Monday, 3 December 2012


Vince Cable, the Lib Dem Coalition Business Secretary, has been scratching his bald head of late wondering how UKIP can offer to increase spending on defence while at the same time cut taxation to ease the pressure on beleaguered and overtaxed companies and workers of the UK.

Poor old Vince, he just doesn’t get it does he, so in three easy steps, for Vince’s benefit, here’s how it is to be done.

Step one, the first thing a newly elected UKIP Government will do is begin negotiations to amicably remove the UK from the European Union. Step two, once Britain is out of the EU our payments to it, which currently are around £53million a day, will have ceased. Step three, using the £billions saved annually by leaving the EU taxes can be cut while at the same time the UK defence budget can be increased.

No longer will Britain’s hard pushed and much abused servicemen and women have to go into conflicts with shoddy equipment and not enough of them to achieve their objectives without increased risk due to the lack of manpower and back-up.

Now why didn’t you think of that Vince? Sadly, as a typical Liberal Democrat, when it come to the EU, getting out of it and putting our nation and democracy first, as well as considering the vast savings leaving the EU will create, is so unthinkable to Vince and his Lib Dem chums, they can only think of the one thing, which is taking Britain deeper into the EU labyrinth and ensnaring us in the mess it has created – to them the EU always comes first and the UK last.

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