Tuesday, 13 November 2012


The big day is looming, which of course is Thursday 15th November 2012, the day of the very first elections in the UK for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCC). Ok, don’t start jumping up and down with joy shouting ‘Yippee, I can’t wait’! In fact, most people you speak to don’t have a clue about these elections at all and the vast majority have decided to stay at home and watch the telly rather than go out and vote.

The problem is most people see these PCC elections as a vote they did not want, did not ask for, candidates they do not know in an election they are not much interested in. Sadly, since the two-tone Tory Lib Dem coalition were elected to misgovern this fair land, they have had a fetish about giving the people votes on things they do not want yet ignore the one vote the people are increasingly calling for.

They have given us a vote on the AV voting system that was designed to well and truly confuse the electorate, so those that did vote at the time gave the coalition the two fingers to that one. This Thursday, there is going to be a massive yawn across the land as the people, in their hoards, clamber excitedly to not bother to vote at all in order to put people they know nothing about in some extremely highly paid positions – all at their tax paying expense. Ironically, the vote is being done by the very same AV system they voted against the last time they were given an unwanted plebiscite, while the Referendum for an in/out vote on our problematic and expensive membership of the EU, which everyone really wants – never comes.

Although the whole system has been set up in such a way that makes it very expensive and extremely difficult the very people David Cameron said he wanted to stand in these PCC election, i.e. independents, a number have managed to get their names on ballot papers, but it is the candidates who have political parties behind them that are better able to fight these elections.

Bill Etheridge: the UKIP
West Midlands PCC candidate 
UKIP has candidates too, although not in every area but it does have the same number as the Liberal Democrats nationally – and better candidates too. Here in the West Midlands we have Bill Etheridge as our UKIP PCC candidate, Bill is a no-nonsense chap who, if elected as he deserves to be, will make sure our PC’s no longer have to put up with all the time wasting PC nonsense they are currently mired in. UKIP’s stance too is one of opposition to the privatisation of our police forces which is creeping steadily in.
Margot Parker: the UKIP Corby
Parliamentary candidate.

However, it’s not just the PCC elections on Thursday, there are by-elections too, not least the Parliamentary by election in Corby to replace the disappearing MP, Louise Daphne Mensch.. UKIP there has been fighting a brilliant campaign and has an excellent local and well known candidate, Margot Parker, who could attract a very substantial vote, especially as UKIP is the only political party that wants to remove the power of the European Court of Human Rights which has banned the elected British Government from deporting Abu Qatada to face trial for terrorism in Jordan.

Liz Hazell: the UKIP Bloxwich West
Council by-election candidate.
Here too in the West Midlands we have council by-elections taking place on the same day. Roy Harvey is standing for UKIP in Rugby in the Bilton Ward, then in Wolverhampton in the Park Ward David Macintosh is the UKIP candidate. Also last by far from least, in Bloxwich West which is my own part of the world in Walsall Liz Hazell, our UKIP Walsall branch treasurer, is our candidate. Our Walsall UKIP members have been busy in the ward delivering leaflets and are hoping that Liz gets a good vote too on Thursday.

As is now a long held tradition with our Walsall team, we will all meet up for a drink in the Lyndon House Hotel before the Bloxwich West count on Thursday, then at 10 pm head off to the Town Hall to see what the electorate have decided for us. As far as the PCC elections go with the first and second choice voting system, the electorate are going to find all sorts of ways to mess up their ballot papers, or those few that vote will. This Thursday could not only see the ex Corby MP being like the old film title, ‘The lady vanishes’, but as far as the PCC elections go it may too apply to the electorate as the voters vanish.

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