Monday, 5 March 2012


Roger Helmer MEP, joins UKIP at last.

For those who either read or watch on screen the Harry Potter tales, in one of them Hermione Grainger, one of Harry’s close friends, is given a magic device which helps her travel back in time which is the only way she can be at two lessons at once in order to fit them all in. Over this last week or so I could have done with that magic little gizmo as there have not been enough hours in every day to do all the things I have needed to do.

So what have I been up to in my part of Walsall and the Midlands while absent without leave from this blog? Where do I start? Naturally all the things I do for UKIP has been keeping me out of mischief – or should that be in mischief? Everyone is beginning to prepare for the local elections in May and revving up their campaigning engines, including our Walsall UKIP branch.

Taking my mind off things and away from this blog has also been the fact I have been helping my father in law move home. He has lived in his flat for 55 years, but at his age it was no longer the place for him to live and he knew it was time to move to somewhere better suited to his needs.

The move for this old sailor who served in the ‘forgotten fleet’ in the Pacific has been quite emotional; he has left behind a lot of memories. The place was brand new when they moved in all those years ago, my wife was a young girl still at school, his late wife was a young woman and he has seen lots of comings and goings over the years with neighbours moving in and sometime later moving out, some to a higher plane.

Naturally the move has taken a lot of time, Thursday and Friday last week were busy days regarding this. However, my time was not all spend humping furniture a fifty five years of collected items, on Saturday, along with Liz Hazell, our Walsall UKIP branch treasurer and Albert and Graham Duffen from Birmingham, I drove up to Skegness for the UKIP Spring Conference – which to say the least was a very uplifting day – UKIP is really on the march now and becoming a real threat to the other, longer established but totally failed, political parties.

It was at the conference I was reminded by a reader of this blog just how long it has been since I last posted, which has encouraged me to pull my finger out and get cracking, especially as the conference last Saturday has given me something to report.

And what a day it was in politically bracing Skegness where we arrived to the exited news that Roger Helmer had finally quit the David Cameron’s pro-EU Conservative Party and joined his real Eurosceptic friends in UKIP – and how pleased we are to have in in our ranks we are too – at long last. All it needs now is for Dan Hannan, that other well know Tory Eurosceptic to come to his senses and follow Roger too – lots of other Conservative members – many high ranking, have been making their way to UKIP which is more in line with their way of thinking when it comes to the EU and the growing need for Britain to escape its expensive and damaging clutches.

Not only did we have the news of Roger Joining us on the day, but we also had the news of a much younger Conservative activist making the sensible decision to join UKIP in the attractive shape of Alexandra Swann, who until last October was Deputy Chairman (Political) for Conservative Future. Both made excellent speeches and both were warmly welcomed by the UKIP members.

As well as Roger Helmer’s barnstorming and rousing speech, another speaker on the day was Chris Woodhead who was at one time the Inspector of Schools. His speech was especially moving as due to his illness is now wheelchair bound and his movements very restricted. I had seen him speak at a past UKIP conference some years back and had admired him then, but despite being on stage in his wheelchair this speech seemed, to me, even better than the last time I had heard him when he was a fit and healthy man.

He spoke fluently with conviction and also some humour, he took a dig at UKIP for not having its education policy on the first page of its policy document –especially as he agreed with so much of it. Without doubt his speech was the most moving of the day.

As always with all UKIP events such as this, the star attraction for all UKIP members was the leaders speech from Nigel Farage. I have often noticed at major UKIP events such as this Nigel limbering up behind the scenes, he paces up and down obviously fine tuning his comments and what he is going to say, then he comes on to the stage and without notes he starts and gives a brilliant performance every time. He reminded us of how well we in UKIP have done in the short life of the party, he reminded us of our success and how, because of our combined achievement we can now attract such senior politicians as Roger Helmer into our ranks. He took a swipe at the unelected EU President, Van Rumpoy, or should that be ‘Rumpy Pumpy’ as Nigel calls him. He also reminded us of what we have to do and what we want to achieve, which primarily is top ranking in the 2014 European elections by beating the Tory vote – which is now a very real possibility.

UKIP may have gone as far East as possible for this year’s Spring Conference, but its direction is well set for up – and up and……………….

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