Thursday, 13 November 2014


For several years it has always been trendy to use acronyms instead of using the full titles. We are all supposed to know that ‘SME’ stands for Small to Medium Enterprise, that ‘ECB’ stands for the European Central Bank, hang on a mo, or is that the ‘England Cricket Board’? Confused? You’re not the only one, I get in a real muddle with all these acronyms flying about, no doubt their use makes people feel clever and ‘in the loop’, to use another trendy expression.

The latest acronym to come my way was when I got news that my political party, UKIP, is against the ‘TTIP’, especially due to the threat it poses to our National Health Service (NHS). ‘What the bloody hell is the TTIP’, I wondered. After a quick poke around Google I soon found out - and it don’t look good. As with many of these things you, as a member of the voting public, will not be given a say on the matter as far as our two-tone coalition Government are concerned. 

To save you venturing to the pages of Google, TTIP actually stands for: ‘The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’. As Lee Williams writing in the ‘Independent’ on Thursday 13th November 2014, put it: “The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a series of trade negotiations being carried out mostly in secret between the EU and US. As a bi-lateral trade agreement, TTIP is about reducing the regulatory barriers to trade for big business, things like food safety law, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations.” 

For most the major concern with the TTIP is the effect it will have on our NHS, which will be vulnerable to being taken over by large American health companies - this is another step to privatising the NHS which is currently free to use. 

As the power and influence of UKIP grows and becomes a real threat to the cosy political establishment, who have run the country and screwed things up for several decades, as they have no real answers how to challenge the UKIP threat the three traditional old parties have resorted to telling mistruths about UKIP, one of which has been peddled about by the Labour Party, in its sheer desperation as its voters transfer to UKIP, is that UKIP wants to privatise the NHS.

Louise Bours, UKIP MEP: accuses
Labour of privatising the NHS.
Speaking at the UKIP 2014 national conference in Doncaster, Louise Bours MEP, who is the UKIP health spokesperson, robustly pointed out that with the introduction of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) by the Labour Party when in office, it was they who privatised the NHS, it will be UKIP who will campaign to ensure the NHS remains free to use. As such UKIP has come out wholly against TTIP due to the privatisation threat it poses. 

Ever more, this proves that for those who care for everything we all hold dear about our nation have to vote UKIP, which ironically is an acronym for ‘UK Independence Party’ which is the only option at election time. It’s time to vote acronym to save the NHS and our independence.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


On Monday 10th November, as several hundred protesters against the EU Arrest Warrant (EAW) gathered outside Parliament to lobby their MPs against, inside the House of Commons things were about to take a turn that can only be described as one of the most disgraceful since Heath lied about ‘no loss of sovereignty’. 

MPs thought they were to be given a debate and vote on the European Arrest Warrant, but the Government ensured this was not the case on the basis the EAW was law already. 

There was little doubt that this vote would be lost, as as well as most Conservative MPs both the Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs were in favour too, but the way Theresa May, had introduced the the Bill, with MPs and even the Speaker of the Commons believing they would be given individual votes, the whole things has turned into a criminal cock-up.

Richard Shepherd MP, angered
by the Conservative executive.
The sheer outrage was highited in the words of Richard Shepherd MP, who is the last of the Conservative Whipless rebels in Parliament, when he rose and said: “If I remember correctly, Maine’s “Ancient law” makes the observation that justice lies in the interstices of procedure. That rubric has survived through our history since it was set and there is a truth in it. Today we are confronted with a motion that is incomprehensible, and with an understanding that seems sly and that is actually a means of trying to incline the public to believe other than what is so. 

“At the heart of this is a misconception about what this House represents. We must be straight with ourselves if we continue to allow the Executive to control—so completely and absolutely now—the Standing Orders of this House. This can be no joy for Labour, because Labour also started a Modernisation Committee that was determined to take over the Standing Orders. My overlong time in this House of Commons has led me to understand that the growth of Executive arrogance is unsupportable. We say that we are disconnected from the public outside and the issues outside, and that is because we are meaningless when we are confronted in the House with no motion and no real ability to discuss the very issue that moves many people in this country. What is the purpose of this House if the Administration—and a Conservative Administration at that, whose members had to suffer all the years of a huge new Labour majority—have not learned something, namely. that there has to be tolerance in this House and there has to be an ability to debate in this House? 

“This is what so angers one. This is what brings this Chamber into disrepute. We are not able to discuss the substance of what we stand for here, and that is wrong. I therefore think we should be talking out this motion until the end of time, until the Government come back with a proper motion before this House.” 

Sadly, British people will continue to be victims of the EAW, as so many have since its introduction, the disgrace is not just the way the coalition Government used a New Labour trick to get its way, but in the fact they are content to allow foreign courts and judges to order the arrest of British subjects, more often than not, on the basis of the most flimsiest of evidence, including Jason McGoldrick and Andrew Symeou to name but two out of far too many EAW victims.

Friday, 7 November 2014


Anyone who has the responsibility of being in charge of other people’s money, has a duty to not only be scrupulous and above reproach, they also have to ensure they invest, or place, that money where it will be safe and not made available to anyone who may use it for nefarious activities. This too is the responsibility of our Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and our Government - it is their duty to use and spend British taxpayers money wisely and with care.

George Osborne, he may have a
new haircut, but has no cuts to our
EU payments.
Any person in charge of the savings and investments of others, are acting criminally if they knowingly place this money into the hands of any organisation, or persons, that cannot show detailed accounts or have a proven record of loosing money, or passing it on to known fraudsters, is acting criminally. 

From 1973 every British Government has given British taxpayers money to what is now the European Union, over those disastrous decades of membership of this disreputable organisation, British taxpayers have wasted vast sums, totalling many £billions, given to the EU. For the majority of those years there were no accounts and little knowledge regarding what happened to our money, other than reports of corn mountains and wine lakes. 

Several years ago someone had the bright idea of having the EU’s accounts audited and ever since then, for nineteen years in succession, the EU’s auditors have never been able to sign off the accounts as vast sums of our money goes missing. Sadly, our leading politicians and Government seem content with this situation as they all still advocate membership of this criminally neglect organisation. The only fuss we hear from them were concerns regarding the recent surprise demand for £1.7 billion of our money. In comparison to the astronomical sums British Governments have been content to give over several decades, is in fact a piddling little amount in comparison to what our leaders have already have already given.. 

The only reason Osborne and Cameron are making such a fuss about this unreasonable demand from the EU, to help bail it out of the mess of its own making, is due to the fact it highlights just how ineffectual they are and how little influence they have in the EU, which is an organisation they still promote and want us to remain members of. 

It goes against the very nature of national sovereignty and democracy when our British Government, elected into office by the British people, has to obey the orders and demands made by a foreign power that is not electorally responsible to anyone, anywhere, across the whole of the European Union. The demand made by the unelected members of the EU for this substantial sum of money is one that our British Government, under the terms of membership, has to obey. 

Cameron and Osborne are trying to save face by talking big about not paying it, but that is like digging deeper when at the bottom of a hole that every Government, from Premier Heath in the 1970’s, have dug for themselves. All the EU normally does in such a cases is add fines each month making the problem even worse and the final payment substantially larger when the Government finally caves in. 

However, knowing the growing anti-EU mood in the UK, which has been far too long coming, the EU’s leaders are obviously aware that if the UK is pushed to hard it may have no option but to quit - which in EU terms is like killing the goose that lays golden eggs as the UK is one of the EU’s main financial contributors. As such there is talk of giving the UK more time to pay, there have been suggestions that payment for this lump sum could be postponed to September 2015, maybe even reduced, but still no suggestion that it could be cancelled or reduced substantially. 

This would create a face saver for the Government as they can then bullshit the people that: ‘once again they have got a great deal for the UK and the EU cannot push them around’, which will then allow them to go into the General election with this lie and the outstanding, offensive robbery of the UK’s coffers, can be quietly paid next year by, whoever is in Government, without anyone noticing. 

With that deciept in place our life as a obedient and subservient little EU nation will go on as before. The EU’s auditors will continue to refuse to sign off the EU’s books, £billions of our money will be given away every year for fraudulent use, Governments will come and go and inform us how important it is we remain trapped in the EU and how we have influence - and nothing will change.

Thursday, 6 November 2014


A group of senior judges have advocated that this country continues with the European Arrest Warrant, these people are misguided and completely wrong. What they do not seem to realise is the fact they are asking Parliament to vote in favour of placing every British subject at the mercy of foreign courts and legal systems very different to our own. For our politicians to do this means they are abandoning the very people whose interests and safety they were elected to represent and protect. 

Without the safeguard of an extradition treaty foreign judges will have the power to order the arrest of any British person, they will not need any substantial evidence of crimes committed and in such a case our legal system will not be able to protect us from arrest and imprisonment in foreign prisons - no matter how flimsy the evidence.

A prime example of this was the case of Andrew Symeaou, he was arrested and extradited on little evidence and after ten months in a squalid Greek jail he was released on bail but not allowed home. He lost two years of his life on the basis of hearsay. To prevent this happening to others we have to opt out of the EU Arrest Warrant and those misguided judges need to apologise to the people of this country for being so silly and naive.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Anne Palmer: the people are being asked
to destroy their own Common
All those in the House of Commons know, without doubt, that if the people accept the proposed new constitution (which is what this is all about) they will over-ride their very own long standing Common law Constitutional Documents.  Once that is done-this Country may well become just regions of the European Union that Mr Cameron introduced when he came into Government.  

Having then thus destroyed their own longstanding Common Law Constitution, yes - their very own Common Law Constitution by accepting the new, may well find that the new Written Constitution, or constitutional Documents, will be repealed and all will, or may be ruled by the EU and its Treaties for “all time coming”.  The people will/may have been seen to have chosen to destroy, completely, their very own Common Law Constitution that so many gave their lives for to protect it, in that last World War.  

Perhaps that was why our Constitution has indeed lasted over so very many years, for Government could not be seen to destroy the people’s Common Law Constitution..  The people had to destroy it for themselves by accepting a new Constitution, for the present Constitutional Documents are indeed protected by ‘Acts of Treason’. 

Certain Laws re Treason state that, “To destroy the Constitution is indeed an “act of treason” and although one Prime Minister tried to remove a couple of those ‘protecting Acts’-they remain in full for no temporary Government can, in truth, destroy them for to do so may indeed be seen as an act of treason in the doing. 

Here for you below is perhaps the greatest betrayal a Government can bestow on an unsuspecting people that take the trouble to place their trust in those they elect to sit in that once highly respected House of Commons. You are all invited to accept a proposed new Magna Carta  In accepting the new will the people be destroying the old, and once that has been done, will the government get rid of the new?  

Is it indeed Treason to destroy our long standing Common law Constitutional Documents which in this case is our great Magna Carta?   The Treason laws remain so why are they not being used?  See HERE  For papers see this link HERE  

Consultation on a New Magna Carta-send for papers HERE  The consultation closes on 1 January 2015.  The Committee will report on the responses from the public in time for them to be taken into account ahead of the general election. 

There is no doubt at all that if the people accept any new Magna Carta or any new Written Constitutional Documents, in the doing, will destroy the original Common Law Constitutional Documents that two World Wars have been fought to protect, and keep, for all time coming. 

Probably no Government or Members of Parliament would do this for laws re treason would also prevent them so doing, plus, parts of our Common Law are especially for the people, and because it is mostly the people that have to don Amy. Navy, Air-force clothing and fight anyone that starts a war with this Country. As all those in those in both Houses of Parliamen that put this forward, even though they so swear a solemn Oath of Allegiance to the British Crown. Our present wearer of the Crown, our belov├ęd Queen, also donned a Uniform-and did her bit in fighting for Her Country in the same way the Forces did in that 1939-1945 World War.  Her father, His Majesty King George V1, along the side of Winston Churchill, although most certainly not in the best of Health, travelled to many cities and towns to boost the spirits of the British people whose home towns and cities were being bombed night after night. 

People my age were taught about their Constitution and why they were being bombed in that last war-some-time day and night. It makes me wonder why children of today are not taught about their own once longstanding Common law Constitution. 

This last link HERE is to the Magna Carta Debate in the House of Lords on the 7th November 2013, debating whether to bring all four remaining copies of Magna Carta together? My Comments on this- are that I most certainly do not think it wise to bring all four Copies together for, maybe, an accident may happen thus destroying all four copies.  All four gone forever.

Monday, 3 November 2014


Colin Bullen, who is a long serving anti-EU campaigner and one of UKIP's earliest members, has looked into his crystal ball to see the future of our membership of the EU after Angela Merkel's little outburst, and in anger has predicted the following scenario regarding correspondence to a condemned man.

20th December 2040 
To: Prisoner 19570325

I would not normally reply to a plea from a condemned traitor but, as we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the glorious republic in two weeks time, I decided to make an exception.

You have been sentenced to death for your public protest regarding the abolition of the European Parliament, which you describe as "as an affront to European democracy" and you say that you have always been a fervent supporter of the European project, unlike those who opposed it, whom you speak of as fools and knaves. 

As you will never have the opportunity to publicise my answer I can tell you now that it those who you dismiss in this way were right all the time and that you and your fellow enthusiasts have been nothing more than those whom Lenin described as "useful idiots". You are typical fellow travellers: bemused idealists who squared their romantic expectations of the European project with the grim realities, deliberately wearing blinkers so that you would not see the suffering inflicted on the peoples of Southern Europe by the common currency or the crushing of the working class everywhere by the unrestricted movement of unskilled workers across the union. 

Those who believe that the masses are unfit to take part in the political decisions affecting their lives suffered a great blow when the successes of the 1930s in Italy, Germany, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere in Europe were reversed by the victory of the Anglo Americans and the forces of democracy, albeit with the  vital support of Stalin's Russia. At once it was determined that this virus of democracy must be expunged and the plan to create a single European state, ruled by unelected members of the elites from each country, who had much more in common with each other than with their compatriots, should be established. 

Although the ultimate federalist agenda of the Treaty of Rome was clear the secret protocols which set the strategic aims and methods to be followed remained the preserve of a few. Despite setbacks, including the crisis brought on by the creation of the Euro, we have persevered and finally prevailed. The European Parliament was ever only a fig-leaf for democracy, created to provided greedy members of the political class with a gravy train which they were happy to ride, regardless of the consequences for their fellow countrymen. Now we have triumphed and the Republic cannot be overthrown, as the police and the armed forces of the old nation states now report directly to us, we can emerge into the open and remove the last vestiges of democratic accountability without fear of effective opposition. 

As you go to the gallows I trust that you will remember that you were brought there by your own stupidity, first in believing in the democratic integration of Europe and second by your arrogance in thinking that you could turn against us at the last moment. Although we exterminated them I have greater respect for those who always recognized the truth about us and opposed us from the start. Good riddance to you and all those gullible morons who are now of no more use to us. 

Joseph Swartz President of the Republic of Europe.

Sunday, 2 November 2014


Rochester castle, the scene of the by-election battle.
Around 2.30 pm on Saturday 27th September, the UKIP conference in Doncaster came alive as Nigel Farage, the charismatic UKIP leader, walked on to the stage to make his leaders speech. As one of the best orators in the UK today, nearly everyone is always eager to hear what Nigel has to say. However, instead of making a speech he announced he wanted to introduce someone to the 2000 strong conference delegates - then Mark Reckless MP came onto the stage and, to a roar of approval, he announced he had quit David Cameron’s failing Tory Party and had joined UKIP. The Doncaster conference audience burst into an uproarious and joyous noise of clapping, shouting, laughing with some even dancing in the isles. UKIP had never seen anything like this in its 21 year history before.

Mark Reckless,
standing on principle.
Like Douglas Carswell, who had defected from the Conservative Party to UKIP shortly before, Mark Reckless announced he would be doing the honourable thing by resigning his Parliamentary seat in Rochester & Strood to re-stand as a UKIP candidate - he, like Douglas Carswell, was putting his faith in the people. 

As all will know, the by-election for Rochester & Strood was called for the 20th November 2014 and campaigning is now well under way. UKIP have a campaign office on the narrow High Street in the centre of Rochester, and as Tory grandee John Nott, pointed out in the Daily Mail, the UKIP office is a buzzing centre of activists eager to fight for their party and candidate, whereas the Tory campaign office, further down the same street, is a place of quiet inactivity. When it comes to by-elections UKIP really has campaigning sewn up with its activists pilling in from all parts of the UK. 

Along with my long time political pal, Tony Lenton, I travelled down to historic Rochester to do a couple of days campaigning. Our experience was good overall, although we did experience one unpleasant idiot who stormed out of his house clutching a UKIP leaflet, who then thrust it at me and declared: “I don’t want this fascist rubbish’, then waddled off in a cloud of outraged indignity. What a silly little leftie! 

If people like that really thought about both what they are saying, as well as taking the time to consider the Labour and the dubious left wing ideals they support, it may sink into their thick dim skulls that they are the fascists, not UKIP which is standing up for liberty, democracy and freedom of speech, all the things their Labour Party have been systematically destroying with its Orwellian political correctness thought police. 

All you have to do is take a look at what Labour did during its years of misrule from 1997 to 2010, as well as what it still stands for today. This was the party that inflicted student tuition fees on our brightest youth, this was the party that began the destruction of the United Kingdom, this was the party that wanted to inflict police state ID cards upon us, this was the party that made every British citizen possible victims of the flawed EU justice system with the EU arrest warrant, as well as much else that is fascist. If there is a ‘nasty party’ in the UK then it is the Labour Party that is more qualified to have that title, even though it is a title given to the Conservative Party. The main titles they have earned, and have be should given them, is useless and deceitful.
Tony Lenton, delivering leaflets

If the people of Rochester & Strood have any sense, as well as caring for freedom, democracy and standing up to Labour fascism, then they will vote UKIP on the 20th November and elect Mark Reckless as their MP. The people of Rochester can send a loud and clear message to the country in preparation for the 2015 General Election - rejoice UKIP is coming and freedom is on its way.

Saturday, 1 November 2014


Derek Bennett, having a relaxing retirement with a beer on holiday in France
The last posting on this badly neglected blog was just over a year ago, it was also twelve months, on October the 31st, when this once regular blogger retired from work. As you can see, this blog is living proof that the age old adage that all retired people repeat: “I don’t know how I had time to go to work”, is true. Since retiring I have had little time for blogging. 

A lot has happened in those intervening twelve months. Retirement begins with waking up in the morning before the birds start singing, realising you no longer have to rush around grabbing a quick coffee to wake to up, feed the cat and then dash off in order not to miss the train, that may or may not arrive on time, but instead rolling over and going back to sleep for another hour or two - that is quite nice. 

However, when you are up and the morning paper has been read but the pub not yet open, you begin to look for things to do such as all those badly neglected jobs that you kept putting off when working. In my case it was the garage, or to be more precise, the garage that was there somewhere hidden under a rampant ivy that had been left to run riot. As the old Flanders and Swan song goes, one workman, or in my case one job, creates another. By the time I had stripped away the ivy to expose the roof and part of the side of the garage, I was not only left with a towering mass of ivy at the top of the garden, I had holes in the garage roof too where thick stems of ivy had become such a part of my old garage. As I tore it away the old stems were so fixed they broke the old asbestos roof as I hacked and cut it away. That left me with two jobs, one to get rid of a pile of ivy that was higher than me, the other, what to do about the now badly leaking garage? 

A new garage was the option, and pay someone to take away a truck load of dead ivy. So another job was created of what to do with, and where to store, the years of accumulated junk kept in the garage in case it may be of use one day? And so this last twelve moths has gone on with one job creating others, plus finding time to campaign for UKIP as well as a couple of holidays to Italy and France on top of our days out to National Trust properties, also the most fantastic UKIP conference in Doncaster, leaving no time to blog. 

So as now it is the anniversary of retirement is here I thought it was way past time to make an effort and put something on the blog just let let anyone, who may be interested know, that I am still in the land of the living, and that I know that I really must make more effort to post here from time to time - that is once we have made sure Mark Reckless has been elected to Parliament as our second UKIP MP, and the front bedroom is sorted and the garden is put right and........ So it goes on.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Recently the BBC have been accused of left wing and other bias, as well as that it has always been seen as blatantly pro-EU too. On Tuesday 15th October 2013 it was at it again when it reported on the dire situation in Greece which is creating havoc and much misery for almost all Greeks.

The BBC Radio Four Today lead reporter, John Humphries, was sent on a nice little licence fee funded jolly to Athens to report on the situation there. He opened his report with the comment that Greece had been badly affected by the global economic slump – funny that, I was led to believe the problems in Greece with, as the programme reported, one in three people being out of work and many other workers not being paid, was all the fault of Greece joining the EU’s euro.

Greece cannot set its own interest rates or let its currency float on the worlds money markets, which would help ease its financial problems greatly, it is trapped in the euro and is no longer the master of its own economy, but according to John Humphries report the euro was not even worth mentioning.

He reported how tolerant the Greeks are being over their plight, how youth unemployment is even greater than that of the older generations, how people are working without pay for altruistic reason such as the Greek Broadcasters, but of the euro there was no mention and as far as this report went the EU had virtually nothing to do with this latest Greek tragedy, despite him reporting on Greek tragedies too.

So, as far as the BBC are concerned, the total meltdown of many of Europe’s poorer economies which is now not only creating misery, mass unemployment, bankruptcies the loss of people’s homes and wealth all across the continent has nothing at all to do with the EU and its currency.

Those poor blinkered souls who go around supporting the indefensible European Union project to create a vast European state, of which the euro is one part of, peddle the myth that the EU has prevented wars in Europe since 1945, which is utter claptrap as there have been wars in Europe including a cold war with Russia and Eastern Europe which was eased through the presence of NATO, not the EU. When the next conflict arises in Europe it will be solely the fault of the EU, at some stage the desperation and poverty now being created across Europe will be the single major cause of conflict as the people come to the limit of what they can tolerate.

The EU with its meddling bureaucracy and its unbending economic climate created by its obsession for its vanity currency is creating the perfect scenario for civil wars, riots and the total breakdown of societies all across Europe. But with its head buried in a pile of euros, if asked what the EU has to do with such blight, according to the BBC it has nothing to do with it and all is rosy in the EU.

Friday, 11 October 2013


What more proof is needed to learn that David Cameron, and his Conservative Party, are far from serious regarding the major problem of our membership of the EU than the Tory leaders comments in relation to Adam Afriyie’s call for an early referendum on our continued membership of the EU, if you can call it early after waiting over a third of a century since the last one in 1975.

In response to Afriyie’s proposed amendment to bring the in-out EU referendum forward from its very uncertain date in 2017 to 2014, David Cameron rebuked his troublesome MP for Windsor and accused Mr Afriyie of not being “sensible”. He went on to reveal his true opinion on our membership of the EU by saying to workers he was visiting in York: “I do not want Britain to leave the European Union”. To ensure you have fully grasped the Prime Minister’s commitment to the EU against the freedom and democratic interests of his own country, I repeat his words: “I do not want Britain to leave the European Union”. What more evidence does anyone need to prove that a vote for the Conservative Party is the most wasted vote anyone who cares for the UK can make?

Cameron is still talking about a ‘reformed’ European Union which he believes is obtainable. Sadly, this dream of obtaining a reformed EU is about as achievable as obtaining fairy dust – the EU will just tell him to stop being a silly little Prime Minister and stop bothering it and continue doing as it instructs.

Many have come into the attack against Adam Afriyie’s call for a definite date for a referendum by protesting that now is not a good time to hold a referendum. It is strange how now is never a good time to hold a referendum no matter when ‘now’ is, being it 2014 or the David Cameron’s fantasy date in 2017, which will go the same way as his cast iron promise of a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty and will prove to be another of Cameron’s broken pledges.

Despite Cameron doing his best to cheat the long suffering British people out of their say on the EU problem, there will be a referendum in 2014 on EU membership, each and every vote cast for UKIP on the 22nd of May that year in both the European and Council elections will be a vote cast to leave the EU. Send Cameron and his fairy dust a message and ensure he knows it is way past time Britain left the stifling, costly and job losing EU and took the road to freedom once again.