Tuesday, 20 December 2011


This video has been posted on You Tube, it's an eye opener and well worth watching.


There’s an old saying, repeat a lie often enough and people will begin to believe it. In the Daily Telegraph on Tuesday 20th December twenty so-called businessmen put their name to a blatant lie on the letters page of that confused publication – the lie being the age old chestnut that the jobs of 3 million people rely on Britain being in the EU.

Richard North, in his usual no-nonsense style, put paid to the lie on his EU Referendum blog and points out the many ways employment would improve if we made the logical decision to leave the EU. I would add, preferably before it collapses in total chaos, as it inevitably will.

The one good thing about such letters, with their lists of names, we will know who the traitors are and who to look for when the time comes for retribution.

None of these people bother to look at what their monstrous EU is actually doing and the harm it does, or they don’t want to look at reality. Sadly, for many, what harm the EU is doing is all too real and their jobs placed in jeopardy because of it. Look at the threat to the City of London the EU’s proposed Tobin Tax would do, jobs would be lost and trade that helps create 10 per cent of our national wealth eradicated – but these ignorant people can’t be bothered about that.

Then there is the REACH Directive, this vile and most dangerous EU creation is already reaching into every aspect of our lives. The REACH directive is the EU controlling the Chemical industry and even though those sitting on various EU committees deciding what chemicals should be banned in the EU don’t have a clue about the chemistry, they create utter havoc by banning essential chemicals on the say-so they are dangerous.

Because of this Rolls Royce have to ship their aero engine blade abroad to a non-EU nation to be painted in the specialised high temperature paints needed, then ship them all the way back for assembly into the aero engines they produce – all at great cost and inconvenience. Until the EU banned the chemicals used in this paint they were all done on site her in the UK. How long will it be before Rolls Royce comes to the conclusion it would be more cost effective doing the whole production and assembly out of the EU giving jobs to non-EU countries at the expense of UK jobs?

Currently the EU is in the process of banning the chemicals used in the production of Chromium plating, as there are no alternative products this will mean no country based anywhere in the EU will be able to produce chromium plated items – all production, and the jobs that go with it, will have to move out of the EU – how many jobs will that cost?

If, in about eighteen months to two years you suddenly notice a sharp increase in bracken taking over parks and other places, think of the EU’s REACH directive – it has banned the only effective products that have been used safely for many years to control bracken. The ban comes into force on the 1st January 2012 and all existing stocks have to be used within twelve months, anyone caught using these safe products after January 2013 can be prosecuted.

There are endless chemicals being used in all sorts of products, and the EU’s reach directive is banning hundreds of them. If some foods don’t taste as nice it will be because the EU as banned some of the ingredients, if certain products vanish, it will be because they can’t be made anymore because the vital ingredients are no longer available due to an EU ban – and if your job goes because you can’t make the products your company made due to a ban on the ingredients, think of those twenty names, all of which have a vested interest one way or another to keep the EU propped up, such as Lord Brittan’s big fat EU pension – your time will come when the EU has lost its chromium plated shine.

Thursday, 15 December 2011


UKIP founder member, Graham Booth who passed away December 14th 2011.

News has come in of the death of Graham Booth who was one of the UK Independence Party founder members. This has come as quite a shock as many of us knew Graham had been in hospital recently, but had not realised just how serous his condition was.

I first met Graham either in late 1998 or early 199, when I was serving as the Secretary of the UKIP West Midlands Regional Committee. He was a UKIP National Executive Committee (NEC) member at the time and attended one of our Regional meetings to discuss the first UKIP conference to be held outside London and first UKIP two day conference, which the Regional Committee had been given the task of organising. He struck me a decent, loyal and committed member of UKIP.

I got to know Graham better when I too was elected onto the UKIP NEC in January 2000, it was a great pleasure and honour to sit alongside him at the monthly NEC meetings. If there were matters we had differing views on he would always discuss them reasonably and after the meetings there was never any rancour, we would shake hands and have a pint and get on with the task of saving Britain from EU domination.

Graham went on to be one of our UKIP South West MEP’s and served for seven years in the European Parliament, he was one of the first to point out the discrepancy of the EU Parliament voting by a show of hands, which nearly always were passed by the President of the parliament yet when a re-vote was called nearly always gave a different result.

Graham was also a successful hotelier in his home town of Paignton, he ran a friendly and well liked hotel. In later years he stood down from the parliament and spent more time with his wife Pam in Madera, where they both always enjoyed being.

Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader, made the following statement regarding Graham, who will be much missed by all long serving UKIP members who knew him well.

"I am deeply saddened to hear overnight of the death of one of UKIP's greatest ever servants - former MEP Graham Booth.

Graham served for seven years in the European Parliament and was a tireless party worker throughout the mid 90s where he brought the qualities of honesty, loyalty, hard work and a tremendous sense of humour.

I will miss him and even his Jethro jokes.

On behalf of UKIP, I offer my deepest condolences to his wife Pam, his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.”

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Andrew Charalambous, UKIP's man in Feltham & Heston.

As you know, there is a Parliamentary by-election taking place in Feltham and Heston, which is just south of London near to Heathrow airport, election day is this coming Thursday 15th December, can you come and help the UKIP campaigners there?

UKIP has shot up the polls in this election which are now placing the EU realist party in front of the EU fundamentalist Lib Dems - this is a great place for UKIP to be. Can you help to make sure UKIP gets the best result possible and comes out in front of the coalition Government (I'm having a sulk) Clegg Party, we have to get all hands on deck for a last big push, can you get there and help - this is vital - even on election day there will be things to do.

A big vote for UKIP will really keep the pressure on David Cameron and his Tory Party, they have made a small start in the right direction and the big EU debate is begining, but a sizable vote for UKIP will give the campaign for democracy and freedom from EU enslavement a major push in the right direction.

The UKIP campaign office address is: 107 Rochester Parade (High Street), Feltham, TW13 4HG. It is easy to get to, if you are driving it is not too far from junction 13 of the M25, or if you are going by train there is a station in Feltham which is on the High Street, it is just a short walk from there (turn right when leaving the station car park). There is a regular train service from Waterloo, what a good omen, lets make this Nick Bonaparte's Waterloo.


Once again Nigel Farage MEP, the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), has come to the fore in the European Parliament and was given a 'blue card' for his trouble. Watch this video and note the sheer hypocrisy of the Scottish MEP - when will the Scots learn they have no power or influence whatsoever in the EU, unlike our Westminster Parliament where every Scottish voter has more representation than every English voter. Just watch Nigel in action.


Gerard Batten, who is the UK Independence Party MEP for London, and who has been tirelessly campaigning agains the injustice of the EU Arrest Warrant (EAW), has recently pointed out in the European Parliament just how powerless British courts are to defend innocent British people against the EAW. This appalling situation has arrisen because of the capitulation of successive British Governments to the EU - they have placed us all at the mercy of forign courts and removed our rights, we can even be hauled off to face trial in other lands on the basis that we may commit a crime - this is truly frightening. Remember this before you get too carried away with Dave's minor skirmish with the EU - his Tory Party are mainly responsible for placing us all in this peril. Watch the video.


As the EU’s pompous and not so good curse, fume and swear over the situation they find themselves in, and Dave’s suddenly finding a very nice opportunity, as explained by Richard North on his EU Referendum blog, the euro itself continues to get deeper and deeper into the mire of the Eurocrats own making.

The EU Observer explains the EU’s problems as the IMF rescue for the eurozone. It is well worth a read. Eurosceptics across the land are beginning to smile as a chink of light begins to shine through the door marked EU exit. Many of the letters in the Daily Telegraph (Tuesday 13th December 2011) see this as a great opportunity for Britain to improve its economy; we will not be “marginalised” or “isolated” as the Euro-zealots try to make out, as one of those Telegraph letters explains, you would not think that of one lemming that breaks away from the others jumping over a cliff, you would think it sensible to be looking after its own survival – which is exactly what we in Britain have to do.

The great EU unravelling has begun, but there is still a long way to go and enemies who have their backs to the wall can be the most vicious and dangerous, the EU and its acolytes are being pushed closer to that wall – we have to be ready for some really nasty and desperate fighting from them.

Monday, 12 December 2011


My previous posting on this blog was entitled: “See what tomorrow brings”, since then I haven’t had time to do any follow-up postings until now, due to finding time to help in the Feltham & Heston by-election and Christmas shopping (can’t forget the missus).

Well, that tomorrow when David Cameron attended the Council of Ministers meeting showed he may have a bit of a ball (I won’t go as far as giving him a full set of balls). He has come back to a mixture of rejoicing in the Tory ranks, growls, snarling, hand wringing and wails of doom and gloom from the handful of EU fundamentalist and Lib Dems. The general public are in a state of confusion as they think Cameron has achieved more than he really has.

Don’t forget this was neither a summit nor a treaty, it was a Council of Ministers meeting to debate the possible draft of a treaty – Cameron has not yet vetoed a treaty and may still find himself side-stepped by Merkel and Sarkozy. At least the lad should still have a pat on the back for doing what he did as this may encourage him to go further.

So what of the doom monger who are all talking about the UK being “isolated”, jobs being lost and Britain not being able to survive without being tied to the EU’s apron strings? When I hear these people, who are being given an inordinate amount of air time on the BBC, they all try to sound moderate and sensible and that somehow or other try to make out it is those of us who are EU-sceptics who are the fanatics, I think of two things. First I think of Grima Wormtongue in that great classic of a story, the Lord of the Rings by Tolkein, he is the character whose devious words poisons the mind of the King of the Rohan, thus making the King think resistance to the Dark Lord and Souron futile. Just like the people of Britain who have listened to the poisonous words of the Europhiles for too long, the King was woken to the dangers that surrounded him and stirred – Wormtongue was cast out, just as we have woken now and casting out the treachery of those minority of Euro zealots.

The other thing I think of is Lord Haw-Haw, the ludicrous Irishman who spread enemy propaganda in the hope the people would listen. He was hung for treason after the war. I do not wish such a fate on those who spread the poison and propaganda of the EU, I would not relish the thought of Lord Haw-Heseltiine being dealt with by a successor to Albert Pierrepoint, but the man should be shamed by the utter betrayal of his nation and his Peerage stripped from him, as all those other EU fundamentalists who too have been rewarded for their treason.

If Britain was to pull out of the EU it would not be a disaster, as these dangerous people try to mislead, in fact it would be the saving of Britain. This country could once again take its place on the world stage, our exports to the EU only amount to around ten per cent of our total trade, whilst the proposed EU Tobin Tax, which is the issue that Cameron has stood up to, would cost thousands in the City of London their jobs and wiped out ten percent of our GDP.

On top of this the UK is currently handing over to the EU each year around £17 billion, which is money needed here to sort our fiscal crisis. We would be able to make a bonfire of the thousands upon thousands of nit-picking EU laws and legislation than now blights our businesses and daily lives and we could get the country moving again. Most importantly of all, our democracy which has been systematically undermined by the folly of membership of the EU could be restored.

It is time to break the EU’s spell, cast out the false words of its supporters and make Britain a great and proud nation again standing free in the world.

Thursday, 8 December 2011


A poll recently published in the French newspaper, Le Monde, revealed the EU’s euro currency is getting somewhat tarnished in France,

It seems a third of French voters want to drop the euro and return to the franc, such is its growing unpopularity. The euro has really been struggling of late as the common sense warnings from economists and EU sceptics that a single currency across the differing nations of Europe could not work.

The survey shows that 36 per cent of voters in France want to quit the single currency, 45 per cent thought the euro is a problem and “handicaps” the French economy and 62 per cent considered the EU’s euro limited their spending power and made them feel worse off.

Naturally, the French finance ministry said that pulling out of the euro would be “disastrous” for France, although, as usual, no reason was given why it would be so.

As the euro disaster unfolds soon all the eurozone nations will have no option but to return to their tradition currencies. It will be interesting to see what tomorrow brings – other than another predictable EU cave-in by David Cameron.

Tuesday, 6 December 2011


The tale of why I became involved in the anti-EU campaign is one I have most probably told on this blog more than once, but here’s another dose anyway. For me it all began in 1991 after the toppling of Margaret Thatcher and the instalment of the grey man, John Major.

Up until that time, like most the Common Market, EEC, EU and whatever else we heard reference to was of little concern to me, I had voted to stay in the Common Market during the 1975 referendum because we were told it was for trade only and there would no laws made in Europe and no loss of sovereignty. However, in those dark and worrying recessionary days of the early nineties, while I was struggling to keep our small family business afloat, I was horrified when the Chancellor raised VAT from 15% to 17.5%. I promptly wrote to request VAT be dropped, rather than raised, and the new level should be around 8% to 10%.

When the reply came a week or two later I was aghast, his office informed me that because we were in the EU 15% was the lowest VAT rate the EU would allow. Now considering vast numbers of people, myself included, had placed our referendum votes to stay in the Common Market based on the assertion that such control over us would not happen, I was mortified and could not get over the fact my elected Government was under the orders of a foreign organisation which the British electorate had no democratic control over. The rest as they say is history and one of the far too many reasons for this blog.

This now brings me to the point, in my last posting on this blog a comment was made by Harry L that we need evidence that around 75% of all British laws were made by the EU, he also gave a link to a Parliament web-site which links to a PDF document for Members of Parliament to refer to help them dispute how much EU law there is.

The first thing you notice when looking at this document, right at its start there is more or less a disclaimer stating: “This information is provided to Members of Parliament in support of their parliamentary duties and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual. It should not be relied upon as being up to date; the law or policies may have changed since it was last updated; and it should not be relied upon as legal or professional advice or as a substitute for it. A suitably qualified professional should be consulted if specific advice or information is required.”

However, as Edward Spalton, who is a long serving campaigner with the Campaign for an Independent Britain and other pro-democracy anti-EU organisations points out, there is a great deal of EU legislation which is never specific and remains unidentified.

Currently there is a great deal of debate about the introduction of high speed rail with HS2, in all the debates and TV programmes covering this you never see any mention that this has anything to do with it. As far as the press, media and many others are concerned this is an initiative set up by our own Government – but in reality it is our Government obey the wishes of the EU – all you have to do is look at the EU’s Ten T project covering transport. Indecently, Ten T also wants the introduction of road tolls, that too has been in the news of late with talk of motorway widening with fast moving toll lanes – and no reference to the EU.

This then is how 75% of EU laws impact upon us without many people even realising the EU is behind them. As Edward further explains: “This happens when the EU issues a DIRECTIVE which requires parliaments in member states to put certain laws onto their national statute books.

The government never, or hardly ever, identifies such Bills, or clauses in Bills, as having their origin from an EU Directive. Supposedly eurosceptic newspapers rarely take the trouble to find out. I have lost count of the times I have seen reports of " new government initiatives"which were, in fact, Brussels initiatives.

Peter Lilley made a telling remark that governments go to Brussels determined to oppose some measure, then find they are in a minority(often of one). They come back home and introduce a Bill to enforce the directive as enthusiastically as if it were their own idea. They don't say "We have to do this because of such-and-such Directive" and most MPs will not know either. Peter Lilley likened this to a cuckolded husband accepting the fruit of his wife's infidelity rather than facing the real
situation publicly.

In the last parliament, a Tory MP, Mark Harper, brought in a ten minute rule Bill which would have required the government to state on the face of a Bill (and presumably of clauses introduced into larger Bills, or of statutory instruments) a statement to the effect "This Bill/Clause/Instrument is made to comply with EU Directive XYZ."

Mr. Harper's Bill received a fair amount of support, even from some europhiles, but the Labour government bought out the payroll vote and squashed it (probably to the relief of Conservative & Lib-Dem leaderships).

Some of us who tried to contact Mr. Harper to congratulate him on his attempt found he was unavailable - gone to ground. This was at the time when Mr. Cameron was discouraging MPs from "banging on about Europe". Anyway, he has the reward of his quietness now - as a government

I don't know how you would identify the huge number of Bills and clauses to Bills made in this way, as originating from the EU. I suspect that a lengthy process of Freedom of Information requests might be necessary. If you could go back 38 years, the number would be colossal.”

So, there we have it, the EU is now in every part of our lives, if you suddenly find a good useful chemical product vanishes from sale – the chances are it has been banned by the EU’s REACH directive, when you pass a pub and see a few cold people huddled in a doorway puffing on their fags, that is because the EU wanted to ban smoking in public places. When you look at the empty premises where your handy Post Office used to be, it was closed down because of the effects of the EU Postal Directives. Even if you try to get away from it all and fly away to some foreign destination, you will be flying through EU controlled air space (we don’t have any British air space anymore), it’s no use using ferries our boats either as these now sail on EU seas which has fish that can only be caught under EU quotas. We are not just well and truly governed by the EU – we are as good as enslaved to it.

Monday, 5 December 2011


Oh dear, the BBC have been at it again feeding misinformation about the EU, this time on BBC West Midlands this morning, Monday 5th December 2011.

Pauline, who is one of our Walsall UKIP members called me as she was really upset after listening to one of the local presenters, a chap named Phil Upton. It seems this chap is a bit of a know all, despite the fact he doesn't know his nether regions from his elbow when it comes to talking about the EU, he spouts off as if he is the font of all EU knowledge.

What had got our Pauline in a lather was one of the callers to Phil Upton's programme, which at the time was discussing debt and the hard economic times we all now face, correctly stated that we were giving large sums of our money to the EU and questioned why we were doing that when we could not afford it. Phil Upton rounded on this chap and stated we get more from the EU than we put in and that membership was a good thing for us for our trade - oh dear.

The poor caller who obviously hadn't got the confidence to defend his statement backed down, which was sad because he was right and Phil upton totally out of his depth spouting nonesense on a matter he obviously knows nothing about, other than the usual BBC pro-EU brainwashing speel.

Because of this, and Pauline's insistence, I have sent Mr Upton an e-mail, via BBC WM, which I now copy below:

This morning one of your callers stated that we currently give the EU large sums of our money, to which you stated we benefit from EU membership and we currently receive more than we put in. Sadly, this was an incorrect statement.

The records from the latest Government Pink Book, which shows our payments to the EU, show that our current payments stand at a rate of the taxpayers of Britain, paying to the EU, £50 million a day, seven days a week. Britain is a net contributor to EU funds, what we receive in grants and structural payments from the EU equates to far less than we contribute.

Britain has a deficit regarding trade with the EU, other EU countries sell more of their goods to us than we to them, this trade would not cease if we left the EU.

You will find that when a total of all trade is taken, which includes you buying your groceries at your local store, 80 per cent of all trade in the UK is internal. Of the remaining 20 per cent that is exported, it is claimed that 50 per cent of that is to the EU, despite the fact a certain amount of these exports are sent in containers to the Dutch ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam where they are re-sorted and then shipped out to none EU countries. In reality about 10 per cent of our total export trade is to the EU yet Britain is being asked to surrender around 70 per cent of our national sovereignty for the sake of this 10 per cent of trade - this does not represent a good deal.

May I suggest you give some balance to your comments of this morning and correct the statement we get more out of the EU than we put in, unless of course you mean EU laws and legislation which now accounts for around 75 per cent of our laws.


No2ID, the group campaigning against the data-base state iand any possible introduction of identity cards, has reported a Cabinet Office paper released at the same time as George Osborne’s Pre Budget Report details sweeping plans to exploit the mountains of data held by government departments. They include ideas for selling personal information from citizens’ medical, educational and benefit records in bulk to commercial interests.

No2ID warn that such plans do not fit well with coalition promises to protect privacy, give people control of their personal data and “scale back Labour's database state.” On the contrary, they bear a very close resemblance to the Blair administration’s ideas for ‘Transformational Government: enabled by technology’ and the broad data-sharing that New Labour attempted to implement but was forced to drop in 2009.

Campaigners such as NO2ID have previously noted how official enthusiasm for data-collection and -sharing have carried on regardless of political change.

The Cabinet Office document claims:
‘Online access to one’s own personal data enhances personal control and participation in public services. It also fuels innovation and growth in the supporting technology and data markets.’

Guy Herbert, General Secretary of NO2ID said: ‘The government is deliberately confusing “access” and “control”. It wants to control your data - and give it out to others as it sees fit - but will kindly let you visit it occasionally. That is the wrong way round. We should control access to our personal information; the government should get to use it only when genuinely necessary.
‘Dear Whitehall, Our personal information is not yours to sell.’
He added:
“Ministers are muddled about “anonymisation”. Anonymised data is like sterilised milk – it stops being that way the moment you open it up.

Thursday, 1 December 2011


An e-mail came my way from a UKIP member I know which puts everything into perspective regarding the entirely wrong priorities of this, and every past Government since Britain became embroiled in the European Union madness that now dominates our lives.

He wrote: “Something interesting happened yesterday at the supermarket where my wife works. An 86 year old man who struggled to walk, was caught shoplifting. The Police were not called as the Manager of the store took a sympathetic view of the situation.

“The items lifted were value bacon and value sausages, which could beg the question as to why he took the items of a lower value. He may have possibly believed it would not be such a crime.

“I am not aware, as yet, as to why he took the items but it does possibly indicate the parlous state of our pensioners that they have to steal to eat. He could have taken finest quality goods but did not.

“We are giving the EU some £50million a day and we are most probably in such a poor state that our poorest, and least protected of our society, are paying the price.

“I would like to think that this could become an issue that will help people to wake up to the need for withdrawing from the European Union, it is the most corrupt organisation that I have ever known. It appears that last week a 71 year old was also caught at the same store shoplifting food too.”

A message to Dave, is it not time you stopped funding the EU and pandering to the wishes of its leaders and look to the needs of your own people? Like all Governments it has the wrong priorities.