Thursday, 8 March 2012


There are always certain signs that let you know that spring is in the air and drawing nearer. As we venture into March you begin to see the crocuses and snowdrops start to flower, the frogs in my back garden pond in are croaking and getting a bit frisky – the shubunkin’s are looking worried! There are other signs too, the five minute party political election broadcasts have also come into view with their torrid tales of political fiction the so-called three main parties are putting out.

The Tory Party political’s are amongst some of the most imaginative, it is not far off two years since the two-tone Con –Dem coalition took office, the backroom boys in Tory Central Office must have their work cut out. How do you put together a party political broadcast extolling the wonders of a Conservative administration when their leader has just about dumped on everything he promised in the run up to the 2010 General Election?

We all know about his broken promises on the referendums on the Lisbon Treaty and the EU itself, we have all learned recently of his broken promise on getting rid of the lop-sided extradition treaty with the USA since the criminal arrest of Christopher Tappin – and when I say ‘criminal’ I mean it is that appalling treaty set in place by the disastrous Tony Blair that is criminal - not Mr Tappin who is so obviously a victim of our own Government's shameful betrayal. It is criminal that a British subject can be treated and abandoned so badly by the very Government that was elected to protect him and all of us.

Cameron has been seen to have broken his promises on protecting the NHS as well as the promised referendums. The only positive thing about this is that those electorate that choose to vote Tory on Thursday 3rd May know that they will be voting for a party that is going to renege on just about every promise. The Tory Party slogan is, cheekily: ‘Delivering on our promises’. Sadly, no one knows where they have gone – maybe they will turn up in the EU!

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