Monday, 23 January 2012


Alex Salmond, the SNP’s rather self important leader, has received a bit of a blow for his mission to create what he misleadingly calls an ‘Independent Scotland’, which as we all know, in reality, will be an EU subservient region, as previously reported on this blog. The blow for him has come from a surprising quarter, the Spanish.

It seems the Spanish government is extremely worried that if Scotland has its referendum and votes for complete independence, this may encourage those in the Spanish Basque and Catalonian regions call for the same thing. Because of this the Spanish government will block an independent Scotland becoming a member of the EU as a warning to its own independently minded regions. It is seriously worried about the breakup of Spain and thinks Scottish independence could set a precedence for Catalonia and the Basque region.

If Scotland does vote for independence, it really may mean independence as it will be free of the EU as well. Salmond and his pro-EU partners won’t see this as a good thing as it will be hankering after EU handouts to survive. Scotland currently gets a large subsidy from the British Government as well as EU structural funds, which is a large part of British contributions too.

This poses an interesting scenario, by wanting independence for Scotland, Alex Salmond may not only get the sort of independence free of the EU he did not expect, he may find a sudden large influx of English migrating north of the border to live in a fully EU free Scotland. To be free of being governed by the English they may find Scotland inundated with them.

This possible influx could also be the saving of Scotland as they will want to buy, update and build property, which would create jobs, many may close their businesses in an EU dominated England and move north to Scotland, which may realise what a good thing it has with real independence and scrap the mass of EU bureaucracy that blights businesses and manufacturers in the EU. Scotland could have a major resurgence if Spain sticks to its claim that it will block Scotland’s EU membership. It is a thought, but a large part of England’s wealth could move north. The Scottish could have a new saying: ‘Och aye old chap’.

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