Friday, 19 December 2014


Torquil Dick-Erikson, long time campaigner against EU injustice.
If you have a bit of time to spare and pop in either, EAW, or European Arrest Warrant, into the search box on this blog, you will come across many postings on the topic as it is one of great worry and ire to this blogger as well as to all others who care about freedom, liberty, democracy and national sovereignty. 

The person who first alerted all the dangers of European justice, or in reality European injustice, back in the 1990’s, was Torquil Dick-Erikson. Torquil in many ways is a very interesting chap, technically he should be the EU’s ideal European citizen. He was born to a combination of an English mother and a Danish farther and now lives in Rome teaching people to speak English - how could you not meet someone more European than him. Ironically, Torquil is someone greatly admired by those of us who have been campaigning against the EU and all the horrors it brings, one of which is the European Arrest Warrant which Torquil has done more tthan any to warn of, as well has his opposition to our EU membership.

Click on the letter to
In a letter titled Arbitrary arrest, published in the Daily Telegraph on the 12th December, Torquil wrote: ‘SIR – I wonder if the long list of worthy people who signed the letter commemorating the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are aware that its ninth article, “No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile”, is flatly contradicted by the European Arrest Warrant. 

Arrest and detention without any evidence being produced, is clearly arbitrary. This is common practice in the jurisdictions with Napoleonic-inquisitorial systems, which are prevalent among Britain’s EU partners. Mere suspicion, based on clues, is enough. Italian criminal procedure, for example, provides that “serious and concordant clues” are grounds for arrest and lengthy imprisonment, with no right to any public hearing while the authorities seek hard evidence against the prisoner. 

The European Arrest Warrant is based on the mistaken assumption that the legal systems of all EU states operate as fairly as our own, in particular regarding this matter of evidence. If such a warrant is received, no British court is allowed to ask to see evidence against the suspect. It must simply truss him up and ship him over. 

The Lisbon Treaty left Britain the option of staying opted out, so reconfirming the European Arrest Warrant was voluntary, indeed wanton. It cannot now be revoked without leaving the EU completely. Is it one of the powers that David Cameron intends to “claw back” in his vaunted future “renegotiation” strategy? Presumably not.’ 

On Friday 19th December there came a response on the Telegraph letters page from a Mrs Philippa Hainsworth, who quoted Torquil then went on to describe the how the EAW has created much injustice and harassment for her husband. She explained that on the basis a car registered to him was in the vicinity of a crime, nothing more than that, his and her lives have been turned upside down. 

Back in the days when British Governments took it as their solemn duty to stand up for the interests of the nation and the people they were elected to represent, before they decided to abandon us all to the vagaries of EU domination, any British subject accused of a crime on foreign soil could not be sent to face trial in a foreign court without substantial evidence being provided first, this was when we had an extradition treaty and we could rely on our Government to defend us. 

However, as you can see from Mrs Hainsworth’s letter, that no longer applies and we are all at the mercy of the EAW and foreign criminal systems, courts and incarceration in dodgy continental clinks - our Governments have abandoned us. 

Poor Mr Hainsworth was arrested for nothing other than his car was parked near to where a crime of arson had taken place in Greece, on that basis an EAW was produced and he was arrested three months later at border control when returning from France, then shipped out to a jail in Greece. All this has placed Mr & Mrs Hainsworth under not only a great deal of unnecessary stress, but mant they have also incurred substantial fiscal costs as the case is still not closed, leaving them with mounting legal fees. 

Had this country not been mad enough to be embroiled in the EU, decent, innocent people such as these would not have been caught up in such an outrageous injustice as our Government would have told the Greek authorities to stop being so silly and to go away, the Government would have defended its own and not allowed extradition without any sound and substantial evidence being provided first. 

The Hainsworth’s are now another statistic in the growing numbers of victims of the EU and its unjust EAW - how many more will end up suffering in foreign prisons before a British Government comes to its senses and takes the nation out of the EU?

If you click on to the links you will need to scroll down to find the letters from Torquil & Mrs Hainsworth.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Ever since the Morecambe & Wise Christmas specials ceased to be shown on TV, we have all missed a good laugh at Christmas time. However, this Christmas the Wallace look-alike Labour Party leader, Ed Milliband, has decided it was time his party gave us some festive cheer and in a political remake of the famous John Cleese Faulty Towers sketch, his Labour Party has declared: “Don’t mention immigration”. 

Wonders will never cease, this is the party that when it took office in 1997, decided the best way it could win future elections was to import a new Labour voting electorate. According to Migration Watch UK, “during Labour’s period in office (mid-1997 to mid-2010) net foreign migration was almost four million”, now Red Ed Milliband is telling his MPs and candidates not to discuss the problem which they, and every other UK Government since the 1950’s, have created.

According to a leaked Labour Party document, it highlights the threat UKIP poses to the Labour Party and the fact that UKIP is now a major force in UK politics with both its 2014 successes in the European elections and its victories in the two Parliamentary by-elections in Clacton and Rochester. Labour knows that UKIP’s stance on controlled immigration and closing the open door for EU immigrants has a strong appeal to a large number of Labour core voters, these are mostly the low paid whose jobs are under threat from Eastern Europeans who are prepared to work for wages below the minimum wage and live in conditions not acceptable to most. Because the Labour Party supports the EU and it free movement of people it is acting against those it was originally created to defend - which is an absolute betrayal of its own electorate. 

Naturally, when you are shi@**@ng on people from a great height, the last things you will want to do is either to make them aware of it or discuss it when they bring it up. Labour’s motley band of candidates have been instructed to move the conversation on when people start talking about immigration. This may sound easy on paper but it aint going to go down too well on the once traditional Labour heartlands doorsteps. Labour voters are tenacious and will not be diverted when they have an issue that rankles, you almost have to feel sorry for the poor Labour Party saps who are set to go door knocking when the General Election campaign kicks off - they are going to be in for some serious verbal from a large number of not very happy and betrayed Labour Party voters. However, don’t feel too sorry for them as this is a mess that is well and truly self inflicted.

Friday, 12 December 2014


There was a time when the BBC’s ‘Question Time’ was seen as a TV programme which aired serious political discussion, that was in the days when the late Robin Day chaired it. Even in the early days of David Dimbleby chairing the programme there were some serious political debates with Question Time panels, made up of knowledgeable politicians and political commentators, who actually knew what they were talking about.

Russell Brand, challenged to stand
for election but bottled out.
Sadly, these days, the Question Time producers seem to think their audience will switch off unless they have a personality on who knows nothing of politics but has a big enough gob to blag his or her way through spouting utter tosh. Very often it is the sort of left wing tosh when types like the singer that can’t sing, Billy Bragg, is allowed to pontificate and the show degenerates into meaningless waffle. The show aired on Thursday 11th December 2014 was no different when the thick as two short planks personality, Russell Brand, was allowed the opportunity to air his pointless views. 

Ever since he and Jonathan Ross made that shameful radio programme, when this pair called the actor Andrew Sachs, and Brand left a message in which part of it he said: "I said some things I didn't of oughta, like I had sex with your granddaughter.”, I have been aware of Brand but never quite sure if he was an unfunny comedian or a useless singer. On Question Time he proved the fact he is a lightweight and a dimwit full of drivel and bile. 

This character tries to be a man of the people who stands up for the poor, but when the one audience member challenged him on why he did not stand for election, he bottled out. He also attacked Nigel Farage and made wild accusations that he discriminates against immigrants and the disabled - yet Farage has never discriminated against anyone. In fact UKIP is a party open to all who cares about the country we all live in. In a moment of utter hypocrisy Brand, who is a very wealthy man, declared that Nigel was a millionaire as if there was something wrong with that fact - even though Brand is more than likely to be far richer than Nigel. It would be interesting to know how much of his wealth Brand redistributes to the poor and homeless.

Nigel Farage MEP: called a
"Poundshop Enoch Powell".
Brand also accused Nigel of being a “Poundshop Enoch Powell”, for anyone to be compared to a man of such high intellect as Enoch Powell is not an insult, but an honour - “Poundshop” or otherwise. If Brand had even two of Enoch Powell’s brain cells his intellect would improve by around a million per cent - he may even manage to speak properly and articulate himself instead of mispronouncing any word that had more than six letters in it. 

Thanks to the Christmas break we will all have a reprieve from the painful option of viewing Question Time, sadly, it will return to its dumbed down politics in January 2015 and no doubt, for our entertainment, the BBC will wheel out other dim-witted personalities and serious political debate will be ignored. May Sir Robin Day rest in peace - the poor man must be revolving in his grave due to the current state of Question Time.

Thursday, 4 December 2014


Just recently I took part in yet another Civitas organised schools debate at a Roman Catholic grammar school in Wolverhampton, I have done a number of these for Civitas over the years. My opponent, once again, was an old adversary from the European Movement named Lawrence Brewer. 

Despite our complete opposite opinions regarding our, for me disastrous, and for him beneficial, membership of the EU, we actually get on quite well and chat like old pals when waiting for the debate to start. However, once we get into the debate we remain courteous but both of us are out to rubbish the arguments made by the other. 

The students are usually a mixed group of well educated teenagers, all from differing backgrounds, all polite who listen and pay attention to our arguments, but every time I debate against Lawrence I lose the debate, usually by a substantial number of votes - this last debate was no different. 

The problem is that people such as Lawrence are selling a dream of peace and harmony in Europe, no wars because of the EU, he gives the argument that the EU is democratic, it is not undermining our democracy and it makes no more than marginally over 6% of our laws, which is only vaguely confirmed by a Houses of Parliament research paper. After his: the sun is shining so brightly over the EU horizon that you have to put your rose tinted sunglasses on, I bring on the big black cloud of Euro scepticism. You can guess which one the students go for. 

I have sat in the European Parliaments, both of them which are run at enormous costs, and I have watched them vote by a show of hands in rapid succession. Masses of legislation is voted on in a matter of an hour or so, our poor hard working MEPs have to do it so fast to ensure they don’t miss lunch which usually follows. Then after watching several hundred items of EU legislation being passed, as hardly any of it is rejected by the MEPs, we are then led to believe that the thousands of regulations and directives that spew out of the EU’s legislation factory annually, amount to no more than just over 6% of our laws. There is more chance of the EU being sprinkled in fairy dust than there not being the more accurate figure of over 70% of EU laws imposed upon us here in the UK. 

I let the students know that Prime Minister Heath conned the nation when, in 1973, he took us in and told us it was a trade deal only and there would be “no essential loss of sovereignty”. Lawrence says Heath let us know and that is what we voted for in the 1970 General Election. However, if you take a look at the Tory 1970 manifesto joining the European Community gets just a few short lines and is little mentioned. In fact, all those who voted in 1970 voted to get shot of the shambolic Labour Government - not to give our nation away. 

I inform the students that such vast sums of our money are lost by the EU its auditors who can never sign off the EU accounts - but that is just petty cash and they are bound to lose a bit, according to my pro-EU adversary.

Open borders are a problem as the UK geographically is too small to keep taking in people unchecked from other EU countries.  We are a nation of around 64 million people, whereas Australia, God knows how many times larger than the UK in land mass, has a population of 24 million and strict immigration laws. If you think of the UK as a lifeboat then at some stage it is going to sink due to being so massively and dangerously overloaded and all in it will drown - but of course, we can’t argue against that as we are being told by our political betters it is good for us and if we argue too robustly then we must be racists, 

Although Lawrence has never used that racist argument, as I take part in these debates and look around the multicultural array of young faces in front of me, I know this is another part of the argument I am going to lose. 

As I remarked to the teacher who organised the debate after the vote, which I lost yet again, these students will soon be going into the world and making lives for themselves, they will go into work, some may become self employed and even employ others, many will get married and buy their homes and over the years, as we all do, their outlook on life and politics will change - mine certainly has since I was their age. Over those span of years I went from someone who voted to stay in the Common Market in 1975 to someone who knows how dangerous the EU has become and how imperative it is we as a nation get out while we still can. I have gone to voting Tory come what may to losing faith with that once great party to now being an active member of UKIP. Sadly, we don’t have the time for those young students to catch up, who have gone for Lawrence's EU dream, world before they realise just what a nightmare the EU really is.  Fortunately, many of us have changed and come to the realist opinion the EU is bad for the UK and it is time for us to quit - all we need now is that referendum to voice that opinion and take us out - the sooner the better. 

Next week Lawrence and I will be locking horns again at another Civitas debate in the same school, I know I am in for another drubbing but I also know I am right - which is a lesson the students will need to learn for themselves.

Monday, 1 December 2014


Anne Palmer: TTIP not good
From Nineteen-Thirty-nine to forty-five
When the bombs rained down upon us
When to the shelters we went, to stay alive.
To listen to the long speeches of Churchill,
That, “Outside, the storms of war may blow,
And the lands may be lashed with the fury of its gales”.
Such inspiring words all of us so needed to know.

Huddled up to the “wireless” to listen
To every word Winston Churchill said,
“We must not underrate the gravity”
Oh so many times his words we read.
He has gone down in UK History
As the greatest Prime Minister of all,
Oh, how we need the likes of him now,
For our Country is heading for a fall.

Yes.  I remember it ALL very well indeed.  Particularly the Greatest Prime Minister this Country has ever had.  I remember this speech too, “  "We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing-grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We shall never surrender!"         —House of Commons, 4 June 1940, following the evacuation of British and French armies from Dunkirk as the German tide swept through France.

And now each and every one of us are paying our government through our Taxes to give our Country away-this through the treacherous proposed EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) where the EU speaks for ALL the Country’s in it to the USA.  Yet not just about FOOD TRADE, which many may think at first, but TRADE in ALL matters.  Everything and anything you can think of-for all time.  It is no wonder there are so many EU Restricted Documents, the one I am looking at now, is one dated on St Patrick’s Day 17 March 2014. What on earth will be the point of having a British Government when they cannot speak for themselves? 
It doesn’t just stop there though.  Dated 10.3.2014 Top European lawmakers from Germany's Green Party leaked a confidential document last Friday (7 March) regarding talks over the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), arguing that the disclosure is in the "public interest” and for the "protection of democracy”.
On Friday (7 March), high-ranking German MEPs from the European Greens leaked a confidential document from the Council of Ministers regarding the ongoing TTIP negotiations.
"TTIP threatens to take away democracy's means for social and environmental management of the internal market," Green MEP Sven Giegold warned, defending the decision to publish the document.  More on
A Transatlantic Bill of Rights.  Why are our representatives thinking about handing over our sovereign rights to huge corporations who care nothing about us?
Leaked mandate for EU-US trade deal opens floodgate to lawsuits by corporations  June 3rd 2013.

Leaked EU restricted Mandate
Is this Government or any British Government prepared to pay to give the Governing of this, their own Country away FOREVER?   When so many gave THEIR lives for OUR FREEDOM?  However, this is a TREATY, a Treaty that is supposed to be forever, and without doubt the people MUST have a say.
Ken Clark debate TTIP with Professional Business Services-but not to the people of this Country
Brussels, 18 October 2013

Facts and figures of the EU-Canada Free Trade deal

The Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the EU and Canada will generate substantial new trade in goods and services as well as additional opportunities for investment. The new market access provided by the agreement will further improve the position of EU exporters and investors on the Canadian market. Once implemented, the agreement is expected to increase bilateral trade in goods and services by 22.9% or €25.7 billion, fostering growth and employment on both sides of the Atlantic. Overall, the EU-Canada agreement could lead to GDP gains for the EU of up to €11.6 billion per year.

Australia and Japan began FTA negotiations in April 2007 after clearing a joint feasibility study (and signing a joint plan for military cooperation). As of April 2012, 15 rounds of talks had been held.

The deal is supposed to be a comprehensive one, but there are serious differences over agriculture, automobiles and energy. Japan has been trying to exclude sensitive farm products — including beef, sugar, dairy, wheat and barley — from the scope of the deal to protect its farmers. Australia, however, wants the preferential market access for farm products beyond what was agreed at WTO. Meanwhile, Japanese farmers and consumers, with full support from groups in Australia, have been mobilising to ensure that any Japan-Australia FTA provides safeguards against GM foods, particularly canola and beef. In effect, since 2007 Australia states have been reneging on their previous GM-free policies and Japanese consumers rely on few sources for GM-free foods like canola oil. Many analysts have viewed the conclusion of this deal as a prerequisite for Japan to enter into Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations.
last update: May 2012

All Party Parliamentary Group   (What ever you do dont mention ???/    oooooops!   This is perhaps one of the best regarding this particular Subject, for there are many lincs to open and to gather far more knowledge about this Subject.  

British American Business supports and provides the Secretariat for the recently launched All Party Parliamentary Group for EU-US Trade & Investment, which (among its other activities) holds briefings and events to promote awareness, informed debate and support for the TTIP among Parliamentarians of all parties, and with the business community. It is chaired by John Healey MP.     

Here above, you can go through seeing and hearing various people giving their views on this matter-if you have time of course.  I will never understand why those we elect are not “open and frank” with the people that PAY and elect them when they are prepared to continue to debate in secret-to accept legislation from the EU which is beyond the people’s reach.  May their GOD forgive them for I never will if they go through with TTIP.   

The TPP is the forerunner to the equally secret US-EU pact TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership), for which President Obama initiated US-EU negotiations in January 2013. Together, the TPP and TTIP will cover more than 60 per cent of global GDP

Ever dreamed of having THE WORLD GOVERNMENT?
Right now, this very moment in time, a global government is being installed. The treaties you have or haven’t heard about such as the Trans Pacific Partnership(TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), as it is being called by the EU, also referred to by the US as the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA), are being negotiated purely to favor the corporations and banks.
These treaties and the ones that will follow in the future have to make sure that multinational corporations can take over the world economy and therefore every aspect of anyone’s life.
Obama presses “North American Union” with Canada and Mexico 

Perhaps the BIG QUESTION WE SHOULD ASK WOULD BE MP’S come the next General Election.  Do you REALLY want to Govern this Country according to our Constitution, or do you want FOREIGNERS to Govern it forever?  Our Constitution of course FORBIDS US ALLOWING FOREIGNERS governing this Country-THAT WAS WHAT THOSE TWO WORLD WARS WERE ABOUT.

This is a Treaty that should be put before the people of the United Kingdom to have their “SAY” in a referendum, making clear that never again will any UK Government or Parliament have any say in this Country’s future, for the European Union Commission will speak for all the once sovereign Nation States for all time.  One World Government, yet the debates on this important matter have been on going for some time now-without the people being told.   I doubt World Government will work for there are too many different languages-too many different religions, too many different ways of life and living, and far too much loss of FREEDOM.

The blackest, treacherous Day of all for us,
Although we didn’t know it, at the time,
That there would be “no loss of essential Sovereignty”,
When that Prime Minister told that treacherous lie.
The deep betrayal “TODAY” by those we freely elect
To keep secret the carefully planned T.T.I. P
When strangers decide that our once free Country

Will never again, ever be “FREE”.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014


In recent times there has been a lot said about open borders across the European Union, some people are worried about the removal regarding the ease of passage of people across the continent.

A much younger Derek Bennett on holiday,
1970 in Corfu.
In 1970, before we joined the then Common Market, a pal and myself decided to hitch hike across Europe to southern Italy then take a boat to Corfu.  As this was my first time abroad I had a new, pristine, passport which, unlike those of my well travelled pals, had no stamps in it - I was looking forward to returning home with lots of stamps where we crossed borders. 

We got off the boat at Zeebrugge and told to get on our way, there was no stamp in my passport as the border people were not interested.  We hitch hiked into Germany where a policeman checked our passports, when he know we were not vagrants told us to return to our lift.  When we crossed the border into Switzerland in a decorators van, a journey this chap dd every day, we shot through without stopping as he gave a friendly wave and a toot on his horn to the border guards.   

By the time we got to Corfu, and then back home a few weeks later, my passport was as pristine as the day I left home.  So why are people worrying about border controls if we leave the EU?  If travel was easy then it will be easy now, all that is needed is work permits for those wanting to work here or in other European countries.   

In 1970 we had a trade surplus with the rest of Europe, today that is now a deficit.  Like all Euro sceptics I will be voting to leave the EU in any referendum, we all love Europe but dislike the EU for all the bureaucracy and problems it has created.

Monday, 24 November 2014


After years of being ignored and neglected by the media, UKIP is having the most amazing time of things after its increasing success over the last year or so. With more Councillors being elected during the local elections in May 2014, it also being the most successful political party in the European elections on the same day and since then its two victories in the Clacton and Rochester bye-election, the press and media can’t get enough of UKIP and its leader Nigel Farage.

Nigel Farage with UKIP members.
Sadly, all this attention and UKIP’s success has also brought some spurious and unwanted attention too. Those who are losing to UKIP due to their constant failures over the years, thus leading the nation into the mess it is in with a massive deficit and our nation being given away to an unelected elite in the EU, have taken to calling UKIP racist and extremist as they do not have any sound arguments against UKIP, which is making far more sense to the general public than they. If they can’t beat UKIP on sound logic then they have only slander, mistruths and dirty tricks as their only weapon. Sadly, when they spout this nonsense those who listen but do not think take this as the truth. 

In recent days I have been having some e-mail correspondence with a friend in New Zealand, who for a time lived in the UK and was a member of UKIP, which is how I got to know him. One of his New Zealand pals was foolish enough to believe this spurious rubbish about UKIP, below is my e-mail response to my NZ pal which was also sent to his friend. 

“Dear Russell, 
Many thanks for your e-mail, I agree with all you say. Those of us who joined UKIP because we did not like the way the European Union was developing into an anti-democratic superstate are often branded as racists, little Englanders and even extremists - all because we care about who governs this country - are we to be governed by those we elect or a foreign based power none of us have any control or influence over? For those of you in New Zealand this is not a problem as you govern yourselves - you do not have an overriding power instructing your leaders on what they can, or cannot do, as we have here in the UK as members of the EU - then fining you heavily if you do not comply - again as we have here in the UK. 

Sadly, the fools with closed minds who brand us in UKIP as such have never bothered to take a look at what UKIP is, or the sort of people who join us. They just listen to the left leaning media and believe the rubbish and lies it puts out as the only way they can try to challenge UKIP, which is now threatening their cosy political cartels. If, like you, they bothered to take the time to meet UKIP members at our meetings and conferences, they would find that the core membership of UKIP are decent, ordinary and very moderate people from many walks of life. The only people UKIP refuses membership to are anyone which extremist views or connections to extremist groups.  Unlike UKIP the other political parties in Britain let anyone join them. 

Sadly, there have been some people who have slipped through the net who have done and said things that are not good - but they were quickly thrown out and told not to return. Our attackers refer to this miniscule minority and then brand the whole UKIP membership in the same light, which is unfair. Going on the same basis everyone in Labour are the children of aliens, as one Labour Councillor claimed for himself, all Liberal Democrats get their wives to take their speeding fines and all of them in the three old parties are crooks and fiddlers regarding their Parliamentary expenses. If I as a UKIP member made this ludicrous claim I would soon be slapped down, yet when our opponents make the equally ludicrous claim that UKIP is an anti-foreigner and extremist party - they all nod and sagely agree with each other - hypocrisy is a word that comes to mind. 

If these narrow minded and ignorant people attended our conference in Doncaster this year, our largest conference yet, they would have heard Winston McKenzie, a Jamaican, speaking on the Commonwealth, our business spokesman, Amjad Bashir who is an Asian Muslim, they would have seen people from many faiths including Sikh's, Hindu's, Muslims, Jewish people and others, all mixing together and members of UKIP because they care for the country we all share - the politicians in the Labour, Liberal Democrat and Conservative Parties have failed us all and have been giving our country away - we all want this to stop and the only way we can do this is by being members of UKIP. What is wrong with caring for our home, how it is run and who owns it? 

Regards, Derek.”

Thursday, 13 November 2014


For several years it has always been trendy to use acronyms instead of using the full titles. We are all supposed to know that ‘SME’ stands for Small to Medium Enterprise, that ‘ECB’ stands for the European Central Bank, hang on a mo, or is that the ‘England Cricket Board’? Confused? You’re not the only one, I get in a real muddle with all these acronyms flying about, no doubt their use makes people feel clever and ‘in the loop’, to use another trendy expression.

The latest acronym to come my way was when I got news that my political party, UKIP, is against the ‘TTIP’, especially due to the threat it poses to our National Health Service (NHS). ‘What the bloody hell is the TTIP’, I wondered. After a quick poke around Google I soon found out - and it don’t look good. As with many of these things you, as a member of the voting public, will not be given a say on the matter as far as our two-tone coalition Government are concerned. 

To save you venturing to the pages of Google, TTIP actually stands for: ‘The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’. As Lee Williams writing in the ‘Independent’ on Thursday 13th November 2014, put it: “The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a series of trade negotiations being carried out mostly in secret between the EU and US. As a bi-lateral trade agreement, TTIP is about reducing the regulatory barriers to trade for big business, things like food safety law, environmental legislation, banking regulations and the sovereign powers of individual nations.” 

For most the major concern with the TTIP is the effect it will have on our NHS, which will be vulnerable to being taken over by large American health companies - this is another step to privatising the NHS which is currently free to use. 

As the power and influence of UKIP grows and becomes a real threat to the cosy political establishment, who have run the country and screwed things up for several decades, as they have no real answers how to challenge the UKIP threat the three traditional old parties have resorted to telling mistruths about UKIP, one of which has been peddled about by the Labour Party, in its sheer desperation as its voters transfer to UKIP, is that UKIP wants to privatise the NHS.

Louise Bours, UKIP MEP: accuses
Labour of privatising the NHS.
Speaking at the UKIP 2014 national conference in Doncaster, Louise Bours MEP, who is the UKIP health spokesperson, robustly pointed out that with the introduction of the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) by the Labour Party when in office, it was they who privatised the NHS, it will be UKIP who will campaign to ensure the NHS remains free to use. As such UKIP has come out wholly against TTIP due to the privatisation threat it poses. 

Ever more, this proves that for those who care for everything we all hold dear about our nation have to vote UKIP, which ironically is an acronym for ‘UK Independence Party’ which is the only option at election time. It’s time to vote acronym to save the NHS and our independence.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014


On Monday 10th November, as several hundred protesters against the EU Arrest Warrant (EAW) gathered outside Parliament to lobby their MPs against, inside the House of Commons things were about to take a turn that can only be described as one of the most disgraceful since Heath lied about ‘no loss of sovereignty’. 

MPs thought they were to be given a debate and vote on the European Arrest Warrant, but the Government ensured this was not the case on the basis the EAW was law already. 

There was little doubt that this vote would be lost, as as well as most Conservative MPs both the Labour and Liberal Democrat MPs were in favour too, but the way Theresa May, had introduced the the Bill, with MPs and even the Speaker of the Commons believing they would be given individual votes, the whole things has turned into a criminal cock-up.

Richard Shepherd MP, angered
by the Conservative executive.
The sheer outrage was highited in the words of Richard Shepherd MP, who is the last of the Conservative Whipless rebels in Parliament, when he rose and said: “If I remember correctly, Maine’s “Ancient law” makes the observation that justice lies in the interstices of procedure. That rubric has survived through our history since it was set and there is a truth in it. Today we are confronted with a motion that is incomprehensible, and with an understanding that seems sly and that is actually a means of trying to incline the public to believe other than what is so. 

“At the heart of this is a misconception about what this House represents. We must be straight with ourselves if we continue to allow the Executive to control—so completely and absolutely now—the Standing Orders of this House. This can be no joy for Labour, because Labour also started a Modernisation Committee that was determined to take over the Standing Orders. My overlong time in this House of Commons has led me to understand that the growth of Executive arrogance is unsupportable. We say that we are disconnected from the public outside and the issues outside, and that is because we are meaningless when we are confronted in the House with no motion and no real ability to discuss the very issue that moves many people in this country. What is the purpose of this House if the Administration—and a Conservative Administration at that, whose members had to suffer all the years of a huge new Labour majority—have not learned something, namely. that there has to be tolerance in this House and there has to be an ability to debate in this House? 

“This is what so angers one. This is what brings this Chamber into disrepute. We are not able to discuss the substance of what we stand for here, and that is wrong. I therefore think we should be talking out this motion until the end of time, until the Government come back with a proper motion before this House.” 

Sadly, British people will continue to be victims of the EAW, as so many have since its introduction, the disgrace is not just the way the coalition Government used a New Labour trick to get its way, but in the fact they are content to allow foreign courts and judges to order the arrest of British subjects, more often than not, on the basis of the most flimsiest of evidence, including Jason McGoldrick and Andrew Symeou to name but two out of far too many EAW victims.

Friday, 7 November 2014


Anyone who has the responsibility of being in charge of other people’s money, has a duty to not only be scrupulous and above reproach, they also have to ensure they invest, or place, that money where it will be safe and not made available to anyone who may use it for nefarious activities. This too is the responsibility of our Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, and our Government - it is their duty to use and spend British taxpayers money wisely and with care.

George Osborne, he may have a
new haircut, but has no cuts to our
EU payments.
Any person in charge of the savings and investments of others, are acting criminally if they knowingly place this money into the hands of any organisation, or persons, that cannot show detailed accounts or have a proven record of loosing money, or passing it on to known fraudsters, is acting criminally. 

From 1973 every British Government has given British taxpayers money to what is now the European Union, over those disastrous decades of membership of this disreputable organisation, British taxpayers have wasted vast sums, totalling many £billions, given to the EU. For the majority of those years there were no accounts and little knowledge regarding what happened to our money, other than reports of corn mountains and wine lakes. 

Several years ago someone had the bright idea of having the EU’s accounts audited and ever since then, for nineteen years in succession, the EU’s auditors have never been able to sign off the accounts as vast sums of our money goes missing. Sadly, our leading politicians and Government seem content with this situation as they all still advocate membership of this criminally neglect organisation. The only fuss we hear from them were concerns regarding the recent surprise demand for £1.7 billion of our money. In comparison to the astronomical sums British Governments have been content to give over several decades, is in fact a piddling little amount in comparison to what our leaders have already have already given.. 

The only reason Osborne and Cameron are making such a fuss about this unreasonable demand from the EU, to help bail it out of the mess of its own making, is due to the fact it highlights just how ineffectual they are and how little influence they have in the EU, which is an organisation they still promote and want us to remain members of. 

It goes against the very nature of national sovereignty and democracy when our British Government, elected into office by the British people, has to obey the orders and demands made by a foreign power that is not electorally responsible to anyone, anywhere, across the whole of the European Union. The demand made by the unelected members of the EU for this substantial sum of money is one that our British Government, under the terms of membership, has to obey. 

Cameron and Osborne are trying to save face by talking big about not paying it, but that is like digging deeper when at the bottom of a hole that every Government, from Premier Heath in the 1970’s, have dug for themselves. All the EU normally does in such a cases is add fines each month making the problem even worse and the final payment substantially larger when the Government finally caves in. 

However, knowing the growing anti-EU mood in the UK, which has been far too long coming, the EU’s leaders are obviously aware that if the UK is pushed to hard it may have no option but to quit - which in EU terms is like killing the goose that lays golden eggs as the UK is one of the EU’s main financial contributors. As such there is talk of giving the UK more time to pay, there have been suggestions that payment for this lump sum could be postponed to September 2015, maybe even reduced, but still no suggestion that it could be cancelled or reduced substantially. 

This would create a face saver for the Government as they can then bullshit the people that: ‘once again they have got a great deal for the UK and the EU cannot push them around’, which will then allow them to go into the General election with this lie and the outstanding, offensive robbery of the UK’s coffers, can be quietly paid next year by, whoever is in Government, without anyone noticing. 

With that deciept in place our life as a obedient and subservient little EU nation will go on as before. The EU’s auditors will continue to refuse to sign off the EU’s books, £billions of our money will be given away every year for fraudulent use, Governments will come and go and inform us how important it is we remain trapped in the EU and how we have influence - and nothing will change.