Thursday, 31 March 2011


What would you do if you had a nice tidy £300 burning a hole in your pocket? Ok, we all know it’s far from a fortune, but you can still do a bit with that sort of money. You can use it for a weekend break, or even a last minute bargain holiday to somewhere exotic like Benidorm. You may find £300 very useful for essentials such a new clothes, repairs or new tyres for your car, in fact there is a whole raft of things you can do with £300 if it came your way.

The last thing you would want to do, though, is give it to the overpaid and generally pain in the bum parasites that dwell in the EU and its Commission – there are useful things three hundred smackeroos can be used for. Sadly, it is the EU that gets it even though we don’t consent.

Reported in today’s press is the latest bill for the EU and just how much our waste of time EU membership costs us – all to no benefit to anyone other than a few EU bigwigs and bureaucrats. The total for this extravagance, foisted upon us by our out of touch politicians, works out to around £300 per person. With the rising cost of household bills and petrol and diesel costs the people of the UK can no longer to afford the frivolity of EU membership, there are far more important things this money should be spent on rather than a useless organisation that does nothing other than undermines our democracy and blights us with thousands of rules and regulations which are forcing British companies out of business or out of the EU altogether – along with the jobs they once created.

The rising cost of EU membership, according to the Daily Express, now runs at a “staggering £147,000 per minute”. This has been revealed after UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten, carried out a forensic study of the EU’s books to find out just how much the British taxpayers waste on EU membership.

Gerard blames mostly Tony Blair for giving up the rebate which Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher won for the UK, he also blames David Cameron who, despite being, allegedly (as many Tory members would try to have us believe), a Eurosceptic. Sadly, the Prime Minister has failed to reveal a Eurosceptic bone in his body and has done everything in favour of the EU since coming into office – including placing several high profile EU fanatics in high places.

Gerard said: “In this time of economic crisis, Government cutbacks in public spending, financial austerity, fear of job losses and financial hardship for many, it is absolute madness to be wasting billions of pounds every year on the ideological project of creating a United States of Europe that no one wants except an out of touch political elite. In my view, membership is an economic and democratic disaster and the only solution for Britain is unconditional withdrawal.”

The Tory Party are blaming this EU extravagance on the doorstep of Tony Blair, yet they are the ones now in power and failing to do anything about the EU problem, even adding to it as David Cameron agreed to increase the UK’s payments last year, and the extra cost of allowing poorer Eastern European ¬countries to join the Brussels-Strasbourg club.

At the moment this is a problem the Government could easily solve by repealing the 1972 European Communities Act, thus taking Britain out of the EU and relieving its taxpayer of this unnecessary burden. Sadly, as a pro-EU PM, this is something David Cameron is refusing to do, or even to give the British people a say in a referendum on this matter. Only UKIP is prepared to tackle the EU problem and put the British people first – it is up to them to choose in elections the pro-British UKIP or the anti-British and pro-EU Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative parties and get what they voted for.


When you see a title like "Localism Bill" you just know it must be a decoy, says UKIP West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass. Mr Nattrass commented: “The average MP will chew cardboard rather than read 400 pages entitled 'localism' and this is precisely how our country is duped and given away. “Beneath the boring cover, it contains sufficient explosive force to blow apart the glue holding England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales together. “England would be carved up into permanent bite size pieces headed by elected Mayors, whether we want Mayors or not. In fact this Bill will inflict a wrecking of our Parliament and Constitution not even dreamed of by Guy Fawkes back in 1605.” Mr Nattrass said for the first time in history the Bill hands Brussels the power to impose massive fines - guilty or not - on our own allegedly sovereign Government, ultimately paid by cash-strapped local authorities for non compliance with EU targets such as those on emissions. He said: “Our subservient Government would have to collect these fines on behalf of their EU masters. “Ultimately local authorities will be controlled by Brussels. The Bill talks about giving local authorities and communities more power but the EU is the Big Brother being promoted by this sham! “This is a serious threat to local democracy and to Town Halls up and down the country. Here we have yet another sneaky back door Bill to take away our sovereign power and vest it in the EU. “This is not so much a boring Localism Bill but more a Localismic Bang and it should be renamed Bill Fawkes,” added Mr Nattrass.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Blogging is great fun and a good way to get your own back on the arrogant political elites who dump on us mere mortals from a great height, the only problem with it is the amount of time needed to keep your blog updates with new and interesting stuff. However, at busy times it becomes difficult to keep your blog up to date, unless of course you get a handy press release or two to use such as this press release on wind farms from West Midlands UKIP MEP, Mike Nattrass.

Campaigners fighting plans to erect six colossal wind masts, which will blight views from Weston Park, are urging South Staffordshire Council to end years of anguish and throw out the proposals.

South Staffordshire Council is set to meet on April 5 to at long last make a ruling on controversial plans to install six 126-metre wind turbines in the rural village of Brineton.

In February, the STAG campaign received a massive boost when South Staffordshire Council rejected proposals to install a temporary 70-metre wind monitoring mast near Church Eaton.

Now, members of STAG and UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass, who has been a long supporter of the campaign and vocal opponent of onshore wind farms, are hopeful the local authority will at long last rule against the wind farm application.

In November 2009, Mr Nattrass met with members of STAG at the European Parliament in Strasbourg and since then the MEP has worked with campaigners to fight the King Street wind farm scheme.

South Staffordshire Council’s decision to reject plans to erect a temporary monitoring mast on land at New House Farm took STAG’s campaign into a critical phase but now, following years of anguish and uncertainty, decision day on the wind farm draws near.

MEP Mike Nattrass said: “At long last it is decision time and I call on South Staffordshire Council to do the right thing and refuse this application.

“The case against this wind farm is strong. From an environmental perspective English Heritage states its belief that the masts would be detrimental to the views from the historic Weston Park.

“Also, if you take away the subsidies wind farms would not be economically viable. They are a woefully inefficient way of harnessing energy as they do not operate when it is too windy or when it is not windy enough.

“I have long campaigned against onshore wind farms and will long continue to do so. Wind farms are just money spinners for foreign firms.

“Money should be invested instead in clean coal but the EU continues to say wind power is a success story. The trouble is the EU has long been a teller of tall tales and is a stranger to the truth.”

STAG member Bob King, who lives in Marston village, said: “I would have two turbines within just half a mile of my home – I just hope the application is turned down by the local authority.

“This has been going on for years and years and I still can’t believe they (Wind Prospect) wants to put up these wind masts in such a beautiful rural area. They also want to plough through a road to serve the wind farm.

“Without subsidies there would be no wind farms as they simply would not be viable. Wind masts make a terrible noise and should be nowhere near residential properties.”

Natural England has stated its opposition to the proposed wind farm and English Heritage has called for the scheme to be refused.

English Heritage, protector of nearby Weston Park, stated: “The wind turbine development will, by virtue of its alien form, scale and blade motion, have a dominant and intrusive impact in this wider landscape which will be to the detriment of the setting and views out from of the registered park.

“English Heritage considers that the magnitude of this intrusion will cause substantial harm to the setting and significance of the registered historic park such as to warrant refusal of the application.”

Thursday, 24 March 2011


What exactly is EU history? There is the varying histories of the nations of Europe, not all of which are members of the EU, but due to past alliances and wars Europe’s histories are interlinked and interpreted in each country in relation to how differing aspects influenced or changed things in those individual nations.

However, the EU which likes to standardize just about everything it comes into contact with, now wants one EU version of history and is quite happy to spend £58 million of taxpayers money on it.

Mike Nattrass, the UKIP West Midlands MEP, often relates one of his first experiences in the European Parliament and how it manipulates history. He was informed that according to the EU’s version of history, The First World War was a civil war, and there were no Germans in the Second World War - we fought the Nazis instead!

Now the EU wants to add to this by spending this large sum of money on its own museum celebrating the “common historical memory” of the EU.

If this is to be taken literally then it will be £58 million spent on the shortest history on record as the European Union has only existed, in real terms, since 1993 after the signing of the Maastricht Treaty in 1992. They are not going to have much to display for just a few years of EU history. This museum, which will no doubt cover such things as the signing of the various EU treaties is going to represent more of a rogues gallery of deceitful politicians than any serious historical input.

Naturally, as with all things EU, this is to create a “common historical memory”. The only memory most British people want of the EU is that of the day Britain came to its senses and quit the EU – now that will be a historical memory to treasure.

Monday, 21 March 2011


Heath then, like Cameron now, pro-EU.

You may have noticed the poll recently put on the side-bar of this blog which asks: ‘Should we have a referendum on membership of the EU?’ Although many have been calling for a referendum on this issue for a long time, some people in the anti-EU campaign are having doubts whether the call for such a referendum is wise.

One of the main reasons is bias. Those of us who were around to vote on this issue back in 1975 remember what it was like then, and the reasons we voted the way we did which may have been very different to how we feel now. Although many voted ‘No’ in those days whether or not we should remain in the Common Market, which was what we called the EU called at that time, a large number of us who are now in the anti-EU and pro-democracy campaigns voted ‘Yes’, this blogger included.

In 1975 many of us put more faith in our politicians, we believed that whatever their politics, they were all men and women of integrity and honour and would give us their honest views, how naive and gullible we were. We were fed a pack of lies, these people we placed our trust in deceived us when they declared there would be no laws imposed upon us from Europe, or that there would be no single currency and that there were no plans to make Europe a single country. Those who had studied the Treaty of Rome knew better, but idiots like me placed their faith in that nice Mr Heath and the down to earth Mr Wilson – surely a man in a Gannex mac who smoked a pipe was someone you could trust – look at those against the Common Market, the raving mad leftie Tony Benn and the foaming at the mouth racist right winger, Enoch Powell – how on earth could anyone vote with them?

So, we ignored those whose views seemed extreme and voted the way those nice moderate people wanted, now we know better but have never been given the chance to correct the error we made then. So, if that chance comes in a new in/out referendum what will be the outcome? Will we go out in droves and vote ‘No’ to correct matters, or will we see history repeat itself? I personally fear the latter of these two options, this is why as a member of UKIP, which is the only respectable political party in the UK to advocate British withdrawal from the EU, I have never been keen on a referendum and considered all votes given to UKIP are votes to leave the EU.

Now there is serious concern that a new move by the EU could ensure that we repeat histories mistake. Back in 1975 there were all sorts of secretive bodies and goings on to ensure we remained in the Common Market, even the American CIA were involved and funded many pro-European organisations at that time, including the European Movement. It has been reported that the European Parliament will allow its MEPs to use our taxpayers’ money to fund pro-EU propaganda in the UK during a referendum on membership of the EU.

The EU Parliament’s constitutional Affairs committee has agreed to allow European political groups to take part in domestic referenda. This means not only could ill afforded money from British taxpayers be used against them in support of a ‘Yes’ vote in any future referendum, but also money from other countries too. The only funds the ‘No’ campaign will receive will be those from UKIP MEPs which they may be able to raise, plus those from supportive members of the public and wealthy donors. It is doubtful that, just as it was in 1975, the ‘No’ campaign will have anything like the funding of the ‘Yes’ campaign. The only difference compared to those days is the fact the general public are far less gullible and will not take all that is said by the Members of Parliament as Gospel - as we did then.

However, as in 1975, the main body of senior politicians in the Labour, Conservative and the Liberal Democrat ranks will campaign to keep Britain in the EU. This will include people such as David Cameron and William Hague as both men have declared they want Britain to remain in the EU. Despite their rhetoric to their party members and nudge, nudge, wink, wink illusions they are anything but EU-sceptics, these dangerous people are pro-EU to the core and will do everything within their power to ensure Britain and its people remain enslaved to the EU and its project to create a united states of Europe.

We may all be screaming for our say regarding this issue, but have we taken into account the feelings of the people at large whose knowledge about the devious anti-democratic ways of the EU are not as informed as those within the anti-EU campaigns. Generally they are ill informed and prone to being led – sadly this means being led in the wrong direction by those with the money, power and influence, as the people were in 1975. They will be told their jobs will be at risk if we leave the EU, that Britain will be consigned to a backwater and marginalised, we will not be able to trade as we do now and that we will have no influence in the world – all lies, but lies that will be aimed at scaring people into voting for the EU devil they know rather that the devil of uncertainty and freedom out of the EU they don’t know.

Do we really want a referendum such as this? If it comes will we be prepared? Will we have the funds and much else to campaign on an even basis with those anti-British campaigners who want to see this nation consumed into the EU Empire? These are fundamental questions which we have to take seriously, it’s all well and good jumping up and down demanding an in/out referendum, but will we have the means and ability to campaign in it should our wish be granted? Don’t forget too, the BBC will be far from unbiased regarding this campaign; it was manipulated in 1975 in favour of the ‘Yes’ side then and will be again in the future. To me the best option is to strengthen UKIP and ensure it is put into power, no referenda will be needed as UKIP campaigns on EU withdrawal and those that vote UKIP vote for out of the EU.

As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for, it may come true – are you sure you want a referendum on the EU problem, would it not be better just to back UKIP?

Friday, 18 March 2011


There’s an old saying about holes, when you are in one then it’s a good idea to stop digging. As we all know the Labour Party during its years of misrule, dug a bloody deep financial pit. It was into this massive crater the newly elected Tory and Liberal Democrat coalition stumbled in May 2010.

Dear Little Dave, who was elected as the great Tory savour according to Peter Bone MP, whose question to Cameron about an in/out EU referendum was turned into an offensive joke by his now confirmed pro-EU leader, and who put on his 2010 election address that David Cameron would be the most Eurosceptic Tory leader since Margaret Thatcher, jumped into this hole, picked up his standard issue EU shovel, and began digging.

The fiscal hole is now deeper since he took over than when the Labour economic degenerates left it – but of course – this is all Labour’s fault, or so our Dave tells us at every opportunity.

So, the big question now is why is Dave still digging this money pit? Where too considering we are so broke local services are being cut, libraries closed, people having to work longer and taxes raised so we can make our impoverished ends meet, is the additional money going to come from to increase our payments to the EU?

According to the BBC the massive sums of money this nation wastes on membership of the EU is set to increase by 60%, how on earth can we now afford to be in the EU? This has all come about because the lunatic the country first placed in office in 1997, the grinning Tony Blair, to please his EU masters gave away the rebate negotiated by Margaret Thatcher. So yes, Dopey Dave can say it is all a fault of the Labour Party but sadly it’s a problem he is not dealing with as he seems quite happy for the problem to remain. Of course, if he really did want to tackle this serious problem than the only way he can do it is to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and take Britain out of the EU, the £billions saved can then be used to fill in the economic cavity. It’s time to stop digging and start filling the hole – if you won’t do it Dave, then UKIP is coming up behind you to do the job.

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Lyndon Jones, quit failing Tory Party for UKIP.

If David Cameron and Nick Clegg are not worried, then it is about time they began to fret as their party structures begin to collapse and their once loyal members flee the wreckage.

This is especially notable for the Conservative Party, in recent weeks there have been a number of defections to the UK Independence Party. One of the latest is in this bloggers part of the world in the West Midlands.

The former Chairman of the South Staffordshire Conservative Association says the Tories’ pitiful record on Europe has prompted him to defect to UKIP.

Forty-six-year-old Lyndon Jones, who was elected Chairman of the South Staffordshire Conservative Association in March 2009, has now joined UKIP after becoming totally disillusioned with his former party.

Lyndon, who is married and lives in Wombourne, said: “UKIP is not just about the EU. I am passionate about this country which has been failed by the ConDem coalition which has betrayed our Armed Forces and the British people.

“Before the General Election the Conservatives said they would look after our Armed Forces but after the election they just slashed the defence budget.

“I fought for the Tories at the last General Election as I believed the party would stand up for this country and its interests. Sadly, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems have sold this country down the river.

“David Cameron gave a cast iron guarantee to hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. Sadly he reneged on that promise.

“I feel very strongly that we should be allowed a referendum on Europe but we are not going to get that referendum with the Tories.

“I am totally disillusioned with the Conservatives and I have joined UKIP because I believe in the party’s policies,” he added.

UKIP West Midlands MEP Mike Nattrass said: “I am delighted to welcome Lyndon into the party.

“He is well known and well respected in South Staffordshire. The Tories have let him down and let this country down.

UKIP is the only party standing up for the interests of this country. Lyndon will be a great addition to the party.”

The great Tory exodus has begun, David Cameron can no longer go on treating his party members and the public with contempt. His promise of a firm stance on the EU and "cast iron" commitment to a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty was nothing more than empty rhetoric - now he's paying the price as his members begin to see sense, leave his sinking ship and join UKIP.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Got your census form yet? Have you given our nanny state, and all the other 26 EU nations all your most intimate details? Well, here is one way to complete your 2011 census form, but don't do this at home, not unless you are prepared to face a whopping great £5000 fine for none completion - oh go on then - if you can afford it!

Monday, 14 March 2011


There was a cracking little expose regarding that old Tory duffer, Michael Heseltine in, of all places, the Richard Kay gossip column of the Daily Mail last Friday. Unfortunately, I have been so busy with other things I have not had time, until now, to make a comment on it on this blog.

Old Hessa, who recently made a prat of himself on the BBC Question Time programme when he tried to bullshit everyone that by giving away your nation’s sovereignty you strengthen it, and who despite being worth more £200 million, has been on a nice little EU earner from the EU.

The man that was once referred to as ‘Tarzan’, whose monkeying around with the EU and his unfailing support for it, who should have really have earned him the nickname ‘Cheetah’, according to Richard Kay has been getting around £90,000 a year from the EU in farming subsidies for the 1,255 acres of Oxfordshire his Lordship owns.

In the article it was revealed that the one-time darling of the Tory party has “pocketed a plethora of subsidies” from the EU, whilst at the same time small struggling farmers are not entitled to a penny of these hand-outs of our taxes, which we have extracted from us by our EU loving coalition Government, then given to the EU for it to waste as it sees fit.

It seems Lord Hessa has disputed the amounts received, but why else would he be so supportive of the EU? For most normal people there is no logical reason for the EU’s existence at all – it wastes our money, makes our laws and undermines our democracy – but Lord Cheetah is having none of that, his support for the EU and its support for him is unwavering.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


Peter Bone (on right) asking Cameron about a referendum on EU membership.

At the Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday 9th March 2011, Peter Bone, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Wellingborough, asked David Cameron a vital question regarding the much called for ‘in or out’ referendum on EU membership. Mr Bone reminded his party leader that over 80,000 Daily Express readers want it, so too does the Liberal Democrat leader and 80% of Conservative members all want it – so will Dave consent to a referendum on membership of the EU?

Sadly, the whole thing was turned it into a joke, but the serious thing was Mr Cameron’s response – he believes Britain should remain in the EU.

Vote Tory and get the EU is now the obvious thing. All those people who earnestly said to me during last year’s general election when I was the UKIP candidate for Walsall South: “I would like to vote for you but am afraid of letting the Labour back in”, actually voted to let the EU back in and continue governing Britain by operating its puppet, all they voted for was for puppet Brown to be replaced by puppet Cameron. Nothing has changed and nothing will change until people come to their senses and start voting for change by voting UKIP.

Is it not time Peter Bone and other Euro-sceptics in Parliament showed they mean what they say by joining UKIP, which is a real anti-EU Party instead of giving Cameron something to joke about.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Although this video is a bit on the long side at just over twelve minutes, it is well worth watching as Dr Lee Rotherham explains why we can no longer afford the folly of EU membership. In his words it is like dropping a block of gold off the end of a pier every 100 seconds. Listen, learn and campaign to get us out of the EU.

Monday, 7 March 2011


UKIP leader, Nigel Farage MEP, displaying the Daily Express and the 'Get out of the EU message.
Over this last weekend there have been two political conferences taking place, one in Cardiff and one in Scarborough.

At the Conservative Party spring conference in Cardiff David Cameron declared that as there is no money left in the UK piggy bank, the only option is to get behind the nation’s entrepreneurs as our only hope for growth and wealth creation. There is however, to use an oft used phrase, ‘an elephant in the room’ which he and all his little blinkered Tory chums deliberately try to ignore, namely in the rather ugly form of the EU.

Anyone who is a “Go getter”, as little David likes to call them, will most probably get up and go to the parts of the world where the EU and its thousands of mind boggling rules and bureaucratically mind numbing regulations don’t venture – and set up businesses there, give jobs to the locals and pay what reduced taxes these more open nations have – leaving the EU, which includes us, to the stinking mire it has created.

So, while Cameron and his band of not so merry men (after Barnsley) were deluding themselves in Cardiff, on the other side of the country up in Scarborough, there was a dose of good Yorkshire realism at the UKIP spring conference in the town’s Spa Centre.

‘Oop north’, as they say in the area, UKIP was having a great time of it, Jane Collins, the UKIP by-election candidate who knocked the Tories into third place in Barnsley after her successful campaign, and a humiliating sixth place for the Tories coalition partners, the Lib-Dems, was the star of the show and had a rousing cheer of support from the UKIP members at the dinner on the Friday night and the conference on Saturday morning.

UKIP is making great strides politically and has come a very long way in a short time in relation to British politics. The speech by Nigel Farage, (view HERE) the UKIP leader, gives you a taste the day and the optimism for better things in UKIP as more and more people realise the only way to sort out the EU mess the other three parties have landed us in is to vote UKIP and get us out of the EU – which is long overdue.

More photos from the successful UKIP conference.

UKIP local election candidates line up on stage.

The Earl of Darmouth.

Jane Collins, UKIP candidate for Barnsley.

Broadcaster and writer, John Gaunt.

UKIP members from the Wyre Forest branch having a good time. See more Spring Conference photos at: Derek No2EU.

Friday, 4 March 2011


Jane Collins, UKIP candidate pushing Conservative's into third place.

What a strange place is Barnsley, I had never been there before until the Parliamentary by-election was called after disgraced MP, Eric Illsley, was made to resign after being found guilty of fraudulently claiming expenses.

The town is built on a series of hills and its up and down wherever you go, which is a bit like the politics we are experiencing of late - and it was definitely up for the UKIP candidate, Jane Collins who took a great leap forward for UKIP by coming second, knocking the Tory candidate into third place. This is the second time UKIP has gained more election votes than the Governing party, it beat the Governing Labour Party vote in the 2009 European elections.

In what has been described as a ‘kicking’ for the Tory Lib-Dem coalition, UKIP came second, albeit a long way behind the Labour vote. One of the greatest pleasures of this vote was not only in the fact UKIP beat the Tory vote, but the absolute destruction of the Liberal Democrat's as their candidates came in a very sorry sixth place.

For a political party that has only had a short history, initially being formed in 1993, UKIP has taken some massive political strides and has grown fast to be a well recognised political force in the nation. A few years ago, those of us who campaign and stand in elections for UKIP, had difficulties explaining who we were as few had heard of us - but not now and after Barnsley UKIP’s name is well and truly placed on the political map of this country - so well done Jane - you have done UKIP a great service. This time second place, next time first.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


If fish stocks in our once sovereign waters around the coast of Britain are dwindling, how would you tackle the problem? Would you set up a system where all Britain’s fishermen are issued with bit of paper stipulating what types of fish and the maximum amount they can catch before they can set sail to face the rigours of the North Sea? Would you also stipulate that if they catch a species of fish that is not on their bit of paper it all has to be thrown back into the briny – dead, thus leaving them with no other option to keep repeating this deathly game until their nets, by sheer chance, happen to pull up the fish and quantity the bit of paper states?

Would you also open up the waters around Britain to hoards of foreign fishermen and issue them with more bits of paper than the indigenous fishermen, thus putting your own people out of work and driving the British fishing industry into bankruptcy and oblivion? The answer to that must surely be – of course not, what idiot would do such a thing?

Sadly, from the days of Prime Minister Ted Heath, who sold out this country and our fishing industry for little more than the dubious honour of going down in history as the shit who took Britain into the Common Market, to the present two-tone Lib-Con coalition, every single Government has gone along with this madness as they don’t want to upset their masters in the EU.

Christopher Booker and many others have been writing about this for years, all to little notice and avail. However, at last, the country is waking up to this fishy vandalism thanks to the efforts of Hugh Fearnley-Whittinstall who has been campaigning on this issue in recent weeks and promoting it on the TV. He has sent out an e-mail to all those who have registered their support to his campaign in which he writes:

“Firstly another very massive thank-you to all of you. Passing the 650,000 mark on our discards protest letter sign up (and the number is still rising) is a fantastic result. Myself and the whole fish fight team are seriously thrilled. Everything you are doing to help is hugely appreciated and most importantly it’s already started to make an impact. We’ve already had some subs¬tantial wins, many of which you can see on the impact page on our website.”

If you have not yet done so, please got to his web-site and sign up and give your support.