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Anne Palmer, who has been a long serving stalwart of the pro-British anti-EU movement has been busy reserching the funding of the EU, her opinions and findings are posted below. There is a lot to take in with several links, but it is well worth studying and shames our politicians for their betrayal of us.

The Shame of British Politicians. Anne Palmer. June 27th 2010.

Each of the three major Political Parties we have now, and have had in the British Government and Parliament since 1972 have known that part of the Value Added Tax (VAT) the people of this Country have contributed to over all those years has gone to the European Union as part of ‘the Union’s’ own resources. This has not been known to most of the people in this Country.

Since this present Government has decided that from January 2011, VAT will be increased from 17½% to 20% they know that an even larger portion of the people’s money will go to the European Union (foreigners), but the people will not know that. It is about time the people did know.

That some of what we have been paying in VAT since 1972 has gone to the EU since 1972, now when the people of this Country are having to pay extra for the errors of other people, banks and our Governments-and having absolutely NOTHING to do with any fault of the people- will anger the people when almost everything is going to cost them MORE.

Where as people might expect and be almost willing to pay extra on a temporary basis towards the saving of this their country that others have made such a mess of, they will not take kindly that some of that extra will go the European Union. (charged against the overall sum going to the EU of £15 billion yearly, or £7 million every four hours-Christopher Booker, Sunday Telegraph 27/06/10) The government could have brought in, as a temporary measure, the old Purchase Tax or a special new Temporary Tax to cover the two and a half percent proposed for the next five years, all of that extra to remain in this Country. If a British Government cannot make any such arrangement then the people may begin to question the whole point of a British Government. If the Government and the EU go through with the proposed increase on VAT, the people may well decide to pay no taxes at all by invoking their Common Law Magna Carta, and it is their right to do so.

The EU cannot lawfully have ‘competence’ over the Great Treaty of Magna Carta because it is even out of reach of our own Government. The Treaty of Lisbon states that “The EU has ‘competence’ over National Constitutions and Laws”, but as the Government did not allow the people a say, the people were completely ignored, Magna Carta remains with the people. It is not in the Government’s ‘gift’ to give it away. The last time (as far as I am aware) Magna Carta, Clause 61 was appealed to, was at the time of the Treaty of NICE. This time it may well be used by the people. That is what it is there for. It is always the people that have to fight for their Country. They would never give any part of it away to foreigners.

Many people are losing their jobs, and many may be having a cut in their pay. Firms will be closing down and the skills young people need to learn will be gone. If today’s school leavers cannot get a job to train in, etc you are depriving all of that generation of a decent ordinary way of life. The guilt of that must lie with Governments of this Country forever. They may never be forgiven. If the Government are going to go ahead with this increase in VAT, they know full well all the money the people actually pay in VAT does not go into UK coffers but into foreigners coffers in the European Union, yet not once have they had the guts to tell the people they are-without their knowing- contributing to the debts of 26 other Countries as well.

I cannot understand why the newspapers have not come up with any of this.
We have some very good journalists yet none have taken me up on either letters to the Editors, which I have sent to the Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph, or the various other blogs. Maybe because no one believes, or maybe think that I am wrong, or heaven forbid, they have been ‘got at’ to keep quiet? I hope not the latter; I do so hope not the latter. I would rather be WRONG than the latter.

From one EU Source, the first paragraph of one explanation from the EU on the matter, “Where does the money come from?” states, “The European Union has its ‘own resources’ to finance its expenditure. Legally, these resources belong to the Union. Member States collect them on behalf of the EU and transfer them to the EU budget”. This is a ‘matter of FACT’ because each nation state is having to do the bidding of the EU “owners” of our money in what used to be our own Government collecting ‘Purchase Tax’ for our own Country.

From the same EU Source, “Own resources can be taken to mean a source of finance separate and independent of the Member States, some kind of revenues assigned once and for all to the Community, to fund its budget and due to it by right without the need for any subsequent decision by the national authorities.”

Own resources are collected every month by the Member states and made available to the Union every month, being credited to an “own Resources” account opened by the Commission at each national treasury or national bank. Traditional own resources are credited each month, as they are collected. VAT own resources and the GNI-based resource, on the other hand, are made available to the Commission on the first working day of each month at the rate of one twelfth of the estimate entered in the Community budget.

I would suggest that for any British Government to enter into a Treaty that gives the EU the power, the authority or call it Sovereignty to do that, even in times of great hardship for all the citizens of this Country is unlawful, and according to our Common Law Constitution of this country, it is actually treason.

Even though the mess this Country is in, even though it be absolutely no fault of the people, the people are ready to accept that they will have to help their own Government get out of the mess they are in. What they did not realise though, is that through the proposed VAT rise, they would also be helping the EU too. A new separate Purchase Tax to fund the UK coffers and due to it by right would fit the bill

However, we have all watched silently. No angry outrage in the streets as has happened in other countries yet there has not been one mention that there is a lessening to the EU contributions THIS Country makes, nor any lessening in the contributions to the many EU Agencies either. Particularly nauseating and a deep sense of betrayal by our own Government that they are continuing their payments to the European Union Defence Agency since 2004, this at a time when our own forces in Afghanistan are dying because of lack of protective equipment and other defensive equipment. They appear to betray the Covenant made to our Forces rather than reduce or cease payment to the EU Defence Agency.

Sadly we find we have Governments that put the European Union first every time. Without doubt no Treaty should have been signed, accepted or ratified that states or expects loyalty to the European Union before any Government’s allegiance to their own Country. Violation of that solemn Oath of Allegiance to the British Crown and through the Crown to all the people in this land is the greatest betrayal of all. We can no longer contribute to the EU in ANY WAY what so ever. The costs and not just financially either, the dreadful costs to this their sovereign country are too heavy for the people to bear. We need a Government that we can actually TRUST. One that puts their Queen and Country FIRST ALL THE TIME, AND FOR ALL TIME.

This is the proposed Budget for 2010. The main pages to look at are at the end, pages 24 and 25. All on this
Pages 24. & 25 For 2010

Heading Administration:
Commission €3604 622 000. 45,7 %
Other Institutions €2937 432 291. 37 1%
Pensions-all institutions €1192 789 000. 15.2%
European schools €154 212 044. 2.0%
Total €7889 055 335. 1000%

25.1.2010. Budget 2009 Percent Budget 2010 Percent

Type of Revenue:
Customs duties & Sugar Levies 2009 €14 580,50. 12.9%. 2010 €14 203,10. 11.6%.
VAT based resource 2009 €13 668,39. 12.1%. 2010 €13 950,92. 11.3%.
GNI 2009 €81 989,07. 72.5%. 2010 €93 352,69. 75.9%.
Other revenue 2009 €2 797.46. 2.5%. 2010 €1 430.29. 1.2%

Total 2009 €113035.42. 100%. 2010 €1222 937.00. 100%

The UK Contribution below matches up with the totals for the above with the budget for 2010. You do need to see the whole page for it gives a break down of all the 27 Countries.

UK Customs duties and Sugar Levies 2039,9
UK VAT based resource 2337.3
UK GNI 12 684,5
UK Correction - (minus) 3 958,5 (a bit about the “Correction” below.)
Other UK money also goes to the EU in Fines-OH YES we know about FINES!
You need to see the whole on

Budget for next year 2011 on
For the United Kingdom

This reduction shall be progressively phased in according to the schedule below:
UK correction to be budgeted for the first time in the year:
Percentage of enlargement-related expenditure (as defined above) to be excluded from the calculation of the UK correction:
2009 20
2010 70
2011 100
During the period 2007–2013 the total adjustment of the UK correction, resulting from the exclusion of enlargement-related expenditure referred to above,(hereinafter called the UK correction adjustment) shall not be higher than EUR 10.5 billion, measured in 2004 prices. At the occasion of each budgeting of the UK correction, the Commission services shall verify whether the cumulated UK correction adjustment exceeds this amount. For the purpose of this
calculation, amounts in current prices shall be converted into 2004 prices by applying the latest available GDP deflator for the EU expressed in euro, as provided by the Commission. If the ceiling of EUR 10.5 billion is exceeded, the UK contribution shall be reduced accordingly. The reduction of the UK contribution shall take place through an adjustment of the amount of the UK correction.
This need some looking at by some-one that knows.

COUNCIL DECISION of 7 June 2007 on the system of the European Communities’ own resources (2007/436/EC, Euratom)

Proposal for a COUNCIL DECISION on the system of the European Communities’ own resources

Estimates indicate that over the period 2007-2013 the UK correction will increase by more than 50% compared to the average over the latest 7 years to reach an estimated € 7.1 billion from € 4.6 billion in the period 1997-2003.

As a result of the additional expenditure required for enlargement, net balances of all the EU-15 will deteriorate. Although the enlargement to 10 new Member States was unanimously agreed at the Berlin European Council in March 1999, the UK insisted and obtained that enlargement-related expenditure be taken into account9 when calculating the UK correction, thus shielding it from most of the financial consequences of enlargement. That is the main reason for the expected future increase in the UK correction.

Additional top-up payments for the UK
In addition to the corrections the UK will receive under the GCM, it is proposed to grant the following top-up payments to the UK over a 4-year period:
• in 2008: € 2.0 billion
• in 2009: € 1.5 billion
• in 2010: € 1.0 billion
• in 2011: € 0.5 billion
These top-up payments would alleviate the financial impact of the introduction of the GCM for the UK in 4 gradual steps. The UK has received in recent years a net correction of on average € 4.6 billion annually over the period 1997-2003. Under the GCM the UK is expected to receive € 2.1 billion annually on average over the period. The proposed transitional measures raise this annual average amount to € 3.1 billion.

Following the implementation in EU law of the agreements concluded during the Uruguay round of multilateral trade there is no longer any material difference between agricultural duties and customs duties. It is therefore appropriate to eliminate this distinction in the area of the EU budget.

(9) It is appropriate that the value added tax bases of the Member States continue to be restricted to 50 % of their GNI.
(10) In the interest of transparency and simplicity it is proposed to establish the uniform rate of VAT as a fixed percentage. In order to avoid that this technical change has an impact on Member States’ payments of the VAT resource, the fixed rate should reflect the current uniform rate of call. The uniform rate of VAT should therefore be fixed at 0.30 %.

Where does the money come from? Bruges Group

How much does the EU cost YOU? Very Good-wish I had come across it earlier. By Gerard Batten MEP in 2008



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Further to the posting below, I received a comment asking what was the total V.A.T. taken and how much of that is given to the EU? The person who sent in the comment had not managed to get an answer despite asking H.M. Government. I thought I had posted the comment in the comment section bit for some strange reason it vanished, hence this addition.

Anne Palmer, who is a long time researcher into the nefarious ways of the EU, has helped me regarding the below item and she has been trying to get an answer to these questions too, all to no avail. And if Anne can't wheedle such information then many of us lesser mortals will have no hope of getting it.

However, she is still working on this one as it would be quite an eye opener just to see how much of our V.A.T. take is then handed over to the EU. It could be seriously embarrassing to our new two-tone pro-EU Government. As soon as Anne knows then this blog will pass on the info. If you have some information to impart then let me know.

Thursday, 24 June 2010


It’s coming up to twenty years since I first began to rant and rave about our membership of the disastrous European Union, and when people ask me what set me off in the first place I reply: “V.A.T.”.

Do you remember when Margaret Thatcher stood up in Parliament and said: “No, no, no” to giving the EU more powers? It was that more than the poll tax that saw her downfall. It was, if you also noticed, the pro-EU anti-British members of her party that stuck the knife in and in 1991 she was out and the grey man, John Major, was in.

Although I was beginning to have doubts about the EU at the time, it was not something that I was going to worry about too much as I had other concerns, namely our small family business and its survival during the devastating recession of the time. But of course, when the grey man walked into 10 Downing Street one of his first tasks was to get rid of the troublesome Poll Tax, which he did by raising V.A.T. from 15% to 17.5% to pay for it – now that set me off.

I wrote a tirade to the Chancellors office asking what the hell he was doing, by increasing V.A.T. he had hiked my prices making it even harder to sell our high priced goods. I told the Chancellor that if he really wanted to help struggling businesses such as ours he needed to reduce V.A.T., not raise it. I suggested V.A.T. rates set about 8% to 10% would be of great benefit and help us to get things moving again thus making us profitable which would then have the bonus of paying Corporation tax on our profits and being able to take on staff helping to reduce the numbers dependent on the state.

A week or two later, the letter I received in reply stunned me, my eyes were opened and the path leading to this blog, active membership of UKIP, elections and other anti-EU campaigns began. I was informed that as we are members of the EU we were not allowed to set V.A.T. below 15%.

My mind could not grasp the fact that a high ranking member of a British Government, elected into office by the British people, was having to obey the instructions of an unelected body based on foreign shores who no single British subject had voted for or could even expect it to be accountable to us. Realisation set in from that single letter that Britain was no longer a free democracy but instead an EU occupied country with a Quisling government. Added to which, a fact that later dawned on me, the very reason the nation was in such a mess at the time was due to compliance with the EU’s Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM), the forerunner to the euro.

Now, here we are all these years later and Europe is in a total mess thanks to compliance with the euro amongst other things, and our latest two-tone Quisling Government have just increased V.A.T. by 2.5% raising it to a staggering 20% from next January. That means that one fifth of the value of the majority of goods and services purchased will be tax.

For businesses selling high value goods to the public this is a death blow, especially smaller businesses less able to cope with the current fiscal situation. It is no use George Osbourne and his Libby Dibby chums telling us how wonderful the budget was for businesses by reducing Corporation Tax. The simple fact is if a business is struggling to survive and not making a profit it pays no Corporation tax anyway, he can set it as low as he likes and it will make little difference to many businesses as the V.A.T. hike will be the killer for them.

Not all businesses will be affected in the same way, those businesses that manufacture and sell on to other businesses both charge V.A.T. and then claim it back, it is at the end of the chain where the problem lies.

If a fabrics company sells to a furniture manufacturer, then the furniture company sells to a wholesaler who eventually sells the furniture to a retail outlet, it is the member of the public who gets whacked with the total burden of V.A.T. – they cannot claim V.A.T. back on their purchases as the other businesses can when dealing with each other. They still pay V.A.T. on the profit they make from the purchases, but it is poor old Joe public who gets hit the hardest. If Joe public cannot afford the goods being supplied by the retailer thanks to the hike in V.A.T., the effects ripple back down the chain and staff get laid off or made redundant, businesses close with the effect of putting less money into public circulation thus creating a downwards spiral. Increasing V.A.T is one of the most harmful and least business friendly things any government can do.

Of course, if we were not members of the EU and not governed by its mind numbingly petty and insane edicts, we could scrap V.A.T. and introduce a system of purchase, or other taxes, which may be better suited to our economy and business needs – but of course, as EU members we have to tow the line and surprise, surprise, at 20% our V.A.T. will be roughly in line with many other EU states.

It does not stop there as a percentage of the V.A.T. collected here ends up lining the grubby little pockets of the EU. Many years ago around 4% of V.A.T. screwed out of the taxpayers pockets here in the UK went to the EU – it is not easy to confirm if that figure remains the same or if it has risen – it won’t have decreased!

Once again here is another prime example why we should quit the EU, so why do our politician take no notice and keep doing as they are told? It’s a hard one to fathom as they are sacrificing the power they campaigned so hard to get. As someone once in business I know that would be the best option – I loathed and hated V.A.T. and the draconian powers given to those who collected this blood money.

A couple more links for you to consider HERE & HERE.

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Weekends usually have a routine in the Bennett household, especially Sundays.

On Sunday mornings its up long after the lark, a quick coffee to help the process of awakening and then Tess the dog and I have a saunter down to the corner shop for the Sunday newspapers. Part of the routine is to go straight to the Peter Hitchens page in the Mail on Sunday and the Christopher Booker column in the Sunday Telegraph. However, with this Sunday just gone being Fathers Day things went a bit out of sync, especially more so later in the day when we had news of my mother being taken to hospital after a fall.

However, despite the normal Sunday routine being disturbed by other events, I did get time to read Booker and was pleased to see him on good form reporting once again on the EU problem, he has after all been giving a lot of attention to the global warming scam and other issues.

Yesterday he clued up the Sunday Telegraph readers about the neutering by the EU of David Cameron, our newly elected Prime Minister who in effect is now a political eunuch. As we all know the boy David trotted off last week for one of the big EU pow-wows when he attended his first European Council meeting. As Booker pointed out, that was where Cameron would have been well and truly reminded who exactly is in charge - and it aint him.

Mr Cameron, our rainbow PM, like all other EU leaders, no doubt had to tow the line and put the interests of the EU above the interests of their own nations and electorates on many issues, as the article pointed out such as the EU's insistence that we lower our drink driving laws to bring us in line with the rest of the EU.

Booker went of to remind us just why we have crazy laws on the use of ladders, thanks to an EU directive, or why gardeners are having problems getting the weed killers that they have used safely for decades because the EU has banned a whole array of Chemicals and Cameron can do nothing about it - not unless we leave the EU but of course, he constantly reminds us that he is committed to it and in so doing enslaves the rest of us too.

This was Classic Booker and good to read, I hope all the Sunday Telegraph readers who saw it took it in and realise it is way past time we quit the EU.

Friday, 18 June 2010


Not everyone will agree with our nanny state ‘elf & safety measures which often blight our lives, most coming from the master race in the EU. However, of all things the Members of the European Parliament have actually killed off the ‘Traffic light’ system of food labelling which was designed to show which foods are healthy and which are not.

Many consumer groups and the medical profession liked this form of food labelling as it helped people make their choice – they still had the freedom to choose less healthy foods if they wanted but for those trying to watch their diets, then the traffic light labelling was a great help.

So why did the MEPs vote against this system of food labelling? Many in consumer groups are making the accusation that the MEPs were got-at by the big noises in the food industry who were against the system and claim that the MEPs put the profits of big supermarkets and the large companies in the food producing industry.

The real crunch though, as always thanks to our pointless membership of the European Union, is that we as a nation can’t go it alone on the traffic light labelling system because, as with most things, like a bunch pratts we have handed over control to the EU which now takes responsibility.

Here yet again is another reminder why our membership of the EU is the biggest mistake ever made by this country. Eat, drink and be miserable – the EU is in charge.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


The issue of the European arrest warrant (EAW) is one that this blog has covered many times in the past and, no doubt, will be a topic that will be revisited many times again on these pages as ever increasing numbers of once free British subjects become victims of the EU’s peculiar system of justice.

Past postings have reported such cases as the young London man, Andrew Symeou, who was accused of murder and arrested by British police working under orders of the Greek courts. His arrest and extradition was based on the most circumstantial evidence, the sort of evidence which would have been laughed out of a British court, yet nearly twelve months later poor Andrew still languishes in a Greek prison awaiting a trial with no knowledge of when this will be. He rots in his cell while the Greek authorities try to build a case against him, even though they have no real evidence. Sadly, no one from our Government in Britain seems willing to do anything to defend this British subject from such injustice. The only ones creating a stink about this are his own family and those concerned for civil liberties including UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten, all of whom feel hamstrung as no one in authority wants to listen.

Despite the platitudes from the EU’s sycophants planted within our mist, in Government and other offices of power, who said the EAW was not anything to worry about, since its introduction more and more innocent British subjects are becoming its victims. Garry Mann, a fifty two year old football fan is now incarcerated in a Portuguese prison for a crime he flatly denies and a trial that can only be described as a travesty of justice.

Mr Mann, who hails from Faversham in Kent, that was until he acquired his new Portuguese prison address, was accused of taking part in a riot during the 2004 football championships. This father of six was arrested, tried and convicted within 48 hours, he was literally given five minutes to speak to a lawyer before the trial and because of poor interpretation he had great difficulty fully understanding what was being said or taking place. UKIP MEPs Mike Nattrass and the Earl of Dartmouth are both campaigning for justice for Garry Mann and as Mike Nattrass pointed out: “We no longer have control over who is taken from our country by the European Union as our MEPs have handed away that control. Gone are the days when a British subject could rely on our British Courts to refuse extradition to a foreign country when presented with unjust or unproven circumstances.” Added to Mike’s comment the Earl of Dartmouth said: “What is shocking is that our judges are forced to admit there is nothing they can do faced with this Arrest Warrant. I call on this new Government to put an immediate stop on the use of this warrant until it can be looked at again.” The good Earl can ask for all he wants but no British Government, whatever its shade, red, blue or a two-tone mixture of orange and blue, will be allowed by the EU to challenge one of its building blocks towards its federalist EUtopia of a single federal Europe.

A new case of truly serous EAW inspired injustice came to light with the case of Edmund Arapi which has just hit the news. He is a foreign born chef who works and lives in Staffordshire, he was facing imprisonment in Italy after he was accused of committing a murder in the Italian city of Genoa in October 2004. The Italian courts not only accused him but held a trial in his absence and convicted him despite the fact Mr Arapi, who at no time between 2000 and 2006, had left the shores of the UK or even ever visited Genoa. Added to this, until the Italian courts issued the EAW he was oblivious to the fact he had been accused and found guilty – at no time was he contacted or asked to account for his movements during the period of the murder. In fact had someone contacted him he would have quickly given sound and verifiable evidence that he was in the UK and could never be mistaken as the person to have committed this crime.

Mr Arapi was obviously arrested by British Police working under the instructions of this foreign court and was tagged by the authorities. Fortunately for him all this came to a head in the High Court in London on Tuesday 15th June 2010 when he was to appeal against this and the Italians dropped the EAW. However, despite this one victory against the EAW, as far as the Italian justice system is concerned Mr Arapi is still classed as a convicted murderer and, no doubt, he will have to put in an appeal to the Italian courts for his conviction to be squashed.

One of the big problems with his case is that the media, especially the BBC, do not still fully understand the basic problem and injustice of the EAW. When interviewed about this on the BBC Radio Four Today programme by Evan Davies, Jago Russell of Fair Trials International had to combat the view that the system was working as the Italians had rescinded the EAW. He pointed out that no British court can block the EAW – even in cases such as this where the person is so obviously innocent and until we return to a proper system of extradition, as we used to have before the EU fouled things up, other injustices will continue to take place. None of us are safe because we have been abandoned by the people we elect to represent us, and to stand up for our freedom and our own laws.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010


If there were prizes for brass neck the EU and its sycophants would win every time, the latest bit of afrontery from the EU's ivory tower was reported in the Daily Mail today (15th June 2010).

The trade unionist, who as the one time head of the TUC, created problems for the ordinary British people trying to go about their daily business by organising industrial disputes, thus fowling up the plans of everyone else, has reported a meeting with the EU Commission supremo, President Barroso in which El Presidenté warned that democracy could collapse in some European countries unless urgent action is taken.

Yes, I know, I am still having a problem getting my head around this too, President Barroso and his EU have been the driving force to undermine democracy across Europe for many years is now bewailing the fact that the global financial crisis, made much worse in Europe by the creation of the euro, could undermine democracy in Spain, Portugal and Greece! Despite this the EU continues on its merry little way undermining the democracies of all the other member nations too.

According to 'brother' Monks, Jose Manuel Barroso has set out an 'apocalyptic' vision in which crisis-hit countries in southern Europe could fall victim to military coups or popular uprisings as interest rates soar and public services collapse because their governments run out of money.

As the crisis begins to create angst across all of Europe, many of the people in once pro-EU countries are beginning to curse the day their governments sacrificed their own sovereign currencies on the fiscally bloodstained alter of the EU's euro. They have suffered inflation, job losses and their own finance ministers are hamstrung to do much about it as they are not allowed to set an interest rate which would be of benefit to their economy.

As Lord Monkton, who is now the joint Deputy Leader of the UK Independence Party pointed out in the Daily Telegraph (15th June 2010), the EU is now proposing to undermine all the EU's democratic governments by vetting their budgets before their own parliaments yet it hasn't been able to sign off its own books as it can't account for £billions of its own budget which has gone missing due to fraud, corruption and gross incompetence.

The only threat of a dictatorship in Europe is the dictatorship being created by the European Union itself.

Monday, 14 June 2010


Following on from the previous posting about President Obama, BP and the oil spill disaster, George West (pictured) who is the Chairman of the campaigning group Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB), has sent me a link to an interesting article about Barrack Obama from the Wall Street Journal, which is well worth a read.

I have also been reminded from the previous posting that BP is no longer a wholly British company as the USA does have a large investment in it.

Friday, 11 June 2010


The BP oil spill disaster which has major implications for BP and Britain as a whole, has given us all an opportunity to see how President Barrack Obama reacts in a crisis. The US President, who is now well and truly out of the 'honeymoon' period with his own electorate, to save his own face has gone full out to attack BP which many see as irrational and also shows just how impotent he is as a leader.

Although BP has come under a great deal of fire for a disaster which is almost of biblical proportions and not helped by some of the unfortunate comments of its Chief Executive, Tony Hayward, in reality it has to be asked how much is BP to really blame for what one US Senator, John Culbertson, has stated was a "statistical anomaly". He has pointed out that overall deep seal oil drilling is "99.999% safe and what happened to BP was an unfortunate accident, it was as he said, a "blow-out".

However, Obama is calling for blood and is insisting that BP should not be allowed to pay out its dividends to investors. None of this helps the value of BP's shares, along with the company taking the full brunt of the costs of trying to stem the flow of oil and coping with the clean up. This major British company needs defending so where is our new Prime Minister in all of this?

Why is David Cameron and his new best friend, Nick Clegg, not coming to the defence of this important British company and putting the US President in his place. These two are about to undertake some of the most savage cuts to public spending in Britain the likes of which have not been seen in most of our lives. They will have to cut the number of people working in the public sector as well as cuts to benefits and possible pensions. This means the private sector will be more important than ever as it will have to provide jobs for ex civil servants and the dividends in the private sector will be needed more than ever to ensure private pension funds are secure. If many of these funds lose the dividends from BP it will create a personal disater for many ordinary British people.

Barrack Obama should not be running around like a headless chicken trying looking for an "arse to kick", and trying to proportion all blame on BP for something that they could not prevent, he should be looking at things more constructively and seeing how he and US technology can help, Mr Cameron should be reminding him of this too as many British people will be directly affected by the outcome.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Just when you think you have seen it all from our mad compliance to lunatic EU rules, something new comes along to restore your faith in the full insanity of our EU membership.

Reported in the Daily Mail is an article about learner motorcyclist having to have specialist test centres built at a cost of £71 million to ensure their test comply with EU rules.

It seems that the mad interfering little bumblecrats tucked safely away in their isolated offices in Brussels have decided that all emergency breaking tests have to be taken at precisely 50 kilometres per hour, which is 31.2 miles per hour. To ask British motorcyclists to take the test at the required speed means they would be breaking the 30 M.P.H. speed limit - hence the need to set up these specialist centres to allow the tests to comply with the EU and ensure the novice bikers don't get done by the trigger happy speed gun toting local fuzz.

At a time when we face massive debt and stringent cuts across all Government spending, we still have to waste money to ensure we comply with crackpot EU rules. Are we learning nothing from all our wasted years within the EU - have we not yet learned that if we want to sort out our debt problem we have to steer our way out of the EU first.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


All currency unions are doomed to fail, it’s nothing more than a matter of time and events merging to create the inevitable collapse and it certainly looks as if time and events are merging close enough for the collapse of the EU’s unloved euro.

While I was being a lazybones on my holiday last week an article appeared in the Daily Telegraph reporting the fact that several influential economists were predicting the much awaited demise of the euro – the big thing now is what the EU will do to stave off the euro’s end.

There is speculation that Greece could default on its debts, or that Germany could quit the eurozone, but one thing is certain, the Eurocrats will se this disaster as yet another opportunity to grab more power for themselves.

There is news that plans are afoot for the EU to take control of national budgets, so called ‘green taxes’ across the whole of the EU are being talked about as a way of getting out of the financial hole the euro has created, and no doubt more ideas will be dreamt up for giving the EU more power using the financial disaster as the perfect excuse.

Here in the UK our new PM, the still green behind the ears David Cameron, is going around doing his Private Frazer impression telling us we are all “doomed” and how bad its going to be regarding all the cuts which are going to have to be made to get us out of the mess. However, one cut not being spoken about is cutting ourselves free from the dead weight of EU membership and the vast sums of money we contribute to the EU – which in reality should be the most obvious cut of all. Sadly, the pro-EU Cameron will never make that cut and we taxpayers will have to put our hands ever deeper into our threadbare pockets.

All we can hope for now is the death of the euro comes soon and the collapse of the EU to follow.

Sunday, 6 June 2010


No2ID, the group campaigning against the introduction of I.D. cards have reported the NHS has an unhealthy interest in the personal data of us all. A buried Parliamentary answer suggests that the coalition Government has, within a month of coming to power, welshed on its promise to stop all medical records in England being put under central management.

In an announcement by Parliamentary written answer on the same afternoon that ministers were making statements on the tragic shootings in Cumbria, it has been confirmed that patients' personal details will continue being uploaded to the NHS Summary Care Record (SCR) system, where they are made available for use by the NHS bureaucracy and forever taken out of the control of GPs.

Both parties in opposition said they would significantly reform the NHS National Programme for IT, commonly known as the NHS 'spine', which has already cost billions. The Conservatives in opposition commissioned an independent review in 2009, and a key commitment in the coalition agreement was: "We will put patients in charge of making decisions about their care, including control of their health records."

During the pre-election period the Department of Health has tried to make its own vision a fait accompli. It spent £7.5 million sending nearly 30 million propaganda letters to the public informing them of 'Changes to your health records' in the run-up to the general election. Most people will not have realized that failure to respond to a single letter [4] will be taken as their
decision to hand over their medical records.

NO2ID [5] complained to Cabinet Secretary Gus O'Donnell about misuse of public funds before the election [6], but has yet to receive a response.

Now, rather than halting all uploads until a comprehensive NHS review has taken place, the Government says patients' details will be uploaded to the SCR system *by agreement between managers in Primary Care Trusts and GP practice managers – not necessarily involving GPs, let alone patients. Once your record is on the system, it can be 'enriched' with more information without consent.

Phil Booth, National Coordinator of NO2ID said: "This is an almost instant capitulation to the bureaucrats in the NHS who are set on building a multi-billion pound IT empire regardless of its effect on medicine. If David Cameron and Nick Clegg are serious about rolling back the database state and protecting individual rights, then they need to master Whitehall and call a halt now."

Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Although I am taking a break this week and trying to be as bone idle as humanly possible after all the rushing around over the last few weeks during the election, I couldn't resist putting this link below to the UKIP web-site here for all to see.

The link is to a very promising survey which now shows that more people want Britain to leave the EU than those that want our country to remain as a member. Click HERE to read the survey.