Friday, 30 January 2009


Steve Morson is not only the UK Independence Party prospective Parliamentary candidate for Bromsgrove, he is also a pretty good letter writer too. He sent me a copy of a letter which he has sent on to a national newspaper for publication, which deserves going into print, in which he writes about the situation at the Killingholme Total refinery plant and the situation regarding the jobs going to Italians rather than out of work locals. He makes the very succinct point that if people have been voting Labour or Conservative for the last 20 years, then through their indifference they have been voting in favour of the EU and the situation we have got now.

As we know there have been major protests and comments from the trade union movement about this situation where the construction contract has been given to an Italian based company who, rather than use skilled local labour, are bring in Italian workers instead.

Derek Simpson of the ‘Unite’ union has called for urgent meetings with the Government and employers to discus the “exclusion” of British workers. He stated: “The Government must take urgent action to deal with this situation as tensions reach boiling point.” The only urgent action the Government can actually take is to send in the riot squad if things get out of control. Why? Because the power over this matter has been passed to the EU through the many treaties we have signed, each one making our elected Governments increasingly impotent, especially the Maastricht Treaty signed by John Major.

Derek Simpson can rant about this until he turns Tory blue in his socialist face, but he has only himself to blame for it by voting Labour all his life, just as all Tories have also created this situation by voting for their party too. They have to acknowledge the fact that these two parties are both pro-EU and all their actions in Government, beginning with Heath signing the accession to the Treaty of Rome, through to Gordon Brown signing the nasty Lisbon Treaty. By staying loyal to these political parties they have remained loyal to unelected governance by the EU.

It make you wonder how many of those who are out of work protesting about this actually voted for the one and only political party that can give them what they want, and the right for a British government to say: ‘British jobs for British workers’, which is of course UKIP. What they now have is British jobs for EU workers.

The Maastricht Treaty made us all unwillingly or unknowingly, EU citizens, just as those Italians who will be taking those British jobs are EU citizens too. In the EU’s bloodshot beady little eyes they may as well be complaining that Lincolnshire jobs have gone to Cambridgeshire workers as Britain now is nothing more than a collection of EU regions and our once great Parliament just somewhere for its obedient Tory, Labour and Liberal Democrat servants to rubber stamp EU orders.

Richard North over on the EU Referendum blog has written more on this situation. As far as all those protesters are concerned, sadly, they have only got what they have voted for, albeit unwittingly. There are no British jobs for British workers, there is no Britain – just the EU


The Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB) have sent out this statement regarding the riots in France, CIB see a direct link that these riots are the result of EU policy, and the same could happen here – according to the Campaign for an Independent Britain (CIB), the cross-party Eurosceptic group.

CIB spokesman Andy Smith said: “Yesterday’s civil unrest in France represented an outpouring of public anger and frustration over President Sarkozy’s inability to protect his own people from the consequences of the financial crisis. French membership of the Eurozone precludes independent action by the country’s government. The Single Currency means there is no flexibility on interest rates and no possibility for France to determine its own response to the recession.

“Here in Britain, where the government is not currently hampered by Eurozone rules, the situation has not yet reached boiling point, but it could soon do so, as more people come to realise that our ability to deal with the worsening economic situation is severely restricted by our EU membership. We may not yet have been dragged into the Eurozone – though the government clearly wants to take us in – but we are already subject to a host of EU regulations that prevent us from doing what is in the national interest. Policies of national preference are explicitly prohibited by EU ‘competition laws’ and the British government has limited scope to determine its own economic policy.

“Already, opposition is growing in Britain to the policy of free migration within the EU – which allows people from Continental Europe to take jobs in the UK , and protestors have taken to the streets calling for ‘British jobs for British workers’. Campaigns against foreign ownership of key British companies and against overseas ‘outsourcing’ of manufacturing and services are gaining ground. It is hardly surprising that in the recent public opinion poll, carried out by ComRes for the CIB, 71% of voters said they wanted a national referendum to decide whether Britain remains in the EU, and 75% said they thought UK politicians don’t do enough to stand up for British interests in Europe.”

Thursday, 29 January 2009


News is now coming thick and fast about the state of affairs with this current recession, many are comparing it to the crash of the 1930’s, but in reality it is very different and potentially far more dangerous.

Different because the circumstances which triggered this recession were not the same, this time instead of a sudden and almost unexplainable collapse in the stock market, the problem was caused by the sheer greed and foolishness of the banks who loaned money to bad creditors. This was a time bomb of the banks own making which, when it went off, the fiscal shrapnel wounded us all. Now banks do not trust other banks and will not loan to each other, which in turn means there is no money for the banks to loan for businesses to invest or for people to make substantial purchases and everything has begun to slow down because of it.

The reason it is dangerous is due to the fact societies have no idea where they stand or what lies ahead. People used to map out their lives in advance, they used to plan to buy their homes, their cars and holiday, put money aside for their pensions and to them everything was in order and secure. However, like the old saying: ‘If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans’. Sadly, no one can plan out what will be happening to them next week, let alone when they reach retirement age – in fact no one really knows what their retirement age will be due to a combination of plans to raise it and enforced retirement through redundancy and the companies they work for going belly up.

What happens when all these people who, through no fault of their own, find themselves destitute, their homes and property seized by the banks and other creditors who can now use the ruthless powers given to the bailiffs by this despicable Government? We may find the rioting that has been going on in Greece or the big protest and strike in France tame by comparison. So, what then?

That will be the moment when people realise just how much power and authority has been given to the EU, it will also be the moment when they realise just how fascist the EU has become. How will they know? Because that will be when the EU’s armed militia, in the shape of the European Gendarmarie, hits our streets. And when that happens alongside the brutal Civil Contingencies Bill, anyone who dares stand up to protest against the great injustice done to them will be knocked down ruthlessly by this foreign militia on our streets. It can’t be much fun when you are truncheoned and arrested by our British police, it’s going to be even worse when it will be by aremed German, French, Italian and other nationals in this cross border force.

Because of our EU membership we are in an even worse state to cope with this dreadful state of affairs than we should be. We have to comply with the EU’s orders, and instead of our Chancellor reducing V.A.T. by a meagre and insignificant 2.5%, which was the most he could cut it as 15% is the lowest the EU will allow, which has made little difference. Had he been free of the EU’s shackles and slashed it substantially, or even scrapped it for a better and fairer system of purchase tax, then we may have seen some benefit.

The same too applies to our manufacturing industries, especially the car industry. Our Government, under the cosh of EU rules, cannot fully support and bail out our own British based companies to help save the jobs of the people the Government is supposed to represent, i.e. the voters, sadly they no longer count. We vote in elections these days for a Parliament that then ignores our wishes and dances to the tune of a foreign power which none of us have voted for. There is a hullabaloo over their Lordships taking back-handers to vote the way their sponsors want, but it is even worse when the Government blatantly imposes laws that the EU wants and then gives it £billions of our money to boot!

We have seen what has happened to our car industry at the hands of the EU. Rover when under German ownership asked for money to help it through, the EU Competition Commissioner said he wanted to think about it and we all know what happened then. Rover is now a Chinese company with the jobs going to Chenese workers. Then there was the Peugeot factory at Coventry where cars have been produced by British workers for decades. Once again the unelected EU would not allow the elected British Government bail out a British based company to save British jobs with British taxpayers money, but it was quite happy for the company to move to Eastern Europe and gave it a substantial hand out to do so. Tell those redundant British car workers that we benefit from being in the EU!

Now, as the credit crisis worsens, as major companies such as Woolworths crash, as jobs are being lost on a daily basis and the International Monetary Fund predict that Britain will be the worst hit, the question has to be asked – what can our Government do to soften the blow? Sadly, the answer is very little if it plans to remain as EU members, which would change to a great deal if we quit the EU. Lord Mandelson, or as I refer to him as Baroness Mandelson, is trying to help bail out the car industry, but many financial experts are stating his efforts are a waste of time, once again he will be stifled by EU rules.

And while Britain slowly sinks under the rip-tides of recession and EU bureaucracy, and as our wealth bleeds away, we make matters even worse by unquestioningly handing the EU, the cause of all our problems, £billions each year without question or murmur. Our membership of the EU has gone past disastrous, it has now become suicidal.

Wednesday, 28 January 2009


Tim Melville with UKIP leader, Nigel Farage MEP.
It's now official, Tim's it, the by-election candidate in the Rushall Shelfield Ward in Walsall.  The last nomination signatures were collected on Wednesday morning, the 28th February, and accepted by the Walsall elections office making Tim the UK Independence Party candidate for the by election which has come about due to the sudden death of sitting Walsall Councillor, Cath Micklewright.

This may not be much interest to those around the blogging world who stumble on this, but as the old saying goes, from tiny acorns mighty oaks do grow.  UKIP has been getting people elected on to councils all around the country and they are the acorns for for the mighty oak of eventual British independence from the EU.   See Tim's election address.


Iceland's Parliament building.
The global credit crisis, which is rapidly turning into one of the worst recessions known to mankind, has claimed its first national victim - poor battered and beleaguered Iceland.  The economic crisis there has been the cause of the collapse of its coalition Government.

Reported in the Daily Telegraph, Tuesday 27th January, it stated that the 'Island's administration collapsed after talks on forming a new coalition failed.'  There will be an election on the 9th May which had already been called.

All these problems have given the Icelandic population the false impression that if they join the euro all will be well, but in reality all will be bad.  for should they join it would mean the loss of their independence and liberties, added to this, the euro is almost certain to collapse in the near future as it is too much of a straight jacket - what will little Iceland do then?  What also will the other Eurozone countries do too as their financial systems fall to pieces around them?  All we have to do is wait an see.

Monday, 26 January 2009


There is a brilliant Radio Four comedy programme in which a character calls himself 'Count Arthur Strong'.  He jumbles his words, tries to mix in circles way above his station in life, thinks he is always right and freeloads off all around him.  I only catch these hilarious programme's on odd occasions, but I never fail to enjoy them.

Much to my amazement, whilst driving home listening to the latest scandal to come out of our now demoralised and impotent Houses of Parliament about the accusations regarding their Lordship being on the fiddle, I nearly lost control of my car in fits of laughter when I heard Lord Taylor give his "'umble" apologies to the House for bringing it into disrepute.  I couldn't believe it, there was Count Arthur Strong in person.

According to these accusations, several Lords are suspected of taking money for voting in favour of the laws that would suit their wealthy donors, rather than benefit the people of this country and our democracy.  It is scary to thank that the balance of joining the euro, or not, could be decided by the highest bidder who could nobble the most Peers.

When you take a look at the way New Labour has undermined both Houses of Parliament, and devastated the House of Lords, beginning with Tony Blair throwing out the hereditary Peers then cramming full of his mates, New Labour hangers on and cronies, what else can you expect when you fill the place full of people who are there with the attitude of what's in it for me, rather than what can I do for my country.

We all know the old sayings: "It shouldn't work, but it does", and: "If it ain't broke don't fix it", both of those sayings were applicable to the House of Lords.  Those who were there by nothing else but an accident of birth somehow or other seemed to have greater respect for our laws, our customs and our country than those who will tell you that they have earned their position there.  Sadly, Tony Blair hated the Lords and set about to destroy it, it wasn't broke but Tony soon fixed that - it's well and truly knackered now - its even got a Count Arthur Strong sound-alike!


Anne Palmer, she sees great dangers in the hidden clause 152.

Anne Palmer, As all of you know, I could and probably have bored some of you, if not all of you to death through researching legislation that is going through our Parliament. I have been particularly concerned about the details required for the ID card Data Base, and have even, at my great age, given a talk about this to No to ID.

However, you might have read in the newspapers today, that this Government is trying to bring in some very sneaky legislation at the back of an innocent sounding Coroners and Justice Bill-right at the end from clause 152 where nobody might notice it. Well, it has indeed been noticed.

Of particular concern to me, as I tried to tackle and understand FaceBook last week and went on some of your sites, I really could not believe the details, the contacts that could be read by so many people. Strangers are indeed able to gather up quite a lot of information about you. Even your photographs for identification, maybe when you are going on holiday and your house is empty for instance.

Just type in a fictitious name on "search" and see what comes up. It is all very easy really.

All I am saying to you, is be very careful what personal details you put on this. What is going on now regarding ID Cards is not new. This particularly legislation was signed by Tony Blair. Each PM here in the UK has to obey orders issued by foreigners.

This is what I have put on the Telegraph blog today. From Mum, Grandma, Aunt, Friend.

Perhaps this legislation was 'tagged on' to the end of the Coroners and Justice Bill in the hope that it would not be noticed in the same way some Treason Laws were repealed at the end of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

All those that sincerely believed that incorporating into our legislation the Treaty of Nice was treasonous and used the 1795 Treason Act which had been used by Rodney Atkinson and Norris McWhirter regarding the Maastricht Treaty, were sadly wasting their time.

This legislation is not exactly new because some of the papers relating to it were signed by Tony Blair.

As I understand it, this important section (152) is being brought in by secondary legislation, and the information is to be shared by all and sundry, and our Governments have always known this. It would seem that Governments want to know where their citizens are and what they are doing at all times. (Actually what is not on there is-"some believe that if they have nothing to hide, they have nothing to fear, but soon, such is the legislation is to come in that will 'catch' most people-

The freedoms our parents fought and died for only lasted until 1972/3. If you want those freedoms to remain, you are going to have to fight for them again, not in war, but, if there is any point in voting and paying for a Government that can no longer govern, by a little cross on a bit of paper. But am I right in guessing that, that cross will be placed where you put it last time? Voting for the same all over again?

People went through a full scale war with compulsory ID Cards which held only their name and a number. I therefore make it clear here and now, I will not give any further details for any new ID card and certainly not for any Data Base to be shared with so many others. Sadly, I cannot prevent medical records, and other details being given but new ones- as displayed so foolishly on Face-book. NO.


It’s strange when someone you have known, and campaigned with over the years, has a book published, you almost feel as if you are hobnobbing with the rich and famous after one of our local UKIP branch members had his latest book published.

Even though the ‘Kingstown Agenda’ is Steve Grey’s third book to go into print, he will quickly remind you that he is not yet rich and famous and still has to work for a living in his own business selling collectable LP’s and posters. However, at the January campaign meeting of the Walsall - Wolverhampton UKIP group a comment was made that this latest book would make an excellent film.

The story begins with Alex Smith, the senior duty officer in a security safe house, receiving a telephone call from someone not expected to have the correct password who then imparts information that an agent has been found dead in Camden, north London.

Set at a time of an impending referendum on membership of the euro, Steve’s descriptive and detailed tale takes the
reader into the murky world of the British and German secret services. The tale centres around the fact that the murdered agent had been working in 10 Downing Street and had managed to secretly record a confidential meeting between the Prime Minister and the German’s about getting Britain into the euro. If the contents of this tape is leaked to the public the outcry could destroy any hopes of the Government and the German’s to get Britain into the euro. The search is on for the tape, what did the agent do with it before he was killed?

Added to the mix there are people working for British intelligence that cannot be trusted and working for the Germans.

To order your copy, costs £10 inc. P&P, payable to “Kates Hill Press”, 126 Watsons Green Road, Dudley, DY27LG. Quote ISBN: 978 904552 28 4. 

See the details on the new publications page at the Kates Hill web-site, scroll a short way down.

Saturday, 24 January 2009


No2ID, the campaigning group against New Labour's police state ID cards, has sent out this press release below.

The government has sneaked into the Coroners and Justice Bill, to be debated in the House of Commons on Monday, a single clause that turns the Data Protection Act on its head.  NO2ID today attacked the way that these massive new powers have been brought forward in all but secrecy as 'deceptive and disreputable'.

The campaign group is launching a comprehensive briefing for MPs, exposing in detail how the government is trying to remove all limits on use of private information by officials. 'Information sharing orders' could amend any law and cancel all rules of Confidentiality in order to allow government departments to use information obtained for one purpose in pursuit of other 'policy objectives'.

The analysis, written by NO2ID General Secretary Guy Herbert, points out that public opinion is overwhelmingly against more data sharing after the 'Disc-gate' disaster of 2007.

Herbert predicted public fury at the news. He said: 'No-one trusts the government over privacy. And this is evidence you shouldn't. We were promised after the HMRC disaster they wouldn't do it again. But they are snooping addicts - who have now started lying about their habit.'

The relevant clause is 152, near the end. The bill is a rag-bag of eye-catching measures including the re-introduced plans for secret inquests, new sentencing and witness-anonymity measures, and changes to the law on pornography. Without a Spotlight on it, the technical-looking clause 152 might never even have been debated.

Friday, 23 January 2009


Since setting up my orginal Euro Realist newsletter blog, this blogger and gone blogging bonkers and have since set up this blog, which I try to keep as active as possible (sorry for no postings yesterday), I have also got a Telegraph blog too, which is a bit of a cheat as a lot of the stuff on this blog gets dumped on that one.

However, whilst poking around the Torygraph blogs I came across this posting on the greenhouse effect and thought of you, my little pals in the blogging fraternity. This chap makes a good observation and so far his questions have not been answered by the so called experts on the greenhouse effect - all very interesting.


There are some photos of this blogger on this posting (don’t grimace too much when you look at them), you will notice one thing in common with all of them which is an alcoholic beverage being in the photo too.

Being someone who has always considered myself to be a moderate drinker I am not normally known as ‘Boozy Bennett’, although I usually enjoy a glass of wine with my grub when I get in of an evening, and a pint of real ale when I go out to the pub, but according to research being carried by our nanny state my little tipple is obviously a problem.

Now that fags have been dealt a blow by nanny Stalin since being banned in public places and have to be sold from under the counter, the next bunch of health reprobates to be targeted are going to be the tipplers.

Smokers were easily dealt with as you see the poor outcast souls huddled in office doorways our around some meagre patio heater in six foot of snow outside every boozer in the land, but how are they going to tackle us drinkers? They can’t suddenly ban drinking indoors – can they? Could you imagine going to a back street boozer and some burly navvy in his donkey jacket ordering an orange juice after a day of digging holes in the road, or having to stand outside drinking his beer? Not really.

Those of us who like our little tipple should begin to be worried not by how much we drink, but by the beady little eye the nanny state is focusing on us. They may not be able to stop us picking up a bottle or two of wine or a six pack in the supermarket, or to prevent us from wanting to visit every pub in England, but you can bet your last drop of stout they are going to set about making the experience as expensive and uncomfortable as they can.

This vile and nasty Government is out to make our lives a misery, and it does not want us to have the opportunity to drown our sorrows and forget our Government created woes by having a drink – it wants to ensure the pain it is inflicting is fully felt. The nanny state should learn to keep its nose out of our affairs, if we lived in a truly free country we should live our lives as we see fit, not how the state dictates.

Wednesday, 21 January 2009


Barack Obama became the new President of America on Tuesday 20th January 2009, despite all the hullabaloo about America having its first black President, people should take a look at this photo of a young Barack with his mother.  

History was made on that day, but not because the USA elected its first black President, but in reality because America had elected its first half caste President.  He is after all the offspring of a white mother and a black African Kenyan father.

Considering the main theme throughout his election campaign was 'hope', it's strange that no one ever really picked up or made something of his mixed race, after all, what better message of hope for integration of the races could there be than that of a mixed marriage and their child becoming one of the most powerful people in the world.

There is, however, a problem with offering such hope in these extremely troubled times,
delivery of hope is going to be difficult when all is collapsing around.  President Obama could be seen as the man elected to stop the tide of recession and like King Canute may find himself swamped.  By the time of the next Presidential election there could be a lot of very disappointed Americans.

So what of Obama's inaugural speech?  After fluffing his lines during the swearing in, he made a very impressive speech, which was expected as there can be no denying he is a great orator, but there have been comments of plagiarism in within it.  It was a speech that despite the chanting and cheering throng of around a million people, had some messages in it which a lot of Americans may not take to when his words become deeds.  There was more socialist comment in his speech that you would expect from an American President, despite the fact he is a Democrat.  There was also strong a message of his green credentials which again could come as quite a shock for the nations that has always had a love affair with 'gas guzzling' cars and the open road.  How will the Americans take to new green laws which George Bush refused to sign up to in Kyoto?

As he settles in to his first days in office and begins to face up to global conflict and recession, Mr Obama will have a lot to tackle.  As the man whose decisions have knock-on effects for all of us, even though we belong to a different nation, all that can be hoped for is that he is up to the job and will not become Obama Canute.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009


The UK independence Party has launched a Campaign to have Article 47 of the European Union's Common Fisheries Policy scrapped, which is now on the UKIP website...Under the banner: 'Save Our Sport - Scrap Article 47 Now!'

Article 47 requires sport anglers to declare their catch so it can be included in the national fish quota. This is ludicrous. It will...
1. Place further pressure on the already beleaguered commercial fishing industry.
2. Make a criminal of every sea angler who fails to declare their catch.

Should someone fail to declare a mackerel caught off Brighton Pier, even a child, could face a fine from the EU of up to £50,000. That is just not acceptable. Brussels hopes to ram Article 47 through by April and avoid any debate or opposition.

UKIP asks, why should Brussels bureaucrats ruin a sport loved by millions of people all over Britain and tighten the screw even more on our commercial fishermen? That is why UKIP has launched its SOS Campaign.

Nigel Farage, the leader of UKIP said that he knew he could rely on UKIP activists and anti-EU campaigners to get publicity for the campaign and spread the word....
On the UKIP website there is a petition for people to add their names. Plus, there is also a poster which can be downloaded too. UKIP asks everyone to encourage people to display this in their home, local fishing tackle shop...just wherever they can!
The UK independence Party has decided it's time to stand up and fight for our fishermen.


The Cameron Clarke pact, peace in our Tory Party!

One the big things when David Cameron signed his pact with the Euro devil, Ken Clarke, was the almost Chamberlain, Hitler type agreement declaring “peace in our time”. Hitler promised not to invade Poland and Clarke has promised not to mention the EU.

However, a new anti-British pro-EU web-site, ‘E4U’ has an article on it which inadvertently proves the depth of lies and deceit David Cameron and Ken Clarke are prepared to go to. David Cameron and his Conservative Party are trying to trick the people that they are sceptical about the EU and that it will not be an issue. At the same time, those such as the people who run the new E4U web-site, who want to see the destruction of the UK as a sovereign nation and fully subsumed into a European “empire”, to quote Jose Manuel Barroso, are looking forward to Ken Clarke achieving this treasonous aim.

It is going to be interesting to see how long it will be before Clarke decides to march on to the EU and begin promoting the euro and the Lisbon Treaty? I wonder if Ladbrooks are taking bets on it?

Monday, 19 January 2009


Telford & Wrekin UKIP activist and NEC member with Councillor Denis Allen.

If you scroll down to my previous posting on the return of the Euro fundamentalist, Ken Clarke to the Tory front bench, you will see a link to the Conservative Home page. There are a lot of comments about our Hush Euro Puppy ex Chancellor, most of which could be put into one of three categories.

A number of Tory activists don’t like Clarke’s Euro fanaticism, but will live with it as they think he will be a big hitter and put their party well and truly in the lead. These people don’t like his Euro-stink but will hold their noses. There is another, and still surprisingly large category, these are people who hold the same anti-British pro-EU views as Clarke and back him to the hilt. This issue has obviously drawn them out from under the dark damp crevices they had been hiding in for some time. Then there are the outraged, the indignant and the distinctly unhappy. A large number of these have said they are putting their walking boots on and taking their support and votes to UKIP. These the had the wool lifted from their eyes group.

One prominent member of this last group is Councillor Denis Allen, a personal friend of this blogger from our days in the Referendum Party and co-supporters of the Democracy Movement.

Denis, who is a former mayor of Wellington, Shropshire, who serves on Telford and Wrekin Unitary Authority and is also a former chairman of the Wrekin Conservative Association, said: "I was already uncomfortable with the way that David Cameron fudged the issue of the Conservative membership of the EPP group in the European Parliament," and also stated:. "But the appointment of such a strong Europhile like Ken Clarke to the front bench was the last straw.

"We can see that we can't negotiate from within: they ignored the Dutch and the French referendums and they're ignoring the Irish now. We have to leave so that we can rule ourselves. "That's why I joined UKIP, the only party advocating that Britain should be ruled by the British."

David Cameron has shown his true Europhile colours, he is now cohorting with one of the rabid Euro-fanatics who stabbed Margaret Thatcher in the back when she began to realise how dangerous the EU was to our democracy and freedom. Cameron wants to watch his back now that he is supping with the devil.

Sunday, 18 January 2009


It looks as if the Tory Leader, David Cameron in his attempt to challenge Peter Mandelson and to become the next Prime Minister of this once Great Britain, has gone for the nuclear option of bringing the once Tory heavyweight, Kenneth (I adore the EU) Clarke, back to the Conservative front bench.

Reported on the Conservative Home web-site it stated that although the site's editors were opposed to the move, they would go along with the results of a vote taken on the site about bringing Ken Clarke back to the forefront, in which a majority voted in favour of bringing the Euro beast back.  Reading the comments of members there were some very mixed opinions, there was also evidence that the Conservative Party is also still riddled with Europhiles in its ranks.

Many commented that this has ensured they will be voting UKIP in the European elections on June 4th this year.  If David Cameron had wanted to give UKIP a real boost then he could not have done anything better for it than go for this option.  He seems to think that any unhappiness in the Tory ranks over bringing one of the Euro fundamentalists who stabbed Margaret Thatcher in the back will be smoothed out by growing Conservative support in the polls.

The deal was stitched up between Cameron, Clarke and George Osbourne, William Hague was kept well and truly out of any decision making.  Apparently, Clarke has pledged not to make an issue out of the Lisbon Treaty or membership of the euro.  Whether this known Bilderburger will stick to the agreement will be another matter.  The question still has to be asked - how is Clarke going to challenge Mandelson when both men work for the advancement of the EU and our eventual subjugation to it rather than working for their own political parties?


Lord Mandelson, made insulting remarks against British businessmen.
Most people who care for the United Kingdom and the sovereignty of their own country have never been able to understand how anyone can support EU membership when it undermines our own Parliament and costs so much, but last week it seems Peter Mandelson gave an answer to this conundrum. 

Reported in the Mail on Sunday, 18th January 2009, it said that British bosses were outraged at a smear campaign made against them by the newly appointed Lord who had been brought back to salvage Gordon Brown's incompetent Government.  His lordship, made the outrageous statement that British bosses were incapable of running a successful business. Adding insult to injury he said that there is a defect in the 'gene pool of British management'.

It seems that Baroness Mandy made these insulting comments at a meeting of MPs in Westminster last week when the several times disgraced ex MP was discussing the betrayal of our Royal Mail, he wants to sell it off to foreign ownership and it would seem he is willing to resort to any underhand tactics to do so.  Many MPs were angered by the Business Secretary's proposals to give Dutch Post a minority stake in the Royal Mail.  Brushing aside protests from MPs in the same contemptuous way he treats the British people, he indicated the reason he wanted the Dutch and not our own British managers was because he did not think them capable of turning the public sector business into a success.

Ruth Lea of the Centre For Policy Studies and former head of policy at the Institute of Directors said: "This does seem extremely unfair to British management.  They are still regarded as some of the finest in the world."

This matter though is not just about the betrayal of the British business community, it is about the betrayal of all of us.  When you consider the problems businessmen and women have had to face since sleazy New Labour were elected in 1997 and the lunacy and hinderance of petty fogging EU directives and bureaucracy, they must be counted as some of the best in the world - if they can survive in business in such an inhospitable climate where the EU and their own Government are against them, and now a recession, they must be classed as amongst the best in the world despite the lies of Baroness Mandy.

The selling off and undermining of the Royal Mail has nothing to do with common sense or trying to save it, but to comply with orders from the unelected bureaucrats of the European Union who Mandy really works for.  Everything that has been done to comply with the EU has been detrimental to the interests of the UK and its people.  Which gives the real answer to the reason why Europhiles support the EU - they must hate their own country intensely, why else would they support an organisation that has the ultimate goal of destroying British independence and democracy completely - surely this is proof enough?


Mike Nattrass MEP pays a tribute to the late Sir Dai Llewellyn.
There has been little time for blogging on Saturday due to being involved with a UKIP leafleting day in Stafford, however, here is a tribute to UKIP candidate Sir Dai Llewellyn from Mike Nattrass MEP.

He writes: "You will already have seen testimonials from Nigel and others on Sir Dai LLewellwyn who departed this world last week. Sir Dai lived in the fast lane and lived his life the way he wanted to live it.

He laughed a lot and he drank a lot and he gave others an amazing lift with his carefree style and believe me he had style. His smile and laughter were a tonic to others and if you play the attached interview you may see a little of what I mean. He was a good chap but perhaps never would have been accepted as a candidate for Pope.

I know that he would be laughing now if he knew of the tributes he is getting ..... he probably is." Watch an in interview of Sir Dai by Mike Nattrass.

Saturday, 17 January 2009


Sorry for no blogging on Friday due to a visit to North Wales, but I was keeping up with the news all the same and came across an article in the Business section of the Telegraph.  It reported that the European Central Bank (ECB) has cut interest rates to 2 per cent as it tries to cope with the global downturn in business.

The ECB President, Jean-Claude Trichet commented that the cut follows a "very significant slowing down of the economy".  As the Telegraph reported, it is an admission that Europe is heading into the worst recession since the Second World War.  

It makes you wonder how the pressures of this severe recession will affect the eurozone with its diverse economies.  There is no way the ECB can get the interest rate right for many of the nations at any given time and countries such a Germany and France will always get priority, whilst many of the old Eastern bloc nations will just have to put up with the problems of an interest rate that may be too high or too low.  That may be bad enough in good times, but spells disaster in times of great economic stress.  

The EU's currency will come under great stress in 2009, the states of the economy could be the beginning of the end for the euro.  Britain really is better off out of the euro.

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Everyone knows the EU is a mad institution full of barmy ideas and illogical legislation, but one of its latest ideas to blight our lives takes some beating. The EU is now proposing that anyone who enjoys the pastime of fishing from a boat will have to apply for an EU fishing quota.

Angling hobbyists will have to register their boats as fishing vessels and their catches recorded as part of their countries annual quota for certain species. This is despite the fact most fishermen put their live catch back to swim free, unlike commercial fishermen who have to throw large numbers of edible dead fish back as they may not have a quota for the species they inadvertently catch.

Four million people have joined the newly-formed Angling Trust which intends to fight this EU proposal in support of what is a very popular hobby. When Poland joined the EU and under EU rules the restriction to limit their were removed, many of the Poles who flooded into the UK took up fishing with gusto, but not as a hobby but as a means of catching their supper. Many anglers frowned on this and it created conflict, now the EU is fishing for conflict with a large body of not very happy anglers.


Sir Dai Llewellyn, raising funds at a UKIP conference.

What a rascal he was, what a noted Lothario, what a party animal and what a ‘Dirty Dai’! There is only one person that description belongs to, which of course is none other than Dai Llewellyn the ‘Conqistador of the Canape Circuit’ who died at the age of 61 on Tuesday 13th January, 2009.

Although Dai Llewllyn will always be remembered for his playboy lifesyle and bedroom escapades, he didn’t get the nick name ‘Lock up your daughters Llewellyn’ for nothing, for all UKIP and anti-EU campaigners he will always be remembered as the man who put some joy into campaigning for UKIP.

I don’t really know what brought Sir Dai to UKIP, but I was glad that he came our way. He once famously declared that he would only cross the Severn bridge into Wales would be for his own funeral, but cross it he did for the 2007 Welsh Assembly elections as a UKIP candidate. He declared that the Assembly was “a load of Horlicks”, which was and still is quite true. He considered that Britain’s withdrawal from the EU was “the most important issue there is”, which was another true statement.

He spoke at the 2007 UKIP conference in London where he entertained the delegates, he also did some fund-raising for UKIP at that event, hence the photo of him above waving a five pound note.

It was also strange timing that the actor, Patrick McGoohan, who was famous for his offbeat and surreal TV series, The Prisoner, also died around the same time on the 14th January 2009. Although McGoohan appeared in a lot of films and TV productions, it was The Prisoner he will always be remembered for. Considering Sir Dai and those of us campaigning in UKIP want to escape the EU prison, maybe Sir Dai has found a way out. ‘Be seeing you’.

UKIP leader, Nigel Farage MEP has made a tribute to Sir Dai Llewellyn on the UKIP web-site.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


An Englshman's home is no longer his castle.

Philip Johnson wrote an excellent article in the Daily Telegraph on Monday 12th January about the giving of additional powers which this particularly nasty Government have handed to the bailiffs of this once fair land. He is highly critical of the awesome powers which bailiffs now have and pointed out that: "The powers of bailiffs to enter homes and seize property are wider today than they have ever been and are about to be strengthened further."

Going back in history Philip Johnson quotes William Pitt (the Elder) who made the famous declaration: "The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the force of the Crown. It may be frail, its roof may shake, the wind may blow through it. The rain may enter. The storms may enter. But the king of England may not enter. All his forces dare not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement." He used this example to point out that under the laws going back centuries we had certain inalienable rights and the Crown and its governments had to respect those rights. Sadly, New Labour has chosen to dispense with such liberties and has given its agents to right to trample all over us.

Although Mr Johnson wrote elegantly in defence of our ancient rights and their erosion thanks to Labour's "cavalier disregard" for them, he did not really go into why this near totalitarian Government would want to destroy them. My personal opinion is that these changes are directly linked to the introduction of identity cards.

About the same time plans were being put in place for ID cards the legislation to extend the powers of bailiffs began its way through Parliament. This Government wants I.D. cards but does not want "I.D. martyrs" having their day in court making their protests. It does not want a repeat of the pensioners who faced the might of the law and prison sentences for refusing to pay their council tax increases and subsequent court fines which makes the state look heavy handed. Nor does it does want news of ordinary decent people being sent to court for refusal to accept ID cards which are the tool of a police state or being sent to prison for it. Because of this the Government has already stated that it does not want ID martyrs and have legislated so that refusal to have an I.D. card will not be a criminal offence. Those who dare refuse will face a civil penalty instead in the same way they would receive a parking fine.

There will be no day in court for the thousands, if not hundred of thousand of refusniks, there will be no prison sentence for the plumbers, nurses, small business owners housewives and other ordinary people who will want to stand up against an overmighty state and to defend our liberties, there will simply be a fine for refusing to do as the state tells you. Refusal to pay this fine will then mean a visit from the bailiff rather than a court summons and now the bailiff can smash down your door, march on to your property and take whatever you own with impunity. Refusal to comply with the Government's ID card terrorism could cost you everything you own without any right to protest in court.

There is something extremely unpleasant and underhand about all this, we should never under estimate the devious nature of this vile Government. It would seem Gordon the glum Brown considers an Englishman's home as fair game.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009


Brian Mooney of New Alliance, he is concerned about provions in the Lisbon Treaty.
He writes: There are some little noticed provisions tucked away in the Lisbon Treaty. First, the newly created High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy will also head the European Defence Agency (EDA) and have a right of initiative for proposing EU-led military operations. The bottom line is that the EU will get a defence capability for the first time.

Second, Article 28b allows EU armed forces to be used to deal with any "crisis". An event will be defined as a crisis by the Council and Commission. Article 28a allows the EU armed forces to be used to protect the strategic interests of the EU, again these are to be defined by the Council and Commission. Finally Article 188r allows armed forces to be deployed to any part of the EU without the agreement of the government of the member state in whose territory they are deployed.

These provisions are scattered widely through the Treaty (probably deliberately), but taken together they create an EU armed force that can be deployed - and sent into combat - anywhere in the EU for any purpose decided upon by the EU Commission and Council. They ensure that the EU would not be faced by the constitutional impasse faced by Lincoln in 1861. If any state
of the EU sought to secede, the EU would have the legal powers to enable it to send in armed forces to put down the secession movement. Never mind getting Ireland to vote again - the tanks would be on the streets.

And let's face it, political unions of all types have a history of not tolerating secession movements.


Steven Morson, wrote to Vaclav Klaus.
In mid-December, Bromsgove UKIP activist and prospective Candidate wrote to President Klaus of the Czech Republic (current EU President) to express solidarity with his views on the Lisbon Treaty. It was in the wake of the disgraceful behaviour of the Euronazi's Hans-Gert Pöttering and Daniel Cohn-Bendit (mentioned:- ".fanatical members."). He has received a splendid reply from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which is below his original letter:-
Mr. Václav Klaus
President of the Czech Republic
Prague Castle
119 08 Prague 1
Czech Republic                                                                           

12th December 2008

Your Excellency,
As a political activist, I have read with interest your views on the European Union and The Lisbon Treaty in particular, as they relate to your country's membership of the Union.
It is only in recent times, when researching politics for my parliamentary candidacy, that I discovered exactly how much deceit and deception was involved in taking the United Kingdom into the Union (and it's predecessors), and further enmeshing it with successive treaties. I am at a loss to explain why such subterfuge was necessary if our membership was in the best interests of our country. This creates an atmosphere of public mistrust in politics, and a sense of disconnection from the democratic process. It is further ingrained when British people learn that our membership of the E.U. costs us more than CZK 1,600 billion per year. Many people in the U.K. were angry that a promised referendum on the Lisbon Treaty (by Prime Minister Tony Blair in parliament on 20th April 2004) was later denied by Prime Minister Brown. 
I applaud your stance on the Lisbon Treaty, and wish to express my personal empathy and support with you on this issue. It appears, from various media outlets, that Your Excellency has also discovered the profoundly anti-democratic and intolerant behaviour of some of the more fanatical members of the E.U. In England, highly unfavourable comparisons are drawn with the Soviet Union and even Nazi Germany's worst excesses, in the way that the E.U. leadership views unfavourable referendum results. Is it such a surprise that the Lisbon Treaty removes the need for referenda by member states on future legislation? I also wholeheartedly agree with your recent statement to Mr. Brian Crowley, MEP at Hradcany Castle: "If [he] speaks of an insult to the Irish people, then I must say that the biggest insult to the Irish people is not to accept the result of the Irish referendum."
I look forward to the approaching presidency of the E.U by the Czech Republic as I believe that your occupancy of this office will be more in harmony with the understanding on which you guided the Czech membership of the Union.
May I take this opportunity to express my warmest wishes of the Christmas season and the New Year to you and the people of the Czech Republic, with hopes that you enjoy prosperity and success personally and nationally.
Yours sincerely,

Steven Morson.
The reply:

Dear Mr Morson,
This is a belated reply but I would like to thank you for your kind letter you addressed to President Klaus last month. President Klaus read your letter personally and wanted me thank you on his behalf. It is important that there are candidates for the European Parliament with your views. I follow the speeches of UKIP Chairman, Mr Farage, and I sincerely hope there will be more voices like his. I wish you every success in the elections.
You may be interested in reading the article President Klaus wrote for the Financial Times last week about the Czech EU Presidency:
Wishing you a very happy new year.
Jiri Brodsky

Monday, 12 January 2009


Although many EU-sceptics will be heartened by the survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of the Tax Payers Alliance and Global Vision, as reported in the Sunday Telegraph on the 11th January 2009, in itself the survey was misleading as some of the questions asked could never be part of any deal with the EU.

The thing people misunderstand about the EU is that there is no ‘pick-and-mix’ option, it’s either all or nothing yet surveys such as this give people the false impression that such an option is on offer.

One of the questions asked if people wanted a much looser relationship with the EU, and for the Government to take back powers from Brussels also ending the supremacy of the European Court of Justice over British law. 48 per cent of voters opted for this option whilst 16 per cent chose the realistic option of full withdrawal, which in reality is the only choice which could be made. The sad fact is if we as a nation stay in the EU then we have no choice but to allow EU law to be supreme over British law and our Parliament undermined. Added to this we will also have to accept the inevitable fact that Britain as a free self governing nation in not too many years from now will cease to exist as it will be subsumed into a new nation called Europe or more likely the United States of Europe.

The answer to this lies in the Lisbon Treaty which will give the EU the same awesome powers with the original EU constitution. This treaty, which our Prime Minister has already signed, will give the EU a legal personality, it will transfer the roll of our Prime Minister from being a representative of the UK but to being a representative to the EU. It will also give the EU a full military capability and the right to send in EU troops to quell any unrest in any EU states. In only a few years from now we could be seing EU Gendarmerie forces quelling riots on British streets, breaking up protest marches in Westminster all courtesy of this dreadful treaty. The simple answer the serious EU problem is complete withdrawal from the EU.

Sadly, the Tory leader, David Cameron, is doing everything within his power to prevent debate in the Conservative Party on this issue, like John Clease in Faulty Towers it’s a case of ‘Don’t mention the EU’! But it has got to be mentioned, we have a stark choice stay in and see the end of the UK and democracy, or withdraw and return to Parliamentary democracy and national freedom.

One of the reasons Cameron is trying to avoid debate on this issue is down to the fact he wants the arch Euro fundamentalist Ken Clarke back on his front bench. For many EU-sceptic Tory activists this idea is repulsive, it is also a slap in the face for traditional Tory voters too. The major Tory benefactor, Stuart Wheeler, is threatening to withdraw his fiscal support if Clarke is allowed to darken the Tory front benches again.

This news is good for UKIP which is the only political party with a realistic stance on the EU problem, it wants the UK to withdraw from the EU then negotiate an EFTA type agreement with the EU which would have little option but to agree as the UK is a net importer from the other EU nations.

This poll also showed that 64 per cent of voters wanted to keep our British pound whilst only 24 per cent wanted the EU’s euro. Added to this, it revealed that 10 per cent of Conservatives will be lending their vote to UKIP on June 4th 2009 when the elections to the European Parliament take place.

UKIP, by getting MEPs elected help to block the places that would normally be filled by pro-EU Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrats, they also use their positions in the Parliament to expose the EU as UKIP leader, Nigel Farage did when he exposed the newly appointed French EU Commissioner, Jaques Barrot.

The best option this coming summer if people really want to drive a knife into the heart of our EU membership will be to vote for UKIP, the more MEPs UKIP have elected the deeper the knife will go. If you want to support UKIP financially and strike back at the EU then you can donate to UKIP HERE. The bigger the UKIP war chest the harder it will be able to fight for your democracy and freedom.


Anne Palmer warns the Lisbon Treaty has been made impossible to understand.
Long standing campaigner and ant-EU researcher, Anne Palmer, writes: The Renamed Treaty has lots of this kind of thing: "An Article 40 shall be inserted, with the wording of Article 52; it shall be amended as follows: (a) the following Article heading shall be inserted: 'Ratification and entry into force';
(b) in paragraph 1 the words..." etc.

The original Constitutional Treaty was much clearer in its stated intention of creating a new legal and political entity, effectively a single state capable of acting on its own and making its own laws.

The insertion of hard-to-follow amendments is a deliberate ploy designed to confuse and bamboozle citizens and politicians.Former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato, one of the EU Constitution’s  authors, openly admits that EU leaders had "decided that the document should be unreadable", explaining that this would allow Gordon Brown to present the text to Parliament and say "Look, you see, it's absolutely unreadable, it's the typical Brussels treaty, nothing new, no need for a referendum".

The chief architect of the Constitution, former right-wing French president Valery Giscard d’Estaing, also says: "All the earlier proposals will be in the new text, but will be hidden and disguised in some way."

He says that "what was difficult to understand will be from now on  impossible to understand, but the substance will have been preserved".
An EU ‘Government’  Labour MP Gisela Stuart was Tony Blair’s representative on the Convention which drew up the original Constitution. However, she denounced the Constitution for its lack of democracy when it finally appeared.
She now warns that the new treaty would incorporate the European Council – the summit meetings of EU heads of government – into EU structures for the first time, imposing a legal obligation on EU leaders to "promote its values, advance its objectives, serve its interests" rather than those of member states.
The European Council was originally set up in 1974 as an informal intergovernmental forum for heads of EU member states to meet. Under the Renamed Constitution it will, in effect, become the "Cabinet" of the new government of Europe.

Stuart argues: "It used to be that leaders met in order to co-ordinate the interest of the nation states. Under this new structure, that body where heads of state meet will become subordinate to the Union's interests.
"They will now have a duty to represent the interests of the Union, not the interests of the member state.
It's a consolidation of the way the Union works into a structure which is much more like a government," she says: “We will all become citizens of the EU state and citizenship of the new EU state would be the higher political and legal authority. EU law would override national law in any case of conflict between the two except, of course, trade union rights which are covered by national laws under the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights.In other words, draconian Tory anti-union laws would still be in place in the UK.”

Gisela Stuart also says that the new treaty is essentially the same as the original EU Constitution: "The main constitutional arrangements, such as giving the union a single legal personality so that it can enter into treaties itself - that's all still there," she adds: “The new treaty would hand the EU its own legal personality and distinct corporate existence for the first time. "Under this new structure, that body where heads of state meet will become subordinate to the Union's interests"

Saturday, 10 January 2009


Nigel Farage MEP: warns of the EU grab of our energy.

The reason there was no blogging on this site on Friday 9th January was due to this blogger being at a UKIP meeting all day in London, then like a twit catching the wrong train out of Euston and instead of finishing up in Sandwell Dudley, I had to go to Stoke-on-Trent and make my way home from there, adding two hours to my journey - but all that is another tale.

However, due to my cock-up it gave me lots of time to catch up on my newspaper reading, including the lead article in the Daily Express headed: “EU will grab Britain’s gas”. One of those at the meeting I attended was the UKIP leader, Nigel Farage MEP who reminded us that it was he that provided the Daily Express with that lead story.

As the Leader of the Independence and Democracy Group in the European Parliament he had attended a meeting with others, including the EU President Jose Manuel Barroso. At this meeting Barroso declared that due to the shortage of gas in the Eastern countries he was calling for the other nations to help out by calling for the creation of a gas reserve which would give the EU control of British and Dutch energy reserves.

As Nigel pointed out, the Lisbon Treaty will give the EU the legal powers it needs to take such measures to “ensure security of energy supply to the Union”. In effect our North Sea oil and gas would become a common EU resource. When you consider that our UK fishing grounds, which are some of the richest in the world which was once home to a large British fishing fleet, also became a common resource and are now under the full control of the EU and the British fleet has been decimated.

As Nigel Farage said: “Brussels has already stolen our fish. Now they want our oil and gas. These are vital resources to Britain and we demand that the British Government vetoes these proposals. This shows how vital it is that the UK holds a referendum on our future in the European Union.”

Barroso said that he would soon have the legal authority to take control of energy reserves under the Lisbon Treaty. This just shows the arrogance and thinking behind the EU with its aim to become a single nation in its own right. Many countries have well over a months reserves of gas, Britain has about two weeks. If the EU was allowed to plunder our gas and oil we in the UK could find we have no gas, heating or lighting. As I have said many times, all the benefits are out of the EU, not in it.

Thursday, 8 January 2009


Let there be light said the Lord, oh no said the EU – we have got to stop global warming so let there be tons of mercury in energy saving lightbulbs instead.

Once again the people of Britain are having to tolerate what the EU dictates and we will be losing our normal incandescent lightbulbs thanks to an EU ruling on the phasing out of normal bulbs. The good old 100w bulb either in clear or pearl glass is to be consigned to history and by 2012 you will not be able to buy them at all. In their place will be the expensive and highly poisonous mercury filled low energy bulbs which many people find hard to read by, some also suffer headaches and nausea due to the effects of these bulbs too.

All this inconvenience has been bought to us because the EU wants to save the planet and cut carbon emissions, despite the fact the theory of global warming is being disproved and many of the arguments for it proven to be based on suspect data and dodgy science.

Sadly, once again the British people having to tolerate yet another EU inspired inconvenience just proves how subservient we as a nation have become to the EU. Because the EU demands it our Government has jumped to it and is complying with the EU’s instructions to get rid of the light bulbs people want and prefer.

Other articles on this issue have been written by Gerard Batten MEP and also on the EU Referendum blog.


Everyone does it, you are tootling along quite nicely in your car, minding your own business, then suddenly you are confronted by one of those yellow perils, a speed entrapment camera. That’s when instinct kicks in and without thinking you automatically put your foot on the brake irrespective of whether you are driving within the speed limit, or not, you also take your eyes off the road and look at your speedo. No checking mirrors, no looking around for potential dangers such as kids, cyclists or pedestrians, while you are passing those white marker lines on the road your main focus is on your speedo to make sure you do not stray above the limit.

Considering the above scenario is the reaction of 99.9% of all drivers, how come the authorities who place these money making contraptions here, there, and everywhere willy-nilly, have the audacity to call them “Safety cameras”? Safety is the last thing they have anything to do with, and that is a point just proven and reported in the press recently.

It seems that a so called ‘safety camera’, put up on the M11 in Essex, is responsible for a number of accidents. Since this camera was installed the number of accidents has risen by a quarter and casualties by half on the south bound section of the M11 where it reduces from three lanes to two and the speed limit drops from 70mph to 50mph.

The problem with these entrapment cameras is that they only catch people who may have strayed over the limit, not those who are driving recklessly or without any care or consideration for other road users.

Since first being introduced these cameras have multiplied in numbers no end. In many cases wide clear and generally safe roads have had their speed limits cut to speeds that are well below the capability of the road and speed trap cameras installed. If that is not a money making scheme then Richard Brunsom of the Welsh traffic Taliban is a kind and considerate copper who doesn’t hate all drivers!

If the authorities really wanted to make our roads safer rather than just seeing motorists as cash cows, then they would work to make many junctions safer and less confusing. They would remove many of the traffic slowing obstacles which in reality are just hazards, and they would set realistic speed limits that are appropriate. This would mean a limit of 80mph on our motorways and many other roads and dual carriageways having their limits put back to their original speed limits. This would ensure the traffic is free flowing and there would be less frustration among drivers, which in turn would improve their safety. Driving would also feel far less oppressive, but of course, that would mean spending the money raised from road taxes rather than collecting it from drivers who sadly are an increasing section of society being abused by this Government.

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


There are times in life you do something you never expected to do, and as a result you can find yourself in situations you never expected to be in, and with people you never thought you would ever meet. It was because of a spur of the moment decision I made in September 1996 to put my name forward as a possible Referendum Party candidate that I found myself in October that year speaking to Sir Alan Walters in the Grand Hotel in Brighton.

That was an amazing experience for me in those days, and a great privilege to meet the man who had been such a moving force in Prime Minister Thatcher’s days in office. I had literally been confirmed as the RP candidate for Walsall North two days earlier and went off to Brighton for the RP conference with my head spinning and invites from Sir James and Lady Annabelle for my better half, Lin, and myself, to a swanky do in the Grand and suddenly there he was, the man himself, and what a gent he was too. I shook his hand and we spoke to him and his wife for several minutes about the sad demise of the Conservative Party, where we were standing as RP candidates, he being the RP candidate for the City Of Westminster, and we chatted generally and I walked away with a silly grin knowing I had shaken the hand of a man who had helped to resurrect Britain’s standing in the world after several years of Labour destruction. What a night that was.

Sir Alan was a quiet genius, everyone accepts that fact, when others were promoting failed economic policies he stood firm and gave Maggie his advice, which she took, and the country became a better place for it. He could see the disaster awaiting of the Exchange Mechanism when many so called ‘learned’ economic minds were promoting this awaiting fiscal catastrophe and spoke out against it, but by then a lesser being was our Prime Minister and we all saw the resultant wreckage.

Like many, including this blogger, it was because of John Major he gave up on the Conservative Party and joined Goldsmiths Referendum Party. The idea of a single European currency was one that angered him greatly, because of this it brought him into conflict with Nigel Lawson who at that time thought economic and monetary union would benefit this country, a view he has since changed.

Sir Alan was a free thinker who would not follow the heard, we could certainly do with his advice now which would not include those siren voices urging us into the madness of the euro. He will be much missed but he leaves a legacy in those who he taught who now advocate his ideas.

Other tributes to Sir Alan can be found at the UKIP and the Freedom Association web-sites

Tuesday, 6 January 2009


Shami Chakrabarti, concerned about these intrusive powers.

Civil liberties groups in the UK have been warning of Britain becoming a police state for quite some time, and with pressures increasing for I.D cards and some very draconian laws being introduced in recent years their concerns are now turning to alarm.

On Monday 5th January 2009, the Daily Telegraph reported comments made by Shami Chakrabarti, the director of Liberty, who was extremely worried about new EU proposals for the bugging of personal computers.

The EU is proposing that the police would not need any warrants to bug anyones computer in what is known as “remote searching” to monitor web-site use and e-mails. Although the police already have some powers under the Computer Misuse Act 1990, which has been used for a small number of operations, the EU wants to open the floodgates for official computer hacking and it wants in on the action.

Under these EU proposal it could make a demand on our police to hack into someone’s computer then feed it the information gleaned. This for those who care about their liberties, personal freedoms and privacy is frightening. The EU could, at a whim, hack into the computers of anyone such as this blogger and other anti-EU pro-UK organisations to monitor their personal e-mails and activities.

Shami Chakrabarti said: “These are very intrusive powers, as intrusive as someone busting down your door and coming into your home. “The public will want this controlled by new legislation and judicial authorisation. Without those safeguards it’s a devistating blow to any notion of personal privacy.”

Naturally, our EU sycophantic Government is all in favour of surrendering the rights of those they are elected to represent to the EU which is not elected and only represents itself. A Home Office spokesman said: “The UK has agreed to a strategic approach towards tackling cyber crime on the same basis as all member states.” What the Government may find, if it ever deemed to consult or ask the people of the UK, is that they do not agree and it is not ok. If PC Hackwer of the Yard comes calling he will not be made welcome. The only information he can pass on to the EU is that it can shove its unwanted intrusions up the parts of the EU where the sun don’t shine!