Friday, 28 January 2011


The last train to Wrexham.

There is something about people who work on the railways, no matter what they do, drive trains, lay tracks, collect tickets or any of the many jobs involved with running a railway, it becomes more than a job and a whole part of their lives which they even continue to live after they retire.

On the odd occasions we call into the pub at the bottom of our road for a pint, we meet a friend who worked on the railways for years; he knows all the train routes and times. He and some of his old workmates often go out on jollies with their free ex-railway employee passes and have a day out on the trains. They go to a town somewhere and arrive as the pubs open, have a beer then continue on a circular route stopping for a few more beers on the way.

Another, younger man who I have known in the same pub for years, used to be a train driver on local services. Sadly, he had a couple of jumpers, not the sort you wear but people committing suicide using the trains he was driving to do so. He coped with the first one but the second really cracked him up and after a stint, out of harms way, shunting trains in the Bescot sidings, he left the job.

No doubt railwaymen, and women, will be taking off their hats and bowing their heads in great sadness at the passing of the Wrexham and Shropshire Railway, which ceases operating today (Friday 28th January 2011) when its last train returns from London Marylebone.

My brother Bruce, who was a regular user of the service, he too will mourn its passing. Unlike me he does not yet qualify for a Senior Railcard which gives a substantial discount for rail travel, so when I whiz down to London, at peak times, on the Virgin Trains in an hour and a half with my discounted ticket, he used Wrexham and Shropshire paying a similar price to me, but travelled at a much more leisurely pace.

No one seemed to mind the fact the journey took that bit longer, it they could get a decent breakfast on the train, the older, ex-BR rolling stock, was comfortable and had a charm about it which regular users liked, and as well as low priced fares the staff were both helpful and friendly – what more could you want from a train-line?

In the last few years we have seen some massive changes to the way our trains are run. No longer do we have British Rail, which was always starved of funds, or their famous stale pork pies, thanks to EU directives on railways the whole lot has been broken up and we now have differing rail operators on differing routes offering different deals. The track and infrastructure belong to the state, but then there are different contractors working on maintenance, others leasing trains, carriages and other rolling stock. Then there are the people who maintain the trains and rolling stock, so when an accident occurs there can be anything up to twenty companies involved in the accident investigations. In the old days it was just BR which covered the lot.

Unlike Virgin and many other train operators, Wrexham and Shropshire railways had no subsidies and had to stand on their own two feet, or should that be rails. It is sad that they will no longer be operating, they will be missed by many, including my brother. If this or any other Government want us to leave our cars at the station and begin to use trains again, then there are going to have to be many changes, and not just high speed trains which should be low down on the railway priorities.

The complex and confusing ticketing system needs sorting out, new lines need building and opening up replacing those axed by Beaching. Overcrowding, especially in the South East, needs sorting out, and when these things are done then high speed rail should be considered as long as we don’t need to bulldoze villages and people’s homes to build it, as currently planned.

Goodbye and God bless Wrexham and Shropshire Railway, long live our railways - as long as they can be improved.

Thursday, 27 January 2011


The euro is crashing, Britain is becoming defenceless, our brand new and unused Nimrods have been sent to Steptoe and Son and, to put it in a nutshell, the world in which we live has gone stark raving bonkers.

Last night I saw the film ‘The Kings Speech’ which mostly was set in the days and years leading up to World War Two. Living in these mad days under the rule of the EU I hanker for those times when we were a nation and we had politicians of principle and stature such as Winston Churchill who could see war coming. Unlike today, due to our modern and highly complex technology where one aeroplane will take months to make, in those days fighter planes and bombers could be churned out hundreds at a time – at least we could arm ourselves quickly – but not now and we find ourselves in a perilous position ever more reliant on the EU and an increasingly disinterested USA for our defence – these are scary times.

At the same time as our Parliamentary sovereignty, democracy and right to govern ourselves goes to hell in a handcart, the EU is continually making plans to expand its ‘empire’ and take ever more control of our lives.

A little booklet came my way regarding the programme of the Hungarian Presidency. Apart from the usual EU jargon and claptrap, it gives an insight to the EU’s ambitions. We are its citizens, we did not ask for this, vote for it or given a say on the matter, but none the less we are all EU citizens like it or not – and the EU, chillingly, wants to get ‘closer to us’, as often repeated in this brief document.

The EU wants to become stronger and increase ‘common policies’, although we in Britain have always taken our freedoms and liberties for granted as we are born free and expect to remain free from state interference – unless we break the law, the EU wants to grant us freedoms. This means our freedoms no longer become a right by birth, but are granted to us by the EU which, should it decide, just as easily remove those freedoms it so graciously gave us. In effect because of EU membership freedom will no longer be a right of birth but a gift from the higher echelons of the great and the good in the EU.

Enlargement of the EU is still very much on its agenda with the future acceptance of Romania and Bulgaria to the Schengen area. The EU’s own border agency, Frontex, is to be strengthened and laws to harmonise cross border motoring offences, immigration and asylum are all to be looked at giving the EU even more control.

Sadly, our future in the EU does not look bright, but rather dim as the shades on British justice, freedom and liberty are to be pulled further down by the EU.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011


There are lots of things said about Baroness Ashton, none of which relate to her being some kind of beauty or object of male desire – that would be pushing things beyond the boundaries of anyone’s imagination and into the realms of pure fiction.

It would seem that the EU’s grossly overpaid and hardly ever visible High Representative has gone off to some pointless pow-wow in Iran and been far too visible, or bits of here were regarding Iranian modesty. This meeting which had been organised in the hope of asking Iran to curb it nuclear intentions, ended in failure – as you would expect when a useless bureaucrat meets up with an unreasonable host. All photos of the none event finished up doctored in the Iranian press to cover up the amount of cleavage Kathy Ashton, the old CND activist, was displaying.

It was earlier this week that it was revealed the Brussels Baroness, who earns are very juicy £230,000 a year for very little, other than helping to undermine the sovereignty of her country of birth, is taxed at a much lower rate than lesser mortals in the UK who struggle to get by after they have paid their full rate of tax and rising fuel costs.

By opting out of the British tax regime she saves up to 40,000 a year in tax, which does not please many British MEPs who are still taxed at UK rates.

The next time you get a tax statement, or take a look at how much of your earnings are deducted on your payslip, think about our hardly ever there EU Commissioner who has the one of the worst attendance rates of all EU Commissioners. These are taxing times, maybe that is why she cut back on the material in her vest, or was it all a cover up?

Monday, 24 January 2011


Those who read this little blog on a regular basis may have noticed a posting recently regarding the sale of my Rover car and the cost of temporary insurance, which soon will be compulsory. Fortunately for me my Rover, being such a well maintained and good little car, sold very quickly and I am now driving a slightly larger diesel estate car.

Although the fuel economy on diesels is pretty good, the cost of it is even higher than petrol and thanks to rising fuel prices, increased VAT and the ridiculous amount of fuel taxes, driving any sort of vehicle these days is becoming a very expensive experience, so much so the Taxpayer Alliance have been looking into it and their latest research document on this issue considers the taxes now imposed upon motorists at the pumps is excessive, especially when compared to what is taken by the Government in revenue and to total spent on our increasingly potholed roads.

One of the problems drivers face these days is the attitude that they are doing harm to the environment by using their vehicles, and like the purge against smokers; they are rapidly becoming the pariahs of society. But what are drivers supposed to do, most need their vehicles to do their work, as I do. Sadly, unless you live in a city such as London which has the underground system, easily available taxis and a plentiful supply of buses, relying on public transport, which is usually slow and variable, is hopeless. If you live in my part of Walsall there is no public transport on Sundays or after 7 pm in the evenings, so what are we supposed to do, sit at home and twiddle our thumbs?

If fuel prices continue to go as they are and people are forced off the roads, haulage companies forced out of business, soon the economy, or what is left of it, will begin to collapse as people will not be able to do their work and goods delivered to their destinations.

This, or any other Government, cannot go on pricing people off the roads, their so called ‘Green taxes’ are just fooling everyone, including themselves, to use a pun they are fuelling the motorists who will have to protests to stop this madness. Why not start by signing the petition the Sun newspaper is running.

Friday, 21 January 2011


Around 1966, roughly twelve months after I passed my driving test, a pal and I took my old Morris Traveller into Birmingham City centre and parked on meter near the Town Hall. Being a good little teenager at the time, I fed a couple of tanners (6d or two and a half pence each) into the old style wind-up parking meter for a couple of hours parking and trotted off with hardly a care in the world. When we returned there was a parking fine slapped on the windscreen for an excess charge, I was outraged as I had not overstayed my time and complained bitterly.

It seems that when I fed the meter the bloody thing hadn’t wound back properly thus registering a shorter time than I had paid for, even more frustrating Birmingham City Council said they checked the meter and it was in full working order, then demanded I pay my unjust dues. I was not a happy young man and even more skint than normal.

This is the problem with fines, they seldom seem fair especially when you take a look at the amount of fines the EU now imposes on us here in Great Britain. The National Audit Office has identified that Britain has already paid £398 million in EU fines and has set aside another £601 million for future fines, which amounts to roughly £1 billion the long suffering taxpayers of this nation will have to stump up. At the same time we will be digging deeper into our rapidly emptying pockets whilst many of our vital and other services will be cut. Our defences are being reduced to such dangerous levels we will have trouble protecting ourselves from a determined band of rebel Boy Scouts, and the slashing and burning of local facilities such as libraries, swimming baths and much else will leave many without these well used and much needed local facilities.

These European Union imposed fines have been mounting up due to our Eurocrats concluding that financial management of European spending was inadequate. The way they impose penalties is through withholding money due to the UK as part of EU funding with our Government making up the difference. Considering the UK is a net contributor to the EU budget, in effect it is fining us for not handling the small amount of our own money it gives to us despite the fact we give £billions on top of what is returned!

The real outrage of this is the fact that we have a weird chimera of a Government which is quite content to put up with this lunatic penalties situation as well as meekly handing over £billions of our much needed money, to be squandered by the EU, to no benefit to us. They are quite content to also pay the fines without a squeak. I made more fuss over my thirty bob (£1.50) fine as a spotty faced teenager in 1966 than this lot whose unquestioning compliance to the EU is costing us vast sums of money which would be far better spent on those whose taxes pay for it. As one UKIP campaigner explained to me, the only cut we need is the EU.

Thursday, 20 January 2011


As mentioned on this blog many times, there is nothing the EU can leave it sticky little fingers off and football clubs have become our unelected Eurocrats latest thing to meddle with. West Midland UKIP, MEP Mike Nattrass, who apart from being a keen football supporter, has been campaigning against EU membership for over twenty years, is not very pleased about new Brussels proposals for the clubs which run our national game.

He says British soccer supporters should call foul over the EU getting involved in football as it could stifle the ambition of clubs and spoil the FA's media export market.

He has called for the red card to be shown at the EU for getting involved in UEFA plans which could ban football clubs from the Champions League if they fail to comply with tough financial rules.

Under these regulations, which are backed by the European Commission, football clubs must not spend more than they earn.

But, Mike Nattrass states that football is nothing to do with the EU and voters do not expect their teams to be politically represented, however this move would be terrible news for British football and for clubs which are keen to progress both domestically and on the European stage.

Mr Nattrass commented: “The UK is ahead of the pack in this field and we sell the rights to show football on TV across the globe.

“It really makes one wonder if the EU will ever stop interfering in commercial matters, rather than leaving it to the FA.

“It is a fact that many MEPs would prefer to talk about football and grab expenses rather than run an economy.

“How long will it be before snooker, rugby and tiddlywinks comes under EU powers?

“Three years ago the EU parliament discussed the possibility of the UK having one national football team rather than England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and voted in favour but the vote was buried.

“These plans would shackle the finances and ambitions of football clubs and see soccer stars disappear from Premier league’ football pitches.

“It would also see high level football stagnate as lower position teams would be discouraged from making serious investment in growth.

“UEFA and the EU have the audacity to say these are fair play rules. I call on football clubs and soccer supporters to show these plans the red card and defend the beautiful game,” he added.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


The UKIP MEP for London, Gerard Batten, has warned in the European Parliament why the EU is a threat to our NHS. Our free health service is vital for many people in the UK who, otherwise, would not be able to afford medical insurance or attention if we lost our National Health Service. See the video below.


There’s been lots going on since my last posting on this blog, sadly I’ve been too busy with other things to write about them. I have not had chance to comment on the Irish Taoiseach, Brian Cowan escaping a vote of no confidence because of their financial problems and the fact he denied he was talking to the bosses of the bankrupt ex-Anglo Irish Bank.

The EU’s Galileo satellite system has been racking up even more expense, and has military implications which have always been denied by Euro fanatics. However, now I have five minutes to do a bit of blogging the thing that got me going when I heard the news was the BBC news item on the reintroduction of the great bustard to this country on Salisbury Plain all thanks to the generosity of the EU.

According to the BBC, which takes every opportunity to tell us how wonderful the EU is, 18 great bustards are now established all thanks to a £1.8 million hand out from the EU whose generosity shows no bounds. Of course, the BBC reporters very conveniently forget to inform us that in order for us to get that money, we had to hand over to the EU somewhere in the region of £2.5 million in the first place and the EU has trousered the rest.

The bird brains who promote the EU and constantly inform us that we can’t afford to leave the EU, thus doing everything to keep us shackled to it are actually costing us money and doing great harm to the nation – silly bustard’s!

Friday, 14 January 2011


Last night, in the long, arduous and hard battle to restore British sovereignty, our UKIP candidate, Paul Nuttall MEP, who is also the UKIP Deputy Leader, took almost 6% of the vote in the Oldham & Sadleworth Parliamentary by-election. On the whole this was not a bad result for UKIP, although it did not reflect the vast campaigning effort put in by our teams of highly dedicated UKIP members, as pointed out on Bloggers For UKIP.

When people ask those of us in UKIP what we are campaigning for, as well as pointing out our many sound UKIP policies, this short video, which I urge you to view, explains perfectly why Britain should quit EU membership as soon as possible. We can't afford it either financially or morally.

Thursday, 13 January 2011


Car for sale, the joys of getting temporary insurance.

There are moves afoot to force all car owners to have permanent car insurance for their vehicles, even though they may not be in use and off the road. Under the new law which is currently being debated anyone who owns a vehicle will be committing an offence if their car is uninsured and will receive warning letters and fines if they fail to comply, rather like the Road Fund Licence which all cars have to have by law.

The thinking behind this is to stop the high number of uninsured drivers currently on our roads who create mayhem for everyone else. Many of these uninsured drivers cause accidents and often injury leaving their victims to pick up the costs and the burden of their folly. From what little I understand of this new law anyone taking a car off the road and out of use will have to register some sort of SWORN document in the same way as we now have to with the DVLC when a car is not taxed. Any uninsured vehicle, just like untaxed vehicles, could be seized and crushed if the owner fails to comply.

OK, all sounds fine and dandy so far, but then there are the consequences of such measures, one of which has personally come home to me due to being in the process of buying another car and selling my old Rover myself.

The first thing to note, like any laws made to sort out the unlawful minority, the majority are made to suffer. It reminds me of my school days when one kid got up to some sort of mischief and not knowing who the culprit is; the teacher would punish the whole class to get at that one – which is grossly unfair.

Those lacking in the ways of any kind of legality will not take the slightest bit of notice of such a law, their vehicles will be unregistered too and the authorities will not have a clue as to who they are or where their vehicle is, unless caught red handed behind the wheel, which with all the cut backs and the reliance on the inappropriately name ‘safety cameras’, there will be few actual police to catch the blighters, added to which the police will be too busy arresting people on behalf of the EU under its European Arrest Warrants also others for defending themselves against criminals our for so called ‘hate crimes’ by cracking non-politically correct jokes.

So, what happens to the average person, who like me, wants to update their car but the trade in offer from the car dealer is so bad you decide to sell your old car yourself? You get hit hard in the wallet by the insurance companies is the answer.

Last year when I purchased my Rover from my next door neighbour, who had owned the car from new, I insured it and told the insurance company to leave the current insurance on my old car so I could continue to use it – no problem and about a month later I sold the car after someone saw my car for sale notice stuck in the window of the car. This time there is nothing but complications.

No problem calling my insurers and giving the details of my new vehicle, but when I informed them I wanted to keep good old faithful Rover on the road oh dear. “Sorry sir” came the reply; “You will have to apply for temporary cover on-line”. That’s where the problems began. I went to their web-site where I was assured I could find temporary cover – could I hell. So I began to look at other sites and was horrified. Good old Rover cost me around £350 a year to insure fully comp, but for one month temporary cover the average is around £250, which is madness and a real rip-off.

Although it is easier to sell a car by using it with a car for sale notice in the windows, as I have done before, it looks as if from Monday the car will have to sit on my drive unused and uninsured as there is no way I am going to pay such a large sum of dosh for one month’s insurance. This then is what made be begin to ponder the effects of this new law, to do such a thing as I am considering is currently not a problem as long as I am not tempted to use the car, but at some stage in the future law abiding people in my current position will find life very expensive while the uninsured, couldn’t care less, nutters will continue on their uninsured way leaving a trail of problems behind them and our Government Ministers informing us they have sorted out the problem. In life there is the certainty of death, taxes and insurance – or not.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


Protester outside the Houses of Parliament protesting about EU membership.

Yesterday at 4.30pm I clicked on the ‘Democracy Live’ web-site and began watching the start of the debate on the European Union Bill, I had time to watch the first twenty or so minutes of the debate which opened with the Stone MP, Bill Cash, putting forward his amendments to the Bill.

The first thing I noticed was that for such an important debate, which in effect was about who governs this country, our own sovereign and democratically elected Parliament, or the EU who no one elects or has any control over, was the poor attendance of the Members. Well over half of them could not be bothered to turn up and debate whether or not they should retain the right to represent the people who voted for them by having the power to make laws for the country, or in effect have that right and power removed and continue to allow EU laws to override those they make in our Parliament.

The general idea of this Bill is to ensure that any power grab by the EU has to go to the people in a referendum who in turn decides to grant the EU that power, or not. This seems all fine and dandy until you begin to look at the fine detail.

The big concern of many is who decides what is a power grab by the EU? This, it seems, will not be the province of Parliament, but of the courts and how will they decide what is significant or not, also the fact Parliament is being overridden by the courts which again undermines its power – which is the very problem of EU membership itself.

It seems that to sort out the mess Parliament and Government got itself into a bigger hole must be dug.

As Bill Cash was explaining his amendments he took interventions, one being from Geraint Davies, who is the Labour MP for Swansea West. He asked: “How does the hon. Gentleman reconcile his call for sovereignty of the House with the fact that, on 1 January, we saw established the European Securities and Markets Authority in Paris, the European Banking Authority in London, the European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority in Frankfurt and the European Systemic Risk Board, all of which trump national organisations such as the Financial Services Authority and the Bank of England? Is this not an unreal debate? This is happening now and is constraining our action, and none of these amendments will make any difference to the fact of those constraints.

He has more than a good point, all this Bill is doing is trying to shut the stable door after the horse has bolted as the EU has already removed masses of power from our Parliament.

At one point Mr Cash said: “Since 1972, there has been an accumulation that has now turned into a tsunami—a sort of Pied Piper of Hamelin, whom we all remember from our childhoods - as the accumulated rumbling and tumbling has gone on and on. We are now faced with a continuous stream of legislation divesting the House of its right to legislate, and this is an opportunity - one not invented by me in terms of the clauses proposed by the Government - to enable us to regain the sovereignty that belongs to the people of this country, the voters in general elections and Members of Parliament elected to the House for the purposes of protecting those voters’ interests.

After this comment that rabidly pro-EU sycophant, Denis Mc Shane MP, intervened and said: Just as we start this interesting debate, I would like to know whether the hon. Gentleman accepts the broad principle of pacta sunt servanda. (don’t ask what it means) Bill Cash responded: ““Et sine lite loquax cum Palladis alite cornix”. He explained: “I was talking about the crow that was quacking on the fence.” Martin Horwood, the Liberal Democrat MP for Cheltenham retorted:” Is the hon. Gentleman now in favour of establishing a common European language?” Cash replied: “As long as it subscribed to the classical arrangements that were provided for when we all actually spoke Latin properly, the answer would be yes.”

The problem of such Bills and debates regarding the power given and taken by the EU is that it is reminds us of King Canute trying to turn back the tide. We are now swamped by so much EU legislation this Bill is too little, too ineffective and about 39 year too late. There is only one possible solution to the EU problem and only one way Parliament can become sovereign again, and that is to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act which is the one Act of Parliament that grants the EU the power for its laws to override those made in Westminster by our elected representatives – nothing else will do.

There has been comment about the European Union Bill, and no doubt more to come, but until the inevitable day when Britain comes to its senses, elects a UKIP Government and quits the EU, no amount of Bills or Parliamentary debates will stop the EU taking power from us. It has the Lisbon Treat which grants it the status of a nation and removed many duties from our Government and its institutions. We are losing our British embassies which are being replaced by European Embassies, we have thousands of pages of EU law already imposed upon us and creating havoc to our industry and businesses – yesterday’s talk and posturing in Parliament was a pleasant distraction – but in reality this Bill will not change a single thing.

Below is a summary of the Bill from the Parliament web-site.

The Bill aims to strengthen the UK procedures for agreeing to or ratifying certain EU decisions and Treaty changes. The Bill has been drafted in the context of new EU methods of approving Treaty changes and calls for more public and/or parliamentary involvement in such decisions.

Key areas
• Provides for a referendum throughout the United Kingdom on any proposed EU treaty or Treaty change which would transfer powers from the UK to the EU
• Ensures that an Act of Parliament would have to be passed before a ‘ratchet clause’ or a passerelle (bridging clause) in the European Union Treaty could be used. In addition, if the passerelle involved a transfer of power or competence from the UK to the EU, this would also be subject to a referendum before the Government could agree to its use
• Enables the UK to ratify a Protocol to allow additional European Parliament seats for the UK and 11 other Member States during the current European Parliament term, and to legislate for the extra UK seat
• Provides for a sovereignty clause in the European Communities Act 1972 confirming that ultimate legal authority remains with the UK Parliament rather than the EU.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011


What do you think of when you think of Belgium? Beer? Chocolates? Possibly the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage’s favorite place to comment on? There’s not much else about Belgium other than it is a strange creation, a none country which is also home to that other none country in the making, the European Union.

Well now you have something new to think about Belgium, hot on the heals of Portugal it is another one of the EU’s eurozone countries that is rapidly going down the fiscal pan due to a combination of joining the euro and the fact the country has not had a proper government to run it since April 2010, also for a period before that.

Reported on the Daily Mail web-site is the news that Belgium, because it has not had a proper government for so long, there has been no one in charge to ensure that the none country has not put into place any kind of austerity package even though its debt burden is now the third highest in in Europe.

Borrowing in the EU’s host country has risen again and Standard and Poor’s rating agency has warned Belgium’s credit rating could be downgraded if it cannot find a government soon.

The main reason Belgium has not been able to elect a government is due to the deep divide in the nation between the Flemish and Walloon’s who speak different languages and have a general dislike for each other. As Nigel Farage points out, if Belgium is like a mini EU what chance has the EU got with 27 nations of differing cultures and a multitude of languages.

Sadly, if the inevitable happens and Belgium has to be bailed out, despite the rhetoric from Cameron, Hague and other about our bailouts, no doubt the EU will instruct us to put our hand in our taxpaying pockets yet again to bail Belgium out too. I hope we at least get some beer and chocolates out of this very poor deal.

Monday, 10 January 2011


Stuart Wheeler, the spread betting tycoon now UKIP Treasurer.

Here’s some breaking UKIP news for the blog, the multi-millionaire spread betting tycoon, Stuart Wheeler, has just been approved as the UK Independence Party Treasurer. This is truly good news for UKIP and not good for the Conservative Party as Mr Wheeler was, pre the 2009 European election, one of the biggest Tory backers as he had given £ millions to them.

This news shows that his commitment to UKIP is now fully entrenched. Speaking of his new position as a leading figure in UKIP he said,
"I believe that what UKIP is doing is vital for this country, and of course the party's financial management is crucial.

“So I am very honoured to have been appointed Treasurer and I shall do my very best in both helping to raise money for the party and in the management of its financial affairs under Nigel Farage as leader and Steve Crowther as Executive Chairman"

Nigel Farage the UKIP leader said,
"I am absolutely thrilled that Stuart Wheeler has become UKIP's Treasurer. Our policies are now mainstream in British politics: all that is holding us back is a lack of funds and I believe that a highly respected Eurosceptic like Stuart will help us do the job".

With the Daily Express running an ongoing campaign for Britain to leave the EU, UKIP’s broad range of well considered policies and the failure of the Tory Lib Dem coalition to achieve anything successful , many others will begin to take Stuart Wheeler’s lead and quit their pro-EU parties and join UKIP’s rising star. UKIP is now the real deal, or should that be the Wheeler deal?


The people of poor little Estonia, which have made the foolhardy leap from retaining its own sovereign currency to be replaced by the EU’s euro, must be looking on in horror as the more vulnerable eurozone nations all tumble financially in turn. Not only has their shiny new coins which went into circulation on the 1st January already created a diplomatic row with neighbouring Russia due to the maps on them showing a chunk of Russia as part of Estonia, but the currency they have joined seems to be collapsing all around them, the latest victim being Portugal.

As reported today (10th January 2011) in the Daily Telegraph, it looks Portugal is being put under serious pressure to accept a bailout of €80 billion sooner, rather than later even though Portugal has denied it needs help.

Naturally, any bail out for Portugal will involve a chunk of British taxpayers money, despite the fact we can ill afford it. The Telegraph reports that the crisis is expected to spread to Spain which has an economy twice that of Portugal and will require an even bigger bailout. The EU farce Carry On Up the Euro is nowhere near as humorous as the film comedies of old.

Friday, 7 January 2011


Eurosceptic Life Peer, Lord Tebbit.

There was a time the Conservative Life Peer, Lord Tebbit, was known as the ‘Chingford Skinhead’ for his forthright ways and receding hairline. Norman Tebbit as he was, has never been one for mincing his words and if he’s not happy about something then he makes it known – and he’s not at all happy with the current wishy-washy Lib – Con coalition.

Tebbit is a true Tory, he has Tory written in his DNA coding and entwined in his genes, the sad fact is for Lord Tebbit and any other true Conservatives is that there is no longer a Conservative Party to vote for or support.

The strange political chimera which now calls itself the Government is obviously not to his Lordships tastes, because of this he is urging the voters of Oldham by-election, which will take place on Thursday 13th January, to go out and vote UKIP to ensure the Liberal Democrats get a real drubbing – and looking at the polls it looks as if it doesn’t need Lord Tebbit’s help to achieve this aim – they are plummeting perfectly well all on their own.

It is sad that Lord Tebbit, like the faithful old hound whose master has died waiting for his return, still waits for the real Conservative Party to come back. Sadly this is not going to happen but many faithful in their ranks hang on desperately living in hope. Many of us saw the death of the Tory Party at the hands of the Europhile parasite that infest it when they betrayed Margaret Thatcher, we all moved on knowing it was gone. While people such as Christopher Gill the ex Conservative MP for Ludlow and many others moved on to UKIP, a core of forlorn faithful true Conservatives remain despite the warm hand of welcome offered them in UKIP which is now the only hope for Britain.

Paul Nuttall, the UKIP Oldham by-election candidate, obviously welcomes the news that Lord Tebbit has so publically backed him. Up until the UKIP 2010 conference in Torquay Paul was the UKIP Chairman, as well as a popular and well liked figure in the party.

Oldham is not what would be described as natural UKIP political territory and has been a pretty safe Labour seat. No doubt the feelings of the people of the area, being forced to go back and do the election all over again after their MP, Phil Woolas, was kicked out for telling porkies about his Lib Dem opponent during the General Election last year, will no doubt be reflected in this by-election. It is hoped that they don’t take the Neanderthal option and vote BNP, especially when they have a true pro-British, none racist, party in the shape of UKIP to vote for.

Lord Tebbit’s support for UKIP must have rattled the pro-EU Tory leader, David Cameron, who seems to be willing the Liberal Democrat candidate to win, despite the stark fact this is going to be a dire election for the Lib Dems.

In the recent past I have written to Lord Tebbit to invite him to come and join his real friends in UKIP. Sadly, he declined and stated he has been a Conservative all his life and will remain a Conservative. It’s a shame he has no Conservative Party to belong to – at least he is telling everyone to vote UKIP.

New of Lord Tebbit's support for UKIP is also crossing the Atlantic too and this blog is quoted.

Thursday, 6 January 2011


There’s a long standing comment amongst the rapidly growing ranks of Eurosceptics, if the EU applied to join itself then it would fail due to the lack of democracy within it. The EU and its acolytes talk a lot about democracy but loathe the reality of it, as we have seen every time a referendum affecting the EU has gone the way the EU dislikes. In 1992 the Danish voted against the dreadful Maastricht Treaty, they were forced a year later to do it again with the warning to get it right this time. The French and Dutch voted against the EU constitution, but they still have it inflicted upon them in the form of the Lisbon Treaty. The Irish also voted against the Treaty of Nice and the EU constitution and made to do it again. Once they have given the answer the EU wants the people are never given a chance to change their mind.

And so we in Britain find we are stuck in this strange world of the EU where, as a supposedly democratic nation we can vote out and replace our politicians and Governments, but have no say over those in the EU who actually make all the decisions which are then imposed upon our elected representatives. Sadly, our democracy is seriously undermined, if not already destroyed.

The real power in the European Union these days is the unelected and extremely highly paid bureaucrats known as EU Commissioners – they are the ones making the decisions, the EU Parliament are there as a democratic fa├žade serving decorative purposes only. Despite the fact that if Britain wanted to regain not only its full democratic status, but have influence in the world it would have to leave the EU, we are constantly fed the lie that we have to be in the EU to have influence. What influence we have supposed to have from being stuck in the EU has also been steadily diminishing over our long and unhappy membership of it. Most of our veto has gone in the Council of Ministers leaving us defenceless against the EU attacks upon many of our institutions. Our ministers are constantly outvoted through the use of Qualified Majority Voting (QMV). The number of British MEPs have shrunk in the European Parliament and we only have one British EU Commissioner due to enlargement of the EU. That EU Commissioner is Baroness Ashton who also doubles as the EU’s High Representative.

It has now come to light that thanks to her lack of attendance at Commission meeting we have even less representation, not that her role is to represent the British people as all Commissioners are there to serve the EU rather than the people. Despite taking 100 percent of her very large income, the elusive lady only attends around one third of the EU Commission meetings and uses the excuse she hates to be away from home at the weekends, leaving the question; why did she take the job if you don’t want what the job involves?

Questions are being asked by many regarding this Labour Party appointed Commissioner as to her whereabouts and if she is up to the job. It seems we have a case of the lady vanishes whenever there is a meeting which she is paid by the taxpayers to attend.

Wednesday, 5 January 2011


The other day, during the Christmas break, I decided to have a tidy up in the pantry, or whatever you can call it, under the stairs in our house as there was piles of all sorts of odds and ends in there – as well as things we need. Everything came off the shelves, got sorted in various piles and the junk thrown out, that was when I realised just how many 100w incandescent light bulbs we had – and there was a lot of them as I had been storing them for months before the EU banned them in favour of the so-called ‘energy saving ‘ bulbs which give out little light and are a serious health hazard if broken due to them being filled with mercury, which ironically the EU has banned in other things. Such is the mad hypocritical ways of the EU.

My advanced hoarding of 100w bulbs made me wonder if those who have been safely using herbal medicines are now busy doing the same thing as from the 1st May this year new EU rules will be enforced regarding the manufacture and supply of herbal medicines. The effects of this will impact quite a bit upon those who both supply and use them.

Under the new EU rules only those registered wit, and approved by, the EU will be able to manufacture and proscribe herbal remedies, many of which have been used safely for centuries. All manufacturers of herbal medicines will have to have their remedies tested at a cost of between £80,000 to £100,000 per herb used. This means that a product which is already known to be safe after years of use, which uses five types of herb, could cost up to half a million quid to get tested. For something that sells for a pound or two it won’t be viable and soon many herbal medicines will vanish, much to the frustration of their users.

The other impact will be on those who retail these products as all herbal medicines will have to be proscribed. Currently a person can walk into their local Holland & Barratt store, have a much around and pick up something from the shelf, pay for at the till and with luck their piles will be cured and never return. But after the 1st May they are going to have consult someone who is an EU approved Herbal practitioner before obtaining their regular remedy – if of course the manufacturers can still afford to produce it due to the enormous testing costs.

This new EU directive, which like all badly conceived EU directives and rules, is going to have an impact which as yet is not known. UKIP MEP Mike Nattrass, when giving talks often relates a tale which reflects the impact such measures as this have. Due to the EU’s REACH directive many chemical products have to be tested, at a similar cost to those above. A few years ago a businessman based in Worcester invented a very simple fly trap which was ideal for exporting to many parts of the world where such a low tech product would have been of great value. It was a simple design which used ordinary pepper within the trap to make its sides slippery so when the flies and other pests fell in they couldn’t get out. He was all ready to begin production and take on staff, he had customers lined up around the world – then the EU stepped in and told him that to get it approved under the REACH directive he would have to pay a vast sum of money to get it chemical ingredients tested. “Oh, there’s no problem there” said our businessman, its only pepper which is the same people have been putting on their food for as long as man has been cooking. “Oh no” said the man from the EU, once it goes into a fly trap it becomes an insecticide and has to be tested. The end result is he now produces and exports his fly traps in a non-EU country which is not bogged down with petty-fogging rules and the people he was going to employ in the UK remained on the dole. Such is the impact of the EU.

The chances are that after the 1st May herbal retail outlets will struggle to survive, many will go to the wall with the subsequent job losses and many herbal remedies will vanish. From then on there will no doubt be a black market of illegal, and suspect products which will take their place either from back street suppliers or on-line. Those taking them won’t know what they are taking or the safety of the product - that is when the real poisoning will begin, all thanks to the EU.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


The terrible murder of Joanna Yeates in Bristol just before Christmas should give us a stark reminder of what we face losing when the European system of law, Corpus Juris, eventually replaces our long standing legal system, Habeas Corpus.

As with most things EU our various governments of differing shades, be they red, blue or the current two-tone coalition, quietly implement the EU’s demands without really explaining to the people what they are doing. Our Magistrates Courts which have served us well for so long are being undermined and our jury system phased out as the EU’s Corpus Juris is stealthily introduced. Double jeopardy has gone which means the state can retry a person originally found innocent in a court of law for the same crime over and over again until it gets the result it wants and many people are finding they are accused and presumed guilty of crimes and have to prove their innocence rather than the authorities proving their guilt – which is all part of Corpus Juris.

With the Joanna Yeates case the procedures followed by the police is just how British law should be conducted. Her landlord, who does not quite fit the profile of a normal person as he has a few eccentricities, was obviously a prime suspect and detained for questioning. Under British law the police can only detain a person for a limited time, they did apply to the courts for an extension but when that additional time lapses they have to either let him go or charge him as long as they have enough evidence to satisfy the courts. In this case the suspect, who was always presumed innocent, was let go and other leads are now being investigated.

On the continent Joanna’s landlord may have been arrested and presumed guilty, their system meant he could have been detained without rights for as long as they wanted while they gathered evidence against him. A lazy police force may find this system preferable as an arrested oddball may suit them but justice would not be done and the real killer or killers never found. Our system has forced the police to look further which may not be convenient as we all want to get such a maniac off our streets as soon as possible, but it has to be the right person and not one that fits the bill.

Whoever the police finally arrest and charge, will still be considered innocent right up until the moment a jury, after hearing all the evidence, makes its decision. On the continent the poor soul arrested and decided by the police that this is the guilty person, will at some stage face a trial without jury and tried by judges who may not be impartial and may even have had pressure put on them to find the person in the dock guilty for political reasons – this can’t happen here yet, but be warned – it’s on its way.

Thanks to our relatively fair system of justice when Joanna’s killer gets put away, we can all be reassured justice has been done, when Corpus Juris rules, as it will if we remain in the EU, we will never be sure.