Monday, 30 January 2012


Peers campaigning for the truth about the EU, Lords Stoddart and Pearson.

There are a handful of Peers in the House of Lords who have been relentless in their pursuit against the injustice of our EU membership. Lord Stoddart, who was at one time a Labour Member of Parliament and later a Labour Peer, until he lost the Labour Whip, is one such person, another who works with him is the one time Conservative, now UKIP Peer, Lord Pearson of Rannoch.

Lord Pearson has pressed relentlessly for a cost benefit annalist of our membership of the EU – no Government has ever dared go there as they know the costs of EU membership will be drastically be outweighed by any illusory benefits – they just repeat the brain dead mantra that we have to be in the EU for its benefits but never explain what they are.

Because of Lord Pearson’s relentless terrier type biting at the heels of Government, trying to get a glimmer of truth, he has become the target of that old hypercritical windbag, Lord Kinnock. I say hypercritical because this is the Lord who once stated he would not accept a Peerage or other such “trinkets”. This is also the man who once stated he was opposed the EU then finished up as highly paid EU Commissioner with the job of eradicating fraud in the EU, then told Marta Andreasen to keep quiet when she reported fraud to him because he thought it did not look good for the EU. This too is the man who’s wife, also now in the House of Lords, was a MEP along with other of his family members doing very nicely out of the EU thanks to their well paid EU jobs.

This then is also the man who recently stood up in the House of Lords and stated: "My Lords, in the interests of equipping members of this noble House, can the Government arrange for the provision to the noble Lord, Lord Pearson of Rannoch, of a sandwich board with, "The end of the world is nigh" written on one side and, "Stop the world, I want to get off" on the other? Is it not true and does the Minister agree that the United Kingdom's best interests are in remaining a strong member of a modernising European Union in order that we can effectively deal with what the noble Lord, Lord Pearson, calls "the countries of the future"-notably those in Latin America, China and India? They really respect and take us seriously because we are participants in the EU."

It is interesting that one of Lord Pearson’s other campaigns is for those Peers, such as Lord Kinnock, who are on quite sizeable EU pensions, to have to declare an interest in the EU when taking part in debates on our involvement of the European Union, as do other members of the Lords who have financial interests regarding matters being debated. The likes of Kinnock, his other half, Lord Brittan and others who will lose their big fat EU pensions if the UK did the right thing and left the constraints of EU membership, do not have to declare they have a financial interest in ensuring the UK remains trapped in the EU.

Maybe Lord Hypocrite should also have a placard with the words: 'Totally biased in favour of the EU' on one side with a total figure of who much money he has earned from the EU on the other – it would need to be a big placard!

Friday, 27 January 2012


Although the problem of identity cards being inflicted upon the people of the UK has faded away to some degree, the organisation set up to campaign against this assult upon our liberty, No2ID, is still going strong and actively campaigning against other attacks against our freedom and the growth of the data-base state

It has recently reported in a press release that new data protection rules must not be Trojan Horse for yet more data sharing. No2ID has warned that the EU has announced proposals for sweeping changes to data protection law, with a common regulatory framework to apply to the whole continent. Campaign group NO2ID urged caution.

The plans (which may take three years to come into effect and will evolve before they do), make much of stiffer penalties for lost data. But NO2ID points out gains for individuals are limited, while the streamlined‟ regulations could readily lead to more use of personal information – by governments as well as corporations.

Guy Herbert, NO2ID‟s national coordinator, said:
“There‟s much that sounds good in these proposals, but we need to be careful. This is not a privacy law. Small improvements in individual rights are offset by an urge to „boost the digital economy‟ – that is, sell your life – and to make life easier for bureaucrats.

“In particular, the new huge penalties for commercial cock-ups are a distraction. They are the rarity. It is the routine, lawful, intentional, possibly even competent, trafficking in personal information that we have to worry about. More data protection won‟t protect your data from the prying eyes of the database state.”

Monday, 23 January 2012


Alex Salmond, the SNP’s rather self important leader, has received a bit of a blow for his mission to create what he misleadingly calls an ‘Independent Scotland’, which as we all know, in reality, will be an EU subservient region, as previously reported on this blog. The blow for him has come from a surprising quarter, the Spanish.

It seems the Spanish government is extremely worried that if Scotland has its referendum and votes for complete independence, this may encourage those in the Spanish Basque and Catalonian regions call for the same thing. Because of this the Spanish government will block an independent Scotland becoming a member of the EU as a warning to its own independently minded regions. It is seriously worried about the breakup of Spain and thinks Scottish independence could set a precedence for Catalonia and the Basque region.

If Scotland does vote for independence, it really may mean independence as it will be free of the EU as well. Salmond and his pro-EU partners won’t see this as a good thing as it will be hankering after EU handouts to survive. Scotland currently gets a large subsidy from the British Government as well as EU structural funds, which is a large part of British contributions too.

This poses an interesting scenario, by wanting independence for Scotland, Alex Salmond may not only get the sort of independence free of the EU he did not expect, he may find a sudden large influx of English migrating north of the border to live in a fully EU free Scotland. To be free of being governed by the English they may find Scotland inundated with them.

This possible influx could also be the saving of Scotland as they will want to buy, update and build property, which would create jobs, many may close their businesses in an EU dominated England and move north to Scotland, which may realise what a good thing it has with real independence and scrap the mass of EU bureaucracy that blights businesses and manufacturers in the EU. Scotland could have a major resurgence if Spain sticks to its claim that it will block Scotland’s EU membership. It is a thought, but a large part of England’s wealth could move north. The Scottish could have a new saying: ‘Och aye old chap’.

Friday, 20 January 2012


My favourite London underground station, if anyone can have such a thing, is Westminster station. As you leave the station and climb the few steps to exit the station there facing you is the full majesty of our sovereign Houses of Parliament with St Stephens Tower reaching up before you. This is the tower which houses the clock and Big Ben.

To me it is a wonderful sight every time I leave that station, I don’t think I can ever tire of it, the Palace of Westminster is a wonderful building both inside and out. Tourist flock to it from all parts of the world and have their photos taken outside, nearly every photo album across to world probably has a photo of a family member grinning in front of Parliament with, what everyone calls Big Ben (St Stephens Tower), growing out of their head.

When it was deemed we needed a new design to replace the old Houses of Parliament, which had been damaged by fire, a competition was organised for the best design which was won by Charles Barry, with influence from Pugin. Each competitor in the design competition had an individual logo and Charles Barry’s logo was the Portcullis, which became the symbol of Parliament – that logo is an iconic symbol of our Houses of Parliament and used on all the headed paper of our Members of Parliament It is in green for the Commons and red for the Lords. Now a twit has decided the Portcullis symbol is not right as he thinks it is seen by the public as a gate to keep them out.

This twit is Dr Jonathan Drori, who is the chairman of the Speaker’s Advisory Council on Public Engagement. Obviously having John Bercow, the Speaker of the House of Commons, who is a twit of great renown, obviously helped Dr Dori get his job – these two must have been made for each other.

Dr Drori considers the Portcullis logo to be “hardly welcoming” and decided Parliament “can be a very intimidating place”. He thinks the “iconography” of Parliament puts people off. He also thinks that a new visitor’s centre and welcoming signs would make the members of public more at home.

The only thing that can be deduced from all of this is the fact our Parliament is now so hamstrung and subservient to the EU it should turned into a play area where tourist and visitors can do the Parliament thing.

The Portcullis symbol has served Parliament well, we take one look at it and it means something, it is protective and stands firm. When an envelope with the portcullis symbol on it comes through a person’s letter box it has authority and importance. It should not be relegated to the history books and replaced by some meaningless modern squiggles, which is rather like the EU Commissions new logo which has cost us all a fortune to design.

This meaningless design, which the EU Commission squandered £112,000 of taxpayers’ money on, has a few squiggly lines on the top, a block of blue on the bottom and in a box with the EU’s noose of gold stars, the words ‘European Commission’ – I’m sure we are all thrilled to have spent so much money on this!

If we want our own Parliament in Westminster to mean something and for its Portcullis symbol to stand proud, then we have to leave the EU and its meaningless squiggles.


Anne Palmer, warns of the transfer of sovereignty to the EU.

These two paragraphs below are acknowledged as Crown Copyright from the Coalition’s program for Government. Chapter 13: Europe.

“The Government believes that Britain should play a leading role in an enlarged European Union, but that no further powers should be transferred to Brussels without a referendum. This approach strikes the right balance between constructive engagement with the EU to deal with the issues that affect us all, and protecting our national sovereignty”.

“We will ensure that there is no further transfer of sovereignty or powers over the course of the next Parliament. We will examine the balance of the EU’s existing competences and will, in particular, work to limit the application of the Working Time Directive in the United Kingdom”. End of quotes.

We have read recently of the Government’s acceptance of a full speed ahead with HS2. Yet, not one word from our Government or explanation that the HS2 is part of the EU’s Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Policy. Although I have written about this before, I did not emphasize just how, in accepting this EU project, it is transferring ever more masses of UK Sovereignty to the European Union. In the acceptance of this EU Legislation our politicians are allowing the European Union to dictate what we must do on our land, sea, and air. All of which so many people fought so very hard to prevent in the 1939-1945 war, when the people of every age-yes even children- fought so hard for this once sovereign Country to remain forever FREE FROM FOREIGN RULE.

All that I write of today, is meant to be the permanent transfer of UK Sovereignty to the European Union if this legislation goes its full course, World Maps will be changed to show these permanent changes. There must be a referendum-yes, the promised referendum on this matter whether to remain in the EU or become a free country once again.

The proposed “Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) Policy.” High Speed 2 (HS2) is the first part of TEN-T this Government seems to be going ahead with. It gives to the EU, UK Sovereignty (The Authority) to decide what the United Kingdom must have on our British land, from the South Coast all the way eventually to Scotland. Whether we want it or not, or whether we can afford it or not.

Another part of this TEN-T is the transfer of Sovereignty over our sky (Air Traffic Control/Air Traffic Management). Basically each separate Country has its own Air Traffic Control and that is as it should be for they understand one another. They get to know each others ways and voices and they know their own Country well. However, part of the TEN-T is the permanent transfer of Sovereignty over national air space for the EU’s Single European Sky. (A direct transfer of Sovereignty). There is absolutely no need at all for this-just giving power, control and sovereignty permanently to the EU when there is absolutely no need at all. (Below is an interesting Address re American Traffic Controller)

A High Level Conference on the implementation of the Single European Sky and its extension beyond the European Union took place in Warsaw, 28 November 2011, so without doubt the “Single European Sky” is very much still on the agenda and also, if this Coalition Government believes that it is right to give Sovereignty over our airspace to the EU, then there MUST be the promised referendum on each and every part of TEN-T for each gives away UK Sovereignty to the EU forever. Not only is it a great loss of UK Sovereignty, but it is given by a very temporary Coalition Government. What price “No Government shall Bind” eh? Many more people now recognise the fact that all three major political Parties want to remain in the European Union. They want our votes and they want our taxes for their pay and for contributions to the EU for they want foreigners to govern this Country forever. The people cannot allow that to happen because this Country’s Constitution forbids it and our Governments sworn Oath of Allegiance is to the British Crown and through the Crown to all the people in this land.

I now pose a few questions, for there different ways of looking at this. Will there be one Central Traffic Control? Air Traffic Management? Or would traffic controllers be simply taken under the wings of the European Union directly? What if a war broke out between EU Countries? Think it can’t happen? There was never going to be a second World War, but it came, didn’t it? We have already witnessed the ‘treatment’ when some-one says, ‘No’. So! What is the next step? Fisticuffs? Noted that in 2012 the EU is to integrate Air Traffic into CO² EU ETS perhaps through the great extra expense, most will join the Single EU Sky?

Finally, the great PERMANENT transfer of our SEAS and PORTS to the European Union for their “Motorway in the Sea”. I say permanent because World Maps will have to be changed to reflect this, for the Law of the Sea covers the World. This would be a terrible and tragic permanent loss of national Sovereignty.

We, in this Country of ours, are now being asked to give up sovereignty of our seas and oceans to the European Union. No, that is not quite right is it because we are not being asked at all on any of this tremendous permanent loss of sovereignty that our temporary Government is so casually giving away, for we are paying financially very dearly to “give it away”. We will always be paying dearly for the loss of freedom to govern ourselves. Why are our own politicians so eagerly destroying our country? For the creation of one great State of European Union? To let them have all that is in the Sea, that sails on it and the resources, known and unknown above and below the Sea bed? Lost ships and submarines etc, to the EU and yes, all the way down to the Falkland Islands. The bounty that maybe off the shores of that Island. I emphasize here how important it is that we maintain total sovereignty over our seas and oceans. Remember what previous British Governments did in giving the EU our fishing grounds?

We were not allowed a referendum on that because we did not know about it at the time, plus remember we were told “there would be no loss of essential Sovereignty” by one once highly thought of elected Prime Minister. Sadly, it was many, many years after that the people found out just how many MP’s in those days lied about the European Economic Community. Yes! We foolishly trusted them.

The EU’s Motorway in the Sea means giving British Sovereignty over our Ports and Seas so that EU ships can “come and go” without asking permission. Question: Will our ships become EU ships too?

Perhaps we will all feel closer to the continent just as if the water between us was indeed a river and we are as one complete State? Is this what this is all about? Creating one beautiful (in EU eyes) State called the European Union?

None of this has happened yet, except a commitment by our present Prime Minister for the EU’s HS2, without his asking the people of this Country. He apparently dare not ask the people because he fears the answer would be a definite “NO”, so WHY has he decided to “go it alone”? It is indeed time to hold a referendum on an “In” or “Out” of the European Union? Is there anyone that has any confidence left in this Coalition Government?

To be tied into the European Union for ever or be free to have our own Government governing us by our own Common Law Constitution once again? For the first time in more than thirty years in the General election of May 2010 there was no single-party majority. After five days of negotiations between political parties, asking one Party and then going to the other political party, a national coalition government was formed for the first time since the Second World War.
There is no way can either Political Party fulfil their proposals or promises either Party made before the General election that people voted for them for. The people have every right to feel cheated. Would anyone that voted for the Conservatives wanted any policies of the LibDems? Yet to keep the LIBDEMS on board the Coalition, it seems to the people the LIBDEMS have more powers. This emphasizes that a coalition government's programme, drawn up after an election, cannot have the same mandate as a party manifesto which is available to the people before they vote.

It certainly does not escape me or many others I suspect, that the coalition lacks a popular mandate because it was created after the general election and therefore the electorate had absolutely no opportunity to vote on it. It is no wonder the people are feeling the anger at all the changes that are being introduced that seem to have just “come out of thin air” and never been heard of before. It does not escape me either that all legislation should be in keeping with our Common Law Constitution. The dividing of ENGLAND into EU Regions was certainly not.

Although there have been coalition Governments previously, the only time I remember different Political Parties working together successfully was during the last war but there was indeed a true and perhaps at times ruthless remarkable leader and most British Politicians then were fighting the same fight as were the people-fighting for freedom from foreign rule. More people now are realising that ALL three major Political Parties want to remain in the European Union. Could this lead to yet another Coalition Government? It will if UKIP does not get its message across that it wants freedom from foreign rule.

Just how much longer can the people, in these hard times, afford to continue paying for a Government that can no longer govern? That borrows more and more money putting us all in debt, just so that the European Union can continue to govern us all? Exactly how many Billions of British pounds have we given to the European Union? Has it not dawned on every Country in the EU that they simply cannot afford financially to keep giving an outside Organisation billions of pounds each and every year?

How many people are losing their jobs and some their homes yet continue to pay through their taxes for two very full Houses in our Parliament that can no longer govern this Country according to our long standing Common Law Constitution?

For any British Government to give British sovereignty over our land, sea and air to foreigners is the greatest betrayal of all when for their freedom, so many in a previous generation gave their lives for our freedom to govern ourselves- today. Anne Palmer. 19.1.2012.

Some useful links:
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Chancellor Merkel urges implementation of Single European Sky

High Level Conference on the Implementation of the Single European Sky and its extension beyond the European Union Warsaw, 28 November 2011.

Background on the Single European Sky

Oceans and Law of the Sea

Wednesday, 18 January 2012


Since the posting below, as expected the rabid EU fanatic, Martin Schultz, has been elected as the new President of the European Partiament. Watch Nigle Farage, the UKIP leader, welcome him to the post in his usual style.

Monday, 16 January 2012


In the once democratic British Parliament, which was a democratic institution, until the day the UK joined the Common Market and granted this new unelected authority the power to override British law in the 1972 European Communities Act, we have a Speaker who presides over the Parliamentary debates. However, in the not really democratic EU version, the European Parliament, the roll of Mr Speaker is taken by the President of the Parliament who oversees the speaking time slots - they can't be called debates as each speaker has an allotted and limited speaking time.

The current and outgoing President is Jerzy Buzek, who is Polish, his replacement looks set to be the EU fanatical Socialist, Martin Schulz. He has contempt for democratic referendums and nation states. Although he makes many statements which oppose and undermine democracy yet he calls himself a democrat. He also has an unfortunate habit of inferring that anyone who opposes the EU is a Fascist, whilst at the same time gets very upset when he is called a Fascist due to his intolerance of the opinions of others.

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, has said of him: "Martin Schulz started forming his cabinet six months ago. This shows the whole European Parliament election as the farce it is. It's a done deal, an agreed stitch-up already.

Only the European Parliament or a third world country would have someone of Martin Schulz's temperament or calibre as President.

I expect UKIP members to make political capital out of the snarling angry manner of Herr Schulz if he is elected President of the EP."

Below is a list of the rants of Martin Schultz who looks certain to be the Mr President of the European Parliament. If this is the sort of man the EU chooses then we should all live in fear of our freedoms and democracies.

Contempt for the Nation State

"My position is that I am a completely convinced European, in favour of European integration. We cannot continue to cling to the idea of the Nation State. We must develop a transnational level to be able to face the challenges of the 21st. century.
We need to add to what the Nation States do. There are challenges which the Nation States cannot meet............we have to stand together as a United Continent. The Nation State has reached its limit....the Nation State economy reached its limit thirty years ago. We must have strong institutions to protect our future..................

"If you look at the economic relationship and the political relationship between the EU and China, you can see clearly that only as a common Europe and only by surrendering a certain amount of Sovereignty to the European level can we stand and face countries such as China."

Admits he is difficult to live with

"I am difficult to live with. You must assume I will not be an easy partner. I will fight for my convictions wherever I am working. "

- and will not change, even as EP President

"I am as I am - you may rely on it - I will not change.

I have contempt for people who change identity and behaviour according to the position they occupy."

Will run EP with same rigidity as he runs Socialist Group.

"You must assume that I will, would run the European Parliament with the same rigidity that I run my political group."

No opposed to unfair over runs in EP speaking time.

Challenged about speaking time and the suggestion that the Left gets an easier run than the Right if a speaker overuns:

"I do not agree the Left gets more - I would be happy! - we are the majority though so you would understand that I won't be against the President being more generous with a larger group. The same would apply to the EPP."
(Alll spoken to Europe of Freedom and Democracy Group in European Parliament, Strasbourg 12th December 2011. Recorded.)

Calls Dutch MEP who asked Barroso to publish his expenses "fascist"

Schulz called Dutch MEP, Daniël van der Stoep, a 'fascist' for asking Barroso to publish details of his expenses accounts in 2010 . There was once a video on YouTube but is has since been removed. It's a shame, because it would make Martin Schulz's denial a lot less believable.

Could only find reference to incident 24th Nov 2010

During a plenary session in Strasbourg on 9 March, Mr Schulz clashed bitterly with Freedom party MEP Daniël van der Stoep over European Commission President José Manuel Barroso’s expenses claims. “700,000 euros a year in expenses, that’s nearly 2000 euros a day,” Mr Van der Stoep calculated for his audience of MEPs.
“Fascist,” came the furious response from Mr Schulz, directed at the Freedom Party MEPs. “Schulz has his eyes on better jobs in the future, so he’s standing up for Barroso,” says Mr Van der Stoep, “but it’s completely ridiculous to call me a fascist. And in a discussion about expenses claims too.”

Mr Schulz was quick to defend himself. “I didn’t call Van der Stoep a fascist, but the British politician who supported him. He called me ‘Führer’, and it was only then I called him a fascist.”

Schulz was called an "undemocractic fascist" by Godfrey Bloom MEP

Martin Schulz shot to fame in Britain last year when UKIP MEP Godfrey Bloom repeated a Nazi slogan at him, and then accused him of acting like a 'undemocratic fascist.' Bloom was then escorted from the chamber and evicted by a parliamentary vote.
( EP 24th November 2010).

On Democracy.

Likings those who call for referendums on Lisbon Treaty to Hitler

"During the the time of the Weimar Republic there was a strategy which is to shout against your political opponents. And it was Adolf Hitler who did that as well, and that is the way I felt today actually." (EP 12th December 2007) (at 2.35)

Calls on opponents to resign

On Nigel Farage's Van Rompuy Remarks
Socialist leader Martin Schulz said
"I am very disappointed with you Mr Buzek. I expected you as president to call this person to order. It is not right that this man should be able to trample over the dignity of this House."
.....and Joseph Daul, (EPP President) it is not just a case of allowing the UK to leave the EU"it would be better for Mr Farage to resign if the European EU and the European Union are such bad things in his eyes. " (After Nigel Farage's speech to European Council President Hermann Van Rompuy). 3 min
Farage response: You may not like what I say, but just consider your behaviour - You after the Irish people in a referendum voted 'No' said that our Group had opened, by supporting the 'no' vote, that we opened the door to fascism. You said that we had behaved as a group in the Parliament like Hitler and the Nazis in the Reichstag. We have been called by Danny Cohn Bendit "mentally weak". It can't be one way.
EP 24th February 2010

Schulz was called a Kapo, (SS Corp Prison Camp officer ) by Italian Prime Minister Berlesconi in July 2004 after he made insulting personal remarks to the Italian Primeminister (on political immunity) who refused to withdraw his remarks unless he received an apology from Martin Schulz.
Berlesconi said: "Mr Schulz, I know that in Italy, there is a producer who is making a film about Nazi concentration camps, I will suggest you for role of Kapo. "
Berlesconi called the EP for its treatment of him as President of the European Council as "tourists of Democracy". (at 5.30 min)

Contempt for NO vote in Irish Lisbon referendum
Following Ireland’s referendum rejection of the Lisbon Treaty, Martin Schulz, German leader of the Socialists in the European Parliament, expressed his dismay.
‘We must recognise that there was once a time when the pro-European movement had a heart and soul … this was after the war, when Europe’s peacemaking mystique melded people together. Now, it is the anti-Europe movement which has the heart and soul’, he said in Strasbourg on 18 June 2008.

‘You can see that they are extremely active. They raced round Ireland, climbed staircases, rang doorbells, canvassed and distributed their campaign materials. They were in evidence everywhere’, he said.
This situation, the German warned darkly, could lead to the rise of fascism. ‘Where is the passion that we once had? The passion has migrated to the other side, the side which speaks ill of Europe, on the right wing of the political spectrum. It lies with those who speak ill of Europe, and who do so simply because they are afraid.
In Europe, however, this mixture of social decline and fear has always opened the door to fascism’ EP 18th June 2008
Referendums not a good idea.

Martin Schulz, PSE: “...But allow me if you will to say something about democracy. Farage belongs to a group that’s always going on about legitimacy via referendum, but he ignores the fact some countries have no tradition of such a vote where international treaties are concerned, and he maintains parliamentary ratification is less valid than a referendum. I don’t think that’s acceptable. There’s a nation that’s outside the EU, has no tradition of referendums, but is nonetheless very democratic. It’s called America.

Germany has no tradition of holding referendums, and I’ll tell you why. In Germany I have always been against them. Imagine if enlargement had been subject to… maybe you should listen first and laugh afterwards. Imagine if Germany had held referendums on Polish, Czech or other new memberships. I don’t think it would have been a good idea if Germany had held European enlargement hostage to referendums. The ratification in both houses of the German parliament was absolutely democratic. My last comment Mr. Farage is there were four referendums on the Constitution. one in the Netherlands, lost, one in France, lost, and two others. In Spain 72 percent voted ‘yes’, and in Luxembourg the ‘yes’ vote was 60 percent. In all the countries that held referendums the majority voted for the Constitution. Do you respect that democracy?”

Nigel Farage, IND/DEM: “What you’re saying Mr Shultz, the implications of what you are saying for the whole concept of democracy is truly terrifying. You’re saying we mustn’t ask the German people what they think, we must lead them, this is terrifying. I’ll never forget the day after the Irish voted ‘no’ you said in parliament that, ‘We must not bow to populism’, and I hope you will now apologise for that comment. It is absolutely… You are anti-democratic. You believe a ruling class knows what’s best for ordinary people. It’s monstrous.”
Martin Schulz, PSE: “It’s an honour to be called anti-democratic by you. Thank you!” 1st April 2009
Video of debate

" We must not bow to populism"

Schulz statement day after Irish No vote to Lisbon.

Calls Cameron to give up the British Rebate
(If) Cameron is prepared to give up the rebate on Agricultural Policy then we can for sure discuss a reduction in the (EU) budget.
Interview with EUXTV on 28 October 2010 (at 1.45 min)

Supports Financial Transaction Tax
on FTT Tobin Tax
The European Parliament has given its overwhelming support to a tax on financial transactions which, it said, could lead to banks paying as much as €200 billion a year in reparations for damage they have caused to the European economy.

While the declaration of support for what is commonly known as the Tobin Tax is non-binding, it will put pressure on the European Commission to draft legislation hitting the banking sector hard.

The parliament backed the proposals by 529 votes to 127.
"We want to send out an institutional signal saying that the private sector bears its part of the responsibility for the crisis," said MEP Martin Schulz, who heads the parliament's socialist bloc said.
"What President Barroso said about Financial Transaction Tax is right. Bankers, speculators and insurance companies which were saved by tax-payers money all around Europe a few years ago escape national taxation by transferring capital to tax havens so we need a transaction tax as he said. "

Socialist and Democrats Group Interview September, 28 2011
With strong criticism against Europe's conservative governments, the head of the Socialists in the European Parliament Martin Schulz on Monday said that the Greek prime minister was being forced to adopt policy of fiscal austerity - as opposed to essential reforms - dictated to him by these conservative powers.

Schulz was speaking to reporters at the Hilton Hotel in Athens, where he will take part in a three-day meeting of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats of the European Parliament that begins here on Monday and ends on Wednesday. Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou will address the meeting on Tuesday.

Noting that austerity hampered growth and did not solve problems, the German MEP stressed that Europe is not moving in the right direction and criticised the policies being followed, noting that 21 of the 27 European governments were conservative. He also accused big banks and financial institutions of creating the crisis that they were now benefiting from, underlining that they have an obligation to support EU cohesion policies.

He was particularly critical of the system that allowed banks to borrow from the European Central Bank at an interest of one percent and then demand that countries with problems pay interest rates as high as ten percent. Stressing that ordinary people could not "withstand more cuts," he strongly supported Papandreou's call for a tax on financial transactions. (ANA) 28 Mar 2011

Friday, 13 January 2012


Back in the early nineties, when my eyes began to open to just how much control the European Union had over our elected Government – and us the people, I made a simple car sticker on some coloured paper and using some Pritt Stick glued it to the back window of my old estate car. It read: “I am proud to be British, not European”.

As well as being proud of my country, I was also quite proud of my handy work but was constantly puzzled by the attitude of many who used to comment and say: “Shouldn’t you say English rather than British?” My attitude was no, I am British, I live in Great Britain which is not just England but Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, we are a United Kingdom with a united history, so why shouldn’t I be proud to be British?

I was proud of our united achievements, our industrial heritage in all parts of our United Kingdom, our car plants in the Midlands where I live, our shipbuilding history in Scotland and the North East, our steelworks and coal production in Wales, plus other mining in Wales which at one time produced top quality slate and shipped to places around the world. Even my own Midlands town of Walsall was world famous for its saddle making and other leather goods. Everywhere you looked around the British Isles there was something to be proud of – then Tony Blair and his New Labour demolition outfit were elected and the process of dismantling the UK in earnest began.

He promised, and gave, referendums on devolution to Scotland and Wales. People such as myself wrote to complain that as these referendums were about to dismantle Great Britain, how come only a minority of the British people, i.e. those living in Scotland and Wales, were allowed a vote while the English majority were not. Surely, was my reasoning, we should all have a say.

One thing you have to remember with British referendums, they are usually biased and seldom fair, and if the Government of the day can’t find a way to fix them to give the outcome it wants, then all sorts of excuses are made why we don’t need them. For proof of this all we have to do is look at the 1975 referendum on continued membership of the Common Market, which was the most corrupt and biased vote ever in the UK. Years later we were denied a vote on joining the single currency, the Lisbon Treaty and not very long ago our membership of the EU. The Government knew it stood more than a good chance of losing those referendums, they were the referendums we wanted but never got, hence the English being refused a vote on devolution despite the fact it affected them too.

So now we have the news that the SNP administration in Scotland wants complete independence to become a nation in its own right once again. The slippery David Cameron is doing his best to outflank the slippery Alex Salmond, so much so it is almost like watching a political Turkish oil wrestling contest. Cameron wants the referendum early because he thinks he can win it, while Salmond wants it later for the same reason.

For me personally I have a great difficulty regarding the complete break away of Scotland. On one hand it can be compared with what anti-EU campaigners such as I myself are working for as we want Britain to break away from the union we have with the EU, so to say I oppose this for Scotland would be hypocritical. However, there are differences.

The treaty that joined the Kingdoms of Scotland and England go back over three hundred years to 1707, Wales was already governed by laws made in Westminster by then and all of Ireland had been taken over by Cambro-Normans long before, this gives us a lot of history together. The people of the United Kingdom have stood on battlefields together, worked together and done great things together to make the United Kingdom a democracy to be proud of – this has not happened in the EU.

Great Britain is a large contributor to EU coffers, we give far too much of our wealth to it which is money that would be much better spent on things needed here. Scotland is a net benefactor and receives money from the exchequer, as well as EU structural funds which is made up by a large amount of British taxpayer’s money. So these are some differences to the situation. Added to this, Britain as a whole has very little say in the EU, we have less than ten per cent representation in the European Parliament, which matters little anyway as the EU Parliament is only there as a democratic façade for the EU. We are also constantly outvoted through the use of QMV at the Council of Ministers meetings, we have little say and little influence in the EU. Yet when it comes to representation in our Westminster Parliament, each Scottish Parliamentary constituency is smaller than the English constituencies meaning the people of Scotland individually are better represented than the English. Added to this, Scottish politicians have become British Prime Ministers such as Gordon Brown – although that is nothing to be proud of.

When you consider these facts, in reality the people of Scotland would be better advised to spend their time and efforts campaigning for Britain to leave the EU rather than for full independence for Scotland – which will not be independence as the EU will class Scotland as an EU region than a country.

What happens in Scotland if it does achieve the wishes of the SNP and its leader Alex Salmond? This is a question being asked seriously. If it breaks away to become a nation in its own right will it be classed as a member of the EU? If not will it then have to apply to join the EU if it wanted to sacrifice its new found independence? What would its currency be, if it sticks with Sterling it will still be under the control of the English economy and if it created its own Scottish currency how would it cope on global markets? If it broke away and was still classed as an EU member would it convert to using euros from the day it becomes independent? That of course if any nation which is a member of the EU can be classed as independent which now makes most of ours, and everyone else’s laws.

I hope the Scottish decide to stay part of our British Union but fear it has gone too far to stop the break up. I fear for the Scottish under the dominance of the EU, the only good thing that I can visualise from such a break up would be a sharp reduction in Labour Party Members of Parliament as a large proportion are Scottish MPs, even Charles Kennedy the frothing at the mouth EU fanatic ex Liberal Democratic Party leader would be out, along with their five minute leader, Menzies Campbell. Now that can’t be bad at all.

When the time does come for the people of Scotland to vote on this issue we all must hope they give great consideration to all the possible outcomes of their decision. I personally look forward to the day when we as a United Kingdom leave the EU rather than England, Wales and Nothern Ireland without Scotland, which will be left to the mercy of the EU – that will be the moment the Scottish realise the full meaning of being governed by a remote power.


The EU, which talks a lot about democracy but acts against it, ensured last year that the leaders of two European countries were ousted and replaced with the EU's own placemen. Both Greece and Italy now have pro-EU lackeys as Prime Ministers, in Italy their EU obedient Prime Minister and cabinet have not even been voted into office by anyone.

The question is, looking at this NEWS ITEM, is the EU at it again?

Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Waiting for the Eurostar outside St Pancras.

During October 2011, along with my wife, brother and sister in law, we did a train journey from our part of Walsall in the Midlands to Strasbourg, which is close to the French border with Germany.

We were picked up in the morning by a family member who kindly gave us a lift to the station where we caught our Virgin train to London. As the weather was good we decided to walk from Euston station where the Virgin trains terminate to Paddington, where the Eurostar trains operate from.

From there we caught the train to Paris and again, as the weather was good, we decided to find our way on foot from the Gare du Nord railway station to Gare du L’est, with a bit of intricate map reading in between, where we were due to catch the French TGV to Strasbourg.

So what, by now you may be asking, has this tedious tale of a family trip across the Continent got to do with anything? There is a point, so please bear with me. The reason for this tedious tale of travel is to highlight what it will be like for those using the new HS2 rail line as the EU intends.

That is correct, as the unelected EU, not our elected Government intends. When the announcment came that HS2 has the go-ahead there was no mention this project has the sticky little fingers of the EU all over it despite the BBC and our Government not passing the dreaded words EU across their lips. Like so much of what is inflicted upon us these days this project to build the high speed rail line from London to Birmingham, then at a later date on to Manchester and Leeds, is an EU project as it is part of the EU’s TEN T plans but made to look as if it is a British Government initiative. This is the deceit of EU membership we live under these days.

Our Transport Minister, Justine Greening referred to the line as "the most significant transport infrastructure project since the building of the motorways". She also said, believe it or not: "By following in the footsteps of the 19th Century railway pioneers, the government is signalling its commitment to providing 21st Century infrastructure and connections - laying the groundwork for long-term, sustainable economic growth,"

Let’s have a look at those statements. The building of the motorway system was a major step forward which this country needed. Before the motorways journeys of long distances we now do in a relatively short time-span were epic trips, those of us of a certain age can remember journeys of thirteen plus hours from the Midlands to Cornwall for our holidays. A similar journey I recently undertook from my home in Walsall to St Austell took around four hours without all the old problems of bottlenecks in Oakhampton and being stuck for miles on end in a long line of traffic all stuck behind a dawdling tripper. So the motorway system was a major transport improvement.

So too, as our Transport Minister says, were the building of the railways. When the first rail lines were laid it was a massive step forward as the only other transport options at the time were horse drawn carts and coaches over some pretty rough tracks. Being able to shift a relatively large number of people and goods in one go at speeds of up to 20 MPH was something completely revolutionary at the time.

Now let’s compare HS2 with those two major transport leaps and my family outing to Strasbourg. As stated the original train services and motorways have noticeably speeded up travel over the years, as too has air travel. Without doubt flying over long journeys is the fastest way to travel of all – but strangely no one is mentioning flying which was probably the most significant global transport improvement of the last century and all time so far.

So how much time will the spending of £32billionto construct the HS2 track, the building of new stations and other infrastructure and new trains and carriages save? According to HS2 supporters about twenty minutes – which is not quite the revolution in speeding up travel the original trains and motorways gave us, which brings us to the point – is it really worth spending £32billion (that is if the project comes in on budget as adventures like this seldom do) to save twenty minutes between London and Birmingham? The answer has to be no.

There is of course the fact the proposed time savings are negated by the fact most people will spend longer than the twenty minutes saved to actually connect to the HS2 train services. For a start the major train route in to Birmingham is to New Street station, the other stations are Snow Hill and Moor Street. The new HS2 train will not connect to them as a brand new station will be constructed on the site of Birmingham’s original station, in Curzon Street which was opened in 1838, but surpassed by New Street a few years later in 1854, ironically, in a much better located site in the city centre. Using Curzon Street as the main HS2 terminal is like taking step back in time as its location is out of the way and inconvenient. Those travelling to Birmingham to connect with HS2, who do not know the city, are going to have a confusing time trying to find their way from one station to the other, which is about a twenty minute walk if you know your way. Other than that the potential high speed commuters will have to add to their journey costs using taxis.

HS2 will not link to Coventry leaving regular London travellers from that city in the lurch as their current fast links to London, it is predicted, will be reduced. By the time they have used a shuttle service to the nearest HS2 link any time saving will be long gone.

Then of course there is the cost, not just of building the track and all the rest, which is bound to go way over budget as all these projects do, and ignoring the cost to the damaging of our countryside, the wrecking of homes and villages, there is going to be the cost of the tickets. Even at today’s prices long distance train travel is not cheap, in some cases flying is cheaper as well as faster – so what will be the cost of using these trains? This could be a train line for the wealthy and privileged, not for the ordinary working man.

Birmingham airport will cease to be a local airport for the benefit of the people of the Midlands, it will be classed as a London Hub to relieve the pressure on Heathrow and Gatwick. Investment will not flow out of London to the Midlands and the North in the years to come when HS2 is finally completed in full, it will draw investment the other way as the line becomes a commuter route and turns the Midlands into a London suburb.

The EU wants this as it sees Europe as one nation with links to all its outlying parts, it visualises people getting a train in a city in one part of Europe and travelling far and wide over what the EU wants as the United States of Europe – but flying will still be the best option. How do I know? Let’s go back to where we started with that family outing to Strasbourg and the need for speed.

When we travelled time was a consideration, but not essential. Although we used high speed trains for most of the journeys, the week points to the plans for fast train travel across Europe are the links which slow things down considerably. When HS2 is completed there will be no option of getting on a train in the Curzon Street backwater in Birmingham and some hours later stepping off the same train in Strasbourg, travellers will still have to repeat our route, even less so.

We caught our Virgin train from Sandwell and Dudley straight to London which took around ninety minutes. When HS2 is open there will have to be a change in Birmingham and around a one hour time span between trains to allow the commute from one station to the other. The time span for the changeover in London has to be longer as this is an international station, around ninety minutes needed. There are the options of changing to the Strasbourg TGV either in Paris or Lille, but it all depends on the time of travel. Lille is better as people can connect using the same station but the times, as in our case, were not convenient. Connecting at Lille needs an hour time span while connecting at Paris, where you have to go from one station to the other, needs over an hour connecting time span to be on the safe side. This means to do the journey between three and a half to four hours are spent connecting from one train to another and messing about getting from one station to another – not so high speed after all.

This is yet another example of an EU dream that is in reality an EU nightmare, as most of the EU’s plans turn out to be. It is also yet another example of the disgrace of how subservient to the EU our Government is by committing the British taxpayers to this high speed white elephant, which in realty shows it is a fast track to EU domination.

Friday, 6 January 2012


Before Christmas David Cameron was the hero of the hour, he was the great British savour by standing up to the EU and using the veto to stop the EU wrecking the City of London as a leading trading centre. Er, not quite so. Many began to warn that Cameron, the so-called hero of the hour, had actually not done anything as there was no summit, no EU directive and no veto - now the truth is beginning to come out and David Cameron is beginning to look as silly as his Deputy Leader. Just watch the UKIP video below.

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Every now and then there are some sweet moments in life, and one of them came in the news that support for Calamity Clegg’s Lib Dim party is falling away. It seems that two thirds of those who made the huge error of voting for this pointless anti-British political party in the last General Election have said: ‘Not again’. Sadly, most of them never learn as they intend to vote instead for that other insane pro-EU political party, Ed Millibland’s dire Labour.

In an article in the Daily Mail it reports a You Gov poll which shows that only one third who voted Lib Dim in 2010 will be daft enough to repeat the same mistake. Speaking on the Radio Four ‘Today’ programme, Nick Clegg the struggling leader of the Lib Dim’s said: 'We must constantly explain to people what we are doing in this Government,' which to most people is not a lot of anything that is of use.

During the interview he went on to repeat the age old and now completely discredited chestnut that 3 million jobs rely on Britain being in the EU – which of course is completely untrue and proven wrong. In fact it is never mentioned how many jobs could be created if we were not in the EU once we are shot of all the EU’s job losing bureaucracy such as the REACH directive.

At least it looks like the shine has gone from the Lib Dims, their EU regulation rose tinted glasses have steamed up and when the time comes, at the next General Election Cleggies pointless party is in for a real electoral pasting – I can’t wait.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Lord Tebbit, views the euro as a sacred cow.
January is here, a new year has begun and people return to their normal daily routines after the Christmas festivities as they trudge their way to work on these dark, dull winter mornings. Or those who still have jobs to go to do. Sadly, because of the economic recession many have lost their jobs, many with the high cost of fuel and travel cannot afford to drive or get to work either, gloom and doom is everywhere – especially across the nations of the Eurozone.

Now think back ten years to January 2002, there was great fanfares and smiling faces (or there was in the BBC, the EU Commission and EU fanatical organisations) as the EU’s shiny new currency was launched.

Oh what wonderful things it was going to do, it was going to do, it was going to be a currency to challenge the mighty US dollar, the foolish British were heading for major problems as the pound sterling was going to be squeezed between these two great currencies, and of course, this was going to bring great wealth, stability, jobs and prosperity for one and all across the Eurozone – whoopee!

Ten years on gloom and doom abounds, the euro, as predicted by all Euro-sceptics and anyone with two brain cells to rub together, was a disaster. There are no jobs, there is no prosperity or wealth and considering the riotous situation in Greece stability is looking a bit thin on the ground too – all because a minority of over powerful people wanted to create a nation called Europe and this currency was a rung on the ladder towards their abominable creation.

In fact on the very day of the launch of the new notes and coins (the euro itself had been a currency in existence in banking circles only for two years by 2002) problems and grumbles began. The first thing people noticed was all prices had been rounded up from their old currencies – at the stroke of midnight as the EU’s leaders were making a great display of drawing euros from cash machines all prices had gone up – the new currency set off inflation.

It didn’t take long before the shine went off the euro, everywhere you go across the eurozone there are moans about the high cost of things since the euro came in. On my last trip to Italy I heard moans that they wanted a return to the lira. However, the big problem, as we all know too well, was that you can’t have a currency without a country – especially a currency that covers so many disparate economies with one interest rate.

However, the doom and gloom of the euros winter may soon turn into a fiscal spring – this is the year many serious pundits are predicting the inevitable collapse of the euro. The pressure on Greece to withdraw grows daily, if the Greek economy is not fully bailed out soon then Greece will have little option but to pull out – from then on others will follow and as the euro collapses the whole shaky edifice that is the EU will begin to topple too – or it will with luck and good fortune.

There have been some interesting comments about the demise of the euro, Bruce Anderson writing in the Daily Telegraph has compared those ‘Eurofanatics’ who support the euro to Marxists and other tin-pot dictators, while good old Lord Tebbit has compared the EU’s euro to a sacred cow that needs putting down. Richard North, who generally has an opinion on everything, has been somewhat critical of the Bruce Anderson article, but although he has a point, I fear Richard is being a bit unfair, at least Bruce Anderson is singing from a hymn sheet we EU sceptics approve of and he is tune with our theme. Click on the links, read for yourself and decide.

Sunday, 1 January 2012


Well, Christmas is now just a pleasant memory, the New Year celebrations are over, and on Tuesday every thing returns to normal when large numbers of people return to work. This blogger has been exceptionally lazy over the festive period, hardly taking a peep at the internet or the growing number of e-mails - hence the lack of blogging.

This post is just to wish one and all a very happy 2012, which could prove to be a very pleasant year indeed if the useless euro comes to its unnatural and long expected demise. To think ten years ago the EU fanatics were praising the launch of euro notes and coins predicting what a strong, prosperous and successful currency it was going to be - I think they are now trying to forget that.

On that note I wish all who stumble on the blog a very happy New Year.