Thursday, 29 September 2011


As the Greek economy rapidly vanished down the plughole of EU madness, there has been all sort of speculation as to what would happen, as a main driving force towards a fully integrated and single nation of Europe, all eyes turned to Angela Merkel and Germany to see what she and her government would do.

As hostility rises in Germany to any further bail-outs of nations that have been reckless with their finances, thus imposing the debt on other eurozone nations, there were predictions the German parliament would rebel and block Merkel’s plans to pump in a massive amount of German money into the Greek economy in order to save the EU’s euro.

The long suffering taxpayers of Germany, thanks to a vote taken in their parliament, will see their money vanish in order to save the EU’s vanity currency, their contributions to prop up Greece will rise from 123bn euros to 211bn - which in real money is a lot of dosh.

Despite warnings that Angela Merkel could lose the vote and warnings the German MPs could become stroppy, in fact the MPs behaved like good little sheep and did as told, thus abandoning their own electorate for the illusory benefits of saving the terminal euro. Sadly , at the end of the day the German taxpayers will have pumped vast sums of their wealth into a project that always had ‘failure’ embedded in its structure.

Due to the scant regard for their electorate, and their great euro spending spree which has now left their nation, and just about everyone else in the lurch, the Greek government have witness riots and public disobedience on their streets as the arrogance of the Euro fanatics in the EU and its subservient parliaments rule. With this vote in the German parliament, which shows nothing but contempt for the people of Germany, the German government have just lit a fuse that could see the German people rise – there must come a point when the folly of this failed EU project has gone far enough and the people show their discontent. When the German’s rise the Greek riots will look like a picnic in the Acropolis.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011


UKIP leader, Nigel Farage doing what he does best, giving the failed EU the facts.


Whatever you do today, just have a look at this Telegraph blog article by Ed West, it is brilliant and drives home some real truths. As one who has been called all sorts of things I know what he is saying. When it comes to the EU it is no utopia.


Students debates are a bit like the number 39 bus, you wait ages for one then two turn up together.

Last week I attended a student debate in the far north of Staffordshire at a very nice college, which had a high quality of students. This was an all party debate and I was there to represent UKIP – which is the only political party to declare that student loans and tuition fees should be scrapped. Despite some good questions from the students there was little feed-back from them as to what they thought of the answers, and the political parties we represented.

However, yesterday (27th September 2011) was an interesting afternoon when I took part in a debate on the EU which had been organised by Civitas. From time to time they contact me and ask if I can give talks on the EU or take part in schools and college debates.

I arrived early as this event in Halesowen was not too far for me to travel to, where I was met by the lecturer who had organised the debate with Civitas and was chairing the event. While waiting for my pro-EU opponent to turn up as the lecture theatre filled with students, we were joined by two other lecturers, one of which made it quite clear she was extremely pro-EU, as was the other lecturer who joined us.

Considering this I thought the debate was going to be a bit tough as the students had obviously been taught the EU was a force for good, which was the wording of the motion we were to debate.

When we got started in front of a very well attended young audience, my opponent kicked off first and waffled on all with the usual claptrap about the EU preventing wars in Europe, Britain is too small to stand on its own against the growing industrial might of China and India and, in a roundabout way, he said we need the EU to bring in laws to protect us from our own elected Government! So as far as these pro-EU personages go it is fine and dandy a non-elected foreign organisation can overrule our elected Parliament and Government. To me tht is an occupation by the EU of Britain and the other EU nations, just as most of Europe was occupied by the German's in World War Two.

I hit back with the loss of democracy and that it is wrong that people on foreign shores can override our own elected Government, also if the EU has prevented wars in Europe, how come since 1945 we haven’t had a war with Japan that does not interfere in our business or make laws for us. That, after all, is the obvious conclusion when the pro-EU brigade make such ludicrous statements.

The students returned to the brainwashing that we were too small a nation globally to stand up for ourselves, although the state of the euro was a weakness which I played on. I did not say it during the debate, but this constant drivel that Britain, which despite our current deficit and pretty useless coalition Government, is still a major player in the world, I compare this drip, drip, drip message that we are too week and too small to stand up for ourselves to the chapter in the Lord of the Rings where the leader of Rohan’s mind has been poisoned by Grima Wormtongue, who was portrayed as an agent of the enemy.

If they keep repeating this dispiriting mantra long enough, like the King of the Rohan, I think the EU hope it will be believed and resistance removed. Also, like the King of Rohan, we need a sharp jolt to wake us up and realise it is the EU that needs us, not the other way round and in its parasitical way it is bleeding us dry.

Finally, after much debate and some pretty good questions, we came to the bit I was dreading – the vote. The lecturer asked all those who were in favour of the motion to show their hands and it was a sizeable vote. My thought was I have lost, then came the show of hands against the motion which looked about the same number. At this point the vote was redone so a count could be taken and a draw was declared.

For an event such as this to result in a draw, in a college where there is obliviously a pro-EU factor amongst the lecturers, I thought a draw was not too bad an outcome – it’s a pity I didn’t do better though.

Monday, 26 September 2011


A little news story was posted on the Daily Mail web-site about Liam Fox’s birthday party, it also appeared in the Daily Telegraph and, no doubt, a few other publications.

Other than showing Dr Fox in a pretty naff blue shirt, what was so interesting about his 50th birthday that news of this non-event was splashed all across the media? The press frenzy was due to the person holding on to his arm and was none other than Baroness Thatcher, or ‘Maggie’ as she was known in her prime.

Looking through the comments following the article there is some real bile when it comes to Mrs T, who is now looking frail and showing her years. The hatred and resentment for her, even after all the years since she left office, still has many frothing at the mouth from her days as Prime Minister. These vengful comments are most probably from the same people who voted for Tony Blair and his cabal, such as the Prince of Darkness, Peter Mandelson, the old PC dragon, Harriet Harperson, and many others who helped to place us in the mire we now find ourselves in. So, here is a very brief observation about the two leaders.

Margaret Thatcher, elected PM in 1979. The state of the country at the time was chaos after the ‘Winter of Discontent’, Britain was in hock to the IMF who were effectively running the UK due to Prime Minister Callaghan’s calamitous leadership.

Tony Blair, elected PM in 1997. The state of the country was healthy after escaping from the Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM). Britain’s financial situation was good and debt low while trade flourished.

Margaret Thatcher never tried to be popular, she did what she considered to be right, despite how people regarded her.

Tony Blair, tried to be popular and did very little right.

On the European Union, Margaret Thatcher stood firm and demanded – and got, a large rebate saving British taxpayers a very large amount of money from our EU contributions without giving anything away in return.

On the European Union, Tony Blair tried to renegotiate the Common Agricultural Policy based on a vague promise the French would agree at a later date. In order to get that vague promise he surrendered a massive chunk of the British rebate adding to the burden on the British taxpayer. The CAP was never reformed.

EU treaties, Margaret Thatcher signed the Single European Act, which was a bad move, she later claimed she had been misinformed as to what it was.

EU treaties, Tony Blair signed the Amsterdam Treaty within days of taking office; this was also when he surrendered several British EU opt-outs thus handing more power to the EU. He also signed the Nice Treaty surrendering many legal powers to the EU and agreeing to the EU arrest warrant which, with the protection of the British Government gone, has seen many British subjects become victims and arrested for crimes based on circumstantial or none existing evidence.

Wars, Margaret Thatcher took Britain to war against Argentina to take back British sovereign territory and defend the people of the Falklands. This was seen as a triumph and a great achievement considering the distance. She also prepared Britain for war in late 1990 with the Americans against Iraq after its invasion of Kuwait. This was during the period just before she left office.

Wars, Tony Blair joined forces with the USA to take Britain to war against Iraq based on dodgy dossiers and none existent threats of ‘weapons of mass destruction’. He also sent British troops into Afghanistan with our armed forces still there today.

First days in office, Margaret Thatcher immediately took on the power of the trade unions, also the nationalised industries that were unprofitable and were costing the British taxpayer £billions. She also sent in the SAS to deal with the Iranian Embassy siege which placed Britain in a new light on the world stage.

First days in office, Tony Blair set about, very quietly, repealing British treason laws this was not revealed until a few years later. He handled the death of Princess Diana with great tact and helped the Royal Family out of the problems they had found themselves in due to not dealing with this effectively.

Leaving office, Margaret Thatcher was increasingly worried about the power and influence of the EU, hence her famous: “No, no, no” speech in Parliament. This sealed her fate as there were more pro-EU Conservative’s than anti-EU – they turned against her and many, professing to be loyal and her friend, voted against her – she had to go.

Leaving office, Tony Blair was becoming less popular and there was much talk behind his back. Added to this, Gordon Brown who had been promised his turn in number ten was making plans. Although speculation, Tony Blair may have seen the banking and financial crisis coming and got out before the shit hit the fan, leaving the mess to Gordon.

Since leaving office, Margaret Thatcher was elevated to the Lords where she took part in debates. She has mostly lived quietly and has not only been bereaved with the loss of her husband Denis, but suffered strokes and poor health.

Since leaving office, Tony Blair has become a special Middle East envoy, taken on the ownership of several properties helping to amass his wealth and regularly speaks at high profile events which enable him to earn some very substantial amounts of money.

Successor, Margaret Thatcher’s successor was John Major who was generally rated as useless and helped to lose the loyalty of large number of Conservative voters and members. He signed the Maastricht Treaty which made all British subjects EU citizens.

Successor, Tony Blair’s successor was Gordon Brown who was generally rated as useless and helped to lose the loyalty of large numbers of Labour voters and members. He signed the Lisbon Treaty which effectively makes the EU a state and places all British subjects under its remit.

Now who should all that bile be directed at – you choose.

Friday, 23 September 2011


People are wondering why we have PFI when it is proving to be so costly. The reason goes back to the days when the EU was preparing to introduce its now failing euro and the joining nations would become responsible for each other’s debts. The German’s, whose economy and currency was strong, were worried that nations such as Greece would borrow and spend too much, so the Growth and Stability Pact was introduced. All EU nations, including the UK, were forced to comply even though we were not joining the euro.

This pact set, allegedly, strict limits on what all EU nations could borrow and spend which meant money the Government needed to borrow to be spent on hospitals and other projects, broke the limits set in the pact.

The only way around this was to introduce PFI which meant private companies, rather than the state, borrowed and spent to complete many projects, then the state, living within the limits of the pact, leased back the hospitals, schools and other PFI funded projects.

We now have a situation where the British taxpayer is paying a lot more than need be for these PFI projects to comply with the rules laid down to stop the Greeks and others from getting into the mess we now find them in. Another reason why we should quit the EU.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Inez Ward, campaigning to save British pubs, speaking at the UKIP conference in Eastbourne.

There is something very special about the great British pub, the reason our pubs are great is because they are unique. The continentals have their cafe bars where they sit outside on busy pavements sipping glasses of wine or chilled, gassy, tasteless beer, while we in Britain quaff pints of real ale bursting in all sorts of different flavours and strengths.

There is nothing to beat a good traditional pub which is cool inside in the summer (on the odd days the sun shines!) and warm in the winter with roaring fires -just writing this makes me want to go and have a beer.

Sadly, our pubs have been struggling for various reasons with many, far too many, closing their doors for ever and being either demolished or converted into yucky fast food outlets, which is very sad and depressing.

One of the reasons for the demise of many of our pubs is down to the smoking ban, which came courtesy of the wishes of the EU which our meek and feeble Lib, Lab, Con politicians are always far to happy to obey. Sadly, this means that rather than in a traditional corner pub where working blokes could gather for a beer, a fag and a chat about football or what nag to bet on, many have to hover around a heater shivering in the freezing cold watching their beer turn to ice just so they can have a gasper, which prior to the smoking ban they could do with no complaint from anyone in the warmth of the bar. Many have given up and purchase cheap supermarket beer which they drink on their own in front of the telly - much to the angst of publicans whose living, along with their bar staff, has gone down the pan.

UKIP has announced it is giving its full support to the pub trade and is the only political party to support British pub week. The short video in the posting below is presented by Inez Ward of Justice for Licensees, who gives the key reasons why pubs matter and why the industry must be saved.

Why not go out tonight and have a beer or two and do your bit to save a great British way of life and tradition - you will enjoy it too.


Inez Ward of Justice for Licencees gives the reason why pubs need to be saved and protected.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011


How can so many people be so wrong about everything, so regularly and so out of touch with reality, that they can reach middle age and yet remain clueless about the realities of the world around them? I ask this after reading the reports of the Liberal Democrat shindig currently blighting my part of the world in Birmingham, literally a stones throw from the office where I work.

They quite happily skipped into a coalition Government with their new found Tory chums, Dave and Nick are so close politically you would have a job to shove a stained euro between them, yet there they are in Brum, this motley collection of the clueless, in a venue next to the cut (the canal), slagging off their Tory pals like there is no tomorrow. Mind you, the way they are going there will be no tomorrow for them, politically speaking.

We have witnessed the cringe making moment when the “Ginger Rodent” (Danny Alexander), who lost all sense of reality and declared that EU-sceptics are the enemies of growth. He should have gone to Specsavers and changed his faulty EU rose tinted specs for some which give a true reflection of reality. Possibly then he would actually see it is the EU that is the enemy of growth and the real problem – all the idiot has to do is look at the chaos the EU’s euro has wreaked across the European continent.

Talking of the European continent, another person who does not know his blue arse from his ring of gold star elbows is Chris Huhne. That fool, trying to slag off all Euro realists, criticises them by stating we are part of the continent of Europe from which we can’t break away – which seems to be his main argument for staying in the EU – or Europe as he so misleadingly calls it. Yes little Christopher, calm down dear, now listen very carefully to make sure you fully understand this important fact penetrates the mass of bone that protects your brain from rational thoughts - we all know Britain is geographically part of the European continent , and this is the technical bit so concentrate as hard as your limited intelligence will allow – the continent of Europe is not the European Union – which we can and should break away from.

Yes, we all know this is a lot to take in one go Chrissy boy, but there was a time when the whole continent had lots of different countries all making their own laws, with their own economies, their own currencies and sovereign parliaments, including us here in the UK. Sadly, because of the madness of joining the EU, many of those nations have sacrificed those long standing principles and have ceased to govern themselves and now live under the rule of the EU which undermines their democracies and overrules their law making abilities. Now Chris, I want you to concentrate as hard as you can – I know it hurts, the EU is not a continent but a rash man made concept that is years past its sell by date and failing miserably.

If we are, like the EU going to hand out gold stars for the star performer, the award for conference clot of them all goes to – wait for it – the winner of this year’s gold star is Nick (conference clot) Clegg for his statement that Britain can still join the euro. Are you going to tell him, or shall I – there won’t be a euro to join – just keep your eyes on Greece – will there be a referendum on leaving the euro and a return to the drachma soon? It’s very possible.

Monday, 19 September 2011


When it comes to observing the antics of the Conservative Party, its leadership and its Members of Parliament, there are times when you get the urge to bang your head against something hard in sheer frustration.

This is the political party that signed Britain up to what is now the EU when Ted Heath signed the Treaty of Rome, it signed the Single European Act which paved the way for a single currency when Margaret Thatcher agreed to it, although she later claimed she was not fully informed of its full implications. This too whose Prime Minister, in-between bonking Edwina Curry, destroyed our freedom by making us all European citizens when John Major signed the dire Maastricht Treaty, and now David Cameron continues in that long tradition by refusing to consider giving the people a referendum on the EU and stating we have to remain as a member, i.e. a slave to it.

Some of its MPs rebelled a few years ago, but that was a blip. Only one of those brave Conservative MPs who had the whip withdrawn, Richard Shepherd, is still in Parliament. Some of the others are retired, Nick Budgen sadly passed away and Christopher Gill, like many who despair of that party, is now a valued member of UKIP.

Other than that short moment of rebellion, where exactly have the Conservative Party MPs and its rank and file members been over the years our sovereignty, democracy and freedom has been steadily eroded to the EU – we hardly heard a squeak out of them and when it did come to speaking of matters EU, we would hear in hushed tones such phrases as: ‘We can’t rock the boat, but just wait until David gets in’. Well now Dave is in and at last, after twenty or more years, some of these Tory souls are just about waking up to the realisation that many of use real EU-sceptics have known, we live in an EU occupied Britain.

Finally some Conservative MPs are calling on Dave, their great leader, to call a referendum on membership of the EU, which is a bit late now as they really need to be urging Dave (not that it will happen or he would even consider it) that it was time to begin the process of leaving the EU as this would be in Britain’s best interest.

Mark Pritchard MP has written an article in the Daily Telegraph he has finally woken to the fact that, as stated by many EU-sceptics for more years than most care to remember, that the EU has become an “occupying force” which is eroding British sovereignty. Better late than never Mr Pritchard.

He goes on to warn that the Government will see constituents “kick back” if they as taxpayers have to foot the bill to the continued bailouts of the eurozone countries who have failed to reform their economies and make severe cut backs in spending. Which is something else the Conservative Party needs bringing up to speed about, many Conservative members are already quitting their party for UKIP as they realise there is little hope of their old party tackling this serious problem.

The reaction on the doorstep is also turning angry, as I am experiencing when knocking on doors in my part of the World in the Wallsall Bloxwich East Ward where I plan to be the UKIP by-election candidate. There are a lot of not very happy Conservative voters who are very displeased with Cameron, one said he will never vote again and has given up on politics altogether

And what of the Conservative Party coalition partners saying? Danny Alexander, more aptly known as the ‘Ginger Rodent’, has stated that Eurosceptics are “the enemies of growth”. It is sad to say that this poor deluded soul actually believes the failing EU, which has destroyed growth, industry and jobs through it mind boggling, nit picking and endless regulation somehow creates growth. This is a prime example of the mad people the Conservative Party is now linked to. If you really want to do something about the EU Mr Pritchard then its time you joined UKIP.

Friday, 16 September 2011


What a busy week it has been in the Bennett camp, little time again with blogging, sadly. Since returning home from the UKIP conference, where I took a mass of photographs, I have spent a large part of my free time sorting, grading and mailing on many of the conference photos to those who wanted them, as well as the other things I do.

One of the things I did this week was to Join UKIP branch chairman for Hereford, John Rawles, and my old UKIP pal, Richard Lamerton, at the Hereford College freshers fair, or as they call it: ‘Stuff for Students’. I go along there every year at the invite of the local UKIP branch who organise a UKIP table at the fair. The reactions we get from the students varies every year, it is quite remarkable how it changes.

The first one I did a few years ago we received a rather lacklustre reaction from the students, who were polite but had no real knowledge or opinions regarding the EU and its takeover of this and the other nations of Europe. However, as each year went on the kids seemed to show an interest and gave us more support.

Last year we had a great reaction from the students, they were interested and a number of them told us their parents had voted UKIP in the general election, we shifted a lot of our UKIP literature. This year I drove down to Hereford expecting a lively and interesting morning ahead with growing numbers of students showing an interest in UKIP and the EU, however, the change in the students reactions and attitudes came as quite a shock – apathy ruled supreme.

The students made long queues for slices of free pizza and to play on some interactive computer game, but they had no knowledge of politics or the EU and when approached they showed their complete indifference.

Usually as well as UKIP being present, the local Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and Green parties are present, but this year it was just UKIP and the Greenies. I had a wander around and spoke to the Greenie lady who was of the same mind as me, the students had no interest and had no clue about politics. Not only that, those we did speak to seemed to have little grasp of history too.

One young lady I spoke to was pro-EU but when asked could not tell me why, and despite being told about the horrors of the European Arrest Warrant and the unfolding fiscal disaster because of the EU’s euro, commented that she still thought we had to be in the EU even though she knew nothing about it or why. Added to that, another young man declared his parents were Labour supporters so he was opposed to UKIP, again when asked what he knew about UKIP or the EU he hadn’t a clue but his mom and dad were Labour so he was against UKIP – I think that was about the time I had an Arrgh moment. The best bit came with a young man who marched up to our UKIP table, grabbed a leaflet and declared: “We need to get out of the EU” and in a flash before I could speak to him marched off again – at least that was positive.

When it was all over I sat in my car and rang the Walsall Elections office to have a chat about the proposed Parliamentary boundary changes, which are going to be quite drastic. I was also told there was a good chance that a Walsall Council by-election was going to be called for the Bloxwich East Ward. About three quarter of an hour later, as I was driving home, I got the call it was definitely on, so I diverted to the Elections office to pick up the nomination papers. That was where I really got to see just what a shake-up the boundary changes are going to make.

Walsall is going to retain three Parliamentary constituencies, but just like Star Treck, not as we know them. Aldridge Brownhills, the constituency of Richard Shepherd who is the last Tory whipless Euro rebel left in Parliament, vanishes totally. Walsall South and Walsall North remain, but Walsall North is nothing like we knew it. There is also a new name of Walsall West, which takes in a large part of what was Walsall North as well as one of the Wolverhampton Council Wards.

Where I normally stand in Walsall South, a chunk of it has gone, with new chunks added. Streetly Ward is now in Walsall South as well as a Ward from Sandwell and Dudley and the Oscott Ward from Birmingham. All this is quite a bit to take in, and if these boundary changes do go ahead as proposed, then Walsall could see Labour reduced to one MP and the Tories promoted to two, although politics is a strange and unreliable sport – so that can’t be taken for granted.

In the weeks to come up to December, when I believe the final decision is to be made, there is going be much angst and gnashing of molars over this. I am not sure how I will do, should I stand again as the UKIP Parliamentary candidate in Walsall South, my vote under the old boundary had been steadily growing over the years. In 2001 it was under 3% and last year in 2010 it was 8.4%. Sadly, a number of people who voted for me, as I repeat, if I stand again, will not be able to and it is not known how other who do not know who I am will vote.

Interesting times indeed, there certainly is a lot to consider, which starts later this evening in the Lyndon over a pint – or two.

Monday, 12 September 2011


Sanya-Jeet Thandi who wowed the UKIP conference.

Once again I have been absent from this blog, the reason being was down to the UKIP conference in Eastbourne, which you may have glimpsed fleetingly on the BBC last Friday.

As someone who has been updating this ‘umble blog for a while now, it came as a great pleasure to meet two people at the UKIP conference who read this blog – that was quite a privilege.

One of those who introduced himself to me at the end of the evening on Friday, after the conference dinner, was born in Portugal and had lived there in the days when it was an oppressive dictatorship, there was no freedom and everyone had to take care of what they said and did. One of the reasons for him joining UKIP is in the fact he sees things the EU doing which are maybe not as bad as those distant times in Portugal, but there are worrying similarities.

The conference was opened by Councillor Carolyn Heaps, the Mayor of Eastbourne, and then we were in for two days of brilliant speeches, fringe events and much socialising. It was great to see members of Young Independence being so active at the conference. One young lady, Sanya-Jeet Thandi, who had not long joined UKIP, wowed the delegates with her enthusiasm and gave a speech of great competence, so much so the comment was made: “Are we looking at a future leader of UKIP?”

There were also speakers from other EU countries, such as Timo Soini, the leader of the True Finns Party as well as speakers from France and the Netherlands. There were debates and other speakers included journalists Patrick O’Flynn and Alex Singleton.

This conference was a truly professional event, which was well run and organised. As well as that it was also the best attended conference ever, UKIP is really becoming a force to be recognised.

On the second day of conference there were speeches about the way forward for UKIP, also about HS2 which is part of the EU’s Ten T’s transport system. Inez Ward spoke about the damage being done to the pub trade and said we have to “use them or lose them” – so we all piled in the pub next door for lunch when the time came.

One of my UKIP Black Country pals, Bill Etheridge who hails from Dudley, gave a cracking talk on the madness of political correctness which as well as making people laugh with much of the stupidity of the PC brigade, he also made people aware of just how sinister PC is as it makes people begin to worry not only about what they say – but also what they think.

Then, of course, there was Nigel Farage himself who gave his usual barnstorming and rousing keynote speech. He took a dig at all those who constantly said: “Just wait for David to get in”, well now he is in what better reason is there for the Conservative members to join UKIP – he has betrayed them.

All in all it’s been a spiffing couple of days, however, since then I have been busy sorting and grading the photographs I took of the event – over 700 of them which I always give to UKIP and many who want them free of charge – despite what certain unreliable sources report. Next stop Skegness for the UKIP spring conference.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Edward Spalton sent this to me and said: "The Vichy anthem ("Marechal, nous viola!"), adapted pour nos jours and sending up Sarkozy something rotten." This may appeal to those who sing in French.


Over recent weeks and months, as a UKIP activist, it has been quite noticeable how many disenfranchised, grass roots Conservative activists have come and joined us. It has taken them a long time to realise what many of us discovered ten to twenty years ago – the Conservative Party is both a pro-EU anti-British political party and a lost cause.

In the last days of Margaret Thatcher’s leadership, when she began to belatedly wake up to the dangers of EU membership, there may have been a glimmer of hope for that party. However, the dark pro-EU forces within the Tory ranks turned on her and ensured she was finished and that no British Government would stand up to the EU and represent the best interests of the British people.

The rank and file of the Tory Party seemed to let this treachery wash over their heads as if they did not know what was going on. Those of us who had been staunch Conservative voters and supporters decided it was time to walk when John Major betrayed the nation by signing the treasonous Maastricht Treaty – it has taken up to now for other long serving Conservative’s to realise there is no Conservative Party anymore, they now have a soft, left leaning pro-EU party a few thousands of an inch to the right of the Liberal Democrats who they are now so chummy with.

This then brings us to the leadership of David Cameron. I personally saw him as a politician in the Ted Heath mould, better looking than Heath, more trendy than Heath and married, unlike Heath, but take a peak under the Cameron political bonnet and their lurks a Ted Heath Mk II.

Ted Heath’s traits were the same, left leaning, deceitful, broken promises, and a proven liar. Cameron’s Premiership is also littered with deceit and broken promises. He has most definitely lied when he stated he was a Eurosceptic and over the promised Lisbon Treaty referendum which then failed to be given. This is the man now leading that once great party towards eventual oblivion along with our nation which will be destroyed through our EU membership – all with Cameron’s blessing.

Now Cameron and his faithful partner in treason, George Osborne, have really shown their true colours by giving his full consent to closer EU integration in order to save the failing and unwanted euro.

This now places Tory Eurosceptics in an impossible position, if they remain in that party then they have two choices, shut up and willingly accept the fact they now belong to a political party that is a Euro federalist party, or begin moves to oust Cameron as their leader in the hope he can be replaced by a real EU sceptic, which will make them look disloyal. There is a third option open to them, which others have already taken, and that is to walk away from this now completely out of touch party and join UKIP – a mass exodus of Tory members, activists and voters to UKIP is in reality the only option – do they have the courage to take it or will they continue to live in denial that their party is lost?

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Lawrence Webb, chosen as UKIP's next London Mayoral candidate.

During my time in UKIP I have been privileged to meet and get to know some really good people, one of those is Lawrence Webb who has just been chosen as UKIP’s next London Mayoral candidate.

Although my party had some other really good candidates standing, not least the ex-boxer Winston McKenzie who is a great character with a larger than life personality, I personally think for a good, hard working and serious candidate the choice of Lawrence to be a good one. The choice itself was made, unusually, by the people of London and those who work and visit the City, and they chose Lawrence Webb as their man.

He knows London like the back of his hand, he knows all the local UKIP branches so will be in a good position to organise a good campaigning team around him and is a hard worker. The big thing now is to get a stuck-in-a-rut electorate to wake up to the fact that constantly voting Labour, Tory and Lib-Dem is getting them somewhere, but sadly that somewhere is all downhill in the wrong direction. If they want real change they are going to have to do what many of us have done over the years, which is wake up to this reality and start voting UKIP – it’s the only sensible option.

What exactly are the other choices? Well, just take a look at them – do people really want Boris the buffoon back running London? The other option are no better, the Lib-Dems are offering Brian Paddick and the thought of Labour’s Red Ken Livingstone in charge again sends a cold shiver down the spine.

When it comes to policies UKIP will be the only party to offer the scrapping of the tax on motorists, the discriminatory ‘Congestion charge’ which forces London’s poorer drivers off the road.

UKIP’s full candidate list for the Mayoral elections were: David Coburn, UKIP London Chairman and an arts and antiques consultant based in Notting Hill, Michael Corby, a former Conservative Party member and donor who lives in Kings Cross, Michael McGough, a businessman from Essex, Winston McKenzie, a community campaigner from Croydon, Paul Oakley, a barrister and former Chairman of the London Young Conservatives who is based Lewisham, and finally, the man himself, Lawrence Webb, a former UKIP London Chairman from Romford. Well done Lawrence, his selection must be due to the flattering photograph I took of him and used in his campaign!

Monday, 5 September 2011


Derek Bennett enjoying a cool beer on a hot Italian day.
There is always one major problem with holidays - returning back to normality at home in Walsall after. A holiday to Italy is the reason there has been no blogging on this site for over a week, and with Mrs B breathing fire about taking my mobile with me or even a peek at the internet or e-mails I opted for the quiet life and just forgot about everything for the whole time away while in Lido Di Jeselo on the Venetian Riviera.

Going off to Italy at a time when their economy was under threat of collapse due to the dire effects of joining the EU’s euro made me wonder what to expect. The first mention of problems came on the transfer coach from Venice airport to our hotel, the Monaco Qusisana. The tour rep pointed out that since Italy scrapped itgs own currency, the lira, for the uncertain and illusory benefits of joining the euro, prices had been rocketing – Italy was no longer a cheap holiday destination.

This was quickly noticeable when ordering drinks in the bar and especially when buying bus and boat tickets in advance from the local tobacconist, which is where most tickets are sold. In the past I have always considered the cost of local transport in Italy to be extremely good value – but going by the cost of getting to Venice on the local transport has certainly put paid to that one.

While there life for all the locals, whose only trade for the majority is serving the throngs of tourists, looked as if life was going on as normal, no one mentioned the great euro crisis. No doubt my attempt to speak to them in Italian took their mind off everything else.

Ever since my second visit to Italy in 1990 I have been trying to teach myself Italian, and had been especially brushing up on it in the weeks leading up to our holiday. Proudly, I marched into the tobacconist to buy our tickets to Venice and asked for two return tickets in my best practised Italian, and was told to speak English as I was confusing the lady serving me – that was rather deflating after all the time I had been practising. Other times when ordering drinks or paying for things, which I seemed to do a lot of, if they did manage to understand my much mangled Italian they more often than not replied in German – which really did confuse matters. The realisation that I must have been speaking Italian with a German accent came as a bit of a shock and another blow to my ego and language skills.

So, it’s now back to Blighty, blogging and normality, the Italian warmth and sunshine is far away, but one good thing – the beer is definitely better. Now how do you pronounce Italian as she is mangled?