Wednesday, 28 March 2012


Here we go again, yet another referendum in Ireland and, no doubt, another re-run referendum to follow if the people of Southern Ireland vote the wrong way.

This time the referendum is to approve the EU’s plans to bail out the countries that the EU’s euro has created the mess that now means they need bailing out. Although according to the BBC, a back of a fag packet poll has shown the majority of the people in the Republic will vote in favour of the bail-out plans, should they give the bail-out the same two fingers they originally gave the Treaty of Nice and the EU Constitution, the EU itself will not be too bothered as this time it can just ignore them anyway.

The reason they probably won’t vote no in the referendum which is due to be held on the 31st May, is that if they do opt out, as Britain and the Czech Republic has already done, they won’t be entitled to any of the bail-out money themselves.

Sadly, these bail-outs which is the EU’s answer to the dire problem of its own making, will only delay, not stop the eventual inevitable outcome which is the complete disintegration of its political currency. I say political as there is no sound economic reason to strap so many disparate economies together unless the sole aim is to create a single nation called ‘Europe’ which will be a political entity in its own right.

It will be interesting to observe the EU’s devious and brainwashing tactics to ensure the Irish vote in favour. Sadly, the only outcome in the long run is that no Irish Eyes will be smiling and the luck of the Irish will have vanished. All I can advise the people of Ireland to do is vote ‘No’ and keep kissing the Blarney Stone – it’s their only hope.

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