Monday, 5 December 2011


Oh dear, the BBC have been at it again feeding misinformation about the EU, this time on BBC West Midlands this morning, Monday 5th December 2011.

Pauline, who is one of our Walsall UKIP members called me as she was really upset after listening to one of the local presenters, a chap named Phil Upton. It seems this chap is a bit of a know all, despite the fact he doesn't know his nether regions from his elbow when it comes to talking about the EU, he spouts off as if he is the font of all EU knowledge.

What had got our Pauline in a lather was one of the callers to Phil Upton's programme, which at the time was discussing debt and the hard economic times we all now face, correctly stated that we were giving large sums of our money to the EU and questioned why we were doing that when we could not afford it. Phil Upton rounded on this chap and stated we get more from the EU than we put in and that membership was a good thing for us for our trade - oh dear.

The poor caller who obviously hadn't got the confidence to defend his statement backed down, which was sad because he was right and Phil upton totally out of his depth spouting nonesense on a matter he obviously knows nothing about, other than the usual BBC pro-EU brainwashing speel.

Because of this, and Pauline's insistence, I have sent Mr Upton an e-mail, via BBC WM, which I now copy below:

This morning one of your callers stated that we currently give the EU large sums of our money, to which you stated we benefit from EU membership and we currently receive more than we put in. Sadly, this was an incorrect statement.

The records from the latest Government Pink Book, which shows our payments to the EU, show that our current payments stand at a rate of the taxpayers of Britain, paying to the EU, £50 million a day, seven days a week. Britain is a net contributor to EU funds, what we receive in grants and structural payments from the EU equates to far less than we contribute.

Britain has a deficit regarding trade with the EU, other EU countries sell more of their goods to us than we to them, this trade would not cease if we left the EU.

You will find that when a total of all trade is taken, which includes you buying your groceries at your local store, 80 per cent of all trade in the UK is internal. Of the remaining 20 per cent that is exported, it is claimed that 50 per cent of that is to the EU, despite the fact a certain amount of these exports are sent in containers to the Dutch ports of Amsterdam and Rotterdam where they are re-sorted and then shipped out to none EU countries. In reality about 10 per cent of our total export trade is to the EU yet Britain is being asked to surrender around 70 per cent of our national sovereignty for the sake of this 10 per cent of trade - this does not represent a good deal.

May I suggest you give some balance to your comments of this morning and correct the statement we get more out of the EU than we put in, unless of course you mean EU laws and legislation which now accounts for around 75 per cent of our laws.


F***W*T TW****R said...

Well put. You have also mentioned the bilions p.a. in costs to British business'.

Anonymous said...

You'll need some evidence to support that 75% of our laws business! explains quite nicely how you and your party also make incorrect statements!

Harry L.

Mike Spilligan said...

DB: I think you'll find that it's £50m per day, not per hour - and that's grievous enough; but I stand to be corrected if I'm wrong.
I'd like to find out how BBC presenters get their information, which, when it comes to the EU, is more wrong than right. Do they get a "crib sheet" just before the programme, or do they attend training camps?

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Mike, theanks for pulling me up on that matter of the contributions, it was a real claanger I was getting my millions mixed up. I have now corrected it.

Harry L. Just open your eyes and take a look at what is happening, no British Government can make laws for this land that contravene EU law. The EU pours out masses of legislation which finds its way on to our statute books - there is so much of it Parliament does not even have the chance to scrutinise most of it.

Anonymous said...

Neatly sidestepped. You need to put your own house in order before complaining about Mr Upton. Have you got any evidence about 75% of our laws coming from the EU or not then?


Anonymous said...

oh Derek, you do talk bollocks.

Have you looked at this website
It's a list of UK legislation from which you will see that nothing like 75% of UK laws come from europe; much of new legislation has to comply with european standards (safety, quality and the like)but the idea that 'europe' writes our law is so childishly simplistic that it beggars belief.