Friday, 28 May 2010


The very first election I was involved in was in 1997 when I stood as the Referendum Party candidate in Walsall North. On the night of the count in Walsall town hall I was mightily impressed not only by the efficiency of the way the count was conducted, but also by the thoroughness and checking procedure too.

Of course that was the election which gave a landslide victory to New Labour and the appalling Blair regime and the start of the great undermining of our Parliament, democracy and electoral systems.

In those days it was simpler for a candidate to complete his/her election and expenses forms, but very difficult for the fraudster to rig the vote. Sadly, candidates are now bogged down in tiresome paperwork while the criminally minded find it a doddle to do a bit of vote rigging, thanks of course to the lax postal vote system introduced by the now gone Labour Government.

In the first elections after the postal voting was made widely available there was a major scandal with Labour Party activists in Birmingham being caught with sacks of postal votes - other incidents have happened since. Recently the excellent Yam Yam, a Walsall based news web-site, reported another case of alleged vote rigging in Walsall during the recent elections.

Postal voting is open to fraud and is an experiment that has created more problems that it was meant to solve, because of it we have reached the sad state in this country when our election results cannot be completely trusted - postal voting has got to go apart from being made available for those whose disabilities mean it is difficult for them to get to their local polling station. We need to return to how things used to be done with all the checks and balances restored to stop the fiddlers on the postal votes.

Monday, 24 May 2010


When the establishment sets out to get you because you disagree with the established view, then beware, as Dr Andrew Wakefield can now contest.

Dr Wakefield is the chap who was approached by people with serious concerns about the MMR jabs which the previous Labour dictatorship was forcing upon all parents, many had worries about the multiple jab and are convinced it was responsible for giving their previously normal healthy children autism. He did research on this which brought him into conflict with the establishment who was out for revenge, as reported previously on this blog - and as the BBC reported - they got him.

The establishment was out for their MMR revenge and parents have been denied the freedom of choice, which is all they wanted. Why could they not have the single Mumps, Measles and Rubella jabs for their kids, it's not a lot to ask for? A few links on the subject can be found here.

Friday, 21 May 2010


In 1998 I felt very privileged to have been invited to the 1st Congress for Democracy which was held in Church House, Westminster. As a fairly new anti-EU campaigner in those days I was not only awestruck by the surroundings knowing what moments of history had taken place in Church House, but quite taken aback that I had been invited to such a prestigious event and found myself rubbing shoulders with some very big political names, not least one of my heroes, the journalist Christopher Booker.

There was quite an atmosphere at those meetings in those days, there were 10 Congress for Democracy meetings in all over a five year period. Although most there were worried about the power and influence of the EU, the main aim at that time was to ensure Britain would not join the euro.

As the pressure mounted while other EU member states prepared foe membership of the euro, many by fiddling figures so they could meet the criteria, we in this country were waiting for our promised referendum on scrapping our pound for the EU's euro. The Blair Government of the time began to worry about giving us a referendum as the signs were we would vote 'No', this, however, did not stop the pro-EU Blair Government, the European Movement and a whole array of pro-EU basket cases from doing their best to prime the electorate for the referendum - the message was - 'It's inevitable'.

At the Congress for Democracy meetings this inevitability factor became quite a concern, during one of them many speakers voiced their worries that the British electorate, when the referendum came, would go out sheep-like and vote 'Yes' to joining the euro not because they wanted it - but because it was "inevitable". Whilst listening to the debate I remembered a conversation I had with an acquaintance in my watering hole in Walsall, the good old Lyndon House Hotel, and decided to relate it to the esteemed gathering.

I told them how, whilst enjoying a beer, one of the regulars who knew my stance on the EU and its euro, came up to me and said: "You know its inevitable that we will join the euro - don't you?" My response to this was to ask him a question. I asked him that as it was inevitable would he still vote in the referendum the Government was committed to give us and if he did would he vote 'Yes' on the basis it was inevitable. His answer was a very positive; I will vote in the referendum and I will vote 'No'. To which I replied: "well its not inevitable then is it?"

When I told of this public house encounter it raised a laugh among the delegates, but it also drove a nail through the gloom at the time caused by the fear of inevitability. Since then I have always said the only inevitable factors regarding the euro and the EU is that it is inevitable that both will fail - the euro is well on that path now and at some inevitable stage the EU will take the same course.

In the Daily Telegraph (21st May 2001) Jeff Randall writes about the end of the euro and states: "the euro as we know it is dead". The only inevitable conclusion is that soon the whole EU misadventure will be dead too - bring it on soon.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


There is something about leadership contests in political parties, when we have had them in UKIP they have been mixed affairs with hustings taking place around the country and those of us who are UKIP members having to think long and hard about who we want to lead the party. However, when other parties have their leadership contests it is like being a spectator in the stalls watching the ebb and flow of the game - which is great fun.

Yesterday I reported that there were four contenders for the leadership of the Labour Party and questioned the sanity of anyone who wants to take the leadership of that blighted party, today two more contenders have announced they are going for it - things are warming up nicely and David Miliband can't take it for granted that he will be shoehorned in.

The two new contenders are Andy Burnham and Diane Abbot. Andy Burnham is not what anyone would call an exiting option, he is just another face in the Labour Party crowd, which will soon be a leadership crowd if it goes on like this. As each candidates has to get 33 nominations from fellow Labour MPs there won't be enough MPs to sign nominations.

Diane Abbot is a very interesting option, if I disliked my country, democracy, liberty and Parliamentary sovereignty enough to become a Labour Party member, Ms Abbot would get my vote. She has the potential to become a very popular party leader, not only would she be the first black leader of any major political party in Britain, she is a well liked lady too.

She may not have the intellect of others, but she strikes me as having common sense and a down to earth manner which would go down well with the electorate. As an avowed EU-sceptic and opponent of political correctness I also get the impression she would stand up for Britain's interests - within limits. At least she did right by her kids and put them in a good school rather than mindlessly obey Labour Party dogma that all kids should go to crap schools to ensure equality - that scores Brownie points. So my advice to any Labour Party members who stumble on this blog, give Diane some serious consideration - you could do a lot worse - you could be lumbered with a Miliband.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


There's that old saying you find pinned on the wall in most workplaces: 'You don't have to be mad to work here but it helps!' I have come to the conclusion that madness is also a requirement of leadership, how can any sane person want to place themselves in a position where everything you do - and say - is reported and more often criticised.

Leadership, for some strange reason, is a poisoned chalice that all ambitious - or egotistical people seem to want despite all the flack and pitfalls. Another question should be asked, why would should anyone want to be the leader of the Labour Party after its recent demoralising General Election defeat? Whoever takes on the job, and there are now, at the time of writing this blog posting, four Labour nutcases after the leadership of that party. These are the two Miliband brothers, David and Ed, and two newly announced contenders, Ed Balls and John McDonnell.

I'm not sure about the chances of the little known John McDonnell, he is too obscure to do any good, the media are already writing off the chances of Ed Balls so what of the two hard lefties from the Miliband clan? Out of the two I would say that David has the best chance - and Got help and preserve us if he does win and by some dire miracle becomes our Prime Minister. The Miliband's have a strong Marxist background and are from the very left of politics. Added to that unfortunate combination their extremist pro-EU views and we have a highly volatile mix that will be set to blow any last dregs of British freedom, sovereignty and independence to smithereens - which is not a pleasant prospect.

We all now have to wait until September to see which of this loopy quadruplet takes up the poisoned chalice of the Labour Party leadership, after that we then have to worry not only about the possibility of another Labour Government, but also the sanity of those with a mad enough compulsion to vote for it.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010


In the weeks running up to the General Election, as I pounded the streets delivering UKIP leaflets and meeting people generally, the one head banging mantra I heard over and over again was: 'voting UKIP is a wasted vote because you can't win'. Controlling the inner rage everytime I heard this nonsense was difficult, but I would smile and repeat: "If everyone who had said that to me had voted for me, then I would have been an MP years ago." Despite reminding these poor politically short sighted souls of the futility of wasting their votes on a political party that would not do anything about the EU problem, such as the Conservative Party, most of them still went to the polls and voted Tory in the strange belief that Dave Cameron and his Torymen would protect us from the ravages of EU membership - now they are being proved wrong.

That wondrous, haughty, superior being known as George Osbourne, is off to his first big EU pow-wow and is about to be faced with the reality of EU membership and the pointless futility of pretending that Dave, he and their other Conservative cohorts actually govern this fair land - they don't as that privilege belongs to the EU.

Today, George is off to his first EU Council of Finance Ministers meeting and before he has even set off, also despite all the rhetoric about the Tories standing up for British interests, he has had to concede defeat on the issue of EU regulations on hedge funds. Using the limpid excuse that it has already gone too far to stop it, he has to cave in before he even gave the other EU finance ministers a chance to outvote him.

That one time hero and savour of the British pound sterling (for a little bit at least) William Hague, has been waxing lyrical about how their wonderful Torydem coalition was going to work constructively with the EU and engage as full members - so much for standing up for British interests and the Tory testicular mutterings of repatriating powers from the EU.

If this lilly livered coalition really wants to stand up for British interests and to stop one of our major wealth creating sectors in the hedge fund markets in the City of London leaving for good to Switzerland, and taking jobs and wealth with them, then Mr Osbourne needs to tell the EU that Britain will not comply and will look after its own best interests - but of course, as committed EU members, he won't do that and more British wealth and independence will be destroyed.

All those who voted Conservative instead of UKIP on the 6th May to save Britain from the EU truly wasted their votes, because of them we not only remain as EU members and subservient to it, we remain in it right up to our necks.

Friday, 14 May 2010


The Dave & Nick show has only been on the road a matter of days and I have been wondering how the rank and file membership of the Liberal Democrat and Conservative parties are taking to the new Tory Lib Dem love in - I have just had my first glimpse and it don't look too good.

One prominent Conservative activist I have spoken to is not happy at all, this person did not work and spend years - and I mean years - in the Conservative Party just so Dave could give many prominent ministerial positions to members of another party who most Conservative activists are diametrically opposed to - resignation is being considered. If this person does resign because of this pact it will be quite a thing

I have also had news from another source that a long standing Conservative MP has written to David Cameron with several demands and has used certain forms of terminology that can only be described as Anglo Saxon.

Nick and Dave may be rabbiting on about having a fixed term until 2015, but if the rumbles coming from the lower ranks of the Liberal Democrat Party are similar to the first known grumblings from the Tory ranks we may be into another General Election sooner than we expect.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Yesterday I was convinced that there was going to be a Brown and Clegg stitch up to enable Brown's dire Labour Party to remain in office, however, as events unfolded things changed and in the end Gordon was a goner and we now have the political version of a BOGOF - two Europhiles in office for the price of one.

The last time we were in a similar situation was when Ted Heath lost overall control in the 1974 General Election, he tried to do a deal with what was then just the Liberal Party, that did not work out and we had a minority Labour Government for a short period until Harold Wilson went to the country again and asked for a chance - he then got a slim working majority.

This deal between Cameron and Clegg is quite something for the Liberal Democrats - talk about punching above your weight. They lost seats in Parliament, instead of the gains the media were predicting, but are then rewarded with ministerial posts for many Lib Dems and the position of Deputy Prime Minister for Clegg.

All this presents a very unusual political situation for this country, usually our first past the post system, which is now under serious threat, gives a clear and concise victory - we seldom see such political horse trading which is the norm after every election across the rest of Europe. If we are offered a referendum on this and the people go for proportional representation, then the chances are that every election following this one will end up the same.

As a UKIP activist who has always like the positive nature of first past the post voting, such a referendum will place me in a real quandary, should I vote for the first past the post system knowing that I will be denying other UKIP members and myself the chance of being elected, or do I hold my nose and vote for PR in the knowledge that had such a system been in force on the 6th May UKIP would now have around 20 MP's, myself as one of the high UKIP scorers in the West Midlands possibly one of those new MP's

So what now with our newly elected PM and his sidekick? After all the grand speeches, the press and media attention and all the other baggage that goes with such a historic moment, little will change as Cameron and Clegg are little more than caretakers in office in a country no longer run or governed by the people we elect - they are the EU's new puppets and as from now their strings are being pulled - we may have witnessed an historic political moment - but nothing has changed.

Yesterday I thought it was going to be Brown and Clegg taking orders from the EU, today we know that it is Cameron and Clegg taking orders - what a difference a day doesn't make.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Cameron, Clegg & Brown, the troubled trio.
On Sunday night I watched a film called 'Windtalkers', it was a war film based on the US army's use of what was an unbreakable code based on the language the of Navaho Indians - it seems the Japanese never managed to crack the messages they sent. Last week in the general election the people of Britain sent a message to the political elites that have been mismanaging the UK for years, the only problem is, like the Navaho code, our political establishment has not managed to crack the message sent to them.

The resultant mess has meant that the Conservative Party, which had the highest vote, cannot make a majority on its own and has been talking to Clegg and his lot, whose number of seats were diminished on the 6th May, in order to form a coalition Government. Clegg, who is the leader of the minority and generally insignificant Liberal Democrat Party, is also talking to Gordon Brown and his losing Labour lot and is obviously angling for a deal that suits the Lib Dems rather than the nation. This, sadly, is typical of politics in the UK today - stuff the country and the electorate - all that matters is holding on to power. Sadly, the only power they will be holding on to is the power to do as the EU instructs.

If, as looks more than possible, Clegg and Brown stich up a deal, then the losers will have won and the people will have lost - the whole thing is a disaster. However, there could be some good come from it. The disgust of the people for such a disgraceful pact will help to destroy these two most Euro fanatical of anti-British parties. Add also into the mix the fact it looks almost certain that because of this a new proportional voting system will be introduced, those of us who campaign for UKIP will be able to go into future elections knowing that we will have a real chance of seeing UKIP Members of Parliament on those green benches in the House of Commons. Clegg and Brown may be the winning losers this time, but they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction.

Saturday, 8 May 2010


This is the second general election I have had the great pleasure of having my election deposit returned, this time especially as I was fortunate enough to stand in a Parliamentary constituency where a decent number of people were not prepared to be taken in by the bullshine that comes from the so-called three main political parties who try to pretend they run this country, whilst doings as told by the EU. This morning, after returning from doing my husbandly duties by going to the supermarket with the boss, I returned to find a cheque for £500 from Walsall Council on the doormat.

Whilst in the supermarket, after picking up a pack of bargain bananas, a chap came up to me and asked how I had got on, he was as every bit as pleased as I with my 3449 votes as he, and his wife, had voted for me. Like many he had given up on the other three parties and this was the second general election he had voted for me. He liked UKIP's flat tax policy and the fact we wanted to take those on the minimum wage out of taxation altogether, as well as some other UKIP policies including the five year pause on immigration.

For that voter UKIP had given him a political harbour where he felt he could safely place his vote, I was pleased to be the instrument for him. However, for many Conservative's and political pundits, I am now a dasterley political rogue who sabotaged the chances of that nice Mr David Cameron and his caring cuddly Conservative's, I am one of the vile scoundrels who stopped the the Tory victory. The simple answer to that situation is - well tough, people have a democratic choice.

There are some factors which the Conservative Party and Tory supportive press should now begin looking at. The first is get out there and speak to people, don't take it for granted that the UKIP vote, had a UKIP candidate not been standing, would have automatically have gone to the Conservative Party - that is a simplistic and somewhat insulting opinion of a complex and disenfranchised electorate, this needs research. The question need asking, where would those votes have gone had a UKIP candidate not stood? For all these people, who blithely and ignorantly presume the votes would have gone Tory, may well learn something by asking that question.

When I was pounding the streets of Walsall South, and other parts of the West Midlands when helping out other candidates, there were a lot of disgruntled Labour voters out there saying they were going to vote UKIP. They were well and truly fed up with the party they once supported and there was no way they were going to vote either Tory or the BNP - so UKIP gave their votes a home - but of course the Conservative chateratie have not bothered to look at that option. Even Richard North who runs the normally sound EU Referendum blog has jumped to the same conclusion, but it is far more complex that that.

How many UKIP voters would have abstained from voting is another question. Prior to the Referendum Party, then UKIP, this was the only option that I was considering - no one would have got my vote had there not been those political homes for me as none of the established and arrogant political parties would have been worth wasting my votes on and abstention would have been my only political option. Sadly, those who claim UKIP cost them the election are all too short sighted to even bother to look at what is staring them in the face.

The Conservative Party took this country into the EU via Ted Heath taking us into the Common Market, Thatcher signed the Single European Act, Major the dire and treasonous Maastricht Treaty, which made us all European citizens, before handing over the treasonous baton to the Labour Party who also have the blood of British sovereignty on their hands by signing away much more.

These parties, including the Liberal Democrat's, need to look to themselves and what they have done before carping about the effects of UKIP. If they really want to stop dasterley rogues like me and the growing numbers of UKIP members and supporters, then give us an option on the EU, even if it is just a promise of an in or out referendum. If they don't grasp this nettle then we in UKIP will keep coming back, and back, and back..................

Friday, 7 May 2010


It was 6 am when my head hit the pillow this morning, 7th May 2010, after being up all night at the Walsall General Election count - and I'm still knackered.

Usually the Walsall General Election counts are held in the town hall and over by 1.30 am to 2 am, but this one, held in a large sports hall on the campus of the Wolverhampton University, which is in Walsall, went on for ever more with nothing, seemingly, being done at all until around midnight.

It was mixed results for us in UKIP in Walsall, Liz Hazell who stood in Walsall North was disappointed with her result, especially as the thuggish BNP polled more votes than her. However, I had it easier in Walsall South where I stood against Valerie Vaz, the sister of the infamous Keith as the BNP did not contest this seat - I took 3449 votes for UKIP which was 8.4% of the vote. It was also, from what I gather, the highest UKIP vote in the West Midlands.

The Conservative candidate was not too happy with me as he, like many a Tory, consider that if UKIP did not stand those votes would have gone to them, which is a short sighted and somewhat arrogant way of looking at things as UKIP take votes from Labour and the Lib Dems too, no one can take it for granted that any UKIP votes would go to the Conservative candidate if UKIP was not there.

One good thing from the evening was having the chance to meet the editor of the excellent Yam Yam web-site which covers Walsall news. Yam Yam is a micky take on the local Walsall accent, Walsall people are often called "Yam Yams". The Walsall North and South results below.
Click on the results to enlarge

Wednesday, 5 May 2010


On the eve of election day many people will be wondering how to vote. If you are a confirmed EU-sceptic you will be considering one of two options, either UKIP or the Conservative Party.

Others will be considering what to do and may have been taken in by Nick Clegg’s performance on the televised leaders debates. Some may be thinking of voting for the Green’s or other less savoury parties if they want to break away from the larger parties and show their disdain for the others, whilst some may stay with Labour going on the basis that it is better to stick with the devil you know. However, in reality there is only one way people can vote if they want their country back, which of course is to vote for the UK Independence Party - a vote for any of the other political parties is a wasted vote.

Although seen as a party that leans towards EU-sceptiscm, the Conservative Party in reality is a pro-EU party. It was the party that forced us into the Common Market without giving us the real truth for what was ahead - even though its leader of the time, Ted Heath, knew the end result was to be a single country called Europe. The Conservative Party is also the party of the Single European Act and Maastricht. The Labour Party have also lied about the EU. It signed us up to the Treaty of Nice enabling the EU arrest warrant and paving the way for Corpus Juris which is the EU system of law and not to forget Gordon Brown’s betrayal by signing the dreadful Lisbon Treaty.

A Liberal Democrat Government would be an absolute disaster, they would give everything to the EU in the blink of an eye. This then leaves UKIP, the only moderate political party that will take Britain out of the EU and restore Parliamentary sovereignty and democracy.

For many of us in the anti-EU campaign UKIP can be the only option, sadly, and despite UKIP technically being the second placed political party after last summer’s European election results, the press and media are studiously ignoring UKIP and promoting the three pro-EU parties.

For this reason this coming general election is going to be an unimportant election, possibly the least important ever as nothing will change irrespective of which of the other three parties wins as millions of people will go and waste their votes on the three parties that will keep us in the EU which will not allow those three parties to govern as they see fit - they will be forced to obey the EU.

What little sovereignty we have left will continue to leach away to the EU, nothing will change because the people making our laws are in the EU and unelected. Sadly, changing people’s voting habits is a long term job, I am not sure we have the time to see this change through, but we have to try which is why I am standing for UKIP once again. Maybe we can make this unimportant election important by voting UKIP - as long as people don't waste their votes on the political parties who are happy for the UK to be governed by the EU and those none of us elect.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


Each and every election I have stood in has had its own peculiarities, be they local or General Elections, and there have been four General Elections and countless local elections.

So far in this election, due to my roll in UKIP, I have run around looking after other UKIP candidates in the West Midlands, from getting their nominations signed, sorting out their candidate web-sites and speaking at hustings meetings on their behalf - as well as trying to campaign for myself in Walsall South where I am standing against Valerie Vaz, the sister of our ex Euro Minister, Keith Vaz.

On top of normal campaigning so far, due to the election, I have helped an elderly lady who, I met while out leafleting who asked me if I could lift her husband off the floor where he had fallen and could not get up, witnessed a hit and run traffic accident including writing a report of the accident for the victims insurance company, rescued a blue tit from the middle of the road and got it to the vet where, I hope, it will be able to make a full recovery, and today returned, once again to the Good Hope hospital with my father in law with a recurring problem. The mad system there mean that he can't be admitted on weekends and will have to be transferred to the other side of Birmingham to another hospital for a problem which he has been waiting for Good Hope to deal with. He was promised an operation within four to six weeks about twelve weeks ago - and is still waiting - in another hospital!

With any luck I amy be able to do some electioneering in my own constituency of Walsall South before the 6th May.