nattrass MEP, Is EU sticking it to British pet lovers as Brussels proposes ban on aliens?

British pet lovers could be banned from keeping stick insects and other foreign creatures thanks to foreign sticklers in Brussels and proposed EU regulations on ‘invasive alien species’.

West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass has pledged to stick it to the EU by fighting these preposterous plans, which could ban UK pet owners from keeping a stick insect.

This month, Dr David Wood, who is a Principal Teaching Fellow at Warwick University, wrote to UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass to express his fears that stick insects could fall foul of EU regulations which propose banning non-native pets which the EU says pose a “serious threat to native plants and animals in Europe ”.

Mr Nattrass said: “The EU should stop bugging the British people with an ever increasing spider’s web of tacky regulations and leave Westminster to legislate.

“It is not the so-called invasive alien species we should be worried about – we should be more concerned about the invasive alien EU bureaucrats, who need a good old British earwigging.

“Many specialist pet shops could be put out of businesses as a result of these regulations.
“Stick insects are hardly crocodiles. They pose no risk to life and limb and in fact stick insects are captive bred commercially in the UK .

“As a UKIP MEP I am used to sticking it to the EU. We must not be dictated to by this invasive alien EU power. Our laws and regulations should be made in Westminster and not in the goldfish bowl that is the European Parliament.”

In his letter to Mr Nattrass, Dr Wood stated: “I have just heard about the proposed EU legislation currently under consideration, which could ban the keeping of non-native pets in the UK.

“Stick insects kept as pets are bred in captivity in the UK but originate from hot tropical countries including Australia , Thailand and Madagascar.

“Many people in the UK enjoy keeping these stick insects and, in addition, many children develop an interest in the natural world as a direct result of looking after their own stick insects, and some of these children go on to have successful careers as scientists.

“My own children aged seven and eight, who have brought home stick insects from school, have very much enjoyed looking after them and have learnt a lot as a result.

“People look after their stick insects in cages indoors and know not to release them because this is prohibited under the 1981 Countryside and Wildlife Act.

“Even if some were released or escaped outside these would soon perish. The overnight temperatures in the UK are far too cold for tropical stick insects to survive.

“The tropical stick insects are harmless and are no danger to people. They are captive-bred commercially in the UK and are not on endangered or critical species lists. As they cannot survive in the wild they are no threat at all to the British eco-system.

“There is no justification for banning people from keeping pet tropical stick insects in the UK . I am relying on you (Mr Nattrass), as an elected representative, to represent my views on this matter.”

The European Commission’s plans on ‘Invasive Alien Species’ form part of the new EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy adopted in May 2011. Consultation on the proposed regulations on Invasive Alien Species ended in April 2012.

Monday, 18 June 2012


The beauty of the British first past the post electoral system is that it is clear and easy. The people go to the polls and place a cross against who they want to represent them in Parliament, the person with the most crosses against their name wins and goes to sit in the House of Commons as an MP. The political party with the most MPs make the Government with the leader of that party becoming the Prime Minister. It’s clear, easy and simple – and usually fast. An election is held on a Thursday and by Friday afternoon the new or returned Prime Minister is in Downing Street running the country - usually.

In other countries across Europe where PR is the norm, things are different, as we have just seen in Greece. There they held an election because of the issue of EU bail-outs and austerity packages, and because no one single party had a majority they had to do it all over again, as witnessed over this last weekend.

According to the BBC reportage on this election the winning party is awarded an additional 50 seat in the Greek Parliament, which of course was the New Democracy Party on 30 per cent of the vote.

Poor Greece is in a real economic mess, all because European politicians have little or no common sense and have a strange heard mentalit7y when it comes to all things EU, they have to follow even if common sense and many who know better warn them that at the end of political journey they are embarking on is nothing other than despair and disaster. Everyone with an ounce of common sense warned the EU’s euro was doomed before it even began; it was so obvious to all but the blind in the EU.

The elections in Greece have not resolved anything, all the political parties in that country wanted Greece to keep the euro and not return to the drachma, although some of them were prepared to accept the EU imposed austerity measures while others wanted the bail-out but not the austerity. The only political party there to oppose the whole lot, EU membership as well, was the Communist Party.

We now have a situation where the euro has strengthened marginally and the markets have improved a little, but in reality the problem remains which is the euro itself. It was a currency that should have never been spawned. As said often on this blog the euro crisis and the misery it has wreaked is all the doing of the EU, it is terminal and no matter how many sticking plasters the EU’s proponents use to cure the terminal cancer of the euro, the end result is going to be even more misery. John Redwood sums a great deal up in the Commentator.

All we can do now is watch and wait for the inevitable collapse of it all – and hope to come out in one piece from the wreckage.

Friday, 15 June 2012


The Express & Star is a pretty good daily newspaper that covers both national and local news in the Wolverhampton, Walsall and Black Country area. Back in 1997 when I first joined the political fray as the prospective Parliamentary candidate in Walsall North for the late Sir James Goldsmith’s Referendum Party, I wrote my very first letter to that publication and was thrilled a week or so later to see it in print.

This set me off as a regular writer to the E&S and, and God bless the editor at the time, around 80% of my letters, or was that rants about the EU, were published. I often had comments in the pub as friends and acquaintances would say: “I saw your letter in the paper”. There were even times when I used to give my name to someone and they would reply: “You’re not that chap who writes all those letters to the Express & Star are you?” I would puff my chest out in great pride and confirm that I was – it was almost like being famous – although sady the other word that goes with famous, 'rich', was missing.

I had so many letters published that I got to the stage where I felt obliged to write, if I had missed a week or two I worried that I was not fulfilling my duty to get another letter off to the good old E&S. Then, one sad day, it all came to an end.

I sent off a letter and, as usual, expected to see it in print a few days later, but no show. Maybe this was one that the editor chose not to use, it happened from time to time so no worries. I produced another letter and e-mailed that as normal, and that one vanished too. So did every letter I sent in after that. After a few weeks and many letters with not one published I gathered I had been banished from the pages of the E&S and gave up sending in letters, other than the very occasional one to see if I was still persona non gratia with the E&S – most of those never saw print either.

So I turned my efforts elsewhere with limited success in the campaign to save this nation against EU domination, including this blog. However, the other day when news hit about the devastation our Defenceless Minister, Philip Hammond, was wreaking on our armed forces, a colleague and I got together to write about it. As he did not want his name against the letter it was sent to the E&S in my name only with the expectation that this one would vanish too – but not so.

In fact the letter made the ‘Letter of the day’ and was featured in its own box on the letters page of the E&S last night, Thursday 14th June 2012. I still can’t believe that after all this time a letter in my name has been featured on the pages of the E&S. I’m back – for now at least. The letter sent in is below.

“To say I was dismayed when I read the Express & Star (June 7th) on our Government’s plans to make massive cuts to our British Army would be an understatement. This is a massive betrayal of our servicemen and women who have sacrificed so much for this country and for the people.

These cuts, which you reported could result in the loss of the former Staffordshire Regiment (now The 3rd Battalion of The Mercian Regiment), will leave our Army increasingly toothless.

Philip Hammond, the Government’s Defence Secretary, clearly has no regard for the dedication and, indeed, the heritage of the Army and its Units some of which face being merged or scrapped altogether.

Mr Hammond says these cuts will “maximise capability at the frontline” to provide “the teeth” of our defence but part-time reservists and private contractors will have to provide fillings for the force’s depleted teeth.

The creation of an EU defence force draws ever nearer as our Army will be forced to rely on foreign allies and also private contractors to provide support.

Successive Government have bitterly let down our Armed Forces. In this age of austerity I agree with Mr Hammond that difficult decisions need to be made but undermining our Armed Forces is not the answer.

Mr Hammond and our Government our making Britain ever more reliant on our EU masters. At some point in the future our fighting men and women will have the shame of removing our Union Flag to be replaced by the European Union’s ring of pyrites stars."

Wednesday, 13 June 2012


The clinical diagnosis is bad, this is a serious case and should be remedied quickly before the contagion spreads and full insanity takes over, it looks as if Number 10 Downing Street has been infected with the debilitating disease, Clarkeomycosis.

The symptoms of this disease make its sufferers blind to the obvious and causes them to make rash statements such as Members of Parliament who want a referendum are: "a few extreme nationalist politicians”, or that ‘the people do not want a referendum on membership of the European Union’.

Sadly, Ken Clarke MP, who is a known carrier of this dreadful condition and who is now so badly infected there is no longer any hope for his future as a politician, has been spreading this deadly disease in political places where immunity to the complete irrational is low. Due to this the infection has spread to the offices of the Prime Minister and his senior advisers in Downing Street, there is now little hope for these poor souls.

For those who want to help find a cure for this vile sickness, they should send their donations to the UK Independence Party, which has been working frantically for several years to help cure the curse of Clarkeomycosis and eradicate its side effects of Europhilia and an irresistible urge to undermine and destroy your own nations democracy and sovereignty.

UKIP is working tirelessly to stop the spread of the irrational pro-EU virus, which creates the delusion that EU membership is beneficial. Naturally all those with immunity thanks to being vaccinated with common sense, who are not infected, try to explain to the sufferers of this virus the total insanity of their statements, but sadly, another side effect of this appalling condition is total blindness to facts and the truth.

The best cures for this serious delusional political ailment are; a General Election followed swiftly by an in/out referendum on membership of the EU, or to vote UKIP in all elections as a matter of urgency. This terrible infliction, when it infects its victims, can cause serious political harm and even electoral death unless the symptoms are spotted quickly and the cause of infection removed from all political life rapidly.


A suntanned Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP, once again gives it as it is to the members of the European Parliament and Jose Manuel Barrosso, the President of the EU Commission. As Corporal Jones used to say: "They don't like it up 'em", and Nigel certainly gives it to them.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012


How much power should the state have? Maybe this seems a strange question but it comes down to who is the master, the people of the state or the state itself?

In this country under our democracy it was always considered the people were sovereign and the power lies with them, it was always the duty to elect – or not, those who Governed. It was the people who did the hiring or firing of those who were loaned power for a maximum of five years.

Our system of democratic Government was often the envy of the world, our Parliament was referred to as the ‘Mother of all Parliaments’, and those living under the heel of totalitarian regimes would look on in envy at our freedom and the fact that we could generally keep our politicians under control.

In totalitarian regimes the people serve the ruling elites, who are usually arrogant and indifferent to the plight of the people who, through military might, secret police and intimidation would keep suppressed. The key to holding on to this power was to be able to monitor the people, to observe their movements, listen in to the phone calls, open their mail and to have informants willing to report anything they observed. My this means of monitoring the people they could retain total control and enslave everyone but a privileged few.

Gradually, over the years, our system of democratic freedom has been undermined as the state has taken more and more to watching the people. I remember back in the early seventies as I used to bowl along the M5 around West Bromwich in my old TR4A, as I drove to work, the first motorway cameras being installed. My first thoughts then as a young man was that ‘Big Brother’ was on its way.

The people of Britain, bit by stealthy bit, have been steadily losing their freedom as the State snoops and interferes into their lives. Cameras now watch our every move, we are monitored and tracked and every time the state takes a new measure, allegedly to protect us, it takes power from us and the balance of the state and individual shifts.

The latest measures the state wants to introduce, as reported in the Daily Telegraph on Monday 11th June 2012, is the power to allow the police and security services to monitor every e-mail we send and receive, every telephone call we make and every web-site we visit.

For those who use the tired old ignorant adage, ‘if we do nothing wrong then we have nothing to fear’, any such addition powers to monitor and pry may seem harmless, but of course they are not. Organisations such as No2ID warn of the increase in state powers and the data-base state. We may be watched and monitored and not know it or for what reason. History is littered with injustices of people being punished for crimes they have not committed who may have once considered they had not done anything wrong and had nothing to fear. The more power the state takes for itself from us the people the more we do have something to fear.

To see an example of how a state can oppress the people by constant monitoring, then you can do no better than to watch the German film ‘Other People’s lives’. Although it is in German and subtitled, it gives a gripping record of how the people were watched, monitored and controlled by the state and the story is based on real events during the final days of East Germany under Communism and how the Stasi operated – and if you think this cannot happen here then you are being dangerously complicit.

Why does the nation want to snoop on our internet movement? Why does it want to know what web-sites we look at and who we send and receive e-mail to? Yet the Communications Data Bill which Theresa May is expected to publish will give the Government, and of course the EU by default, the power to do exactly that.

If enacted this Act of Parliament will shift another tranche of power from the people to the state, and of course as the real state these days is not those we elect to Parliament, but those who we have no democratic control over in the European Union. Innocent or not, there is everything to fear from an over-mighty state that knows all our secrets.

Monday, 11 June 2012


This video is of the journalist Peter Hitchens, who is well known for speaking common sense regarding the very serious problem of membership of the European Union, giving a talk to a Bruges Group meeting in 2011. He wants to destroy the Conservative Party that has betrayed this nation regarding our EU membership, sadly, he still does not come to the logical conclusion that the only other real alternative is UKIP, which we all must support if we want out of the EU, no matter if you are from the right or the left of politics.

Thursday, 7 June 2012


As I sit and watch the rain steadily drizzle from my office window on yet another wet and cold June day, reflections of the Queen’s silver Jubilee come to mind. Rather than thinking about the steady demise of the EU’s useless euro and the growing need for a rapid exit from the EU for our nation, my thoughts have been pondering on all that happened in just a few short days and how the nation showed its support for our Monarch.

It was a wonderful weekend, despite the weather and like all major events it had its highlights and low moments. For me it all kicked off at just after midday on Saturday with a street party in our little Walsall Crescent. That day I had done a bit of running around first in Walsall town centre, then a phone in on Radio WM to make my views known what a despicable idiot Ken Clarke MP is after his outrageous comment that if you want a referendum on our mad membership of the EU you must be an extremist – I let it be known on air that he and his pro-EU ilk are the extremist with their anti-British pro-EU views.

Our street party, despite the cold weather, was a success. The rain held off and many of the neighbours in the Crescent all got together to enjoy a drink and a chat, as well as some excellent food all prepared by Chef Vijay who lives in the Crescent and runs a Walsall catering business. The music and dancing went on until gone 6 pm.

On Sunday afternoon it was off to the King Arthur pub on the Gillity Village estate for a bit of ferret racing and a pig roast. This day the weather was bad, but fortunately everything was done under cover, including the ferret racing which was great fun – I even won a few quid on that which for someone who seldom gambles because I usually lose, was quite a novelty.

Finally, Tuesday was off to the Lyndon House Hotel, my regular watering hole near the centre of Walsall, for a Diamond Jubilee drink and BBQ.

All in all a good few days as far as the highs went, but oh lord, what on earth was the BBC up to? They made a real hash of covering the brilliant regatta, amongst the Jubilee souvenirs they covered they even had a Diamond jubilee sick bag – that was definitely a low. It was also a shame about the Duke of Edinburgh being taken ill, which was obviously a low for Her Majesty and the Royal Family.

Now it’s all over we just have the photos to remember it all by and the next big Royal event to look forward too.


One of the joys of catching an early train, which was actually late as far as its schedule goes, was that instead of the usual panic to get from one platform to the other at Birmingham New Street Station in the few brief minutes between connections, I had plenty of time and a leisurely ride in giving me time to read my morning Torygraph.

This morning the comment writer Peter Oborne was on top form, he knows who the guilty men are regarding the dire economic situation across the EU and points out the obvious flaws of allowing the very people who created the fiscal disaster to be the very same people now trying to sort out the mess of their own creation. This article is today’s recommended reading, click HERE.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012


The EU is in whole lot of trouble, and talking of holes, as the old saying goes, when in a hole stop digging. However, the EU likes holes, the deeper they go the harder they dig, just like the First World War cartoonist, Bruce Barnfather’s ‘Old Bill character, they are searching for a “better ‘ole”.

The EU operates in a reverse logic to everyone else, any normal person or leader of a nation that gets into problems will look for ways out and how best to alleviate the problem, but not the EU which sees every problem as a bonus. Every disaster which it creates due to the madness of its own actions brings to it the opportunity to espouse its own mantra, which is: ‘We need more EU to solve the problem’.

As Dan Hannan, writing in the Daily Telegraph points out, the EU has now got to the stage that it no longer pretends that the euro is beneficial to the wealth and stability of the people of Europe, they just try to scare everyone that if it was allowed to collapse, which in reality would be the best option all round, such a collapse would create chaos in Europe. Ironically, it is the EU itself that created the chaos.

Also writing in the Daily Telegraph is Derek Scott who reports how the EU is making things worse. He warns: “The break up of EMU certainly threatens deeper recession in Britain and elsewhere.” He also warns: “the longer EMU continues in its present form, the greater the ultimate political and economic turmoil will be.” He adds that another six month stuck with the euro will see Greece become a failed state.

The next stages as the great EU disaster continues digging ever deeper will be for the inevitable call from the EU’s leaders for closer union, more EU control and also for a federal Europe. For our pro-EU Prime Minister, David Cameron, this places him in an increasingly difficult position. His record on the EU and standing up to it is an abysmal failure, he broke his ‘cast iron’ promise to give the nation a vote on the dangerous Lisbon Treaty, he called a three line Whip forcing his MPs to vote against holding an in/out referendum on our continued membership of the EU and it was soon proven that his so-called EU veto was little more than hot air and rhetoric – the man is a lost cause.

His problem is that in the EU he wants to be seen as supporting their project to create a single nation of Europe, but in his own country he wants to look as if he is standing up to the EU, and the more the EU uses every “beneficial crisis” as a means to grab more power the more there is unrest in the nation it is alleged he was elected to represent and protect.

His own in the Conservative Party are showing some signs of unrest, rank and file members and even some Conservative Councillors and Tory Association Chairmen are quitting the Conservative Party for the reality of UKIP, although this did not stop his MPs, other than a few, from rebelling and voting in favour of a referendum.

In the weeks to come Cameron is going to be shoved more and more into a corner where he is going to have to reveal himself, that will be the point when all pretence regarding his sham Euro sceptic credentials will peel away as he is drawn in to supporting more EU, more misery and less national sovereignty. Start looking for that better ‘ole now.

Friday, 1 June 2012


Another day with a lot to do and no real time for blogging. However, if you want to read something of interest you couldn't do better than this article from the Daily Telegraph. Click the link HERE.