Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Recently the BBC have been accused of left wing and other bias, as well as that it has always been seen as blatantly pro-EU too. On Tuesday 15th October 2013 it was at it again when it reported on the dire situation in Greece which is creating havoc and much misery for almost all Greeks.

The BBC Radio Four Today lead reporter, John Humphries, was sent on a nice little licence fee funded jolly to Athens to report on the situation there. He opened his report with the comment that Greece had been badly affected by the global economic slump – funny that, I was led to believe the problems in Greece with, as the programme reported, one in three people being out of work and many other workers not being paid, was all the fault of Greece joining the EU’s euro.

Greece cannot set its own interest rates or let its currency float on the worlds money markets, which would help ease its financial problems greatly, it is trapped in the euro and is no longer the master of its own economy, but according to John Humphries report the euro was not even worth mentioning.

He reported how tolerant the Greeks are being over their plight, how youth unemployment is even greater than that of the older generations, how people are working without pay for altruistic reason such as the Greek Broadcasters, but of the euro there was no mention and as far as this report went the EU had virtually nothing to do with this latest Greek tragedy, despite him reporting on Greek tragedies too.

So, as far as the BBC are concerned, the total meltdown of many of Europe’s poorer economies which is now not only creating misery, mass unemployment, bankruptcies the loss of people’s homes and wealth all across the continent has nothing at all to do with the EU and its currency.

Those poor blinkered souls who go around supporting the indefensible European Union project to create a vast European state, of which the euro is one part of, peddle the myth that the EU has prevented wars in Europe since 1945, which is utter claptrap as there have been wars in Europe including a cold war with Russia and Eastern Europe which was eased through the presence of NATO, not the EU. When the next conflict arises in Europe it will be solely the fault of the EU, at some stage the desperation and poverty now being created across Europe will be the single major cause of conflict as the people come to the limit of what they can tolerate.

The EU with its meddling bureaucracy and its unbending economic climate created by its obsession for its vanity currency is creating the perfect scenario for civil wars, riots and the total breakdown of societies all across Europe. But with its head buried in a pile of euros, if asked what the EU has to do with such blight, according to the BBC it has nothing to do with it and all is rosy in the EU.

Friday, 11 October 2013


What more proof is needed to learn that David Cameron, and his Conservative Party, are far from serious regarding the major problem of our membership of the EU than the Tory leaders comments in relation to Adam Afriyie’s call for an early referendum on our continued membership of the EU, if you can call it early after waiting over a third of a century since the last one in 1975.

In response to Afriyie’s proposed amendment to bring the in-out EU referendum forward from its very uncertain date in 2017 to 2014, David Cameron rebuked his troublesome MP for Windsor and accused Mr Afriyie of not being “sensible”. He went on to reveal his true opinion on our membership of the EU by saying to workers he was visiting in York: “I do not want Britain to leave the European Union”. To ensure you have fully grasped the Prime Minister’s commitment to the EU against the freedom and democratic interests of his own country, I repeat his words: “I do not want Britain to leave the European Union”. What more evidence does anyone need to prove that a vote for the Conservative Party is the most wasted vote anyone who cares for the UK can make?

Cameron is still talking about a ‘reformed’ European Union which he believes is obtainable. Sadly, this dream of obtaining a reformed EU is about as achievable as obtaining fairy dust – the EU will just tell him to stop being a silly little Prime Minister and stop bothering it and continue doing as it instructs.

Many have come into the attack against Adam Afriyie’s call for a definite date for a referendum by protesting that now is not a good time to hold a referendum. It is strange how now is never a good time to hold a referendum no matter when ‘now’ is, being it 2014 or the David Cameron’s fantasy date in 2017, which will go the same way as his cast iron promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and will prove to be another of Cameron’s broken pledges.

Despite Cameron doing his best to cheat the long suffering British people out of their say on the EU problem, there will be a referendum in 2014 on EU membership, each and every vote cast for UKIP on the 22nd of May that year in both the European and Council elections will be a vote cast to leave the EU. Send Cameron and his fairy dust a message and ensure he knows it is way past time Britain left the stifling, costly and job losing EU and took the road to freedom once again.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


If you are reading this blog it is most probably due to the fact you have realised just how devastatingly bad membership of the ant-democratic European Union is for this country, as well as all the other EU member states too. If you are here because you foolishly support the EU and all its job and wealth destroying bureaucracy and want to see what your opposition is up to, then all I can suggest is take a real look at what you are supporting, learn the facts and the truth, and when you have come to your senses come and join us in the anti-EU campaign.

For those who really are serious about setting Britain free from the EU the only option will be to start voting UKIP, if you have not already done so. Many people see this as the best way to help, but there are other things you can do too, most importantly you can donate to the party as elections cost money and the more you can give the better UKIP will do. Don’t forget, the European elections where UKIP is in with a real chance of coming first are not that far away, they are to be held on the 22nd May 2014 and your donations, large or small, will be a massive help – so give now.

As well as that, why not join UKIP and become active in one of its many branches, on the same day as the European elections will be local council elections across the whole of the country, if you join you can be a UKIP candidate in your local elections and help that way too.

So, don’t sit at home and moan about the EU and its intolerance to freedom and democracy, do something to help UKIP the only moderate and none racist political party that is prepared to stand up and challenge the stupidity of EU membership which the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties all fully support despite the fact they know how bad it is.

Friday, 4 October 2013


Donald Duck had been aloft and flying for quite some time as he and his family migrated from one place to another. They had flown over mountains, lakes and rivers and they were all knackered and Mrs Duck and the kids were giving him some verbal grief. “When are we going to land?” came the constant moans from behind him. “My bloody wings are going to drop off soon”, Mrs Duck grumbled. Donald snapped back: “Yes, I know, you bloomin’ lot have told me enough, as soon as I see somewhere safe to land then I will lead you down – but not until then”. The grumbles continued from behind him.

Suddenly, as they were flying over some wetlands, down below in the water were a group of other ducks, he could hear them too. “This is it, it looks safe down there, we will go and join those other ducks who all look and sound happy”. “About sodding time too”, his better half nagged. “Come on then you lot, time to stop grumbling and to start swooping”, instructed Donald as they all began to swoop down towards the other contended, happy looking and sounding ducks who were resting in the water below.

Blam, blam, 12 bore shotguns blasted at Donald and his family and with feathers flying, chaos all around him as red hot buckshot flew through the air from all directions, Donald’s dying thoughts were: “Where did that lot come from? It looked really safe to land. Hunter David Cameron turned to the hunter standing next to him and said: “Those decoy ducks and duck whistles to call ‘em never fail – I get ‘em every time – it’s duck for dinner tonight”.

The Conservative Party has its own array of decoy ducks, they are really good at sounding like the real thing, especially when they make anti-EU decoy noises. One of their best is Bill Cash, the Member of Parliament for Stone in Staffordshire, he draws his victims in like nobody’s business when he gets going – he is so convincing he really does sound like the real thing and the unwary anti-EU Donald’s out there get drawn into his trap and before they know it they get both barrels of the Cash bullshine twelve bore. Sadly, when it is too late and they have been lured into voting Tory rather than UKIP, they find that all that anti-EU rhetoric emanating from the Tory decoy ducks, such as Cash, mean nothing, they have been well and truly conned as David Cameron’s ‘cast iron’ promises rust into nothingness and he and his party continue to hand the nation over to the full control of the European Union.

Bill (decoy) Cash can go home knowing he has done a brilliant job stitching up hoards of wavering voters and by doing so ensuring the UK will never escape the EU. He and his decoy ilk can take a rest until the next election, which is when they get dusted off and put into service again as unsuspecting voters hover wondering where the safest place is to land their cross on the ballot paper – then get shot down as they gullibly fall into the decoy trap.

When you come to look at Bill Cash, just how much of an EU-sceptic is he? Sadly, Mr Cash is a man that, as they say, talks the talk but then fails to walk the walk. Listen to what he really says, he does not want this country to leave the EU, nor did he support the much braver Conservative EU-sceptic MPs when they stood up to the useless John Major and lost the Conservative Party whip after voting against increasing British contributions to the wasteful and corrupt EU budget. Where was Mr Cash then? He was not so brave in those days as the other MPs such as Christopher Gill, who is now a highly regarded member of UKIP.  Those brave few MPs went through hell at that time because of their commitment to this country and our withdrawal from the EU. Only one of those whipless MPs remains in the House of Commons, which is Richard Shepherd the Member for the Walsall constituency of Aldridge Brownhills, and it is way past time he quit the pro-EU Tory Party if he really wants Britain out of the EU too.  Sadly, he also joins the decoy duck ranks too. His loyalty to his local Conservative Party members may be admirable, but misplaced as his loyalty to his country should come first.

The Tory decoy ducks working hard for their pro-EU leader and party may sound like the real thing, but don’t be lured and waste your vote on them, it will be shot down. If you want the real thing then the only way is to vote for it, which is UKIP where your anti-EU vote will find a safe place to land.

Thursday, 3 October 2013


UKIP MEP candidate, Amjad Bashir, angry with Lord Heseltine's lies.

After listening to the irrational, dribbling and incoherent ramblings of that mad, ancient old Tory Lord, once known as ‘Tarzan’, i.e. Lord (Michael) Heseltine, the second thing that comes to mind, after first having the impulse of turning the TV off as it was too embarrassing to watch, was the old adage of: ‘Tell a lie often enough it becomes the truth’. When It comes to the very real threat of UKIP success, then old Tory farts like Heseltine, whose rabid pro-EU fanaticism is way past excessive, have only this useless blunt instrument to use.

It’s quite sad to see this silly old has-been making such a fool of himself, he has no defence against the outrageous and deliberate inaccuracies in his statement that UKIP is racist. Anyone who attended the packed two day UKIP conference on Friday 20th and Saturday 21st September, would know this is obviously not the case with a growing number of members present who are from a varied mix of ethnic backgrounds and cultures – does the anti-British Peer consider these UKIP members to be racist too?

UKIP activist and shortlisted MEP candidate, Amjad Bashir, has spoken out in anger about Heseltine’s spiteful and inaccurate comments and challenged him to a debate. Naturally, Lord Heseltine did not have the courage of his lies and declined as he obviously knows his mistruths do not have a single foundation that can hold up to real fact, which would then make him look an even bigger idiot than he has already proved to the world he is.

Amjad, showing his anger regarding Heseltine’s irrational outburst, said: “I’m sick to the back teeth now. The media keep repeating this appalling accusation, thoughtlessly, without any grounding, without any just cause or reason and frankly it’s abhorrent."

Most of this nation’s ills stem from over forty years of Governments packed with the likes of pro-EU and uncaring politicians such as Heseltine. Both Labour and Tory have been too willing to sacrifice the freedom, democracy and the wealth of the nation to an outdated and backward looking ideal of creating a single country across the whole of Europe – ironically with very close similarities to the ideal Hitler and his racist Nazis wanted to impose had they been successful in the Second World War. In reality it is this link and support to a country called Europe, broken up into regions, with a parliament, a single currency and its own laws that the Nazis wanted, and now being put into place by the EU which Heseltine openly and unashamedly supports, which makes him the real racist. He is supporting Nazi ideology and its proposed plans for a country called ‘Europe’. Who’s the extremist now your Lordship?

Friday, 16 August 2013


Liz Hazell, UKIP's second place Aldridge Central & South by-election candidate.
Last night, the 15th August 2013, there was a by-election in the Aldridge Central & South Ward for a vacant seat on the Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council. The vacancy arose due to the untimely death of the long serving Conservative Councillor, Tom Ansell.

By elections are funny old things, you can never be sure how they are going to go, the only certainty is that there will be a pretty low turnout of voters.

As with all elections our little band of happy UKIP campaigners went into by-election battle with high hopes and, again with all elections, there is the optimism that this could be the one where we have electoral success, especially when so many people tell you they have had enough with other worn out and useless old parties, including a lady delivering election leaflets for the Conservative candidate. The problem is, many of us know the Labour, Lib Dems and Tories have all had their day and are now worn out and useless, sadly, not all the electorate have woken to this fact – yet.

However, yesterday, polling day, Liz Hazell, our UKIP by-election candidate, managed to achieve a quite impressive second place beating the Labour, Liberal Democrat and English Democrat candidates. Naturally, we all wanted her to win, but the campaign our UKIP activists in Walsall, and others from UKIP branches in Wolverhampton, Lichfield and Sutton Coldfield, who all fought under the guidance of the Walsall UKIP Vice Chairman, Phil Bottomley, helped to see our UKIP fortunes rise substantially. Even the local newspaper, the Express &; Star, reported that it was the UKIP challenge the Tories had to fight off, not Labour or the Lib Dems who did not do at all well in this by-election.

Well done Liz and the UKIP team in Walsall and from the other branches, all we have to do now is show the electorate that the real wasted votes are for the knackered old three parties.

Thursday, 15 August 2013


Back in the days when this blogger lived a normal life struggling to make ends meet running our small family business in Birmingham, a situation arose which affected our business. Birmingham City Council decided that the well used free car park opposite our business frontage was to be made into a pay and display, or ‘pay and dismay’ as I used to refer to it.

I wrote endless letters to the Council in opposition to this proposal, none of which were taken any notice of and, of course, when the day came and the monstrous money grabbing pay and dismay machine was put into operation the once near empty traffic free roads instantly clogged up with parked cars as everyone who worked in the area stopped using the perfectly good, and previously overflowing, car park which from then on lay deserted.

Council created parking problems.

From the day the parking fees began chaos ensued, HGV’s delivering to the companies and factories in the area struggled to squeeze their way through the now narrowed roads which were full of cars on both sides that once used the car park when it was free. Minor traffic jams followed in the narrow streets as lorries had no option but to park in the middle of the road to make their deliveries. Some days when I had to go out to see customers I would arrive late due to being trapped in the middle of this lot and not able to get out. All because of this pay and display scheme problems ensued for everyone where once there had been no problems.

I wrote to everyone I could think of to moan about the lunacy of this situation and the harm it was doing to the local businesses, this including a letter to Roger Godsiff who at the time was the Member of Parliament for the area. He, to my surprise, took notice and came and visited our little company, but was not able to help. In the end we moved our business away and I know others did the same while others went bust. The roads remained blocked, the car park deserted and the pay and dismay machine was vandalised several times, although it is doubtful if there was ever much money in it for anyone to steal. Sadly, a once well used facility that cost the Council little in maintenance, now lay empty and was little other than a financial burden as, on top of paying to repair the vandalised machine, the Council also had to pay a man in a van to turn up every hour or so to inspect a barren car park to make sure all the none existent vehicles had paid and displayed – madness!

As all this happened many years ago back in the early nineties, I had almost forgotten about this act of Council inspired lunacy until I picked up my copy of the Daily Torygraph this morning and there, staring at me on the front page, was the heading: “Work parking fee brings chaos to the streets” – all the memories came flooding back.

The act of Council created lunacy this time was, as the Torygraph reported, was down to the barmpots on Nottingham City Council who, in their wisdom, have decided to introduce a workplace parking levy with the alleged aim of reducing congestion. Who in their right minds thinks these things up?

The way the system was supposed to work was that each company that provides parking for its staff were to be charged the substantial fee of £334 per annum for each individual parking space. A small company with 20 parking spaces could find itself with an annual bill from the Council of £6680, in these hard times that sum of money can make the difference to some businesses of survival or not. Naturally, these affected businesses had little option to pass the fee on to their staff who naturally said stuff that, we’ll park for free on the roads - you can see what’s coming can’t you.

Suddenly because of this so called congestion reducing scheme the roads have become congested with parked cars, local residents who once never had any problems now can’t find parking spaces in their roads and in some extreme cases can’t even get on or off their own drives. The whole mad idea has been the cause of havoc and problems where once no problems existed and done the complete opposite of what the plan was to reduce congestion.

Now Nottingham City Council is proposing even more bureaucracy and red tape imposing on-street parking charges with local residents having to apply for free permits which means more paperwork and time and expense for the Council and its hard done by Council taxpayers.

This is where we come to the best bit, I really can’t believe this, after all the agro, frustration, the blame on which has to be laid on the lunatics on Nottingham City Council, one of its Councillors, Jane Urquart, has declared the levy to be a success. What planet are these mad people on? One Councillors success is everyone else’s nightmare.

Monday, 12 August 2013


The Dean of Westminster Abby came in for a great deal of criticism for the proposal to have a commemorative plaque in the Abby in remembrance of the late Prime Minister, Edward Heath. A very large number of people wrote to him to complain about this and requested him not to go ahead as they all saw Heath as a traitor to the nation – he was the man responsible for giving the nation away when he forced through the UK’s initial membership of the Common Market. To those who complained this decision was akin to also having plaques to honour Lord Haw, Haw, Kim Philby and a list of others who have taken deliberate treasonous actions that have placed the freedom and liberty of their own countrymen in jeopardy.

Sadly, the plaque to honour Heath was not stopped and now, to add to the insult, the Church of England is to go ahead with an event in Salisbury Cathedral, which was adjacent to the home of Heath, where prayers will be said for Britain to remain entrapped in the European Union. It seems Salisbury was chosen because of the Heath connection.

Reported in the Mail on Sunday on the 11th August 2013, the programme, as part of the event, show ‘prayers will be said for the European Union and the UK’s place therein’. Considering the Church of England really became powerful due to the action of Henry VIII when he fell out with Rome, which at that time was an all powerful body across the whole of Europe rather like the EU today, any observer would have thought the Church of England would want to stand up for the nation, its democracy and sovereignty rather than its downfall under the crushing might of the EU. Every Christian in the UK should instead pray for the UK’s release from the EU and a new leadership that cares for the nation in the Church of England.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013


UKIP in Walsall has selected Liz Hazell as its candidate in the forthcoming Aldridge Central & South by-election. 

The poll in the Aldridge Central & South Ward is to replace the long serving and highly respected Councillor, Tom Ansell, who recently died. 

Liz has been a very active member of UKIP locally for many years and serves as UKIP Walsall’s Branch Treasurer. 

The mother-of-two will be supported in her campaign by her husband Daren. 

Liz Hazell - UKIP Candidate in the forthcoming
Aldridge Central & South by-election

Liz commented: “A vote for UKIP on Thursday, August 15 is a vote for common sense. 

“I promise to stand up for local people’s interests and against the local authority’s excessive car parking charges. 

“UKIP is committed to ensuring that taxpayers’ money is well spent,” she added.

Monday, 17 June 2013


There can be little doubt, the worst ever web-site invented, which now infests the internet, has got to be Facebook. This is the place for all the internet morons, the brain dead and trolls to congregate where they can all dumb down to the lowest possible level humanity has ever plummeted to.

There was a time in the past when, in utter ignorance of what it was, I signed up to Facebook, but it did not last long. I found it hard to believe that one website could be crammed with so much mind numbing trivia, banality and utter tosh, even people I knew to be reasonably intelligent seem to let their brains go to mush when they logged on to Facebook. I closed that account soon after and put this waste of my time down experience.

Regarding those poor souls addicted to Facebook, I have this mental picture of them logging on then, like something from the film the ‘Body Snatcher’, they are trapped by the Facebook ‘brain snatcher’, their expressions become blank, they lose control of their faculties and begin to drool and slobber as they begin to update the drivel that exists on theirs, and every other Facaebook users pages. Suddenly they snap out of the trance which has held them and normality returns until someone says – ‘did you really want to put that on Facebook?’ Then it’s shock horror, the whole world no knows things about them that they did not want their families and closest friends to know.

Why anyone would want a Facebook page is beyond me, the harm and damage it does can be disastrous. What is now emerging is that it can be even harmful to many as some deviants can now clone and hack in to people’s sites and do untold damage to their status and image – including all future prospects.

When it comes to political activity, Facebook is turning out to be a real nest of vipers where all the political dirty tricks can be played out. Sadly, this is the time we live in when a moronic comment on Facebook can change who gets elected, or not. There has always been political conniving and skulduggery, but somehow with the advent of the internet, these things have become a way of life and part of the normal way of doing things. Gone are the days when a politician would stand on a platform and ask people to vote for them because he or she wanted to make their lives better and would profess to how that could be done if elected to Parliament. These days most political activity is done from behind computer screens trawling the internet looking for any dirt on their opponents – not to benefit those who need sound Government or to help the needy and vulnerable.

The Conservative Party stooped to these lowly political tactics big time in the recent County Council elections trying to find anything that could damage UKIP. They must have employed an army of people trawling the internet looking at all sorts of trivia. The irony is that at the end of it, unlike UKIP, they came out of those elections with fewer Councillors than they went in with. Had they used that army of internet trolls and nerds for legitimate election campaigning, such as canvassing and delivering election leaflets to the electorate, they may have vastly improved their results.

It’s not just the Tories that get up to such low-down politics, the Labour Party are at it too. There is currently a by-election taking place in Newcastle Under Lyme where the Labour group there are running scared of UKIP. Because they have nothing good to offer the electorate such as promising to cut their council taxes, improve the local schools, fill in all the potholes in the roads and all the sort of things UKIP want to achieve to make life better for the local residents, the local Labour group have gone out to attack UKIP in their campaign material as the way to win – they have nothing to offer the electorate and this, sadly, is the only tactic they can apply to try to hold on to a Council ward.

Rather than standing up in support of the electorate on important local issues, they have put out leaflets stating ‘Vote UKIP, get Tory’, which of course is utter tosh and nonsense. They base this on a past article in the Daily Mail that alleges Nigel Farage has said he would make a pact with the Tories. Of course Nigel has said there is no way he could do any deals with them as long as Cameron is their leader, and even if they changed leaders, which is unlikely despite Cameron’s plunging popularity, talk of UKIP/Tory pacts is pure speculation.

So Labour, also living in fear of UKIP’s rise, sees the use of underhand tactics and dirty tricks too as a way of trying to stop UKIP’s ‘common sense’ campaign on the EU and other important issues which affect the lives of all the people living in the UK. The irony is, when the other political party’s warn the electorate that a vote for UKIP will let the Tory/Labour in, a vote for the Lib, Lab Cons will continue to let the EU in. Now that really is a dirty trick.