Thursday, 20 December 2012


Believe it or not, the moon is made of green cheese, I kid you not. Here’s another little known equally believable fact, David Cameron and his party are Euro-sceptics – honest – Dave said it so it must be true.

So the Leader of the Conservative Party, who is currently seeing an exodus from his party ranks to UKIP, the man who gave us a cast iron promise that if elected he would hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, who also enforced a three line Whip against holding an in/out EU referendum, wants us to believe that his party will, to use his own words: “will go into the election with a clear Eurosceptic position.” Yeh, but what happens after the General election?

Sorry Dave, your party lost me twenty years ago and after being fed a constant diet of Tory unbelievable pledges and a whole raft of broken promises regarding our disastrous membership of the EU ever since, I see no reason to believe anything you or any other Tory tells me when it comes to the EU.

Christopher Gill, calls alledged
Tory Euro-sceptics "decoy
Christopher Gill, who as a past Conservative MP and one of John Major’s whipless rebels, who is now a UKIP member, refers to all alleged Tory Euro-sceptics as “decoy ducks”. Just like a decoy they attract their victims who think it is safe to vote Tory, then when it is too late and the vote cast, the Tory party, which is the very political party that signed the Treaty of Rome, lied to the electorate about the Common Market (now the EU) and are mainly responsible for the mess the nation is in and the loss of our sovereignty and democracy, will then say now is not the time to leave the EU.  And so it will go on. 

When Dave speaks a few platitudes about the EU and tries to convince people he is some sort of EU sceptic, few are inclined to believe him. He has really lost the plot as well as a large number of his members and voters who are moving to UKIP and not just for the issue of the EU, but for other things too.

At last the electorate can see that UKIP is a moderate political party with a whole raft of workable and sound policies. Dave’s slogan at the next General Election should be ‘Trust me, I’m a bullshitter’, nothing is going to save him now and his dwindling band of pretend Euro-sceptics.


Mike Spilligan said...

There are still too many who believe that Cameron will become a real eurosceptic once he's rid of his wooden leg, also known as LibDems; even those who are members of his party who must have a good measure of what is possible in practice.
O/T I'm a regular reader (and UKIP member) so have a happy Christmas, and more strength in the New Year.

Michael of MK said...

But bull**** baffles brains. That's why there is so much of it around. We KNOW that all three party leaders crave continued/deeper/binding membership of EU. Clegg/Miliband have made that perfectly clear. But if there isn't an overwhelming national vote for UKIP at the next GE we shall be overwhelmed, and then what? Where are the UKIP candidates NOW? For Heaven's sake, don't do a PCC-type election all over again with no-one, weeks before the election, having any idea who the candidates are.

John said...

There is an amusing image at
Obama, USA, Britain and EU that you might find useful