Monday, 19 November 2012


There was never any need to recruit the services of a fortune teller to predict a low turnout for the Police and Crime Commissioner candidates last Thursday 15th November 2012, the signs were there for all to see. So the heading of the last posting on this blog, ‘The Electorate Vanishes’ did not come about due to Gipsy Rosa Lee peering into her crystal ball, or poking around the tea leaves in a cup Earl Grey, but because it was obvious to all the turnout was going to be low – and low it was.

As pointed out before, this was a vote that people had not wanted, called for or understood, however, the results threw up a couple of interesting things. One of these was how well many of the independent candidates did, especially those who had police experience of some kind. To me this shows that despite the fact it was virtually impossible for these independents to distribute over two million leaflets in their police authority areas, as there was no free post by the Royal Mail, unlike in General and European elections, they must have taken the time to research their candidates on-line and those few who did vote gave their votes to those with that police experience.

This was good to see as the big problem with the British people is their tendency for zombie like voting and always voting for the same political party regardless. For too many years people who have always voted for one party have done so without asking the question – is this what I want? I have stood on the doorsteps of voters during election periods talking to people who have told me what they want, then told me they are going to vote Tory or Labour because that’s the way they have always voted, despite the fact they will be voting for everything they have just told me they don’t want.

At least in these elections the voters went to the polling stations with their brains switched on. Obviously, many did not vote either which was also a clear message from the electorate that they did not want this vote, this was not apathy but a quiet unspoken rebellion. The sheer volume of spoiled ballot papers sent out a message too.

As a member of UKIP it was good to see its fortunes on the rise with some very good results in by-elections, not least Corby where UKIP had a very good result with an excellent candidate in Margot Parker who achieved just under 15% of the vote.

The party that really suffered was the Liberal Democrats who, under Nick Clegg’s useless leadership, is really suffering – they lost their deposit in Corby and were knocked back all over the country in the PCC votes and by-elections.

Closer to home for this blogger, we had a by-election too in Walsall where our UKIP candidate, Liz Hazell, got just over three times the vote of the Liberal Democrat in the Bloxwich West ward, as you can see from the results below.

In the Police and Crime Commissioner elections the people have spoken – they stayed at home. 

The Bloxwich West by-election results, Thursday 15th November 2012.

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Anonymous said...

The problem is Derek - fear, fear of the other guy.
People vote to stop the other mob getting in.
The PCC elections didn't matter to the people and so they voted as they think.

It's a shame.