Monday, 30 November 2009


Alex Salmond and his Scottish National Party are getting all exited about the prospect of independence for Scotland and speak of freeing brave little Scotland from the yoke of English domination in a possible referendum on the issue.

It is sad that they want to break up the union and, so it seems, a bit mad.  As far as the majority of the English are concerned the Scots can bugger off if that's what they want and most English would vote for it in a referendum were it given to them.  However, if a referendum on this issue does take place regarding the end of the union only a small percent of the people within the union will be given a say on the matter, the Scottish people alone - the English will not be allowed a say.

This leaves some important questions, how will the Scottish economy support itself without English taxpayers money?  Where will their revenue come from as their banks have gone bust and survive on English bailouts, the North Sea oil and gas, that which is left, does not belong to them as it is in English territorial waters even though it comes onto land in Scotland (but that can be changed), and what about all the Scottish politicians in Government running all the British Isles including the PM and his Scottish Chancellor?  Will they have to quit as will no longer have a place in Parliament?  All this talk of Scottish independence seems to be a bit lacking on thought and high in bullshine.

The most interesting thought of all though is the concept of independence.  As many of us in the anti-EU campaign are working for British independence from the EU so that we can govern ourselves again, it looks as if smart Alex Salmond wants independence from England but remain in the EU which will make Scotland an independent region of Europe - definitely an oxymoron.


Linda & Derek Bennett on the London Eye.
On the day that UKIP was electing its new leader, Friday 27th November, Mrs B, my better half, was having a significant birthday.  I won't say how old she was but she is now waving a brand new bus pass around.

Because of this all campaigning and blogging came to a grinding halt to take her on a special birthday trip to London to do all the usual things such as going to a show, a whirl on the London eye and a drink in one or two of London's wonderful old pubs - hence the silence about events on this blog.

On that Friday UKIP chose the person to lead it into the general election, which will probably be one of the most important in British history.  The person chosen with almost half of the total vote was Lord Pearson, UKIP members gave him a substantial mandate to lead and he has not hesitated in this task by giving an insight into his plans.

I have heard Lord Pearson speak at various events over the years, even in the days when he was a member of the Conservative ranks, he always made no secret that, as he put it, he was a "come outer" as far as the EU was concerned.  He now brings authority and respect to UKIP.

While I returned to a little bit of normality for a couple of days, things have been changing, when we go into the new year battle lines will be drawn and stances will be taken - and the ominous presence of the EU will begin to wield its newly acquired powers - we will all have to prepare for the campaigns ahead and forget our once normal pre-political days.

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Andrew Symeou with supporters before his arrest.

The problem with the main stream media is their hacks like to get their teeth into a nice new juicy story and play with it for a time until another item of news takes their interest. After they get bored, which doesn’t take long, they quickly forget their past news stories and continue on their merry way looking for the latest hot topic.

Those poor souls caught up in the initial press and media whirlwind are soon abandoned and left wondering what has happened and why no one wants to fight their corner anymore, such as the case of poor Andrew Symeou. He, being a British subject, has been forgotten and is now languishing, abandoned by the press, in a Greek jail as they passed on to another, equally appalling injustice taking place, the case of Gary McKinnon.

Those of us in the anti-EU movement must not forget people such as Andrew, there is no respite for him as he sits and rots in his Greek prison cell, getting deaper into depression, without the prospect of bail as they think he will do a runner. He is there for nothing else than purely circumstantial evidence and the reason he is suffering is because he was in the vicinity when a murder took place, the evidence against him is so wafer thin you can see through it.

Under British law he would most likely not be considered as a potential suspect, our courts would have seen the flimsiness of the evidence presented and thrown the case out. The problem is, we are not dealing with fairness, we are not dealing with a system based on logic or rationality, and we are not dealing with British law – we are dealing here with an imposed EU system of law which is far from fair or even cares for justice.

Sadly, Andrew Symeou was arrested on these shores, where such a case would not hold up under our legal system, under the rules of the EU arrest warrant. This has come about not only because our elected representatives, who we entrust to look after our British interests, have abandoned him. They have also, by allowing the EU arrest warrant to be passed into law, abandoned each and every one of us in this country too. Because of their treasonous actions none of us are safe from the threat of the EU arrest warrant. Go plane spotting in Greece, be crass and foolish enough to deny the holocaust in Germany or post the wrong thing on another European web-site, or even like Andrew, be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and many of us could find we are arrested by our own police on the demand of a foreign court and shipped off to face imprisonment for crimes that are not an offence in the UK.

If our Prime Minister and his ministers cared for the people who elected them, if our MPs had been bothered to defend our interests, they would have never abandoned the once safe extradition arrangement which were put in place to protect the British people against wrongful arrest, as in the case of Andrew Symeou, a victim of the EU – as are all of us.

Wednesday, 25 November 2009


EU governments have a financial stake in exporting the jobs of British General Motors workers to Eastern Europe as they hold an equity stake in one General Motors plant in Russia, and provided € 70m in soft loans to finance another.

UKIP Transport Spokesman Mike Nattrass MEP said it was ‘eerily reminiscent’ of the situation in 2005 when Peugeot closed its Ryton plant in the UK to move into a purpose-built facility in Slovakia which had been financed by EU grants.

He continued: “Here we have a supranational bank, entirely financed by taxpayers, taking equity in one General Motors plant and financing the construction of another. In other words, once again, British taxpayers are subsidising the export of their own jobs.

“When the government talks about protecting British workers jobs, how can it do this when it indirectly owns a stake in a competing plant in Russia?”

Mr Nattrass said that in 2002, the EBRD had taken a 30 per cent equity stake in a joint General Motors/VAZ manufacturing deal as part of an equity financing initiative in Russia.

This was followed by a further € 70m in soft loans provided last year for the construction of a greenfield plant near St Petersburg, despite General Motors financial difficulties.

Mr Nattrass added: “When the government talks about investing for the future, most of us assume it is talking about investing in Britain.

“It is clear, however, that it views the jobs of Russian car workers as a higher priority than the jobs of their British equivalents. So much for British jobs for British workers."

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Thanks go to the dedication of anti-BBC bias campaigner, Craig of the Beeb Bias Craig blog, who alerted me to an item on the BBC’s World Tonight programme which went out on the 20th November 2009. The core subject of this item has not reached a wider audience but the implications of what it was refereeing to could have massive repercussions for those of us in the UK, especially those in the financial sector.

As Craig pointed out this is another effect of the Lisbon Treaty which will prove to be a real danger to us all. Because our one and only EU Commissioner, Baroness Ashton has landed the job of the EU’s ‘High Representative’ (Foreign Minister), this leaves a gaping hole and an opportunity for President Sarkozy to jump in and further his ambitions and increase the power and influence of France within the EU.

The BBC programme reported on an article in the French newspaper, ‘Le Monde’, which has declared that the next big appointment the EU will be making, thanks to the Lisbon Treaty, will be the ‘Internal Market Commissioner’, and Sarkozy wants his placeman in the job, fellow Frenchman Michael Barnier.

This job will give its occupant responsibility over financial policy and will, as Craig pointed out, have a huge impact over our lives. In the BBC report it stated that Sarkozy wants France to challenge the power of the City of London as a trading centre, he wants France to equal, if not overtake London, and to do so he wants Barnier in place and to step up financial regulation and controls over the free market which will do great harm to the City of London and ultimately us in the UK as our trade is encouraged to go elsewhere.

The minuscule French president wants his country to bag the three big posts of: trade, competition policy, and internal market. All this mounts up to alarming news for the traders in the City of London and will do serious harm. This is a worrying development indeed.


Gerard Batten MEP, exposes Lord Kinnock.

In a speech to the European Parliament on Monday 23rd November, using the very short time span allowed him, UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten, exposed the ex Labour leader and EU Commissioner, Neil Kinnock’s alleged collusion with the leader of the Soviet Union regarding the defence of the United Kingdom.

Gerard stated:

“Russian exile Pavel Stroilov recently published revelations about the collaboration between the British Labour Party and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

Soviet archival documents state that in the 1980s Neil Kinnock, as leader of the opposition, approached Mikhail Gorbachev through secret envoys to see how the Kremlin would respond if a Labour Government stopped the implementation of the Trident nuclear missile programme.
If the report given to Mr Gorbachev is true, it means that Lord Kinnock approached one of Britain's enemies in order to seek approval regarding his party's defence policy, and had he been elected, Britain's defence policy.

If this report is true then Lord Kinnock would be guilty of treason. The documents now available must be investigated at the highest possible level by the British authorities and Lord Kinnock given the opportunity to answer the Soviet evidence.”

The only problem is, as Lord Kinnock’s New Labour Party repealed Britain’s most important Acts of Treason in the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act in order to protect itself against the treason it was preparing to commit by ceding massive tranches of power to the EU, what is there to prosecute Lord Kinnock with? Will the teflon traitors get away with it again?

Monday, 23 November 2009


There has not been much time for blogging over the last couple of days due to important appointments such as going to the Lyndon House Hotel in Walsall for a beer or two. However, here’s a link to an article which was in the Sunday Times yesterday, it makes an interesting read. It’s more on that choice of the Eurofederalists dream duo, a match made in hell, of Herman Van Rompuy and Baroness Ashton.

Saturday, 21 November 2009


Did you eat up your crusts with lashings of real butter when you were a kid? Did it make your hair go curley? I loved my crusty bread and butter, still do and have a curly beard to show for it. However, other than bothering if the bread was wholemeal or not, like a lot of people no doubt, I have never given too much thought as to the source of the ingredients of our daily loaf.

Reported in the Daily Telegraph on Friday 20th November 2009, was the news that good old Hovis is on the verge of producing the first 100 per cent British loaf of bread.

I know that this is not news to have you jumping up and down with utter joy and ecstasy, but in these days when so much of what we purchase has been produced in foreign climes, it is a nice little snippet of news.

It seems the last time we had 100 per cent produced British bread was before the repeal of the corn laws in 1846, ever since then most mass produced bread made in Britain has contained around 20 per cent imported wheat. However, Hovis has declared that as from January 2010 it will be using British flour only.

Hovis has always produced good bread and to use the terminology of its old adverts: ‘It’ll be reet good, and it t’were hundred per cent British.

Friday, 20 November 2009


Rompuy & Ashton.

Baroness Ashton, who she you may ask. Believe it or not she has been our one United Kingdom EU Commissioner hidden away in the bowels of Brussels ever since Baroness Mandy departed and returned to these shores to meddle and spin in British politics again. The Baroness, Ashton that is, has just landed one of the top new jobs created under the Lisbon Treaty as the EU’s ‘High Representative, or in reality foreign minister. She now sits alongside that other nonentity who has been elevated to EU President, Herman Van Rompuy. What a lovely couple they make!

Neither of this dubious duo have been elected into office, they were placed after some argy-bargy by the EU leaders at a grand do in Brussels last night. The people of Europe who have shown their disapproval for first the EU constitution, then the Lisbon Treaty which was more or less the same thing anyway, were then informed of the fact they have had this pair foisted upon them.

The Europhile BBC have been having a lovely time doing the job of informing us mere mortals on behalf of the EU, the bullshit has been coming thick and fast and in great dollops. It has told us how Mr Rumpy Pumpy will really be a “chairman” more than a President, it also informed us how pleased the EU leaders were as such a lowly figure as Mr Rompuy will not take away their power – what utter tosh.

What the BBC failed to explain was the fact that by signing and ratifying the dreadful and dangerous Lisbon Treaty the leaders of the once sovereign nations of Europe have handed over immense power to the EU. Nor did the BBC remind us of Mr Rompuy’s recent comments about the replacement of national symbols such as flags and anthems to be usurped by the EU’s symbols to create a European identity. This man may be a little known backwater Belgian, but his ideas and ambitions spell great danger to all our freedoms and liberties.

Baroness Ashton (remember her?) got the job of High Representative after Gordon Brown dropped his support for Tony Blair as President and proposed the invisible Baroness instead for the second post. Naturally she was invited onto the BBC Radio Four Programme to tell us that despite never being elected to anything in her life, how lucky we all are to have such a wonderful person as her in this high ranking EU post – I am sure we are all eternally grateful!

When we go into 2010 and the grey and invisible people of the EU finally get their mits on great chunks of power, we will begin to see some drastic changes, sadly none for the better. As the nonentities of the EU rise to the fore our only and last option to save ourselves is to leave the European Union. Will you be voting for that next May by voting UKIP or will you doom us by voting for the same old Lib, Lab, Con?

Thursday, 19 November 2009


It’s taken a long time getting there, the electorate in several parts of the continent have been very inconsiderate and uncooperative and had to be put in their place and told what was good for them, and now the EU constitution, otherwise known as the Lisbon Treaty, is in place. This means the EU leaders can have a nice little jolly and decide who is going to take the plum jobs of President and High Representative (foreign minister).

All this is due to take place tonight at a grand dinner, there is no need for such niceties as democratic accountability and the EU definitely would not want the electorate near this – they may elect the wrong person. So, after a slap-up dinner they will get together and haggle over the details. Compromises will be made and when they all get a bit too tired and it gets way past their bed times, then they will pick the least opposed person and inflict that person upon the rest of us plebs who are too ignorant to understand the workings of these things. That person will then be our new, unelected, president.

Many years ago I heard a joke about a group of people taking part in a study of sexual behaviour. They were asked for those who had sex every night of the week to raise their hands. A number with big grins on their faces did so. Then those who had sex once a week to raise their hands – a reasonably happy bunch did so. Next it was the turn of those who got their oats only once a month, a not so happy looking bunch raised their hands. Finally, it came to those who only struck lucky once a year to raise their hands. One small chap raised his hand grinning from ear to ear and jumping up and down said “yeh, that’s me”. The puzzled person conducting the survey asked him why he was so happy when he only had sex once a year. The chap replied: “Tonight’s the night!”

If you see a happy looking bunch of Eurocrats, well for them tonight’s the night, the rest of us mere mortals may look even more glum tomorrow.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009


The government has announced that residents of Greater Manchester will be able to apply for an ID card and registration on the National Identity Register from 30th November. The Home Office claims the cards will be secure, though similar cards issued to non-EU foreign nationals were recently cracked and cloned, and police admitted that printers until recently available in high street IT stores were able to produce replicas.

The prime selling point now offered is that they will be convenient for young people. But any application involves the individual 'voluntarily' joining the National Identity Register database, being finger printed, and becoming subject to all present and future regulations issued under the Identity Cards Act 2006.

Phil Booth, NO2ID's National Coordinator, said: 'The Home Office line that ID cards are cheap and convenient is preposterous. Volunteer for a 'thirty pound' ID card and as part of the package you get a government file for life. Once registered you have the obligation to keep a Whitehall database about you up-to-date, whatever it costs, for ever. To believe that is easier than the existing passport, let alone any of the officially endorsed proof of age cards that you can buy for a tenner, you would have to be an imbecile - or a government minister.

Monday, 16 November 2009


As the EU grabs even more power with its success of foisting its Lisbon Treaty upon us long suffering mortals who have to live with the day to day reality of the EU, which is less utopian than the EU would like us to believe, we are constantly being told we can’t leave because of the ‘benefits’ of membership – although they seem quite elusive.

One of the many not very beneficial parts of being in the EU is the sheer financial cost. Families years ago were told that their grocery bills would cost less with membership – but somehow less turned into more and thanks to the EU absurd Common Agricultural Policy average grocery bills cost an additional £25 on average. Now families are being warned of another cost of EU membership.

According to the well known and highly respected economist, Ruth Lea, who has carried out extensive research on behalf of the Taxpayers Alliance to study the costs and benefits of EU membership, has said that £10.8 billion of our money could be clawed back should Britain leave the EU for a less formal relationship, such as that of Switzerland. The benefit to this looser relationship to the Swiss is that they have access to EU markets with free trade, it co-operates with the EU in areas of their own choosing and also has access to non-EU markets denied to us as full EU members.

Ms Lea said the desperate state of the public finances has made a rethink of Britain’s contributions more urgent than ever. She stated: ‘British taxpayers pour huge amounts of money into the EU’s coffers and really don’t get a good deal in return’.

The full impact of the financial burden of EU membership on every single family in this country, at a time when most families are struggling to make ends meet, is £428 per year. We really are worse off in the EU.

Friday, 13 November 2009


What do you do if you keep a few hens who lay more eggs than you need for your own personal consumption? A) do you have a chat with the owner of your local village stores to come to a mutual arrangement to make a few bob on your surplus, or B) fill in reams of paperwork and be inspected by Government officials dressed in gear that looks as if they have come to deal with the great plague? The answer is obvious, we’re in the EU, it’s B, of course.

This then is what happened to Lady Dilhorne, a clinical microbiology consultant who obviously knows a thing or two about the safety of foods, and her home laid eggs. All she wanted to do was to sell her surplus of around six boxes of eggs a week. However, when she put in a simple request for this arrangement to the Department for Environmental Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) she hit an EU created bureaucratic wall, namely the EC Laying Hens Directive.

She was told to complete loads of forms about her hens, where they were kept, what they were fed on and much else. She was instructed how to weigh and clean eggs and then her hens were inspected by an environmental health officer whose only duty was to ask her how she cleaned her kitchen and where the eggs were packed.

All in all she had two three hour visits from inspectors who have classed her kitchen as a packaging station and her as the business manager of Professor Eykyn’s Class A Free Range Eggs. DEFRA said: “All Class A eggs sold at retail level within the EU are legally required to be marked with a code identifying the establishment, country of origin and method of production. What a clucking to-do!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


There are lots of famous political quotations, but the two most apt and oft used were said by two Harold’s.

Harold McMillan, or ‘Supermac’, as he was called back in the 1950’s, famously said: “Events dear boy, events.” That other Harold, Harold Wilson, said, as we all know: “A week is a long time in politics.” How right those two were.

It’s uncanny how someone in politics can be riding high one moment and within a short space of time they hit rock bottom, political events can happen so fast they are left stunned and dazed by what has happened. Now its David Cameron’s turn to be hit by events in a short space of time.

Just weeks ago he was riding high and looking unstoppable, then suddenly – wham – he was hit by the EU. The events that have taken place around the Lisbon Treaty have hit him in the political goolies and left him on very shaky ground. To get more of a measure on his situation Simon Heffer has written a very astute article in the Daily Telegraph which was published today (11th October 2009). I suggest you read it, Cameron, as he points out, is “Howling in the night”.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009


William Hague, the EU and British sovereignty not a Conservative priority.

Now we have it from the horses mouth, the Tories don’t care about saving British sovereignty as the EU problem is not a priority to them. This was stated on Sunday by William Hague who, as the then Tory leader, campaigned in the 2001 general election with the slogan ‘Keep the pound’ (for a bit). The Tories have never been serious about protecting Britain’s interests against the EU’s wishes for total domination – and a future Conservative government led by David Cameron, surrounded by Europhiles, will be no different.

According to William Hague the state of the economy is far more important than British independence. He claimed that the party remained Eurosceptic (can you believe) but would not get into a “bust-up with Europe” and went on to confirm that they would take their time over negotiating opt-outs in a number of areas and the passing of a sovereignty Bill. This, of course, was obviously being said to appease the rank and file membership of the Conservative Party as there is no way they will be able to negotiate any opt-outs and a sovereignty Bill will not be worth the paper it is written on.

However, without leaving the EU, which under a ratified Lisbon Treaty, there will be no way the Tories will be able to deal with any major issues, not least the economy, as the most important levers of power will pass to the EU. A Tory government will not be allowed to give a boost to British based businesses or give them an advantage in any way as that will be seen by the EU as ‘unfair competition’, trade agreements and foreign policy will pass into the remit of the EU – we will not be able to promote Britain on a world stage as the EU leaders will no longer be representatives of their own nations but representatives of the EU instead.

Ted Heath was the Tory leader who blatantly lied to the people to take us into the then Common Market and Cameron is proving the Tory leopard has not changed its spots as he is deceiving the British people now. The Tories have proven they don’t care about British sovereignty.

Monday, 9 November 2009


Whatever you do please find the time to read the latest article in the Daily Telegraph by Philip Johnston, who in this bloggers opinion is one of the Telegraph’s star commentators.

In absolute clarity he explains exactly how the British legal system is about to be undermined and destroyed by the EU now that the Lisbon Treaty has been signed. There will be no justice in the EU.


If the rantings of this blog seem a bit on the head banging side, then that is probably because this blogger, aged 61, should face a psychological test, or so the EU would have it.

In what the Daily Mail refers to as a ‘Reggie Perrin’ test, every worker in the EU over the age of 45 should be tested to identify those at risk of a mid-life crisis. As usual, the EU wanting to sort out these multitudes of crises will be creating a much larger crisis for an enormous number of small to medium sized enterprises who will be affected by what is yet to be another of the EU’s mad meddlings.

It would seem, as the Daily Mail puts it, the aim of this proposal is to “spot troubled employees who are thinking of quitting their jobs because they begin to doubt their own abilities in middle age.”

British businesses are not at all happy with this proposal as the cost and burden implementing this scheme could cripple them, pensioners groups said the idea was insulting to older workers. Once again this is a prime example of how EU proposals could do great harm to the large numbers of smaller business who collectively employ the largest number of workers whilst the large multi-national companies will have the resources to cope with such measures. This is another example of a not very level playing field thanks to the EU.

The proposal states: ‘If older workers are to stay in work, it is vital for firms to introduce an anticipatory mechanism as early as the middle of a workers career, to avoid workers becoming at risk.’

Naturally, as with so many of the EU’s wondrous brainwaves, those who will have to put their hands in their pockets to pay for this will be the firms themselves and the poor old taxpayer whose pockets are getting ever deeper and wallets ever thinner as the EU calls in the shrinks.

Sunday, 8 November 2009


On Sunday 8th November, along with Mrs B and two other UKIP colleagues, we turned up at Walsall Town Hall just past 10 am to join the Remembrance Day parade and service. As always at these events the towns big-wigs were there, including the the Walsall South MP, Bruce George and many Town Councillors. John O'Hare, the Mayor of Walsall (another Lyndon House rgeular) was dressed in his finery and led the parade on the short walk through the town to the cenotaph.

This year, without doubt there were more people watching the parade and awaiting at the cenotaph, which shows the nation does care about those men in Afghanistan and the high number of lives being lost, as well as remembering all those from wars past.

As usual the service was well organised and the two minutes silence observed, but it seems the remembrance service in Walsall has developed a tradition - it always has one of the worst buglers it can find to play the last post. This year I thought the tradition had been broken as it began well, but then when it got to the more complicated bits thats where it all began to fall apart. None the less, no one ever says anything and the service continues. the wreaths are laid and its back to the town hall to watch the veterans, armed serves and local boy scouts, sea cadets and others march past. After that it is in to the Town Hall for a cup of tea and a chance to warm up. 

I feel privileged to be able to be part of this each year, but every year as I listen to the service and thank of all those brave men and women who died for our freedom, I wonder why our politicians are so eager to destroy all that they gave so much for.

Saturday, 7 November 2009


At 11 am tomorrow morning in towns, villages and cities all around the country people will gather at their local war memorials and cenotaphs to remember all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

Please don’t lie in bed as you would normally do on a Sunday Morning, just make an effort and remember to go along and give a few moments of your time for those who gave their lives for you.

Sadly, these heroes who have fought and died in wars over the years for the sake of this country, including those still dying today in foreign fields, have been betrayed by our elected politicians, as they have betrayed all of us by giving away our nation to foreign domination. However, that does not mean we should betray the memory of our fallen, we ordinary British subjects have a duty to those who were braver than us and gave more than we will ever be expected to – so please attend your local memorial service and remember them.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.

Friday, 6 November 2009


Guy Herbert of No"ID, critical of ABTA.

Campaign group NO2ID accused the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) of 'acting as a shill for a government agency' by promoting the ID cards scheme. In an open letter to Mark Tanzer, Chief Executive of ABTA, Guy Herbert, the General Secretary of NO2ID,
says that ABTA's position is bad for travellers and will ultimately hurt the travel industry and its reputation. This at a time when travel agents are facing hard times as holidaymakers cut back spending.

The cause of the row is a series of articles in the travel press this week in which an ABTA spokesman is quoted suggesting that successful introduction of ID cards would encourage travel in Europe by being cheaper and easier than a passport. NO2ID says the opposite is the case, that UK ID cards are not simple identity documents, but involve a complicated and oppressive permanent surveillance. They say that in
fact Home Office plans (from 2011) to make people register on a database for life when they renew their passport will put many people off travelling altogether.

This winter NO2ID is highlighting the Home Office’s attempt to force people to accept ID registration as a consequence of having a passport in a series of press advertisements headlined: 'How your passport could own you'.

Guy Herbert's letter calls on ABTA to fight for the interests of travellers and adopt the same sort of principled opposition to the scheme that the aviation industry showed when it wrote to then Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith in summer 2008.

Mr Herbert added:

'It seems mad for ABTA to embarrass its members like this when the travel industry is suffering so much from the recession. If they want people to travel more they should be opposing the Home Office making the British passport into an instrument of surveillance.'

Thursday, 5 November 2009


Yesterday was a day of feeling flat, the appalling Lisbon Treaty is approved and fully signed, David Cameron stated that any chance of his “cast iron” promise of a referendum on the treaty had rusted away into nothingness and to cap it all, an anti-British Quisling Euro extremist posted a gloating remark on the comments section of the posting below this. How can such people, who dislike their own country so much, be so happy to see it handed over to foreign control – don’t they have any shame?

Under this black cloud of depressive misery I was in no mood to sit and write my gloomy thoughts on this blog, I took the missus to the pictures instead to see the film ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’. Now there was a character dreamt up by Roald Dahl, he could get out of any scrape, which is what we have to do now.

The strange thing is, the dire situation we are in with the full consent of the Labour, Tory and with the full backing of the Liberal Democrat Parties, could be the very impetuous for getting us out of this mess.

There is a growth of national anger building up against these three parties who are all complicit for the betrayal of the people, just take a look at the letters pages in the press and other comments on the internet and radio phone-ins. A lot of that anger is being aimed at the Conservative Party because people feel badly let down by them.

Over the years when I have been out campaigning for UKIP there was always this reluctance for many long time Tory voters to switch their vote, they supported what UKIP was saying but never gave up in the belief that somehow or other the Conservative’s would save them – now that last (false) hope has been removed from them and there is anger, frustration and an air of realism about them – they are coming to UKIP.

David Cameron is in big trouble now, he managed to fool the people and his party members for so long, but now he has not only ruled out the possibility of a Lisbon Treaty referendum, but compounded the problem by offering a totally unrealistic and unconvincingly vague promise to stand up for Britain’s interest in the EU and not cede any more powers to it without a referendum, has not fooled anyone but himself. We all know this treaty is self amending, there will be no more treaties to have referendums on as the EU now has all the power. What Cameron is offering is a promise to protect the empty space after the EU thief has run off with all the goodies.

Added to his woes some big Tory names have begun to resign their positions. The two highly respected Tory MEPs, Daniel Hannan and Roger Helmer have quit their front bench rolls and to watch the body language of William Hague as he desperately tried to defend the defenceless was a picture of a demoralised and defeated man.

The next general election is going to be, without doubt, one of the most interesting in British history. Because the of the three main parties compliance and commitment to the EU over the years they have allowed our Parliamentary democracy be shattered and broken – will this election see the end of the three party system?

My depression is over, the black dog has gone I no longer feel flat – now the real fight begins and it is one we have to win.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009


Even though many of us were not alive in 1939, including this blogger who came into the world a just over seven years later, when we listen to the recordings of Neville Chamberlain’s broadcast declaring war on Germany, it still sends a shiver down the spine due to the enormity of that message.

On that day in 1939 the whole nation stood around wirelesses listening intently to Mr Chamberlain’s measured and calm tones, it was a message of failure which showed in his voice as he had failed to prevent war and its terrible outcome. This morning (3rd November 2009) seventy years after that chilling broadcast, I felt the same emotions as many who must have listened to the BBC on that fateful day.

Listening to the news this morning and hearing the BBC so flippantly and casually inform us that the Czech constitutional court had seen no reason why the EU’s dire Lisbon Treaty should not be ratified, and as such the last obstacle to it has been removed, I felt a chill down my spine with the significance of that message – Britain is once again on the precipice, as it was in 1939.

Unlike that day seventy or so years ago when every single person fully understood the significance of the Prime Ministers broadcast, and what it would mean to them and their families, this morning life in the nation continued as normal with few, other than the informed, fully understanding the importance of what has really happened and the fact that Britain is not only on the verge of ceasing to be a free nation, but soon their country will cease to exist as it is swallowed whole into the new European “Empire”.

Speaking to my friend and long time anti-EU researcher, Anne Palmer, this morning, she too said the people just don’t know or fully understand what is now coming. She predicts that once this treacherous treaty is fully ratified, which will most probably be by Christmas, we will begin to see some immense and frightening changes take place in the new year. This country, which thanks to the treasonous compliance of every leader from Heath onwards, will be an occupied country and the EU will make that obvious. It will not be long before our streets and neighbourhoods have armed foreign police on them in the shape of the Euro Gendarmarie, we could even see foreign troops flown in to quell any protests – those who have supported the EU and its vile ambitions over the years have a lot to be ashamed about.

Is there hope? There is always hope, it was the last thing in Pandora’s box. Now that David Cameron has utterly betrayed his own supporters and the nation by reneging on his so-called “cast iron” guarantee of giving the people a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if the people elect a Conservative Government, our only hope is UKIP.

This nation is heading towards a general election which must be held by May of 2010, this is where UKIP can save us. The nation has two options, in the remote chance the people awake to the fact they have been totaly abandonment by the Liberal Democrats, Labour and Conservative parties, the only party for them to vote for will be UKIP. The BNP are a wasted vote because no one will ever take them seriously, so too are the other smaller parties who are little more than a distraction. If, by a slim chance the nation awakes and UKIP win and form the next government, then for us the EU problem will cease to exist as UKIP will take us out and begin the task of rebuilding our nation and our democracy again.

Sadly, as much as I would like to see UKIP form a government, especially as I hope to be a UKIP candidate again in Walsall South, in reality we have to look at tactics.

The very reason this county has not been inflicted with the EU’s euro is thanks to Sir James Goldsmith’s Referendum Party, which was an unknown factor in the run up to the 1997 general election. Because of that the other parties offered the nation a referendum on the euro which was never called as New Labour knew it would lose. After the last general election a Bruges Group study reported that UKIP prevented around 20 Conservative candidate from taking seats from Labour. The reckoning with this calculation was a bit crude as it can not be taken for granted that those who voted UKIP would change to Conservative if a UKIP candidate had not stood – many may have chosen not to vote had UKIP not been an option, but in the next election the UKIP presence will create a fear factor for those Conservative candidates in constituencies where they think they may take the seat from Labour.

This fear factor will then place pressure on the Conservative candidates who in turn will begin to look for something a little more positive on the EU problem from their leader. Despite the wailings and howls of protest from many Tories, a strong UKIP campaign will concentrate some Tory minds considerably. These under pressure Tory candidates may bleat to their UKIP opponents that they are EU-sceptics too, and that they will be letting in Labour again which will give UKIP the opposite of what they want, but to be quite honest a pro-EU Tory led administration under the leadership of David Cameron will be very little different to a Labour administration anyway – they will both just take orders from the EU. Voting Tory will be as much a disaster as voting Labour under such circumstances.

So, armed with this fear factor, and enough feedback that UKIP is going to take a sizeable chunk of the vote, David Cameron will find himself pushed into a corner where his only option will be to promise a full referendum on in or out of the EU. Obviously, looking at his track record, he may not be trusted to honour this promise, but he will certainly have a great deal of trouble trying to squeeze his way out. The pleasant irony of such a situation is not lost on the position this puts the Liberal Democrats in too. They dishonestly tried to turn the call for a Parliamentary motion on a Lisbon Treaty referendum into a full referendum on EU membership, a stance they knew had no hope of ever succeeding. However, after this they will have no option but to support a Cameron call for an in or out referendum and irony above ironies, they will have no choice but to attack him should he try to renege on this promise despite the fact they would fear the logical outcome of such a referendum, which is to quit the EU.

Drakes drum is banging like the clappers, Britain is on the brink of EU domination and Parliament is on the verge of collapse into the status of a rate capped council. Without the hope of saving our nation the end of a thousand years of history and all that those brave men and women gave so much for in the years from 1939 to 1945 will have been all for nothing. Our last hope now lies with UKIP.

Monday, 2 November 2009


Just issued this weekend is the latest edition of the Euro Realist newsletter. In this November 2009 edition there is news from the anti-EU campaign, an article on the Irish Lisbon Treaty referendum from Anthony Coughlan of the National Platform in Ireland, Graham Duffen reports on how the EU affects the disabled, readers letters, including a letter from Lord Tebbit, and another excellent article from Colin Bullen.

To read the Euro Realist click HERE. See the sidebar for back issues.

Sunday, 1 November 2009


Anthony Coughlan of the National Platform compares the promises made to the Czech's & Irish
Czech and Irish opposition to ratifying the Lisbon Treaty has been dealt with by different political promises that are supposed to be embodied in the next EU Accession Treaty.

This can be seen from the text of Friday's October European Council Conclusions, as compared with those of June last, which prepared the way for the Ireland's second Lisbon Treaty referendum. Relevant excerpts are given below.  

The Czechs have been promised an opt-out from Lisbon's Charter of Fundamental Rights at some future date,  even after the Charter has become legally binding on them as a result of Lisbon coming into force.  A Draft Protocol that could - or might - do this when the time comes is annexed to last Friday's European Council Conclusions.  

Last June the Irish were given interpretative declarations on concerns such as tax, abortion and neutrality and were promised that these would be embodied in a future Accession Treaty Protocol. In contrast to the promise to the Czechs, no draft of such a Protocol was agreed, but the European Council Conclusions stated that it "will clarify but not change either the content or the application of the Treaty of Lisbon" (See text below).

So the Czechs have been promised a real change in the Lisbon Treaty at some future date,  and an actual draft of such a Protocol has been drawn up to keep them happy while President Vaclav Klaus permits the ratification of Lisbon. The Irish have been  promised a draft Protocol to meet their concerns in some future EU Accession Treaty, but the promise has been accompanied by a statement that this Protocol will not change anything in Lisbon.

Will these promises be fulfilled?

There is no problem with the Irish. Their promised future Protocol will be redundant anyway, for it will not change anything which is already contained in Lisbon. This qualification was explicitly made when this future Protocol was first mooted.   

The promise to the Czechs is more problematic, for the following reasons:

1. When the next EU Accession Treaty comes around the Czech Government then in office may no longer wish for a full opt-out from the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, either because it takes a different view of it from the present Czech Government or because of domestic opposition at the time to such a step, in particular from the Czech trade unions.

2. The main Hungarian Opposition party, Fidesz, which is expected to win next year's elections in Hungary,  has stated that it will vote against ratification of the EU's pledge to give the Czechs an opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights because of its concern over Hungarian property claims arising from the post-World War 2 Benes decrees; and any such opt-out would have to be unanimously agreed by all Member States when they come to ratify the future Accession Treaty to which it was attached.  

3. Czechs, Germans, Hungarians etc. will all become citizens of the constitutionally new European Union which would be established by the Lisbon Treaty once that Treaty comes into force. In implementing Union law at national level thereafter the Member States will have to recognise the EU citizenship of their national citizens and the rights and entitlements as EU citizens which their national citizens will acquire under the Charter.  It  would be open to all EU citizens - Germans, Hungarians, Czechs or whatever -  to institute legal actions and claims under the Charter of Fundamental Rights immediately the Lisbon Treaty comes into force, including property claims arising from the Benes decrees - and to expect that such actions would be justiciable in national courts as actions of EU citizens. If legal actions over such claims are already instituted under the Charter, it is hard to see EU Governments whose nationals are involved  in such legal actions agreeing to ratify an Accession Treaty one of whose purposes would be to make such actions invalid or ultra vires.  

4. The Heads of State or Government who will be in office when the next EU Accession Treaty comes up for ratification will be different from the present group.  There is no guarantee that they will all feel similarly bound by the political commitment regarding the Czechs given by their predecessors the other day, not least because the legal status of the European Council itself will be changed by the Lisbon Treaty. For Lisbon proposes to make the European Council into an EU institution for the first time, whose actions and failures to act would thereafter be subject to review by the Court of Justice. It is arguable therefore whether the present European Council can bind a future one based on a different legal constitution in the way that is proposed in last Friday's EU "summit" Conclusions. 

October 2009 European Council Conclusions ... Excerpts re the Czech Republic
2. The European Council recalls that the entry into force of the Treaty  of Lisbon requires ratification  by each of the 27 Member States in accordance with their respective constitutional requirements. It reaffirms its determination to see the Treaty enter into force by the end of 2009, thus allowing it to develop its effects in the future.

On this basis, and taking into account the position taken by the Czech Republic, the Heads of State or Government have agreed that they shall, at the time of the conclusion of the next Accession Treaty and in accordance with their respective constitutional requirements, attach the Protocol (in Annex 1) to the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

In this context, and with regard to legal application of the Treaty of Lisbon and its relation to legal systems of Member States, the European Council confirms that:

a) The Treaty of Lisbon provides that "competences not conferred upon the Union in the Treaties remain with the Member States" (Art.5(2)TEU);

b) The Charter is "addressed to the institutions, bodies, offices and agencies of the Union with  due regard for the principle of subsidiarity and to the Member States only when they are implementing Union law" (Art 51(1) (Charter)



The Heads of State or Government of the 27 Member States of the European Union, taking note of the wish expressed by the Czech Republic,

Having regard to the Conclusions of the European Council,

Have agreed on the following Protocol:

Article 1

Protocol No  3o on the application of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union to Poland and to the United Kingdom shall apply to the Czech Republic.

Article 2

The Title, Preamble and operative part of Protocol No 30 shall be modified in order to refer to the Czech Republic in the same terms as they refer to Poland and to the United Kingdom.

Article 3

This Protocol shall be annexed to the Treaty on European Union and to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union.

June 2009 European Council Conclusions ... Excerpts re Ireland 

The European Council also agreed that other concerns of the Irish people, as presented by the  Taoiseach, relating to taxation policy, the right to life, education and the family, and Ireland's  traditional policy of military neutrality, would be addressed to the mutual satisfaction of Ireland and the other Member States, by way of the necessary legal guarantees. It was also  agreed that the high importance attached to a number of social issues, including workers'  rights, would be confirmed. 
4. Against this background, the European Council has agreed on the following set of  arrangements, which are fully compatible with the Treaty, in order to provide reassurance and  to respond to the concerns of the Irish people:
(a) Decision of the Heads of State or Government of the 27 Member States of the European Union, meeting within the European Council, on the concerns of the Irish people on the  Treaty of Lisbon (Annex 1);
(b) Solemn Declaration on Workers' Rights, Social Policy and other issues (Annex 2).
The European Council has also taken cognisance of the unilateral declaration of Ireland (Annex 3),  which will be associated with the Irish instrument of ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon.  
5. Regarding the Decision in Annex 1, the Heads of State or Government have declared that:
(i) this Decision gives legal guarantee that certain matters of concern to the Irish people will be unaffected by the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon;
(ii) its content is fully compatible with the Treaty of Lisbon and will not necessitate any re-ratification of that Treaty;
(iii) the Decision is legally binding and will take effect on the date of entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon; 
(iv) they will, at the time of the conclusion of the next accession Treaty, set out the provisions of the annexed Decision in a Protocol to be attached, in accordance with their respective constitutional requirements, to the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty  on the Functioning of the European Union;
(v) the Protocol will in no way alter the relationship between the EU and its Member States.   The sole purpose of the Protocol will be to give full Treaty status to the clarifications set  out in the Decision to meet the concerns of the Irish people. Its status will be no different from similar clarifications in Protocols obtained by other Member States. The Protocol will clarify but not change either the content or the application of the Treaty of  Lisbon.       (emphasis  in bold  and underlining added)


Dan Hannan MEP: struggled to defend Tory policy.
You have to admire Dan Hannan's devotion to the Conservative Party, today the Eurosceptic MEP for the South East desperately tried to defend his parties unrealistic stance on the Lisbon Treaty on the BBC Politics Show, those watching must have felt for the poor chap as he was obviously trying to defend the Conservative leadership stance which is obviously not one he agrees with.

He was debating against Nigel Farage, the outgoing leader of UKIP.  The opinions on the EU of these two are so close you could hardly slip a fag paper between them - yet there he was doing his best to call for a referendum on Lisbon even though he knows David Cameron will not commit once the treaty has been fully ratified, which looks set to be any time now the Czech's have been dealt with.

As usual Nigel Farage pointed out the obvious reasons why Cameron won't be allowed by the EU to make a stance as he will be left with no leverage to make a stance with as there will be no more treaties.  Thanks to the Lisbon Treaty the EU will now have carté blanché to do as it pleases.  Maybe it is time for Dan Hannan to quit the Conservative Party and join UKIP.