Saturday, 31 October 2009


This blog is not normally a swear blog where bad language is used, well not normally but the title in this posting is an exception due to the sheer anger and frustration this blogger has with Cameron and his Tory lies and deceit.

We all know that the EU’s obnoxious Lisbon Treaty, one way or another is going to be ratified. If the results of the French, Dutch and Irish referendums can be so casually dismissed by the EU then the antics of such minnows as the Czech Republic and its President can soon be swatted. This then leaves the British Conservative Party in a tight corner.

The Tory leader, David Cameron and those he is gathering around him such as Ken Clarke, Hesseltine and others, are all pro-EU. However, the majority of the Tory rank and file members are extremely sceptical about the EU, so too increasingly are the British electorate thanks to the hard work and dedication of pro-British EU-sceptics over the last decade or so. This puts Cameron in a bit of a corner leaving him with one option – to revert to that well tried and tested old political weapon – bullshit, to use another swear word.

Regarding what he will do about the EU problem, Cameron is now using so much bovine excrement he could fertilise most of England. He knows there is no way he can ever honour his promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty as it will be a done deal by the time he takes up the pointless roll of being a Prime Minister of a Britain, which is governed by the EU – so his only option is to try and mislead and give the false impression that he will actually have power and influence as the PM.

He has already stated that he will adopt an EU policy based on ‘realism not isolationism’. This then is the Cameron turd way as laid out in bullshit points below.

Cow pat 1: The next Tory government would seek to block the ‘ratchet clause’ allowing a further erosion of power by enshrining in law a guarantee binding future governments to hold votes on any new deal handing control to the EU. This is bulshit with knobs on. Even going on the old basic principal that one government cannot bind its successor puts paid to that, added to which the ratchet has already been wound and power eroded by the enactment of the Lisbon Treaty.

Dog shit 2: The next Tory government will amend the 1972 European Communities Act, which first allowed EU law to be incorporated into the British legal system. If a future government tries to transfer further competences from Britain t9o the EU, a national referendum before it could be ratified would be required by law. This is such a major deceit that it would even make Billy Liar blush. Once enacted the Lisbon Treaty becomes self amending, the EU will decide laws and simply impose them on us, no future British government or the British people will have no say in the matter, we will just be expected to obey.

Crap 3: This surely must be the impression that a future Tory administration will be able to pick and choose what it agrees to in any future treaties, the simple fact is there will be no more treaties, the EU with the Lisbon Treaty will have achieved its ultimate goal and will in reality be a nation in its own right. Britain, along with the other 26 member nations, will simply be regionalised states within this new nation just as Texas or Florida are part of the country called the United States of America. The only difference between the states of America and the states of the EU is those in the USA have more independence and freedom than those in the EU.

Anything which David Cameron says on the future governance of this country, his stance against the EU imposition and anything else to do with the EU can only be taken as utter bollocks!


Simon Heffer writing in the Daily Telegraph today (31st October 2009) would have struck a cord with all those in the Euro realist movement when he stated in the heading of his article: “We either give up the EU – or give in”. He wrote about the effects of the Lisbon Treaty and what effect it will also have on the Conservative Party which at some stage may have to lance the boil within its ranks and tackle the EU problem once and for all.

He is absolutely correct in all he says in his article, a decision about leaving the EU or accepting the fact that as part of the it we will cease to exist as a nation is one we need to take – the sooner the better.

Although he was spot on with the fact that our sovereignty will be seriously undermined and eventually destroyed by the EU, the one problem he failed to point out within the Lisbon Treaty is that once enacted we will have to ask the EU for permission to leave.

Under that scenario we will then lose all voting rights but will still be expected to obey all EU regulations and directives – and continue to hand over many billions of our money a year as net contributors. During this period the other members of the EU will contemplate whether or not we can leave – this can take up to four years or so.

In 2004 I presented a case, prepared by a retired magistrate, in the Walsall Magistrates Courts against Tony Blair, David Blunkett and Lords Goldsmith and Falconer for treason by agreeing to the EU constitution. The case was thrown out as the incoming Labour Government in 1997 had quietly repealed the Acts of Treason we based our case on in the 1998 Crime and Disorder Act.

In the court on that morning I was asked by the District Judge what the EU would do if we just left anyway. I informed him that as the treaty then, as does the Lisbon Treaty now, includes a provision for the creation of a European wide defence force, in theory the EU could send in the tanks just as the USSR did in Prague.

In my mind there can be no choice between in or out – it has to be out.

Friday, 30 October 2009


The European Union, like Lewis Carrol’s Wonderland, gets stranger and more surreal by the day. At the big fancy EU love in, otherwise known as the meeting of the EU leaders on climate change, all the talk has been of one person who is not there – Tony Blair.

The EU leaders were in high spirits as another hurdle to their unwanted Lisbon Treaty has been removed by granting the opt-out wishes of the Czech President, all they are awaiting now is a decision by the Czech constitutional court, but no doubt a few words will have been spoken into the right ears in the Czech courts and the right decision will be made – as far as the EU is concerned. This then helps them to concentrate their devious little minds on their constitution, or Lisbon Treaty as we are supposed to call it.

Once this nasty bit of EU legislation has been foisted upon us it comes fully equipped with a President and High Representative – which is where our ex ‘weapons of mass destruction’ PM comes in. Up until literally a few days ago he was tipped for this top EU job, after all, as Nigel Farage pointed out in the EU Parliament, he has the right qualifications for the job. He lied to the British people, promised a referendum on the treaty then and then reneged – what more does the man need to do to prove he is a ‘good European’? Not to forget, of course, he would look good in a ‘motorcade’, according to David Sillyband.

Despite this many in the EU are going off the idea of a President Blair grinning like a Cheshire cat – especially now Gordon Brown has come out in support of him. This means that Britain’s new leader could be the dour Jean-Claude Juncker the raving Euro-mad President of Luxembourg.

The Tories have also been on the attack regarding the Blair Presidency, David Cameron jumped up and down a bit and threw a little tantrum for effect and warned the EU’s leaders that they could be facing a “five-year war” with Britain if they installed Tony Blair in the top job. All a bit silly really as we all know Cameron and his pro-EU cabinet will do nothing about it if elected into Government next year. They will just roll over, have their tummies tickled and told to stop being silly and behave by the EU, just as every British Government since the Heath Premiership.

So, if he fails to get the job, who is going to break the bad news to Tony Blair that he hasn’t got the job he has not applied for? It’s a strange place the EU.

Thursday, 29 October 2009


Reading the pages of the business section of the Daily Telegraph may not have quite the same thrill as gawping at some half naked beauty on page three of the Sun, but there are often good indicators of the state of ours, and the EU’s, and other economies within its pages.

In the Telegraph yesterday (28th October 2009) one of its star financial journalists, Andrew Evans-Pritchard, has given a warning that all things in the EU’s world of business and finances may not be as rosy as the EU and its acolytes try to make out.

Although his article is not what you would call a thrilling read as it is full of facts and figures, it does however, give a warning that there could be some hard times to come for those in the eurozone – deflation it seems is on its way. I suggest you put down the Sun and read what he has to say.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Is the EU heading for Blairmageddon?

The last tiny obstacle to the European Union becoming a full blown nation is on the verge of being crushed, after that all the EU and its minions need to do is cross the T’s, dot the I’s appoint a President in its usual anti-democratic manner and hey presto – a new nation is spawned. That is as long as the Czech constitutional courts give their approval in their delayed decision leaving President Vaclav Klaus with no where to go.

Naturally, the EU being what it is wants none other than the slick snake oil salesman, Tony Blair, as its first ever President, although there have been rumblings of slight protest about this from some quarters.

One of Blair’s lackeys, little David Miliband, has been promoting his old boss and declared that Blair should have the job on the basis that he could demand a motorcade. I could demand a white coat but that would not make me a doctor.

All this nonsense is being peddled to us on the basis that Britain is finished and as a spent force we would be better having a presence in the EU than fighting our own corner. This though is little more than treasonous tosh as the sure fire way to destroy Britain as a free democratic nation is to fully submerge us into this new nation of Europe.

If for some reason Blair does not get the job it could instead go to the prime minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker who has already declared he wants the job. Should he snatch this position from under the nose of Blair this country would, in effect, have a foreign ruler who has a strong dislike for our real friends and allies in the USA. This places Britain in an extremely vulnerable position, which is not really new as this has been the way of things due to our membership of the EU – but at least it will wake many up to the fact.

There is also talk of Tony Blair’s lap dog, David Miliband whose family have Communist supporting links, even becoming the first ‘High Representative’ of the EU – in other words its first foreign minister. Our British embassies will all be closed down and any British subjects in trouble abroad will be forced to use, what in effect will be, a foreign embassy. To make this appalling situation even worse with Milibland in charge it is bound to be chaos. As Irwin Stelzer wrote about him in the Daily Telegraph (28th October 2009): “So off to Europe, the home of failed British politicians, and of the EU gravy train to pay and perks. But not before doing his country one final disservice.” Whatever happens, be prepared for Blairmageddon!

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


The Taxpayers Alliance are urging everyone to sign an urgent petition to President Klaus - please sign and send on

Dear TPA supporter,

I'm writing to ask urge to sign a crucial petition that the TPA is running. As you may know, there is now only one man standing between the Lisbon Treaty (formerly known as the EU constitution) and ratification: President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic. President Klaus has come under huge pressure from the EU and other European leaders to sign the Treaty, but so far he has held out in the face of all the threats and incentives that have been offered to him.

Every single main party promised us a referendum at the last General Election, but we have been denied it. We are running a petition to send a message of support to President Klaus, and to urge him to hold out until we get that vote that we were promised. By contrast to our own leaders, who have betrayed their promise, he is sticking his neck out for our democracy as well as his own, so the least we can do is to express our thanks and express our support for him to continue his valiant action.

Please do sign the petition here and forward this email on to all of your friends and family - the more people who sign, the better our chance of getting that referendum.

Thank you for your support,

Matthew Elliott
Chief Executive
The TaxPayers' Alliance

Monday, 26 October 2009


Remember the film, Brewster millions in which the main character, Brewster (played by the late and much missed Richard Pryer), in order to inherit a vast fortune had to spend several million dollars within a certain time and be left with absolutely nothing or any assets of any kind at the end of that time period. 

Following in this entertaining films footsteps comes the EU, which has an uncanny knack of spending money as if there is no tomorrow. Unlike Brewster, however, when the EU gets through our wealth there is no greater wealth awaiting – just a total bureaucratic shambles and impoverishment for the rest of us whose money it is the EU squanders.

Now the EU is proposing to step up its profligacy and the MEPs have voted to increase Britain’s contributions from the already eye watering £45 million a day to a staggering £50 million. At a time of deep recession this is going to be extremely painful for the txpayers of Britain.

The has never been any benefit to the UK regarding membership of the EU, and this hike in our EU payments only goes to prove the point. What on earth can the benefit be of giving away the nations wealth to a corrupt organisation which is also actively destroying our right to govern ourselves.

The European Parliament, which has co-legislative powers on budgetary issues, is recommending that the EU’s budget be increased from £106 billion to £116 billion. This is being done, as the MEPs see it, to finance the EU-wide economic recovery plan. Sadly this will have the opposite effect. It looks as if we are all going to have to pay for Eusters billions!

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Sundays were always a day for relaxation, no work, no bills in the post to worry about and no urgent duties to attend to. What bliss, a lie in bed then a stroll down to the corner shop with the pooch for the Sunday papers, then at lunchtime off to my favourite watering hole for a beer and a chat.

Today though, although this pleasant routine has been observed, it was slightly marred courtesy of a greedy Walsall Council and the contempt it has for the local businesses and people in the area.

For many years the ‘Pay and dismay’ car parks in the town have always been free to use on the Sabbath, no parking wardens, no fines and no local red tape - not now though. 

Earlier this year Walsall Council decided to screw the local populace with Sunday parking charges, much to the dismay of the towns struggling businesses, residents visitors. In the weeks before the charges began Parking Wardens, who previously were not seen on Sundays, began to sprout around the town and a plethora of parking tickets began to be slapped on car windscreens. Many in my regular watering hole, the Lyndon House Hotel, fell victim to this plague of jobsworths, otherwise known as ‘Enforcement officers’.

Because of the previous free Sunday parking the towns car parks were always full and invariably it was not easy to find a space. Because of this people used to park outside of parking bays, usually without inconvenience to others. This went on for many years without incident - and then the enforcement boys and girls hit the towns car parks slapping fines on the cars parked as always been the way. Naturally there were howls of protests as people were hit with fines, one regular in the Lyndon swore never to return.

A few weeks later we turned up at our usual time to fund a near deserted car park - parking fees had begun. The obvious desertion of local shoppers must have hit the towns traders badly, the car parks since are never full and the most activity seen in the town is from the groups of roaming enforcement officers who seem to hunt in packs.

The reason for writing about the Walsall Council created parking disaster today is due to a friend calling in to the Lyndon to see us for the first time in ages. After a bit of a chat and the usual niceties of how have you been since we last saw you etc., another friend just happened to mention the Sunday parking charges. ‘Oh struth’ was the response, ‘I didn’t know you had to pay now’. He dashed off to feed the meter but too late. In the short time he had come in, purchased a pint and sat down for a chat the Walsall parking Mafia had got him and was extorting money with menaces.

However, where he parked was in a bay that is not marked but is obviously a parking bay, and instead of doing him for not complying with the local rules on Council extortion, they had done him for not parking in a designated bay - a challenge is now on its way.

Friday, 23 October 2009


A traditional Post Office.

As the second day of the postal stike goes on, and we are all left fretting that our gas bills have not arrived, many people will be left wondering just what is going on.

Why, they will ask, has our supposedly Labour Government which was always traditionally elected to support the workers, turned against the postal workers? Why has Lord Mandy been so scathing about them? What happened to our wonderful postal service which we were all once so proud of?

People will, no doubt, listen to the endless twitterings on the radio and TV about this, they will read endless column inches in the press, but the real reason why our Royal Mail is in such a mess is down to the old culprit for a great many of our woes, the European Union.

What is not mentioned in any of the media is the fact the Royal Mail’s problems began with the EU postal directives. These directives ruled that for the Royal Mail to have a monopoly over all mail and postal services was unfair competition and our ever obedient Government, doing its EU master bidding, opened up postal deliveries to the private sector.

Naturally, the Dutch owned TNT and other foreign based competitors were not in the least bit interested in delivering a letter from aunt Nellie from Lands End to sister Enid in John O’Groats, all for a few pence – oh no, the Royal Mail can keep that with the greatest of pleasure. What the private sector wants is the profitable stuff, not the loss making deliveries.

This then is the crux of the problem, without the profitable parts of its business the Royal Mail, which is still under an obligation to deliver aunt Nellie’s letter to sister Enid, does not have any profits left to subsidise the none profit part of the business the other companies do not want.

The Royal Mail applied for a Government subsidy to help prop it up, but of course the EU put a cap on this leaving the Royal Mail still in a predicament – and now the chaps have gone on strike due to a desperate, cash starved Royal Mail, trying to make the most of what is left by reorganising.

In many ways this blogger wonders if this postal strike is not playing into the EU and Government hands, I am of the opinion that if the Royal Mail went down there would be some happy faces in Westminster and Brussels, there would be nothing to stop the lot from being privatised. But of course, the media will not mention the EU factor in this – it’s the elephant in the postal room.

Thursday, 22 October 2009


There must be a back office somewhere in the iron heart of the EU where its minions sit amongst mounds of paper which lists all the types of businesses and services within the EU. You can imagine the scene as they plough through the lists: ‘Been there, regulated that, stuffed them full of directives, wrecked their industry, they’re screaming, ooh, here’s business sector we have got our paws on yet, lets start messing with them. And so the EU goes on interfering in every business, every industry and every aspect of our lives in its endless quest to regulate and rule on just about every last thing.

The latest industry to come under the EU unwanted scrutiny, believe it or not, is clothing labels. Now ask yourself, what on earth can the EU want to do with clothing labels, what useful purpose does this serve? Sadly, the whole point of the EU is not to be useful or to do things to anyone’s benefit, it is there solely to feed its own bureaucratic appetite.

Under new rules being planned by the EU, on what must be the basis they haven’t yet mucked about with this particular industry, is the brilliant idea of making importers put on their labels the origin of their goods, including clothes.

This plan dreamt up by the EU’s backroom bureaucrats is estimated to add over £1 to each and every item of clothing to ensure people know where the goods were produced, a luxury many hard-up families will not particularly place high on their list of priorities. We all know where the majority of our goods come from anyway, which is China since the multitude of EU rules destroyed large swathes of our traditional manufacturing industries.

Under these proposals, supported by our invisible EU Commissioner, Baroness Ashton, a range of goods imported from outside the EU will have to have a “made in” label. This will apply to textiles, clothing, shoes, leather and furniture. Of course, as is the way with the EU, it dreams up all of these wonderful schemes and leaves some other poor bugger to pick up the bill, i.e. the business affected who in turn will pass the cost on to their customers which is likely to be around £1.36 on clothing and £1.82 on footwear. Another classic EU tale of riches to rags.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


Michael Crick, the BBC journalist, is not one who normally shows any kind of support for UKIP, in fact he is usually rather dismissive, but the item on his blog, 'Spot the difference', really highlights the ridiculous situation regarding UKIP and the Electoral Commission's vengeful action against it.


Is it me or is there something rather sinister about the Electoral Commission winning its appeal against the original fine against UKIP for accepting donations from Alan Bown at a time his name had slipped from the electoral register due to an oversight?

At the time when UKIP was originally taken to court by the Electoral Commission it wanted the total that Mr Bown had donated to be taken a forfeiture, £363,697 in total, in the end the court, realising this was nothing more than a simple error on behalf of Alan Bown and UKIP handed down a fine of £18,481, which was still a substantial amount.

Sadly, the Electoral Commission was not happy with this outcome and appealed, which is where the sinister bit comes in.  Why, right at the time when Vaclav Klaus, the Czech President caved in to EU bullying regarding the dreadful Lisbon Treaty, does UKIP get its original fine overturned and the full forfeiture of £363,697 imposed - which means the Government gets its sticky little mits on Alan Bown's money and UKIP is left with the possibility of collapse?  Could it be the EU and our Government actually see UKIP as a major threat?  

The people of the UK have been well and truly stitched up regarding the EU and the amount of sovereign power given it, for those who really care for their country what else is left but to vote UKIP?  If enough do there is always the possibility, albeit a slim possibility, that UKIP could make the next Government of the UK, after all what is the point of voting Tory, Labour or Lib Dim as they all seem quite happy to see Britain taken over by the EU?  By now enough people know that a vote for UKIP is a vote for leaving the EU - no spin, no bullshine, no flim-flam - just a simple repeal of the 1972 European Communities Act.  Have UKIP scared the powers that be enough they want UKIP closed down?

Monday, 19 October 2009


President Vaclav Klaus, Britain's last hope.

“The train carrying the treaty is going so fast and it’s so far that it can’t be stopped or returned, no matter how much some of us would want that.” These words spoken in the last few days by Vaclav Klaus, the President of the Czech Republic, I suspect, will go down in history as the moment the European Union’s 27 independent nations formally ceased to exist and the vast new autocratic nation of Europe was spawned.

The caving in of Vaclav Klaus has destroyed the last hope of salvation from EU supremacy for the British and other people of Europe. Once the Lisbon Treaty is fully ratified the nations of Europe will be no more than places on a map and a long cherished memory, a new dark period of European history will begin. So what now for those of us in this long campaign to save Britain from becoming an EU occupied territory? It’s hard to say.

No doubt many long standing and worthy campaigners will continue the battle on, some others will call it a day and retire to make the most of what freedom is left to us. UKIP, the only political party with any real opposition to EU membership will fight on, but unless it can win an election and form a government it faces a hard struggle. Even if Nigel Farage and a few other UKIP Parliamentary candidates are elected to the House of Commons – they will be little more than a small voice of sanity in a Parliament that collectively went mad and set about to destroy itself – a mission it has accomplished.

It is sad to say the Conservative Party, which so many people will look to in these dire times, will fail to perform. Its leader, David Cameron, has already stated that if elected he won’t call a retrospective referendum on the EU’s Lisbon Treaty, which is its new constitution in all but name. The only promise he has made is the vague one of standing up for Britain’s interests – sadly he has failed to grasp the point that because of this treaty there will be no Britain to stand up for. His loyalty to this country is suspect when he has not only taken the arch Europhile Ken Clarke as a member of his team, but is also considering bringing back another anti-British leading light, Michael Hesseltine. Those who put their trust in the Tory leader are on a fools errand.

The fear now as all hope fades for a democratic solution to the Euro insanity that has gripped us is that some will begin to consider using a violent solution to the EU problem, sadly that will only make things worse. The use of violence will give our new Euro masters the perfect excuse to bring in draconian measures, possibly marshal law. The EU will also have to hand the frightening powers handed to it under the Blair puppet regime in the shape the Civil Contingencies Act. It will literally be able to isolate whole areas, even towns, and cut off all means of communication and services such as gas, water and electricity. This Act also will give it the power to shoot on sight anyone who refuses to comply, homes can be legally raided by the authorities and items can be confiscated without recompense. Sounds far fetched? Well never underestimate the willingness of the EU to use an emergency or situation for its own benefit.

As Vaclav Klaus, the last reluctant passenger steps on to the Euro train, he probably knows like many of us that this train is only going to head in one direction – towards disaster. The end is nigh.

Saturday, 17 October 2009


Peter Roberts of the Drivers Alliance, in their latest press release has written:  This week the Government appointed Committee for Climate Change (CCC) published its recommendations on how to tackle global warming in the coming decade. The report makes grim reading for drivers as their recommendations include satellite based national road pricing along with hikes in fuel duty and VED. The Committee also recommends lowering the motorway speed limit from 70 to 60mph with satellite controlled speed limiter enforcement. The Committee believes these measures are essential if the Government is to meet its legally binding emissions targets of reducing CO2 by 35% in 2022.

Road pricing and speed limiting together would contribute savings of just 1.4%. Government estimates show that installing a national road pricing system would cost up to £62bn and along with the annual running costs which drivers would be expected to pay, translates to a cost of about £535 per year over 20 years for every vehicle on the road. 
These costs alone mean the estimated saving in CO2 would cost around £2000 per tonne.
To put this into perspective, the EU carbon trading market currently values 1 tonne of CO2 at just £10. Clearly introducing road pricing is not a cost effective environmental measure.

The report calls for strict enforcement of the motorway speed limit with an estimated saving of 0.2% of the UK’s CO2 emissions. It goes on to say that lowering the speed limit to 60mph would cut emissions by a further 0.2%. However, the Drivers’ Alliance has calculated the cost to the economy in terms of time wasted through slower journeys would be a staggering £2.6bn per year or £1710 per tonne of Co2 saved.

The DfT sidelines this issue and has made it clear that any economic disadvantage through enforcing the 70mph motorway speed limit will not be considered: “Those drivers currently travelling above the speed limit are engaged in an illegal activity,” it says. “To include the time cost that will accrue to these drivers if the speed limit is enforced would thus be to value the gain they are currently making from illegal activity, and is therefore not included.”

The CCC’s report shares much of its DNA with EU transport policy where road pricing and speed limiting is seen as vital support for the EU’s Galileo satellite project. But this report comes from the “Commission for Climate Change” so it would appear Road Pricing and compulsory speed limiting will be rolled out under the environmental flag of convenience.

With the prospect of CO2 emissions from cars charged at £2000 a tonne whilst industry buys carbon credits at £10 a tonne, there is a real danger that driving once again becomes the preserve of the wealthy. Surely, CO2 from a cement factory in Germany is the same gas as that from a Mondeo on the M6, so why should the driver pay 200 times more?

Friday, 16 October 2009


The Taxpayers Alliance have got a petition up and running which asks President Klaus of the Czech Republic not to sign the dreadful Lisbon Treaty.  You can add your name to the petition HERE.

Please sign the petition and add a comment, let him know that he is the only man who can save the people of Europe from seeing their countries destroyed by the EU - do it now.


MEP proposes to teach pro-EU propaganda in schools.

How do you know when a Europhile is telling porkies? Its when he is speaking! Ah, the old jokes are always the best, that is until it comes to that other old joke, the EU. Not quite so funny, however, is a proposal by Portuguese MEP, Mario David, who wants all school pupils to be forced to take lessons on the European Union to, as he puts it, to counter all the lying and cheating and mistrust about the EU and its Lisbon (constitution) Treaty. From this blogger’s recollection all the lying and cheating has been in one direction from those who support the EU rather than those opposed.

In what can only be described as pure unadulterated Orwellian Mr David, who belongs to the rabidly federalist pro-EU EPP grouping in the European Parliament, wants to force schools to teach students about the founding fathers of the EU and the history of the union.

He stated: “Knowing and understanding, from a young age, the principles, the procedures and the successful history of the European Union, the generations of tomorrow will be immune to any distortion of the perception of the role of the EU and will much better embrace the advantages of this unique project of voluntary sharing of sovereignty.” In other words, if the EU brainwashes the little brats from an early age it won’t have to put up with any future objections from those who care for their countries of national sovereignty and democracy.

He is hoping that his proposals are taken up and it will take less than two years to get his proposals into schools. When asked about this, Nigel Farage MEP, the outgoing leader of the Euro realist UK Independence Party, said: “I loathe the idea, but I am sure it will be passed.” Mr Farage, who had outshone all the other panelists on the BBC Question Time programme the evening before this was reported, considered this would be an extension of the scheme in which British university professors were funded to carry out projects on the European integration in higher education that “teach EU interpretations of history and economics.”

It has been long known by students on many degree courses that they will not gain marks and will fail their courses if they give a negative or realistic opinion on the EU, to gain marks they have to promote the EU in a good light. The idea of EU lessons in schools could well result in the same thing during lessons and exams where children are marked down if they do not promote the pro-EU established opinion.

This is another step towards a totalitarian European Union, but of course, such a statement as this obviously a lie, unlike those of the past such as: “There will be no essential loss of sovereignty”, or “The threat of a single currency has been eradicated” and denials about an EU an EU army, police force, EU ambassadors EU constitution were not!


In a written answer to a question posed by Independent Labour Peer, Lord Stoddart of Swindon on 14th October, Lord West of Spithead, for the Government, has confirmed that from 2012, " anyone applying for a British passport would be offered the choice of being issued with a passport or an identity card, or both documents and their identity details and biometrics would be recorded on a single national identity register".
Lord Stoddart of Swindon, commenting on the response from the Government said: "This exposes how deceitful the Prime Minister was at the Labour Party conference when he announced that ID cards would not be made compulsory during the next Parliament.  Whilst he was being technically truthful, the fact that details being added to a single national identity register is compulsory for anyone applying for or renewing a passport, which is most of us, effectively makes ID cards mandatory.
"This Government has no respect for our civil liberties and has presided over their wholesale dismantlement.  We are to be thoroughly monitored and photographed from the cradle to the grave. I can hardly believe that all this has come from a Labour Government."

The full text of Lord Stoddart's question and the Government's answer is below:

Extract from Hansard 14.10.09

National Identity Register

Written Question  asked by Lord Stoddart of Swindon:
To ask Her Majesty's Government whether, following the Prime Minister's announcement to the Labour Party conference that ID cards would not be made compulsory during the next Parliament, the details of British citizens applying for or renewing their passports or driving licences will be added automatically to the National Identity Register. [HL5558]

14 Oct 2009 : Column WA27

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office (Lord West of Spithead):
It is intended that, in due course, the provisions of the Identity Cards Act 2006 should be amended by further primary legislation so that, from 2012 when fingerprint biometric passports are introduced, every adult applying for a British passport would be offered the choice of being issued with a passport or an identity card, or both documents and their identity details and biometrics would be recorded on a single national identity register.

There are no plans for information of people renewing their driving licences to be held on the national identity register.  See No2ID.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


A cartoon in the Daily Telegraph recently said it all. In a replica of the old Jaws promotion posters it depicted an MP swimming on the surface of the water whilst below him was not the menacing figure of a shark, but that of a duck Only one MP squandered taxpayer money on a very lavish duck house, but all of them are now tarnished with the same brush. Obviously just as they thought it was safe to return to Parliament the expenses scandal dug its teeth in again.

The front page of the Daily Telegraph (15th October 2009) splashed the headline: “MP pays £100,000 to the company he owns with his girlfriend”. This reported David Wiltshire MP who, so the Telegraph says, claimed for payments to ‘Moorlands Research Services’, which the Telegraph reports was his own company, for the provision of office assistants. This is not good news for most MPs, especially those who have not been so reckless with taxpayers money who are now tarred with the same brush.

MPs had only been back in Parliament a few days to be faced with a letter from Sir Thomas Legge demanding they repay those expenses claimed he considered were not eligible. In some ways you can have a certain sympathy with the MPs who made claims under a system which allowed those claims, but was changed retrospectively by Sir Thomas. However, on the other hand when you are affected by the rapidly increasing costs of living, petrol and diesel prices way over the top thanks to the ludicrous amount of tax and you are crippled by taxation – all thanks to them, any sympathy you may have soon evaporates.

Watching them squirm has a certain sadistic pleasure, their actions have made our lives a misery, they have screwed the economy, undermined our constitution and given our country away to the EU, so now they are receiving their just rewards. At the next general election heads will roll.

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Tess Bennett, a visit to the vets.
Nothing to do with the EU, nothing to do with saving Britain from being taken over or saving the planet, just a little Bennett family personal worry.  Tess, our old dog who is over fourteen years old has gone to Rory Lyden our Irish vet this morning for the removal of a growth on her left eylid.  As she is an old girl we just can't stop worrying about her - also the vets bill!

Postscript:  Tess is home and well.  She's been a bit groggy but still up to nicking the cats food - normality returns.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Anne Palmer, objects to the selling off of Crown land.

This article was originally written by Anne Palmer in 2006 but considering recent news that Gordon Brown is to sell off state assets it is still applicable today.

My interest in this subject came about because of a News Release on 23rd September 2005. “Government to end Crown Immunity from Planning Controls”. (Now placed below) The Crown includes Government Departments, executive agencies, Her Majesty’s private estates, the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall and the Crown Estate Commissioners. Part of the Palace of Westminster is Crown land. The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 gives the Secretary of State power to apply existing subordinate legislation made for the purposes of the Planning Acts to the Crown.

Apparently this involves the ‘devolved’ bodies and they will proceed on a similar timetable to that in England. To have to admit there is a Country called “England” is a turn around indeed from the Deputy Prime Minister.

(In Scotland, the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, the Planning (Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas) (Scotland) Act 1997 and the Planning (Hazardous Substances) (Scotland) Act 1997)
The Town and Country Planning Acts currently do not apply to the Crown.

Here is the quandary as I see it. All this comes about because of the European Union’s Directive on “Environmental Impact Assessment” in relation to Crown development, though I doubt that this is the only EU Directive involved because there are 92 pages in the consultation paper alone and covers many other points such as tree felling etc. Local planning authorities will be able to issue enforcement notices against Crown bodies for breaches of planning control.

The question is, how can we allow an outside body of people decide to remove immunity from our sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth II? How can Members of our Government whose sworn allegiance is to our Queen allow this state of affairs? The people and our forces are also sworn to protect our sovereign Queen and to also protect our Constitution. This is a deliberate attack, by an outside body on our Sovereign Queen. Even the Monarch’s private estates in Scotland come under attack. The Planning Acts will bind the Crown.

Let us see what “Immunity” can mean, Freedom or exemption from legal proceedings. Examples include the immunity of the sovereign personally from all legal proceedings (see Royal Prerogative and Parliamentary privilege)

We must also take into account what institutions and people have immunity in the European Union. An ‘immunity’ no one in this Country can remove? Too many to name here but the first one that springs into mind is Europol.

Royal Prerogative. Government Ministers now use the Royal Prerogative for and on behalf of the Crown, but it must never be used in an innovative way. In ‘today’s’ world though, we have at present a Prime Minister that has signed a document in which he is actually prepared to hand over that precious gift of ‘Royal Prerogative’ to the European Union. Article 47 Treaty of Lisbon, “The EU shall have Legal Personality”. Allegedly for Treaty making powers but there is nothing in the Treaty that it may not be used for WAR MAKING POWERS .

This, so that the European Union can sign all Treaties for this once great country from the day that the EU constitution would come into force or even without that EU Constitution for a way has been found to hand over the Royal Prerogative for the ability of the Union to sign documents in place of the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain. (See the EU-US agreement on Extradition, 7th June 2003) Obviously other matters that come under the title of Royal Prerogative would also become available to that body of people outside the Nation State of the United Kingdom. Bearing in mind that the Prime Minister is one of the most trusted of beings that our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth can allow to hold forever in trust, the use of Her Majesty’s Royal Prerogative, this action of being prepared to hand it over permanently to a body of people that might one day become an enemy of this Nation State, no longer seems as acceptable to the ordinary people that are sent into battle.

We are finding, especially in the proposed Legislation re the removal of the Crown’s immunity instigated by EU Directives and to bring it into line with other member states, that this legislation intrudes too far into, not only our Constitution but directly affects our sovereign Queen and Heirs to the Throne. We are also told by our MP’s and Government that we remain a Sovereign Country yet “Sovereignty is the supreme authority in a State, Sovereignty is vested in the institution, person, or body having the ultimate authority to impose law on everyone else in the state and power to alter law.

In International law it is an essential aspect of sovereignty that all states should have supreme control over their internal affairs, subject to the recognised limitations imposed by international law. These limitations include, in particular, the international law of human rights and the rules forbidding the use of force. However, no state or international organisation may intervene in matters that fall within the domestic jurisdiction of another state. (That brings into question the recent ruling by the European Court of Justice?????) The concept of state sovereignty was outlined, among other things, in a declaration on Principles of International Law (Resolution 2625), proclaimed by General Assembly of the United Nations 1970.

First Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation.

The Committee consisted of the following Members:
A draft of the order was laid before the House on 23 January 2006 Its purpose is to remove in part restrictions that prevent the Government from selling or disposing of the land and buildings in the Stormont estate that comprise the 1933 conveyance. The order's main provision empowers the Government to dispose of all or part of the land and buildings designated by a statutory rule. The statutory rule, which specifies the part of the estate from which the trust restrictions will be removed, was included in the public consultation and has been available to hon. Members.

The legislative change is to allow some Government office buildings on the Stormont estate to be included in a private finance initiative contract for the wider Government office estate. The buildings concerned did not exist when the trust was applied in 1933. The PFI contract will be the delivery mechanism for Workplace 2010, which is the major reform programme in Northern Ireland to update and improve the working environment of the civil service estate. Much of the estate, including the buildings at Stormont, is in very poor condition and needs significant investment to bring it up to standard. That programme will tackle the urgent accommodation problems and at the same time create a unique opportunity to reduce considerably the size of the estate and improve its efficiency. That is entirely in line with the Gershon and Lyons reviews nationally, facilitating modernisation in a way that safeguards funding for priority front-line services. (Full debate not shown here.) (A figure of £200 million) has been suggested, PFI:

The reason for PFI is really quite simple. (For the EU read PPP Public Private Partnership=the EU has encouraged the use of PPP or PFI) It keeps the capital cost of the borrowing off the public accounts, thus making it easier to comply with the terms of the EU Stability and Growth Pact. This restricts new public borrowing to 3% of GDP. The private firm involved makes a profit and the taxpayer probable pays more in the end.

News Release 2005/0196:
23 September 2005

Proposals for integrating the Crown into the planning system were launched for consultation by the Government today.

Planning Minister Yvette Cooper announced that the Government is fulfilling a longstanding commitment by successive administrations to end Crown immunity from planning controls. The primary provisions were included in the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 and the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister is now consulting on measures to bring them into effect in spring 2006.
Yvette Cooper said: “It is right that the high standards of consultation, fairness and efficiency established in the 2004 Planning Act should be seen to apply to the Crown as well as private developers."

Successive Governments have been committed to ending the anomaly of Crown immunity from the planning system. When the Government took the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill through Parliament, all parties agreed that we should use this window to put the legislation in place.

We are now consulting on the measures needed to activate these provisions, including safeguards to ensure national security is not compromised and to enable quicker decisions on urgently needed developments.

My Question, Does the removal of immunity from Crown Property, mean that the EU Flag will be able to be hoisted without restriction permission?

1. The Crown includes Government departments, executive agencies, Her Majesty’s private estates, the Duchies of Lancaster and Cornwall and the Crown Estate Commissioners. Part of the Palace of Westminster is Crown land and the remainder is treated as if it were for planning purposes. The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 gives the Secretary of State power to apply existing subordinate legislation made for the purposes of the planning Acts to the Crown.

2. Currently, Crown bodies operate under a parallel version of the planning system which regulates development on their land, set out in DoE Circular 18/84. This involves consultation with local authorities and communities similar to normal planning applications. Under the proposed changes, Crown bodies will need to apply for planning permission from their local planning authority, just like any other developer.

3. Under Circular 18/84, Notices of Proposed Development are submitted to the LPA and treated as though they are planning applications. If the LPA disagrees with the Notice, it is referred to the Secretary of State to determine the dispute and often requires a public inquiry.

4. Occasionally, permission will be sought for more significant developments that could impact on communities or the environment, or those with national security implications. The proposed measures are designed to accommodate these scenarios, for instance:
 Crown developments will have to comply with the EU Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive to screen the effects of significant developments on the environment. This will ensure the UK is fully compliant with the Directive by spring 2006.

 Where a Crown body does not disclose full details of a development on the grounds of national security, the local planning authority may turn down the application due to lack of information. The Crown body can appeal to the Secretary of State, who may give a direction restricting disclosure of sensitive information to certain parties during the inquiry. Those not allowed access to this material will have a special advocate to represent their interests.

 In rare circumstances where a Crown body can demonstrate a development is both of national importance and needed urgently, they may apply directly to the Secretary of State and timescales for the application will be shortened. Representations from all parties will still be considered and the local planning authority will still be consulted though.

 A new Use Class will be created for secure residential institutions such as asylum and immigration removal centres and prisons, which would not fall into any existing use class. This change will also mean existing residential institutions cannot convert into secure establishments without seeking planning permission (or vice versa), ensuring consultation with the local authority and the community.

 Local planning authorities will be able to issue enforcement notices against Crown bodies for breaches of planning control, but will not be able to enter Crown land without permission or prosecute a Crown body for failure to comply.

5. The policy to end Crown immunity dates from the early 1990s. A consultation paper was issued in 1992 and in 1994 the then Government announced its intention to end Crown immunity when a suitable legislative opportunity arose. This policy was confirmed by the present Government in 1998 and the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Bill, introduced in December 2002, was the first such legislative opportunity. The Crown provisions were added to when the Bill was re-committed in October 2003, see ODPM press

6. Bringing the Crown within the planning system is a UK-wide exercise. All devolved administrations have been consulted on the policy and are proceeding on a similar timetable to that in England. Wales and Scotland will be consulting separately on their proposals this autumn. Northern Ireland will be consulting on primary provisions for the removal of Crown immunity in the autumn as part of the Planning Reform Order.

Added on:
For quite some time now (This was a couple of years ago now) the government has been selling off Crown Land (that has already been paid for-though I have no proof) and then buying it back under PFI covering between 30 to 50 years. WHY? What do they want the money for? What have they done with the Money they have already received? What will happen when there is nothing left to sell? Or we are paying out so much per year on payments that we cannot keep up with them? This is not all below, there is sure to be a great deal more. Anne (I tried to add up how much there was to pay under PFI-it was so endless, I had to give up. We are "in hock" for quite a substantial sum.

Google shows quite a list HERE.

First Standing Committee on Delegated Legislation 13 Feb 2006.

Lembit Öpik: I cannot accept that argument. When in opposition, the Minister's party opposed PFI because her colleagues quite rightly argued that it means selling off something that one owns and then renting it back for more over the long term. Although I accept that, in the short term, it is possible to realise some assets by turning them into liquid assets and producing a short-term cash advantage, the Minister needs to explain why, instead of doing what most people do, which is to buy a house and then pay off the cost of buying it, the Northern Ireland Office wants to sell off property that it owns and then rent it back from the new owners. I simply cannot see the logic.

Monday, 12 October 2009


‘Scalpel, clamps, swab, time? Oh shoot, times up I will have to finish this triple heart by-pass next week!’ Could you imagine watching Casualty on the Beeb on a Saturday night and this is part of the plot – you would think the script writers had gone bonkers. If they had, it wouldn’t be half as bonkers as the EU’s working Time Directive which is creating havoc in our hospitals.

Things are so badly affected by this EU directive that the Royal College of Surgeons are claiming that patients are dying because of it. It seems that doctors are being forced to break rules in order to keep up levels of care as hospitals are being stretched to the limit because of the restrictions created by the 48 hour working week.

In a survey over half of the doctors questioned said they were having to work more than the 48 hours permited in the directive, the consultants questioned were convinced that this EU directive was being achieved at the risk of the safety of their patients.

The message is clear, don’t be ill in the EU, don’t grow old or have an accident as the EU may expect you to make the ultimate sacrifice for its ambitions – you will litterally dying for the EU to be a superpower.

Sunday, 11 October 2009


The rewards for treason in days gone by were quite gruesome, as well as torture the final end for those who had betrayed this nation were not pleasant at all and quite bloody. As time went by and we became a bit more civilised traitors met their end less painfully after a short drop on the end of a noose.

Over the years many traitors have been put to death for the betrayal of their country, not least William Joyce (Lord Haw Haw) who, despite being in Irishman, was hung after the war on the basis that he was a British subject because he had owned a British passport (we had such things in those days unlike the vile Euro things of today).

So, what fate awaits our modern day traitors who undermine the sovereignty, security and freedom of their fellow countrymen?  There are all sorts of things awaiting them, usually a nice posting with a fat pay packet at the taxpayers expense, a high ranking position in the EU, a nice warm red bench to place their fat-cat arses on in the House of Lords or some other wonderful perk that the rest of us mere mortals can only dream about.

The Lords is littered with those who, at the expense of British liberty, have done the EU's dirty work.  There will find such treacherous luminaries and grandees as Neil Kinnock, Lord Howe, Chris Patten, Shirley Williams, Roy Hattersley and many more - each and everyone a proponent of the EU occupation of Great Britain and each rewarded for their support of the EU against the real interests of their country.

Reported in the Sunday Telegraph today (11th October 2009) was the possible EU proposal to reward David Miliband for his services to the EU should the other traitor, a certain T. Blair, not take the top job of EU President.  It was reported that a certain amount of resistance was growing against Tony Blair becoming the first EU President and should he fail to be given that job, then it is possible that as a sop to the British, Miliband may be offered the job of the EU High Representative, or EU Foreign Minister in other words.

When New Labour took office in 1997 one of their first tasks was to quietly go about the job of dismantling our ancient treason laws, in 1998 when the Criminal Justice Act was given Royal consent and became law, many acts of treason were repealed in that Act so quietly and serendipitously few actually realised what had been done until several years later.  Now the rewards of treason are the modern equivalent of pieces of silver.


In 1939 when Hitler's Nazis invaded Poland it took us into a world war in which many lives were lost, the people of Poland were badly hit and suffered terribly - especially the Polish Jews.  Sadly, when liberation came in 1945 Poland then fell into the hands of Soviet Russia and they had to wait until the fall of Communism before walking into the light of freedom and democracy.

Sadly, due to their Quisling government the people of Poland are being taken once again into the darkness of foreign occupation after their leaders signed the appalling Lisbon Treaty on Saturday 10th October 2009.  The fall of each nation as they come under the thrall of the EU takes us her in the UK perilously close to the same fate - our liberty and democracy is now coming to an end.

European history is full of dark days and despotic tyrants with ambitions of ruling over all of Europe, now the EU is having its turn.  The fall of Poland has placed us in the same threatened position as we were in seventy years prior.  More on bloggers4ukip.

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Reported in the business pages of the Daily Telegraph on Friday 9th October 2009, there was a warning that the EU’s meddling into affairs it knows little of (yet again) is creating great consternation for those working in the UK’s hedge fund and private equity industries. It is considered the EU’s unwelcome interference could devastate this important wealth creating sector.

The Telegraph quoted Eddy Wymeersch who is the chairman of the Committee of European Securities Regulators (CESR). He warned that the proposed EU legislation on alternative investment funds was unworkable and needed a rethink.

He said: “I hope they will come forward with something more balanced,” and added: “It really doesn’t work. They have pooled everything together, the scope is absolutely too wide, everything is caught.”

The Telegraph stated that the CESR is made up of the 27 national markets watchdogs in the EU and will play a key role in implementing the new rules in the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive.

If the EU does get its way with this directive it would destabilise the financial sector in the UK where 80 per cent of the hedge funds and 60 per cent of private equity firms are based. These sectors contribute around £7.9 billion in tax to the EU government’s coffers each year - £5.3 billion is paid to the UK Government alone.

If the EU goes ahead with this reckless scheme it is predicted that there would be an exodus of funds and managers out of the UK and the EU to countries with a more flexible attitude to business. The Telegraph quotes that Switzerland and the Middle or Far East could benefit from our loss due to the EU’s insistence to poke its unwanted nose into everything.

Because Britain is now so emasculated within the EU it has no power of veto to prevent any fiscal suicidal measures it may take. Mr Wymeersch may hope for better things, but as all Euro Realists know – there is no hope in the EU.

Friday, 9 October 2009


“If you think the Foreign Office is useless at the moment, just wait until the EU gets its way and sets up a “High Representative” for foreign and security policy – or a foreign minister, to you and me.”

These are the opening lines of an article written by Con Coughlin in the Daily Telegraph (Friday 9th October). In his article entitled: “Worried about President Blair? It may be about to get even worse”, he warns about the EU superstate to come with the ratification of the appalling Lisbon Treaty. The EU is going to have so much power and influence things are going to be so bad that even the prospect of President Blair and his first lady of Europe, the grinning Cherie, shades into indifference.

Now the Irish have caved in there seems little to save us now, all hopes have been pinned on Vaclav Klaus holding out thus giving a new Tory administration time to call a referendum on the unratified treaty and saving us and the rest of Europe from a fate worse than EU federalism. These were always long-shots as even Klaus’s own parliament and many of his minister are against him, added to which, would Dave really call a referendum as many think a ratified Lisbon Treaty will save him the embarrassment of renaging on a promise of a referendum in the same way as Gordon Brown did.

However, good old Vaclav has given us a tiny glimmer of hope. Yesterday (8th October 2009) the Czech Republic set a new condition for ratifying the terrible treaty. Mr Klaus has informed, what must be a frustrated Swedish EU Presidency, that he “wishes to add a footnote” to the document before he gives his final approval.

With Poland ready to sign away its short lived independence and freedom as soon as Saturday 10th, all eyes will be on the Czech Republic to follow suit. An obviously irritable Swedish Prime Minister, Frederik Reinfeildt said that the Czech President wishes to add a footnote with two sentences and commented: “As far as I understand it, he’s linking this to the Charter of Fundamental Rights and then he wants the European Council to take a decision on this footnote.”

As yet it has not been revealed what will be in the footnote, and as Bloggers4UKIP have pointed out Vaclav Klaus is obviously keeping this close to his chest. All EU-sceptics in the UK send their best to him, he literally is our last hope of delaying the execution and death by the EU.


Invoking Clause 61 of Magna Carta, as repeated with great distinctness by Henry III (1216-72) “ …it shall; be lawful for every one in our realm to rise against us to use all the ways and means they can to hinder us … until that in which we have transgressed and offenced shall have been brought again into due state …”

The Government and the House of Commons have had their say in ratifying the renamed Treaty of Lisbon. The House of Lords have had their say in ratifying that same Treaty. Neither House have listened to the People that, in respect of the Lower House, sent them to Parliament to represent them. They have ignored the people completely. The High Court also refused judicial review on the previous EU Constitutional Treaty. The people have been denied their say at every point.

I am very much aware that Clause 61 desires four of a quorum of Barons to take any grievances or petitions to the Monarch, but time is short and that was tried before at the time of the Treaty of Nice. Will they again? I would hope so. However, it is also the People’s duty to defend their Monarch and their Country; not only is their solemn Oath of Allegiance to the Crown, the people have a very strong desire and need for their Country to be free and for those we elect to actually instigate our laws, working with the European Union but not governed by them and particularly not forever. The Treaty of Lisbon is a Treaty too far. The House of Lords is no longer the same House of Lords with its commitment to the workings of our own Constitution as it once used to be with the steady hands of the Hereditary Peers at the helm. We can no longer stand by and do nothing while our Head of State too is ignored, deemed to be an ordinary European Union citizen. Her Majesty is no such thing for she is our much beloved Queen and on Coronation Oath not to be subject to alien laws.

The Treaty of Lisbon is a very constitutional Treaty and without doubt, the People should have had say in a true and fair Referendum because it will affect this Country for all time (the EU is planning for the next fifty years starting with The Stockholm Programme and so it goes on and on). 

There is now but one final recourse open to the Electorate, that being to ask Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for the Treaty of Lisbon to be withdrawn and put before the People in a referendum, preferably before all 27 Countries ratify it and even if it has been ratified by all.

It is time for the people to use for themselves this section of their Common Law Constitution, the great Magna Carta Clause 61. There is no point in having a Constitution if it remains dormant forever and unused and our laws are instigated by foreigners and simply transposed into the United Kingdom. It is time the People of this Country spoke up to defend their Country and its unique Constitution. This is so little to ask to try to save the peace of the Realm, particularly so when our forces are fighting and sadly dying to bring “Democracy” to the people of Afghanistan, which the people of Britain have been denied by their own Government.

No less than 40,000 people went in the first days to see the gold treasure of The Shropshire Hoard in Birmingham. I would like to think we could inspire at least the same amount of people to write to Her Majesty -- for the price of a British stamp. I would like to hit one million really. We have a duty to do quite apart from the fact that none of us want the contents of the Lisbon Treaty to apply to anyone in this Country, for it is one Treaty too far. No more new EU Treaty or legislation (e.g. The Stockholm Program) contrary to our Common Law Constitution should be accepted by this Country ever again without a referendum for the people. 

Logistics: With a careful eye on the postal strike, timing becomes more important than ever. Therefore if you know anyone that is going down to London and is prepared to deliver the letters by hand, please use that method. I can’t see any letters being delivered by post before Monday 12.10.2009, so the 40 days should start from that date. I hope every member of your family writes a letter to the Queen. Please spread the word as much as you can, and PLEASE write to you local AND the Daily Papers. The proposal does not just come from me, but from every person in Her Majesty’s Realm that wants their voices to be heard in a referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon. I will however, keep a tally on how many people have written to the Queen if you let me know. Letters to the Queen are the most important at this point in time. Thank you and good luck. 

Anne Palmer JP,
Michael A. Clark, Chairman, Covenant Publishing Company Ltd,
Geoff Southall, C Eng., MIEE, MRIN.

Suggested sample letter. To be no delay, for immediate sending. Time is short. Trying to deliver before the National Postal Workers Strike. 

Your Address


May It Please Your Majesty,

On the authority of Clause 61 of Magna Carta and as repeated with great distinctness by Henry III (1216-72) “ …it shall be lawful for every one in our realm to rise against us to use all the ways and means they can to hinder us … until that in which we have transgressed and offenced shall have been brought again into due state …”, I appeal to Your Majesty. 

The Government and the House of Commons have had their say in ratifying the Treaty of Lisbon. The House of Lords have had their say in ratifying that same Treaty. None have listened to the people that sent them to Parliament to represent them. They have ignored the people completely. The people have not had their say.

It is the people’s duty to defend their Monarch and their Country. Not only is their solemn Oath of Allegiance to the Crown, the people have a very strong desire and need for their Country to remain free. The people are willing to fight for their Country as has been proven in the past. The people also expect the people they elect to actually instigate our laws, working with the European Union but not governed by them and particularly so not forever. The Treaty of Lisbon is one Treaty too far – in effect, a new constitutional settlement.

It is now up to the people to ask your Majesty for the Treaty of Lisbon to be withdrawn and put before the people in a referendum, preferably before all 27 Countries ratify it and even if it has been ratified by all 27 Nation States for it STILL to be withdrawn and put before the people in a true and fair referendum. This is the very least that is required, as putting into effect what in all reality is a new constitutional settlement, will effect all future generations.

The Treaty of Lisbon being far more than a Treaty, the People without doubt have the constitutional right to a say in a true and fair Referendum. Fundamental changes for the Realm in respect of its ‘laws and customs’ will be consolidated for all time (the EU is planning for the next fifty years starting with The Stockholm Programme after ‘Lisbon’ and so it goes on and on). The People have been ignored. Furthermore, as the new Supreme Court does not appear disposed to uphold Statute Law (still in force) on behalf of the People, without a long and expensive judicial process, the only recourse they have available in seeking immediate redress is to appeal to Your Majesty to override the present constitutional illegality under Clause 61 of Magna Carta. .
I have the honour to remain, Madam,

Your Majesty’s faithful subject. 

The envelope may be
The Queen’s most Excellent Majesty,
Buckingham Palace


Swedish Prime Minister Frederik Reinfeld & EU Commission President Jose Barroso, so-called friends of the UK.
Despite the fact David Cameron, the Tory toff leader, has been deliberately prevaricating about the Lisbon Treaty now the poor old Irish have been bullied into submission, it seems that the powers that be in the EU are still getting a bit uppity with him about his supposedly EU-sceptic stance on the issue.

The Swedish Prime minister, who according to the Daily Telegraph, is a bit of a pal of Mr Cameron, has given the Tory leader a bit of a talking too. It seems that Frederik Reinfeld has warned our potential PM that he should not offer the British electorate a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if he wants to keep any “friends” in the European Union.

From what the Torygraph says Cameron has been warned that he could be left isolated, despite the fact Britain is more isolated in the EU than it would be out of it as the UK is seen as little more than a cash cow that must do as the EU instructs. 

Mr Reinfeld commented about David Cameron: "Once he becomes prime minister he will need friends in Europe to achieve the things he wants to see". This would really be a novelty as usually British Prime Minister seldom get the things they want out of the EU. The last time was when Margaret Thatcher managed to hang on to our UK rebate which Tony Blair squandered years later on the vague promise that the Common Agricultural Policy would be reformed - he failed to get what he wanted to see and we lost £billions in the process.

The friends in the EU have also had the audacity to summon the Czech Prime Minister, Jan Fischer, to Brussels to explain why his country has not yet ratified the Lisbon Treaty and was holding things up now the irish have been cowed into voting for it in their second referendum. So much for the EU's respect for the sovereignty of its nations.

Everyone in the UK is living on the hope that the Czech President, Vaclav Klaus holds out against the Lisbon Treaty until after our next general election and that a new Tory Government will honour its promise to give us a referendum on it. However, the Daily Mail has reported that the basis of the Czech delay, which is the whether or not the Lisbon Treaty is valid under the Czech law and is due to be scrutinised by their courts, is in the process of being fast tracked and could even be fully ratified by the end of the year. 

By the time David Cameron makes his first government the Lisbon Treaty could be in place and Tony Blair's presidency a done deal. That is when he will discover that as a newly elected Prime Minister of the UK he has little or no power because it will have shifted to the EU. Considering all their trickery, lies and deceit, who needs friends like these?