Friday, 30 July 2010


Last night I attended a local council by-election in the City of Wolverhampton as the election agent for our UKIP candidate, Barry Hodgson (the chap on the left). Because Barry and the Wolverhampton team decided not to campaign in the election and that Barry was to be, what is termed a paper candidate, the result was not brilliant for us. However, the really interesting thing about the by-election result in Bilston North was the size of the vote (or lack of it) for the Coalition Government partners, the Liberal Democrats who succeeded in coming last.

The ward had, up until last night (29th July 2010) been a marginal ward for the Conservative Party, it was traditionally Labour but a hard working and well liked Tory took it off them and held it until her death recently, hence the by-election. The Conservative Party should also be concerned about their result too as there was a substantial swing back to Labour in the ward.

The results in alphabetic order were:
Berry, Conservative – 460.
Freil, Liberal Democrat - 52
Gardener, BNP - 131.
Hodgson, UKIP – 55.
Leach, Labour – 1292.

If our UKIP candidate, who did not campaigning or work in this election at all, can still get three votes more than the Liberal Democrats then Nick Clegg and his party are in deep do-dah, to say the least.

This follows a similar experience literally in Walsall, where again I had been the election agent for our UKIP candidate, Paul Valdmanis in the Bloxwich West Ward. His vote beat the Liberal Democrat candidate by 20 votes in that one. The Greens had the privilege of being last.

These are only two local by-elections, both with low turnouts of just over 20%, but it would be interesting to see what is going on around the country and if similar results are recorded. If that is the case then this coalition is in trouble. The members and supporters of the Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties are generally not happy with the situation – they voted for their party and got something else. David Cameron is proving to be an ineffective weak leader and not doing well on the world stage, and Nick Clegg, as expected by this blogger, is going all out to prove what an utter prat he is. On this basis the Labour Party could find itself back in power sooner than it thinks – and God help us all.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


UKIP General Secreatary, Jonathan Arnott, writes about Iceland & the EU.

The UKIP General Secretary, Jonathan Arnott, reports on the situation regarding the lack of interest in joining the EU by the people of Iceland.

News has it that Brussels is apparently ‘concerned’ over falling support for the EU in Iceland. As we all know, Iceland has prospered outside the European Union and even today, polls show that 60% of people in Iceland are opposed to European Union membership. The European Union’s response? As ever, they believe that the people of Iceland need more ‘education’.

The EU enlargement Commissioner said, "This shows that there's a need for more objective information about the EU and its policies". In EU-speak, the phrase ‘objective information’ is merely another way of saying ‘propaganda’.

Perhaps if the British people were offered genuinely objective information about the European Union, the general public would recognise the seriousness of the situation that we are in.

There is another interesting snippet of information about Iceland’s proposed membership of the European Union. Under the terms of the ‘deal’, there is a suggestion that Iceland’s fishing waters would be given a special status and exemption from other countries being able to fish Icelandic waters.

Of course, the UK’s fishing waters have been decimated by foreign-flagged vessels and caused a genuine problem with conservation of fish stocks because we were not given such a status. Any ‘deal’ that Iceland negotiates will only be temporary, so their fishermen will receive only a temporary stay of execution if they join the EU.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010


As the music strikes up the announcer calls out: ‘Take your partners please for the smelly-foot dance’, yes, you read that right, the ‘smelly-foot dance’. Never heard of the ‘smelly-foot dance’? Good gracious, where have you been? The EU has and what’s more, it is one of the many things it considers worth funding – with our money, as, of course, it knows you would never object to such a thing!

This obscure dance is just one of the mad things the EU is spending, what was until the press got wind of it, a secret fund of £400 of our money on. Other things the EU are using this funding for include postcards on social exclusion, which, by the time all 736 of them have been produced in six languages they work out to around £200 a card.

Much of this information has been discovered by the think tank Open Europe, a great deal of it is classed by the EU as “confidential”, including the £166,000 on a street circus which has the aim to “strengthen international understanding”. The only thing this blogger understands is that this is a total waste of money – but what else can we expect from the EU?

Monday, 26 July 2010


While the eyes of most people in the UK were glued to the sport taking place in recent weeks, and the resultant bewailing of the tragedy of our footballers in the World Cup, tennis players at Wimbledon and much other such maters of little relevance, which seems to be of great importance to most, Britain has been facing a greater tragedy and losing something far more important. It has been losing its freedom to govern itself, its democracy and the liberty of its people who are so distracted by trivia as to hardly even notice.

Things are now so desperate that it is time they woke from the media and sporting trance they are in and begin to worry about things that really do matter – their country, Parliament and sovereignty.

Whilst in their summer of sporting slumber the EU has, in its usual devious way, been taking more liberties with our liberty, as reported on this blog recently. The EU’s latest foray against our freedom has been reported in such newspapers as the Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail. This concerns a grab for new powers by the EU enabling police forces from other member nations to spy on, pursue and demand DNA, telephone records and bank records of British subjects, even if the alleged crimes they are suspected of are not criminal offences in the UK.

Despite desperate Dave Cameron’s pledge that no more powers would be handed over to the EU, made during the general election this year, it looks certain that the Home Office will sign up to the ‘European Investigation Order’ as soon as Tuesday 17th July 2010, placing all in Britain at risk from the emerging EU police state.

Once signed up and yet another power handed over to the EU by the Con-Dem coalition, foreign police will have every right to operate on these shores freely which is an open attack on British sovereignty. These police will be able to operate here, even on the most minor of offences and will have access to all DNA records, including those of the millions of innocents who have had their DNA taken, fingerprints and much else. The British police will not be able to refuse a demand by foreign EU based police for them to obtain or provide DNA samples or fingerprints of anyone they want.

None of this, in good old fashion British terms is very sporting, but as long as the eyes of the nation are glued to what a few unimportant people doing with tennis, golf or footballs, the EU will continue to play dirty as no one is crying foul.

Friday, 23 July 2010


If you take a peak through the history pages of this illustrious land of ours, along with tales of daring exploits of the likes of Sir Walter Raleigh, Drake, Nelson, and all those who fought for Britain in two world wars and other skirmishes since, you will also find a less illustrious list of traitors too, many of whom ended their days on the scaffold.

Considering the above, in these strange days where all normality is turned on its head and what was considered right and decent some years back, is now frowned upon by the liberal classes who have worked their way into the high offices of power, which of the two groups of people above would you describe as good honourable people or extremists?

To me it goes without saying that those who came to the defence of Britain in desperate times and ensured that our freedom, democracy and liberty remained intact are the honourable people and those who betrayed our nation are the extremists.

With this in mind the news of that dinosaur of a Labour politician, Denis McShane, has branded Nigel Farage, the ex leader of UKIP, as an extremist strikes me as most odd. In reality, using the above criteria, it is McShane who is the extremist and Farage the honourable man in this debate.

Let’s look at the facts, yes Nigel can mouth off sometimes such as the “low grade bank clerk” comment regarding the EU’s “damp rag” President, Herman Van Rompuy, but at the end of the day Nigel has worked tirelessly for the interests of Britain by campaigning for an end to the subjecation of the United Kingdom, its laws, democracy and liberty to the EU, whilst Denis McShane has worked tirelessly in favour of the EU, which is increasingly behaving like an occupying power. McShane has always supported the dominance of the EU and its aims. Ergo McShane is extreme and Farage honourable.

It’s time to stop this pretence that somehow or other being in favour of the EU makes you a moderate person and being against extreme. If that was the case then every man and woman who died in past conflicts for this country are extremists and all those who sold us out moderate – it don’t work does it, so let’s stop these extremists like Denis McShane from continuing with their treasonous duplicity.

Daily Telegraph blogger, Ed West, explains more on the Telegraph site.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


In these days of ‘Bog standard’ comprehensives, crumbling schools, falling standards and desperate parents almost turning into criminals just to ensure their offspring get into the highest rated local state schools, it is reassuring to know that for one elite group there are no such problems.

Reported in the Daily Telegraph (20th July 2010) was a small item tucked away about the cost, to the taxpayer, of sending the children of EU civil servants and diplomats to 14 ‘European schools’.

It seems that while the parents of the proletariat have to fight for places in the best schools, which under the current economic circumstances will be facing cuts to their budgets, the European schools for the children of the EU elite will see a 24 per cent increase in funding which will take the figure to keep these schools open to £163million by 2013, £22million a year will be the UK’s contribution to the education of the kiddies of the EU ruling class.

No doubt these children will get a more than a comprehensive education and will be taught the ways of EU bureaucracy, how to untangle red-tape and how to add two and two together and come up with the answer of four million in EU funding - not quite 'Whako'.

Monday, 19 July 2010


The Village of Dolwyddelan in North Wales.

Its back to the land of the living after another very soggy weekend in North Wales, sorting things out for my old mom who is currently residing in the hospital in Blaenau-Ffestiniog after a fall. Sadly, although she loves living in the village of Dolwyddelan in the house she and my father purchased in 1980, her days there are coming to an end and she knows that it’s time to return to the Midlands to be close to her family.

This weekend just gone has been a decorating weekend, sprucing up the kitchen to make the house look presentable for any potential purchasers. Other than that, plus visiting my mother, there is not a lot to do in the village apart from listening to village gossip, of which there is plenty, or going to the pub, the Gwydr, which is not bad, especially as the new owner has made an effort sprucing the place up. The other thing left to do is sit and watch the telly, which brings me to the topic in hand, the pro-EU BBC.

As many will have noticed, our state broadcaster, which is compulsory funded by anyone who owns a TV via the TV licence which they are forced to pay for, has been heavily plugging the Henry Wood Promenades. Now what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the ‘Proms’? For most it is the famous last night of the Proms with all that rousing patriotic music. We think of the sea shanties and of course, Elgar and Land of Hope and Glory, it lifts the heart and for an hour or two it makes you proud to be British.

So how has the BBC decided to promote the event this year? In its wisdom it has been showing in its short promotional clips a fuzzy drawing of the venue, the Albert Hall (I think that’s what it’s supposed to be) and the music used in the clip? None other than Beethoven’s Ode to Joy from his Ninth Symphony.

Now in reality this is a wonderful piece of music written by a genius back in the days when others had their eyes set on dominating the European continent, long before the EU set its sights on creating its own ‘European Empire’. Sadly, despite this poor old Beethoven’s creation has been utterly ruined for the likes of me a all I can associate with it now is the EU’s theme tune – it has become a form EU-sceptic aversion therapy.

So why, when the Proms one of our annual British events, should the BBC want to promote it by constantly playing what the EU now claims to be its very own anthem whilst still denying it wants to be a nation? It couldn’t possibly anything to do with the BBC’s obsession with all things European Union could it? Surely not.

Friday, 16 July 2010


Those who care little for our freedoms or civil liberties are usually the ones to repeat the clapped out, overused and tired old mantra: ‘If you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear’. Sadly, in this day and age of out of control dictatorial governments and officials, you always have something to fear.

You fear being falsely accused, as many are these days, and having to face up to an over mighty state legal bureaucracy, less than scrupulous police and other enforcement agencies working to meet their targets rather than handing out fair justice. We also fear being watched and monitored wherever we go and inadvertently doing something that may bring the might of the state down upon us – and now we have to fear the EU even more than ever as it plans to poke its unwanted snout into our affairs to a greater degree.

Reported in the Daily Mail (Friday 16th July 2010) was news that the EU now wants the power to send in foreign officials into Britain and other EU countries to investigate, spy on and monitor the citizens of those nations. Naturally, mindless pro-EU todies started twittering if you have nothing to fear, blah, blah, but this is one of the EU scariest moves up to yet, and it is already a pretty frightening place.

The powers it wants to grab will allow its bureaucrats or officials to go into any EU country to undertake surveillance operations, demand and collect DNA and, as the Daily Mail points out, even to “pursue people for crimes which are not recognized in UK law – such as criminal defamation”.

It seems that the Tory leadership is making some strange whimpering sounds about this further assault on Britain’s independence and the freedom and liberty of all British subjects by the EU, but their new found coalition chums in Nick Clegg’s let’s sell out to the EU party, is in full support of allowing the EU to take this outrageous liberty.

The thing we have to fear the most, not only the fact that our country is under constant attack by the EU as it creates its monstrous, undemocratic superstate, is also the very fact if our two-tone Con-Dem Government caves in regarding this, as it is bound to do, then those of us who are highly critical of the EU could find we are being monitored and watched by people from other countries, have our DNA taken and even arrested for the very act of speaking out against this further EU grab for total control.

We do have something to fear – it’s called the EU.

Thursday, 15 July 2010


When, like me, you have been fairly active in the campaign to save Britain from being swallowed whole by the European Union, over the years you get to make a number of contacts and good friends who you know are always there if you need them, but maybe don’t keep in touch as often as you should. Occasionally sad news comes your way that one of these stalwarts has died which is made even more upsetting by the fact that this news doesn’t come your way until quite sometime after they have gone.

One such person, who was a quiet campaigner in his way, was a gentleman named Tony Green who ended his days in an idyllic part of Cornwall. It was literally a couple of nights ago I learned that he died last November. The first I knew about it was when I received an e-mail from a solicitor acting on behalf of his family to instruct me to remove him from my Euro Realist mailing list.

Tony, who like me had been active in the Referendum Party in 1997 then joined UKIP, had been taking my newsletter, the Euro Realist, for several years. I never got the chance to meet up with him but we often spoke on the telephone and he always threatened to come along to one of our Walsall UKIP meetings as he often passed through the Midlands – sadly he never did.

One of his achievements was a the writing of a thoroughly enjoyable book, which got into print under the fictitious name of Christopher Chandler. The book was titled: ‘The Picture’ (scroll down if you click on the link) and if it is still in publication, which I think it should be, it can be either be purchased through the Eurosceptic publishers, June Press Books, or ordered from all good bookshops quoting. ISBN 978-184748-325-6.

I will miss the occasional call from Tony, who came across as not only a really nice person, but also a true gentleman. I don’t know the details of how he died or his age, but sadly he is another quiet campaigner who I now have to add to a growing list of people who cared and did something positive for this country and shall be missed.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


From 2016 those in work reaching the age of 65 will be forced to slave on for an extra year as the retirement age in the UK is being raised to 66. That additional year is going to be a very long year indeed for many who previously had been looking forward to hanging up their overalls at the age of 65.

Many of these people will be relying on the state pension and will have little choice but to work that extra gruelling year before they can take their ease on what will be a very modest bursary from the state, or as others would describe, a pittance for all their years of toil and tax and National Insurance payments.

However, there will be an exclusive group of people who will raise their Champaign glasses and say ‘cheers’, or should that be ‘Cin, Cin’, " Salute!" or as the French say: ’A votre sante!’ (To your health) as they toast their £60,000 annual EU pensions and, quite often, early retirement too.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph (12th July 2010) Bruno Waterfield reported the fact that the EU will be spending this year almost £1 billion of taxpayers money on the pensions of the EU bumblecracts, which will give them an average pension of £60,000. He points out to those poor souls who now face working longer for what will probably less here in the UK, that our UK taxpayers funded share of the eurocrats booty will be £135 million.

So, while three-fiths of single pensioners in Britain live off an average of £10,000 a year, maybe they will be content to know that thanks to their contributions paid to the state during their years of toil, they will be helping the highest ranking EU officials to retire on a modest sum of around £102,000. A nice retirement if you can get it.

Monday, 12 July 2010


Over the last twelve months this blogger has seen more of hospitals one way or another than is good. My father-in-law, due to fracturing his hip this time last year, spent nine weeks in the Good Hope Hospital which duly relieved me of a not insignificant chunk of my cash in car parking fees over those weeks. Since then he has had related problems which has seen him taking other trips there subsequently lightening my pockets a bit more. Added to this, my old mother has taken a tumble and fractured her cheek and is currently residing in a small hospital in North Wales – where at least there are no parking fees. Needless to say, news of hospitals is not currently my favourite subject.

One thing you do notice with all this too-ing and fro-ing with an assortment of hospitals, is just how good most of the nursing staff are, considering they are not that well paid, doing jobs that many of us would find absolutely revolting. I have to admire these dedicated souls, I certainly would not have the stomach to clean up after some of their patients or do much of their work, which in no way could be described as glamorous. Not only do they do all this but they actually spend a considerable amount of time and effort to get the relevant qualifications to be able to do this work. Because of this standards of care in the UK are generally good, although many consider hospitals in France and other continental countries to be better, but on the whole our somewhat creaking health system has an overall record of safety because of the qualifications of the medical staff required.

However, reported in the Daily Mail (Monday 12th July 2010), the European Union has instructed our toadying, EU subservient, British Government to scrap the rules which insist that nurses from other EU countries must go through rigorous testing before being allowed to work on what was once sovereign British soil. All safety checks will be gone.

Thanks to the EU nurses will be able to come and work here in the UK in much the same way doctors can since the rules for them were relaxed. This has already seen incompetent doctors being responsible for tragedy such as the case of the German doctor, Dr Daniel Ubani who was blamed for the death of David Gray.

Although many of the nurses who will come here from other EU countries will be well qualified, because of relaxed rules on people entering the EU from Eastern European countries this may lead to an open door for nurses who are poorly qualified or have few English language skills - which can lead to major problems. The ridiculous thing is, nurses who will be highly trained and speak the same language coming from none EU countries, such as Commonwealth countries Canada and Australia, will still have to face stringent tests whilst nurses whose qualifications may be suspect will be able to march straight on to our wards and begin work.

Once again this highlights the lunacy of EU membership for Britain and its beleaguered people, all because each and every government, no matter what political colour, are quite happy to kow-tow to an unelected EU elite. None of it makes any sense and soon it may see the death of many of us.

Friday, 9 July 2010


Lord Stoddart of Swindon, speaking up for our Monarch.

The independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon has been speaking up for the Royal Family after it has come under repeated attack from politicians and the national press. Lord Stoddart said: "I was surprised to read one national newspaper's Royal correspondent describing the Royal Family as the 'most expensive in Europe' based on research that took no account of differences in the size of the population of the countries it analysed. I have also been disturbed to see some politicians, who should know better, jumping on the same bandwagon.

" I would point out to these would be critics that when you consider the per capita cost of the Royal families of other European countries we get an extremely good deal from our Royal Family. The figures work out like this: Belgium £2.10, Netherlands £2, Denmark £1.80, Norway £1 and Sweden £1. When you compare these figures with the per capita cost of the Royal Family in the United Kingdom at 0.68 pence, I would argue that ours is the cheapest by a distance. The UK's considerably larger population would also suggest that it requires a busier Royal Family as well. Considering the very great number of public duties carried out by our Royal Family and their duties in respect of the Commonwealth, I think we get an extremely good deal at £41.5 million per annum.

"If the Royal Family's rather ill-informed critics really do want to turn their fire on a most disgraceful and unnecessary burden on the taxpayer, they should look at the cost of the UK's membership of the European Union, which costs us an incredible £7 million every four hours or £42 million per day. In a single day, EU membership costs more than the Royal Family costs us for an entire year! (Pink Book of Govt Statistics). The Royal Family offers real, tangible benefits to our country and is respected the world over. I can't say the same for Brussels."

Wednesday, 7 July 2010


St Gwyddelan's churchyard, a traditional sight.
The EU, which as we all know far too well, has a penchant for meddling in things it has little knowledge about (most things!) and poking its unwanted nose into most aspects of our life – we can’t even pop our clogs without EU interference.

In the past we all knew that when our time on this earth was up we would go to our Heavenly Father most probably via crematoria which these days have to comply with EU rules on emissions, however, according to the Daily Telegraph the EU is considering a less palatable end for our earthly remains – we may be flushed down the loo.

It seems that the Belgians, that non-country, are considering a method of disposal of corpses in which the body is placed in a container with water and some corrosive salts, then after about two hours the remains are turned into a sludge which can then be flushed into the sewage system. This sludge can be put in an urn for the family should they want it.

The EU considers this to be less polluting than crematoria and does not use land for cemeteries. The idea, though, is somewhat off-putting and revolting – which is probably why the EU is thinking about it and, no doubt, will then want to legislate crematoriums out of existence as they do not comply with its global warming and emissions theories.

Can you imagine our EU regulated funeral services of the future when the vicar says: ‘Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, shit to shit’! Then of course there’s the bit where the vicar says: 'I am the resurrection and the life,' saith the Lord; 'he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die,' he will have to add: ‘But they don’t half stink a bit’!

When my times comes and I get to those pearly gates, I am going to have a fair bit of explaining to do, I don’t want to turn up smelling like a sewer – maybe we will have to pong in peace!

Monday, 5 July 2010


In the business section of the Sunday Telegraph (4th July 2010) was a report by Helia Ebrahami about the EU drawing up radical proposals on pensions which could, according to the CBI, hit the British economy “particularly hard”.

From reading this article it seems the EU is planning to deliver an “adequate and safe” European pensions system. Of course, as you would expect from the EU, nothing can be logical or simple and of course, these plans are designed to hit businesses quite hard, which is why the normally pro-EU CBI is getting its knickers in a twist.

It seems that the proposals in the EU’s pensions Green Paper, which is due out this coming Wednesday, wants EU based companies to inject a great deal more funding into final salary schemes and will make final salary pension schemes even more expensive which many companies cannot afford.

It’s no wonder our two-tone Government want us to continue working until we drop, if the EU has its way no one will be able to afford a pension and the country will be so skint through funding the EU there will be little in the pot to give a decent state pension to those who have worked all their lives and continue until they drop. It seems we will be dead and in the red!

Friday, 2 July 2010


This blog has, unfortunately, been a bit neglected over the last few days due to personal family reasons such as my old mother being in hospital in North Wales, which makes life difficult when the rest of the family live in the Midlands.

However, none of this stops the EU from performing its usual nonsense with the general acceptance of our own EU lackey politicians who still try to give the impression they are in charge. The latest of their silly ideas is their mad scheme to ask the electorate what laws should be repealed, as if they have the power to do so without incurring the wrath of the EU.

The problem with this is that even those who ask for the repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act, which is the one repeal that has to be implemented before we can repeal anything else, will find their votes and sound proposals lost in a sea of childish nonsense such as asking for the right to marry a horse, as reported by the Daily Mail. Nothing good our sound will come of this but the state of of our political establishment is now so low such things seem about on a level with the sort of leadership we have.

Then there is wee Willie Vague prattling on about flooding Brussels with British officials, yeah, nice one Willie, great idea. He may come from Yorkshire but it's a pity he wasn't born with some sound Yorkshire common sense, if he had then he would be talking of getting us out of the EU so we would not have to put up the madness infected by it - or the costs which we can't afford such as EU fines now that David Cameron has meekly surrendered to the EU regarding the vetting of national budgets, we in the UK could face massive fines for straying over EU set fiscal targets.

British taxpayer, who from January next year will find they are taxed one fifth of the value of most things they buy when the EU's V.A.T. rate rises from 17.5% to 20%, may also have to dig deep at a time we can least afford it to pay anything up to £5.5billion in fines if we don't meet EU spending targets.

Oli Rehn the EU economic affairs commissioner, who no British subject has ever voted for or has any control over, is proposing six regulations, one of which will be "sanctions and incentives" to get governments to rein in public spending in a new "corrective arm" using the EU budget to keep national spending in line with euro targets, including us poor saps in the UK even though we are not in the EU's euro.

Every year as we go into the summer months the press and media tend to comment on the 'silly season' within the political world, as long as we remain in the EU we will always be in a permanent silly season.