Friday, 30 March 2012


On Thursday 29th March 2012, Mike Nattrass MEP, whilst taking part in a debate on EU citizenship which the appalling John Major's Conservative Government foisted upon us when he signed the Maastricht Treaty, Mike gave one of his most robust speeches in that sham Parliament yet.

Reading out a letter from his constituent Alan Sheath of Alrdridge in the West Midlands, he raised the question, how do we renounce this imposed citizenship? This blogger has in the past produced a form to renounce EU citizenship which I urge as many as possible to do.

The form is in PDF format and can be sent e-mailed to you if you send an e-mail to me at: Tell Her Majesty the Queen and that dimwit Cameron we did not vote for, ask for or want EU citizenship and as it was imposed upon you without your consent.

Now view the video below.


The old Tom is back, George Galloway, back in Parliament after his cat stint on TV.

He’s back and he’s purring loudly, cat man George Galloway, the one time Labour Member of Parliament and cat licking contestant on the dire Large Brother programme, managed to storm back into Parliament in the Bradford by-election last night (29th March 2012) and is, once again, a Respect MP.

Talking of dire in relation to the programme in which he made such a fool of himself, the results for the three mainstream political parties were dire too – especially for the Labour Party whose stronghold Bradford was, until Galloway stole the cream.

Every one of the other parties suffered a fall in their votes, as you can see from the list of results below. The Labour vote was down over 20 per cent, Tory down almost 23 per cent and the Limp Dems over 7 per cent.

Although the vote for the UKIP candidate, local activist Sonja McNally, was nowhere near enough to dent Galloway’s romp through the political cat litter, it was at least up marginally as opposed to the minus shown by the others.

Bradford was never a place where UKIP could do well, but none the less the party was there and gave it all it could and its supporters a place to put their cross rather than letting them waste their votes on one of the other political parties or not vote at all.

No doubt George Galloway will be like an old Tom cat stalking the Houses of Parliament, as long as the other’s don’t try to have him neutered.

The full results.
George Galloway (Respect) 18,341 (55.89%, +52.83%)

Imran Hussain (Labour) 8,201 (24.99%, -20.36%)

Jackie Whiteley (Conservative) 2,746 (8.37%, -22.78%)

Jeanette Sunderland (Liberal Democrat) 1,505 (4.59%, -7.08%)

Sonja McNally (UKIP) 1,085 (3.31%, +1.31%)

Dawud Islam (Green) 481 (1.47%, -0.85%)

Neil Craig (Democratic Nationalists) 344 (1.05%)

Howling Laud Hope (Monster Raving Loony Party) 111 (0.34%)

Turnout: 50.78%.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Here we go again, yet another referendum in Ireland and, no doubt, another re-run referendum to follow if the people of Southern Ireland vote the wrong way.

This time the referendum is to approve the EU’s plans to bail out the countries that the EU’s euro has created the mess that now means they need bailing out. Although according to the BBC, a back of a fag packet poll has shown the majority of the people in the Republic will vote in favour of the bail-out plans, should they give the bail-out the same two fingers they originally gave the Treaty of Nice and the EU Constitution, the EU itself will not be too bothered as this time it can just ignore them anyway.

The reason they probably won’t vote no in the referendum which is due to be held on the 31st May, is that if they do opt out, as Britain and the Czech Republic has already done, they won’t be entitled to any of the bail-out money themselves.

Sadly, these bail-outs which is the EU’s answer to the dire problem of its own making, will only delay, not stop the eventual inevitable outcome which is the complete disintegration of its political currency. I say political as there is no sound economic reason to strap so many disparate economies together unless the sole aim is to create a single nation called ‘Europe’ which will be a political entity in its own right.

It will be interesting to observe the EU’s devious and brainwashing tactics to ensure the Irish vote in favour. Sadly, the only outcome in the long run is that no Irish Eyes will be smiling and the luck of the Irish will have vanished. All I can advise the people of Ireland to do is vote ‘No’ and keep kissing the Blarney Stone – it’s their only hope.

Monday, 26 March 2012


Cheers, Derek Bennett celebrating this blog's 1000th posting.

Tuesday 5th August 2008 was a notable day for this blogger, that was the day the very first posting went on this Walsall blog and today, the 26th March 2012, is the day of the blog’s 1000th posting. Yes this is blog posting 1000, which a bit of a milestone for me, although of little importance to most.

The blog, over the period of time it has been in existence, has covered all sorts of things, some personal, some relating to things going on in my part of the world in Walsall and the Midlands generally, but mostly it has covered the great EU disaster and our UK involvement in it.

The blog was started after the vote on the EU Constitution in France and Holland, in which they sensibly voted against, it was up and running at the time the Irish caved in to the EU’s demands and voted for the Lisbon Treaty, which as we all know, was the EU Constitution in all but name.

The blog has covered local elections and the 2010 Parliamentary election, as well as UKIP and other events. While writing about all these things I have tried to make it as easy to read as possible, sadly due to the pressure of time I rush to get many of the postings done and then notice silly grammatical and other punctuation errors after, for which I apologise to those who visit this blog.

Over the time the blog has been going I have been fortunate enough to have been given permission to include articles from others such as Anne Palmer, who always writes with authority as everything she does is thoroughly researched. Tony Coughlan has allowed me to use some of his articles too, he is involved in the campaign in Southern Ireland and as an academic writes well considered and thought out arguments against the stupidity of the EU.

In the early days of the blog I endeavoured to add at the minimum one posting a day, but as time has progressed and my working life changed with other pressing matters to see to, I don’t get the chance to post as often as I like, although I do try to post as often as possible. No doubt there will come a day when I will be announcing the blogs 2000th posting, although with luck we will have escaped the EU, or it will have inevitably collapsed before then and the job of many, including myself, will have been done and we can hang up our blogs and spend our time doing far more sensible things such as drinking beer in our local pubs in the land of the EU free.

Thanks for reading this blog and your comments too.

Friday, 23 March 2012


Walsall market, stood on the same site for over 800 years.

A lot of towns around the country, both large and small, are suffering similar problems in these harsh economic times, including my own town of Walsall in the heart of the Midlands.

The problems tend to stem from the fact that the people they need to attract to come and spend their money, get in their cars and rather heading for the town centre with its army of ‘enforcement officers’ (glorified traffic wardens) and their parking tickets and expensive and inconvenient car parks, they go in the other direction to the out of town shopping centres where they can not only park for free, but easily too.

What traders in the town centres desperately need their Councils to do is to introduce free parking periods and provide more parking spaces. Sadly, most Councils, my own in Walsall too, just see anyone who drives as a money printing unit and do the exact opposite by reducing parking spaces and increasing charges. The army of traffic Taliban are also instructed to ensure they reach their targets for fining motorists, which mean people get done for the most minor of infringements, including a pal of mine who paid for two hours parking, which ran out ten minutes before the end of the charging period. Sadly, common sense and logic did not apply – only targets and they done the poor sod for that ten minutes.

Walsall has a most fantastic asset too in the shape of its historic market, which has been on the same site for around 800 years or so. This treasure, you would think, is something my Council would cherish and see as a great marketing tool (excuse the pun) to bring people to Walsall. So what do they do? Sadly, they ignore it, they neglect it and they have let it run down. They had plans to shove it up a little out of the way corner until we in UKIP made a song and dance about it. Historic markets are a great attraction; I just wish my own Council would see it that way instead of treating it like something that embarrasses them.

So why write about all this local business now when we have a whole country to save from the ravages of the EU, which our current two-tone coalition Government seem happy to surrender to? The reason is that if we want to save our country then we must not forget that it has to be preserved and saved in all its small places as well as the whole.

Sadly, rather than just do the logical things such as scrap the on-street parking that is destroying local businesses and promote, preserve and save our market, they are instead putting in a bid for some celebrity to probably tell them what anyone with a brain would, which are: scrap parking fees, save Walsall market, provide more parking places and keep the town tidy. The Council can have that one for nothing.

Thursday, 22 March 2012


If you type in the name ‘Gideon’ into the Google search engine, one of the things it throws up on the first page is: ‘Gideon, The world’s premier global infectious diseases database’. Considering the first name of our Chancellor of the Exchequer is Gideon, and the nature of his budget yesterday was somewhat unhealthy, it seems quite apt.

As with all budgets there are winners and losers, usually the losers list is longer than the winners, what the Chancellor gives he quickly takes away and yesterday he left a grey army of what would normally be classed long standing traditional Tory voters feeling worse off and distinctly wounded. Gordon Brown was the bogyman pension snatcher, now Gideon has joined the bogyman pensioner bashing club too.

This must leave many traditional Conservative voters feeling badly let down and confused. Was not one of the many expectations of a Cameron run Governement in the run up to the 2010 General Election that taxes would be cut and waste eradicated? That was the impression. Sadly, the only notable thing Cameron has done since taking office is to leave a swathe of broken promises in his wake – not least his promises on a referendum on the dire Lisbon Treaty and referendums on the EU in general.

So, here we are, the day after budget day wondering just how bad it all is. As always time will tell as we begin to dig deeper into our thread bare pockets. We will quickly see those pounds in our pockets vanishing when it comes to paying for our beer and fags, and then in August, filling up our cars is going to be a very painful experience as the fuel tax escalator will be adding 3p per litre to the already hideously high cost of petrol and diesel – it is as if this Government is out to hit the average person struggling to survive in lean times as hard as they can. For many their vehicles are a lifeline for work and other communications, pricing these people off the roads will be a catastrophe for many.

However, there are some winners, the super rich will see a cut in taxes, but to be quite honest this is not going to bother them that much as they can easily move their money around to where their financial advisers consider the best ways to avoid paying taxes – and to be honest you can’t blame them either as one of us like being ripped off and having our assets and hard worked for money being snatched away from us by Gideon, or any other Chancellor. Those of us on more modest incomes have to stay put and pay up.

Another winner is the EU, rather than our Chancellor telling the EU we pay enough and he needs the money to help pensioners, the sick and the needy in the UK, it will just have to be content with the £billions we already give, his budget instead has ensured that on top of the vast sums which is already contributed to the EU for it to squander, waste and lose, an additional £1.8 billion of our money will also vanish down the EU plughole. A large chunk of this money the EU will soon get its sticky little finger on will have come directly from the additional £3.3 billion Gideon has mugged from the grannies and granddads of this nation.

Taxation in this nation with its complex tangle of tax codes, allowances, National Insurance payments and loopholes is now harder to comprehend than Einstein’s theory of relativity – our tax system is a nightmare. This is why UKIP has been proposing a flat tax system which has successfully been taken up by some other nations.

It is incredibly simply, the first £11,500 a person earns is completely tax free, this then takes those on the minimum wage out of the tax system altogether. After that all earnings are taxed for everyone at 31%. How much more simpler and easier to understand is that? For those who say it is not fair to tax people on lower incomes than the people who earn megabucks well just think about it.

If someone earns £30,000 a year, they will pay tax on £28,500 – which is: £8,943.50p, those earning £1 million a year will pay £306435.00 which is quite a bit more – and there are no loopholes. The countries that have taken up the flat tax system have found it works much better and they actually collect more revenue – as the meerkat says in the adverts: “Seemples”. Obviously far too simple for Gideon looking at the tax malaise he has just infected us all with.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012


A news item in the Daily Telegraph on Wednesday 21st March 2012 stood out as it gave news that the British Government has refused the extradition of a British subject.

A pregnant woman of 28, Lucy Wright, has admitted to trying to smuggle 14lb of cocaine out of Argentina in March 2007, where she was caught at the Buenos Aires airport with the illegal substance in her luggage, which she admits to have been offered £10,000 to bring it into the UK.

After a night in prison she was bailed, but fled to Brazil where the British Consulate issued her with a replacement passport and was then able to fly home to Bolton.

On the face of it this young lady has a lot to answer for and has admitted her guilt. Added to this, she was arrested on her return to the UK and the Home Secretary, Theresa May, also approved her extradition to Argentina where, as the Daily Telegraph points out, she could have faced up to 16 years in prison. So why did the High Court in London rule against her extradition?

It seems, according to an expert witness, that as a woman and a foreigner facing prison in Argentina, she would have faced a lack of food, hygiene products and suffered humiliating strip searches by prison staff as well as facing attacks by fellow inmates. On this basis the court has ruled against her extradition, even though this increases the tension between Britain and Argentina which is making a lot of noise regarding the ownership of the Falklands Isles.

This, you may say, is what a British court of law and our Government should do when it comes to the protection and ensured well being of all British subjects. Sadly, this rule only applies to some as it depends on where an alleged offence took place.

So why then was Lucy Wright protected against the possibility of facing years in a brutal prison system where she could have so easily starved to death or murdered by other inmates, despite her admitted guilt, while business partners Jason McGoldrick and Michael Turner were forced to face very similar conditions in a Hungarian prison with the full consent of the British courts and Government? The answer, of course, is down to the disaster of our membership of the European Union and its grossly unjust European Arrest Warrant (EAW).

The irony of all this is, and the reason Theresa May granted extradition for Lucy Wright, was based on the fact that she had been caught red handed and the Argentinean authorities had provided substantial evidence of guilt, enough for the Home Secretary not to refuse extradition. However, Jason McGoldrick, who was arrested at Heathrow Airport after returning from a holiday with his heavily pregnant wife, and Michal Turner, who now have to go to court in Hungary for a supposed criminal offence which is not classed as a criminal offence in the UK, were forced to spend life threatening time in the most appalling conditions in a Hungarian prison.

They were attacked and beaten by other inmates, the food the prison provided was disgusting and inedible, and what possessions they were allowed to take into the prison with them were quickly stolen, yet our courts and our Government were not only powerless to stop this, under the rules of the EAW they literally had to comply and hand over these two British victims to whatever uncertain future and injustice awaited them. Had we not surrendered our national sovereignty for the sake of the sheer folly of EU membership these two men could, like Lucy Wright, have been saved the European Union created torture of such terrible conditions. They are now back in Hungary awaiting their trial which was brought about due to the failure of a business venture. It was thanks to the actions of the UKIP MEP, Lord Dartmouth, who managed to get them out of the Hungarian prison before they were killed by other inmates in there.

This tale of two extraditions is not the only tales of criminal EU created injustice, there are more, far too many as other European courts do not need to provide evidence of criminality to order the arrest of any British subject, Tony Blair abandoned the protection once given against extradition for the people of this land who it was his duty to serve and protect. David Cameron, despite his fine pre-election words and meaningless promises, will not serve and protect the British people either by telling the EU exactly where it can stuff its cruel and inhuman EAW – he too has abandoned the people of the once proud nation.

Janice Atkinson-Small has also written about the EAW and the European police state it has spawned in the Daily Mail, which is well worth reading.

Monday, 19 March 2012


The open road, a deserted road in Dolwyddelan in Snowdonia.

West Midlands UKIP MEP, Mike Nattrass, has put out a press release today (Monday 19th March 2012) after David Cameron announced he was planning to sell off our UK public owned road network to private companies. Mike said in his press statement that he has been warning for years that pay-as-you-go travel could become a reality on British roads, says the Government is again on the wrong road and said bringing in private companies and a network of toll roads would severely hit high mileage motorists and the UK haulage industry.

The Prime Minister is expected to announce the urgent need to “build for the future” but Mr Nattrass said the Government’s fascination with tolls would put hauliers on the fast track to financial ruin.

Mr Nattrass said: “I have warned for many years that pay-as-you-go travel could be introduced on our roads. Sadly the Government is set to propose plans which show my fears are justified.

“Foreign-owned private firms could effectively take control of major roads and tolls. Tolls support the rich and limit the freedom of poorer motorists who would be forced onto already congested minor roads.

“The Government thinks pay-as-you-go travel and tolls are the answer. Ministers should take a serious look at the M6 Toll.

“Its owners Midland Expressway Ltd posted £49 million losses last summer and figures show the road is under-utilised. Essentially, the M6 Toll has proved to be a costly embarrassment and it should be put back into public ownership.

“In 2010 I warned that the EU was attempting to seize control of our roads under its European Electronic Toll Service (EETS) Directive. Now, the British Government is on a collision course with UK motorists by looking at extending this toll network.

“Tolls are the future within the EU and satellite metering of each vehicle will prevail if they get their way”.

"The proposed destruction of the Highways Agency by giving the work to the private sector is a backward step. The Highways Agency is the best provider of road services and when run correctly will be more cost effective than a "piece meal for profit" approach. If the Agency is not performing, change the management not the concept."

Added to what Mike said, the chances are the whole of our road network, like much else of our once publicly owned infrastructure such as water, electric and gas, could soon be in complete foreign ownership who will be allowed to set a price that literally regulates the travel of millions.

This has been part of the EU’s TEN-T plans for many years, despite many Tories wailing that Euro sceptics should vote for them rather than UKIP, it is their party and their leader inflicting this costly EU nonsense upon us and it will be those of us who need our cars for whom the road tolls.

Friday, 16 March 2012


Frederick Forsyth, hypocrisy.

Frederick Forsyth the renowned author who has penned some brilliant books such as ‘The Day of the Jackal’, ‘The Fourth Protocol’, ‘The Dogs of War’ and many others, is one of us when it comes to all matters EU – he is a long standing and vocal EU sceptic.

Sadly though, for a man who can think up some quite complex story lines and intricate plots in his publications, he left all logic behind when he picked up his quill to pen his latest opinions in the Daily Express on Friday 16th March. Within his article he was critical of UKIP for putting up candidates against their Tory opponents and called UKIP members “headbangers”.

As a fully paid up member of the UKIP 'headbangers' society myself, as Frederick Forsyth likes to consider us, maybe he should also be classed as ‘headbanger’ too, one of a Tory kind.

His views on the EU are identical to the rank and file of those of us in UKIP - we all want out of the EU and know in our hearts that if the UK is to survive as a free democratic nation it is the only option.

Sadly, he berates those of us in UKIP for opposing Tory Parliamentary candidates, and thinks we should help them to be elected instead of opposing them. However, I have to ask if he has actually stopped to consider the hypocrisy of such a statement. Surely it makes more sense for the Tory Euro sceptics to help UKIP candidates instead.

UKIP has at its leader in Nigel Farage one of the most outspoken EU sceptics in the land, who wants Britain out of the EU and campaigns tirelessly for this. Whereas the Conservative Party has the pro-EU David Cameron as its leader as well as a majority of the other pro-EU Conservatives within its leadership. They all openly and unashamedly promote the EU and openly state we must remain as members of the European Union, they even voted against giving us an in/out referendum in which they robustly whipped their own MPs to vote against holding a referendum too – what sort of anti-EU party is this supposed to be and why do alleged EU-sceptics such as Freddie Forsyth support it?.

Where is the logic for Mr Forsyth and other Tory EU sceptics helping to elect an MP for a pro-EU party with a pro-EU leadership? They should be helping to elect a UKIP MP who belongs to a anti-EU political party that will, unlike the Conservative Party, actually take Britain out of the EU. Now is that not headbangingly obvious?


The Taxpayer Alliance, which is a tremendous campaigning organisation fighting for the interests of every single taxpayer in the UK, has just produced this very short video to highlight just how fast the Government is spending the money it takes us a lot of work for and a long time to earn.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


Since recently posting an item about taxation on this blog a few days earlier, I came across THIS item of interest on the AOL web-site. It's worth a read - screwing more tax out of people does not necccarily mean increasing the tax take.

Monday, 12 March 2012


Here’s a scenario for you to consider. Let’s imagine you are someone who is an imaginative and industrious person who through hard work and diligence have managed to put some money on one side and one day you decide to branch out on your own.

You have an idea for a business; you have calculated all the costings and have a pretty sound business plan. Not only are you willing to invest your savings into your new venture, you also need to remortgage your family home too to find the money needed to get your new business up and running. You are literally risking everything in the hope of a better future for you, your family and those you plan to employ.

So far so good, your plans are going well and the early indications are you on course to make a profit and can even consider taking on new staff to expand the business. Then a bombshell hits, you have a visit from some pretty mean and unpleasant characters who demand money with menaces and warn their boss and his sidekick can get pretty nasty if you don’t cough up. There is nothing nice about the way these characters go about their business, no thank you or please, just demands to pay up or else, and if you refuse they let you know in no uncertain terms they will set out to destroy your business, your home and family – they will leave you destitute so it’s give them what they demand or else.

After the initial shock of their visit what do you do? Do you agree to pay their money with menaces and hope they do not overstretch your tight budget? At least this way you may be able to continue in business without too much agro, although it means your plans for expansion and employing people have to be shelved. Or, do you go straight to the police and inform them that you have been visited by some local hoodlums who, acting on behalf of their big boss, have made some pretty unpleasant threats to extort money from you? These characters mean business and are pretty scary.

Sadly, if you take the second option the only thing the police will do is laugh their socks off. In fact if you decide to stand up to these hoodlums and refuse to pay them, the chances are the police will give them their full backing if you in turn counter their threats with threats of your own. They are of course, your local tax officials acting on behalf of the big boss, David Cameron and his henchman, George Osborne.

All Governments make a thing of taxation; we are all expected to pay up willingly and are made to feel guilty if we find ways to reduce our taxes or even ways to avoid them. What terrible people we must be if we don’t want to pay extortionate amounts of money to the Government to pay for the NHS, schools and to help the needy. Year on year the tax take increases and yet in reality we see very little for it.

The money we have no objection to paying our taxes for helps to fund the things we consider important, such as defence, schools, the NHS, roads and transport, and of course, pensions and care for the elderly is, one way or another, is constantly cut. At the same time our money is used for the things that are of no importance to us and things we possibly disagree with, are increased. The money we give to the EU, which not only serves no useful purpose to any British subject, and is increasingly disliked, continues to steadily rise, as does the money given to a growing army of unaccountable Civil Servants along with funding for their lavish pensions.

Our money is used in all sorts of ways we disapprove of; we give shelter to those who arrive on these shores illegally and refuse to return them because the EU’s dreadful Lisbon Treaty demands we respect the European Court of Human Rights and have to consider their human rights – although this does not count for one of our own. We also give lashings of our hard earned dosh to countries that don’t need it and in cases such as India; they are better armed than us. While we dismantle our Army, Navy and RAF, because the Government tell us we have to have cut-backs, the Indian Government increase its military capability.

There is squandering and waste everywhere, there are extra layers of unnecessary Government such as the Scottish Parliament and Northern Irish and Welsh Assemblies with their additional costs and money sapping bureaucracies – none of these are needed and should be scrapped.

We don’t need extra taxes, we just need common sense, we need a Government that puts the inhabitants of this nation 1st, we need a Government that is truly prudent and prepared to stop wasting vast sums of our hard earned money on politically correct schemes, on projects that are of no use and of course – the European Union that is bleeding us dry both financially and democratically.

All we ask our Government to do is for it to spend our money wisely, to consider carefully those who pay their taxes and to not demand more than is needed. We don’t want mansion taxes or other such nonsense that drives the job creators away.

It would also be nice too if their henchmen, the tax officers, actually said thank you to those whose hard work has earned the money that have to hand a chunk of it over to those in Government who have not worked for it or put their families and homes at risk either. The courtesy of a thank you for paying your taxes and contributing would be nice at least – sadly all we get is ‘pay up or else’!.

Friday, 9 March 2012


Graham Duffen, warned of EU risk to Remploy in 1999.
Back in November 1999, Graham Duffen, who at one time worked with disabled people in Remploy, wrote an article for the Euro Realist newsletter in which he warned of the threat to Remploy and employment for the disabled from the European Union. With the news that Remploy is to have a drastic cut to its funding Graham's article is repeated below.

Is the EU good for the disabled?
To explain the above question, I will break down what Britain did for the disabled before the EU came along. In those far off days Britain had two ways of employing people, first the disabled, due to war, were employed in factories set up under a company called Remploy which has factories up and down the country serving ex service men. In latter years they employed some civilian disabled to cover man-power shortages when the vast number of those disabled by war declined. As the factories came under the authority of the ministry of defence they were therefore not subject to many civilian regulations or restrictions.

Britain also has charities big and small such as the Spastics Society, now called Scope, employing hundreds of disabled people working in sheltered work places up and down the country. Over time these work places turned into successful businesses able to compete with real businesses. The government recognised that disabled workforces were not on an equal footing with other businesses and gave them funding designed to equalise the difference in production between the able bodied and the disabled.

Sadly, this type of equality has fallen foul of an EU blanket rulings designed to restrict unfair trade from countries using trade subsidies. The money the disabled were getting to equalise them with able bodied workers was classified as a subsidy. This meant that charities like scope were now faced with a big dilemma.

The charity could continue to back the many small businesses it runs, but without the necessary funding. In this case it would only be a matter of time before it would become bankrupt. This is why the other option of closing down the businesses before the rule came into effect went ahead with the consequence of making all the disabled unemployed.

The rules have now been extended to include the ministry of defence forbidding them to fund Remploy. Due to this Remploy has realised that it will no longer be able to exist in the future, a total rethink of the organisation has led to some changes. Remploy is now a Recruitment Service for the disabled, as this is not classified as a subsidy.

The Government can fund recruitment activities and has done so to the tune of £555 Million over five years for the Remploy organisation. This sum of money is massive, so why so much? Well the government will have to find a new job for every disabled person working in Remploy factories, there are over 3,000 of them.

Remploy says that it costs £20,000 per person per year to keep them in the factories and for a one off payment of £5.000 they can find them a job. This, however, is not true regarding the £20,000 as Remploy only take on the disabled with a work rate of not less than 80% of the speed of an able bodied man. If Remploy pays a wage of £10,000 only £2,000 can be put down to loss of productivity. Somehow, I don't think they are paying the disabled £100,000 each for them to arrive at this sum.

What I find appalling is that the government has not stood up for the vulnerable disabled in our country and has allowed the EU to walk all over them. This none action which has resulted in the deliberate loss of over 3,000 jobs for the disabled is a national disgrace. Spending £555 million on a disabled recruitment service to cover up the pending 3000 deliberate disabled job losses just because the Government would not stand up to the EU is an even bigger national disgrace.

So, in answer to my original question, is the EU good for the diabled? I think not.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


There are always certain signs that let you know that spring is in the air and drawing nearer. As we venture into March you begin to see the crocuses and snowdrops start to flower, the frogs in my back garden pond in are croaking and getting a bit frisky – the shubunkin’s are looking worried! There are other signs too, the five minute party political election broadcasts have also come into view with their torrid tales of political fiction the so-called three main parties are putting out.

The Tory Party political’s are amongst some of the most imaginative, it is not far off two years since the two-tone Con –Dem coalition took office, the backroom boys in Tory Central Office must have their work cut out. How do you put together a party political broadcast extolling the wonders of a Conservative administration when their leader has just about dumped on everything he promised in the run up to the 2010 General Election?

We all know about his broken promises on the referendums on the Lisbon Treaty and the EU itself, we have all learned recently of his broken promise on getting rid of the lop-sided extradition treaty with the USA since the criminal arrest of Christopher Tappin – and when I say ‘criminal’ I mean it is that appalling treaty set in place by the disastrous Tony Blair that is criminal - not Mr Tappin who is so obviously a victim of our own Government's shameful betrayal. It is criminal that a British subject can be treated and abandoned so badly by the very Government that was elected to protect him and all of us.

Cameron has been seen to have broken his promises on protecting the NHS as well as the promised referendums. The only positive thing about this is that those electorate that choose to vote Tory on Thursday 3rd May know that they will be voting for a party that is going to renege on just about every promise. The Tory Party slogan is, cheekily: ‘Delivering on our promises’. Sadly, no one knows where they have gone – maybe they will turn up in the EU!

Monday, 5 March 2012


Roger Helmer MEP, joins UKIP at last.

For those who either read or watch on screen the Harry Potter tales, in one of them Hermione Grainger, one of Harry’s close friends, is given a magic device which helps her travel back in time which is the only way she can be at two lessons at once in order to fit them all in. Over this last week or so I could have done with that magic little gizmo as there have not been enough hours in every day to do all the things I have needed to do.

So what have I been up to in my part of Walsall and the Midlands while absent without leave from this blog? Where do I start? Naturally all the things I do for UKIP has been keeping me out of mischief – or should that be in mischief? Everyone is beginning to prepare for the local elections in May and revving up their campaigning engines, including our Walsall UKIP branch.

Taking my mind off things and away from this blog has also been the fact I have been helping my father in law move home. He has lived in his flat for 55 years, but at his age it was no longer the place for him to live and he knew it was time to move to somewhere better suited to his needs.

The move for this old sailor who served in the ‘forgotten fleet’ in the Pacific has been quite emotional; he has left behind a lot of memories. The place was brand new when they moved in all those years ago, my wife was a young girl still at school, his late wife was a young woman and he has seen lots of comings and goings over the years with neighbours moving in and sometime later moving out, some to a higher plane.

Naturally the move has taken a lot of time, Thursday and Friday last week were busy days regarding this. However, my time was not all spend humping furniture a fifty five years of collected items, on Saturday, along with Liz Hazell, our Walsall UKIP branch treasurer and Albert and Graham Duffen from Birmingham, I drove up to Skegness for the UKIP Spring Conference – which to say the least was a very uplifting day – UKIP is really on the march now and becoming a real threat to the other, longer established but totally failed, political parties.

It was at the conference I was reminded by a reader of this blog just how long it has been since I last posted, which has encouraged me to pull my finger out and get cracking, especially as the conference last Saturday has given me something to report.

And what a day it was in politically bracing Skegness where we arrived to the exited news that Roger Helmer had finally quit the David Cameron’s pro-EU Conservative Party and joined his real Eurosceptic friends in UKIP – and how pleased we are to have in in our ranks we are too – at long last. All it needs now is for Dan Hannan, that other well know Tory Eurosceptic to come to his senses and follow Roger too – lots of other Conservative members – many high ranking, have been making their way to UKIP which is more in line with their way of thinking when it comes to the EU and the growing need for Britain to escape its expensive and damaging clutches.

Not only did we have the news of Roger Joining us on the day, but we also had the news of a much younger Conservative activist making the sensible decision to join UKIP in the attractive shape of Alexandra Swann, who until last October was Deputy Chairman (Political) for Conservative Future. Both made excellent speeches and both were warmly welcomed by the UKIP members.

As well as Roger Helmer’s barnstorming and rousing speech, another speaker on the day was Chris Woodhead who was at one time the Inspector of Schools. His speech was especially moving as due to his illness is now wheelchair bound and his movements very restricted. I had seen him speak at a past UKIP conference some years back and had admired him then, but despite being on stage in his wheelchair this speech seemed, to me, even better than the last time I had heard him when he was a fit and healthy man.

He spoke fluently with conviction and also some humour, he took a dig at UKIP for not having its education policy on the first page of its policy document –especially as he agreed with so much of it. Without doubt his speech was the most moving of the day.

As always with all UKIP events such as this, the star attraction for all UKIP members was the leaders speech from Nigel Farage. I have often noticed at major UKIP events such as this Nigel limbering up behind the scenes, he paces up and down obviously fine tuning his comments and what he is going to say, then he comes on to the stage and without notes he starts and gives a brilliant performance every time. He reminded us of how well we in UKIP have done in the short life of the party, he reminded us of our success and how, because of our combined achievement we can now attract such senior politicians as Roger Helmer into our ranks. He took a swipe at the unelected EU President, Van Rumpoy, or should that be ‘Rumpy Pumpy’ as Nigel calls him. He also reminded us of what we have to do and what we want to achieve, which primarily is top ranking in the 2014 European elections by beating the Tory vote – which is now a very real possibility.

UKIP may have gone as far East as possible for this year’s Spring Conference, but its direction is well set for up – and up and……………….