Friday, 30 November 2012


Jane Collins, UKIP's highest ever polling Rotherham candidate.
What stunning results UKIP had in the three by elections in: Rotherham, Middlesbrough and Croydon on Thursday 29th November. The party that will be celebrating its twentieth birthday in 2013 has seen its best ever election results coming second in Rotherham and Middlesbrough and third in Croydon.

Without doubt Jane Collins the UKIP candidate for Rotherham is now a star of UKIP with the best ever UKIP vote of almost 22%. The polling results for Rotherham were: Labour 9966, UKIP, 4648, BNP 1804, Respect 1778, Conservative 1157, English Democrats 703, Simon Copley 582, Liberal Democrat 451, Trade Union & Socialist 281, Paul Dickson 51, EDL 29.

Richard Elvin, UKIP candidate
in Middlesbrough.
Richard Elevin also did well in Middlesbrough and also came second and again pushing the Coalition parties down the list into third and fourth places. The polling results there were: Labour 10201, UKIP 1990, Liberal Democrat 1672, Conservative 1063, Peace 1060, BNP 328, Trade Union & Socialist 277, Mark Heslehurst 275.

Winston McKenzie,
UKIP's Croydon candidate.
Last not least and coming in a still respectable third place was UKIP’s Winston McKenzie who campaigned on Croydon. Winston is quite a character and as an ex boxer its safe to say he fought a tireless campaign and punched above his weight. The results in Croydon were: Labour 15898, Conservative 4137, UKIP 1400, Liberal Democrat 860, Green 855, Respect 707, Christian People’s Alliance 192, National Front 161, Communist 119, Raving Monster Loony 110, 911 Was an Inside Job 66, Young People’s Party 63. UKIP steadily moves forward in all these polls doing better than ever before, its support is growing with an influx of over 700 new members in one weekend alone, could UKIP’s 20th year also see its very first elected Member of Parliament?


Daggs said...

Derek. As someone who is unquestionsbly anti EU, i should be drawn to your party, as indeed i am.
But one thing holds me back.
What is UKIP's policy on Devolution. Notably, England's position within this (dis)United Kingdom.
I have asked others, including the Chairman of my local UKIP branch. But no one will ever answer my question!

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Daggs, the reason no one in UKIP seems to want to give you UKIP's policy o devolution is in the fact our policy on this issue is, in my eyes, all over the place.

This is an ongoing issue that seems to change a every turn. Initially, UKIP had a policy that was against devolution and stated that a UKIP Government would close down the Scottish Parliament and Welsh assemblies as it was felt they were not needed, a duplication of administrate centres and a drain on the nations fiscal resources. However, literally a week or so before the last elections to the Welsh Assembly, UKIP policy was turned upon its head and stated we would not close the assembly. Naturally, the UKIP Welsh Assembly candidates and activists were not happy and confused.

The thinking now seems to be that as these new Parliaments are established and up and running, we should not challenge their status but not give them additional powers either, that is if I understand things correctly. UKIP thinks that if England has its own Parliament too, and that for part of the week each Parliament can assemble to debate affairs in each of the regions, then come together in a full UK Parliament, this will save the Union from breaking up which none of us wants to see.

On a personal note I have stood aside from all of this and have been a bit of a spectator, I am not keen on these other Parliaments and want to see just one Parliament for the whole of the UK in Westminster - but that is only my view.

No doubt UKIP’s policy will change again on this topic as things develop, we will wait and see. My main aim, which is why I am fully committed to UKIP, is to get the whole of the UK out of the EU and UKIP is the only moderate political party committed to that and I will work as hard as I can within UKIP to see that goal and Britain’s freedom achieved - I hope it happens in my lifetime, but if not, it will inevitably happen at some time.

Daggs said...

Mmm not exactly good news that. But thanks for giving it.